Please take care when using all herbs etc – especially
pregnant women, as some herbs such as pennyroyal can
be harmful to them.

Desire, beauty in self + surrounds
Firm foundations and power over externals
Called tree of fire.
Four winds, Pisces
Beauty, protection, success, peace.
Aloe has always been known for its healing qualities. For treating wounds and maintaining healthy skin. It may
be applied right from the plant or in gel form for burns, sunburns, and can relieve poison ivy rash and helps to
combat a variety of bacteria that commonly cause infections in skin wounds. It is also an excellent additive for
soaps and creams as a conditioner. After using gel from a leaf the opened leaf will seal itself so you can store it in
a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator for future Uses.
Feminine, Moon, Water.
Amaranth (cockscomb)
repair a broken heart
Honesty, health, healing protection
Prosperity, abundance, money
Protection, Exorcism.
Carry the root with you as an amulet.
Masculine, Venus, Fire.
Burn the dried leaves in exorcism rituals
Protection, purification, awareness, joy.
A pillow of anise keeps away nightmares.
For treating coughs, bronchitis and a stuffy nose, it loosens bronchial congestion, making it easier to cough it up
and expel it. A good breath freshener in the morning, and if kept by the bed it will prevent bad dreams. Also a
digestive aid and can relieve an upset stomach and flatulence when taken as a tea, and a treatment for colic. Also
suggested that anise may be beneficial to women because certain chemicals in the plant are chemical cousins to
the female hormone estrogen. Though it is mild, anise may help to relieve the discomfort of menopause. Also a
good sedative. In traditional folk medicine it has been used to promote milk production in nursing mothers. It’s
recommended dosage would be 1 teaspoonful of seeds for every cup of boiling water, steep 10-20 minutes and
strain, drink 3 cups a day for maximum effect. A good general cleansing bath is made with a handful of anise
seeds and a few bay leaves.
Aquarius Masculine, Jupiter or Moon, Air.
Fertility, health and long life Love spells, good luck
Feminine, Venus, Water
Expand horizons, travel, health, strength and prosperity. A tree with protective qualities, it is used to make
brooms for purification and wands for
The leaves bring luck and good fortune when carried in a pocket of bag worn around the neck healing. The
leaves placed beneath a pillow induce psychic dreams.
.Masculine, Sun, Water. Taurus
Communication, eloquence, anti-theft
Love, inner worth
Caution, harmony, vulnerability
Balm of Gilead
Love amulet, manifestations, protection, healing. The buds are carried to ease a broken heart and can be added
to love and protection charms and spells.
Feminine, Saturn.
Balm, Lemon
Love, success, healing
Protection of household boundaries and against negative thoughts from others
Fertility, male potency, prosperity
Love, exorcism, wealth, conquer fear of flying, Protection, love, wealth (if carried in your wallet), healing
relationships, ensuring faithfulness in a mate, courage, fertility, exorcism.
It is good as a tea for calming the nerves, settling the stomach, and easing cramps and good for the bladder. In
tincture form, also makes a good hair rinse for brunettes. An ingredient of the Purification bath sachet. Add to
love sachets and incenses
Candlemas herb
Scorpio Masculine, Mars, Fire
Bay Laurel
Preservation of family, home, pleasant dreams. Wisdom, protection, psychic powers, banishes negative energy.
DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY-use as a poultice on chest for bronchitis and chest colds.
Herb of Candelmass and winter solstice, Yule. Masculine, Sun, Fire
Protection, psychic powers, healing, Psychic visions and dreams, purification, strength and endurance. repels
negativity and evil
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Knowledge, formal learning
Purification, prosperity
Used widely in purification incenses..
Tincture of benzoin preserves oils and preparations
Masculine, Sun, Air.
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Bergamot (orange)
Money, prosperity
Betony wood
Protection, purification, love Add to incenses of protection and purification.
Sleep on a pillow stuffed with betony to prevent nightmares.
Masculine, Jupiter, Fire
Cleansing, health, wisdom, new beginnings, protection of young
lunar workings
Protection against accidents or illness- esp. at sea, action money, psychic powers
Sea rituals, wind rituals
Faithfulness, luck, modesty, truth
Courage, psychic awareness
Hidden treasure, buried talent, the unexpected
Healing, divination esp runes, prophetic dreams, fertility, rainmaking
Image magic, visualisation, money, protection
Psychic powers, prophetic dreams
Healing, exorcism, wishes, legal matters
Protect against negatives, healing, love and sex magic, magical cure for coughs
Riches, self-esteem
Protection, purity, Endurance
Purity, fidelity, health, divination
Good as a meditation incense, for centering, peace, sprinkle in your home for protection, healing, money. Plant
camomile in your garden to be the guardian of the land, and you will have certain success
Is an excellent herb both internally and externally for calming. Great for digestion, fevers, burns, antiinflammatory
for wounds, and sedative for nervous disorders. And relieves stomach aches and diarhoea in infants
and small children (always using in diluted form). In tea form, made of 2 teaspoons of the herb steeped for 5
minutes in a cup of boiling water is a gentle sleep inducer. Chamomile also makes an excellent insect repellent,
simply splash some tea on face arms and feet. It is also a good hair rinse for blondes
Masculine, Sun or Venus, Water
Protection, passion, health, anti-theft, mental power.
Add to love sachets and charms to attract a lover in the more physical aspect.
Also a mild stimulant for digestion
Masculine, Mercury, Air
Worn by witches for protection during the “Burning Times”, adds energy and power when used during a ritual
as an incense. Strength, healing, family devotion
Aries Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Protection, health
Cascara sagrada
Legal matters, money, protection
Cat magic, familiars, joy, friendship, love.
As an incense it may be used to consecrate magical tools
Its flowers and leaves have often been used to treat colds and insomnia. It lowers fevers, dries up post nasal drip,
gets rid of bad headaches and relieves sore aching bones due to colds and flus, when taken in tea form, 2-3 times
Pisces: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Cat magic, love, beauty, happiness in home, fertility charm
Good fortune, faithful lovers
Healing, purification, money, protection
Protection, escape from sorrow and worry, happiness, justice and legal matters
Helps the wearer escape unfair imprisonment and entrapment,
cures depression.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Money, quiet sleep, affection and family
New love, divinatory abilities
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Chestnut – horse
Money, healing
Removing obstacles, invisibility in hostile situations, receiving favours, melts frigidity in physical and mental
Spirituality, success, healing, psychic, money, love and passion
Spiritual quests, augmenting power, love, success, psychic work, healing, cleansing. Used in incenses for healing,
clairvoyance, high spiritual vibrations. Reputed to be a male aphrodisiac. Use in prosperity charms. It is an
excellent aromatic and makes a good anointing oil for any magical working.
It is recommended as a skin astringent and digestive aid in tea form. Ground, or taken with milk, good balance
after a heavy meal or dessert. Also used for diarrhoea, dysentery or general indigestion
Leo Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Prophetic dreams – esp love, peaceful sleep, good health. Hang around the doors and windows for protection
from evil. Use in spells and charms for prosperity, purification and protection
Masculine, Jupiter, Earth
Cloth of gold
Telepathy with animals
Wear in an amulet or charm to dispel negativity and bind those who speak ill of you. Cloves strung on a red
thread can be worn as a protective charm. Money matters, visions, cleansing and purification.
It has a mild antiseptic quality for toothaches (chew), or in tea form it is an expectorant for colds, also good foe
nausea or
vomiting. It is an antibacterial, antiseptic, and analgesic, which means it helps prevent disease and infection.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Use in rituals for beauty, youth, healing injuries, curing madness. A Four-leaved clover enables one to see
fairies, and as a general good-luck charm.
Masculine, Mercury, Air. Associated with the Triple Goddess
Love, visions, peace and tranquillity, protects horses
Courage, love, the lion’s herb, retrieves lost love
Safe travel spells, money, healing,
Has been known to slow bleeding, aid colds, ease burns. As a poultice or a tea, comfrey may be applied to bites,
sores, rashes, broken bones, and cuts. Also a good ingredient for lotions to soothe sunburn
Capricorn Feminine, Saturn, Water
Honours the Crone aspect of the Goddess.
Protection of home and serenity, peace , good in ritual drinks, incenses for longevity and love spells. Also used
in love sachets and charms.
If added to wine, it makes a good love potion for 2 consenting parties. To use in this fashion, grind 7 grains of
coriander and mix into a wine and drink.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
Luck, rain making luck in fishing
Luck in love, a woman who washes her face with milk infused with cowslip will draw her beloved closer to her.
Induces contact with departed loved ones during dreams, healing, youthfulness, finding treasure or lost objects,
protect home from intruders
Fairy cup. Feminine, Venus, Water.
New hope, vision
Protection, riches, truth, peace of mind
Protection, fidelity, exorcism
Fertility, desire,
Long life, healing, comfort in sorrow The smoke of Cypress can be used to consecrate ritual objects
Virgo Masculine, Saturn, Earth. Connected to death in all of its aspects.
Love, luck, fidelity, increase self esteem
Idealistic love, luck, devotion. Daisies are also worn at Midsummer for luck and blessings. In the old times,
young maidens would weave and wear daisy chains in their hair to attract their beloved
Feminine, Venus, Water Decorate the house with daisies at Midsummer’s Eve to bring happiness to the home
and to obtain the blessings of faeries
Divination, wishes, clairvoyance, welcoming, messages.
The ground root can act as a coffee substitute, and the flowers make a lovely wine. A superb cleansing tonic, and
the milky juice is a diuretic, a tonic and a relief for common stomach problems. Use a handful of flower tops to 1
pint of boiling water, steep 10 minutes and strain. Drink this several times a day. Use the milky latex from the
stem , rub on a wart several times daily and soon its gone. Also good for night blindness
Sagittarius Masculine, Jupiter, Air.
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
passion, psychic powers
Money, passion, luck Useful in love charms. Protection – may also be hung in childrens rooms to protect them
from evil spirits and protect against bad dreams. keeping home safe from those with envy in their hearts..
A culinary herb.
Virgo: Masculine, Mercury, Fire
Healing, fertility, money
Love, divination, knot divination
Wishes, protection
Clear focus
Dragon’s blood
Love magic, protection, dispels negative, increase male potency Keep a piece under the bed to cure impotency.
Carried for good luck. May be dissolved in the bath for strong purification
Masculine, Mars, Fire
Passion, harmony, reconciliation
Strengthening rituals, intuitive powers
Useful in raising spirits and to aid in meditation
Masculine, Mercury, Earth.
Ability to see other dimensions, increase clairvoyance, absorbs personal negativity
Branches are widely used for wands. One must always be cautious to ask permission from the Elder Dryad
before cutting or harvesting Elder limbs or leaves and berries to avoid very bad luck. It is also considered very
bad luck to burn Elder wood. The leaves hung around the doors and windows will ward off evil
Tree of the white moon – goddess tree, female household gods. The fairy tree Feminine, Venus, Air
Love and giving
Tree of sleep
Passion, love
Travelling luck and safety, peace, passion, love
Evening primrose
Finding what is lost
Improves mental powers, psychic awareness. Increased perception. Anoint eyelids with the infusion daily to
induce clairvoyant visions and psychic dreams.
Masculine, Sun, Air
Used in healing rituals, charms and amulets. Place the leaves around a blue candle and burn for healing energies
Green pods worn around the neck eases the discomfort of colds, sore throats and congestion.
Feminine, Moon, Air.
Protection, healing, money
Sometimes employed as an appetite suppressant and digestive aid. Used in tea form to expel mucus. Chew the
seeds slowly for really bad breath, or use the fluid extract to rub on gums.
Virgo Masculine, Mercury, Fire
Rainmaking, luck, riches, finding hidden treasure, youthfulness, good health
The Fern is an extremely powerful protective plant. Grow them in and around the house for protection from evil
and negativity.
Feminine, Saturn, Earth
Creativity, harmony and balance
Tree of wisdom,
Yule tree, tree of birth, return of light and new beginnings, the life cycle
Money, protection, beauty, psychic power, healing
Banish negatives, purity, protection
Memories, all matters in the past
Fairy magic
A very powerful aid to meditation. Use to purify ritual spaces and invoke a spiritual frame of mind. Aquarius
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Protection, passion, health, money, psychic power dispelling hostility
Used to attract true love. Peace, happiness
Cancer Feminine, Moon, Water.
Protection, healing, banishing negatives, passion, security from thieves, good weather, courage, exorcism
Lowers tension, ease colds, and improve circulation. Garlic vinegar can be used to disinfect wounds and soothe
rheumatic pain and any common pain (made from one litre of vinegar and ten cloves of crushed garlic steeped
for at least 10 days). Shrinks warts, relieves pain from teeth and earaches. Good for high and low blood pressure
and removing parasites and infections. To ease the pain of aching joints, a toothache or an earache, place a
crushed raw bulb of garlic on a piece of gauze and place over the area of pain. For joints, try using garlic paste.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
Love, power
Fertility, health,
Love, passion, money, power, success
Acts as an aid to ingestion or colds (tea form). Also in tea form, good for cramps, to stimulate
the digestive organs,
migraines and nausea, external stiffness. Can be added to the bath as a way to ease pain and increase circulation,
but only use a few sprinkles, not to much, like cayenne, ginger quickly brings the blood to the surface of the skin.
For pain you can also soak cloths in ginger tea and apply them directly to the painful areas. Add in cooking to
detoxify meat, especially chicken. A good healing tea is made from a pinch of peppermint, a pinch of ginger and
either a pinch of clove powder or 2 bruised cloves, add 1 cup of hot water and steep.
Masculine, Mars, Fire
Love, wishes, beauty, protection, passion, increases male potency. Often used as less dangerous obtainable
substitute for mandrake
Stimulant, tonic, and agent for prolonged life. Also a mild pain killer, and improves blood circulation. Reported
to successfully treat asthma, bronchitis, cancer, flatulence, diabetes, weakness, fever, coughs and heartburn, and
a mild stimulant. In tea form it helps to relieve stress and moderate heart disease.
Masculine, Sun, Fir
Monet, divination, finding buried treasure, charm against rheumatism
Gotu kola
Grass (sweet)
Protection, wisdom, purification, psychic awareness
Health, healing
Gum Arabic
Purifies negativity and evil
Courage, marking boundaries, purification, male potency, cleansing and endurance
Used in protective sachets and amulets against evil influences. Promotes happiness in marriage or a relationship.
It is bad luck to cut down a hawthorn. Burn the berries as an incense when you need energy and change in life
A fairy tree.
Tree of coming summer Masculine, Mars, Fire.
Wisdom, fertility, knowledge and inspiration, justice, divination. Hazel wood is excellent for an all-purpose
wand. Forked branches can be used for divining. Sprigs of Hazel can be carried for good luck, they are especially
powerful if bound together by red and gold thread
Gemini Masculine, Sun, Air.
Passion, loyalty, rainmaking, luck
Banish negatives, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth.
Carried to attract the love of a woman. Was once used as an ingredient in a Witches flying ointment. Henbane is
extremely poisonous and the upper most caution is urged.
Feminine, Jupiter, Water.
Passion, love, divination
High St John the Conquerer Root
Use this as an additive to candle anointing oils, and charms to increase their strength.
Masculine, Saturn, Earth.
Protection, against negativity.
Money and material gain Planted around the home for protection against evil. The leaves and berries can be
carried by a man to heighten his masculinity, virility and to attract a lover.
King of the waning year Masculine, Mars, Fire.
The Holy tree
a tree of wisdom and spirituality
Money, banishing dark fears
Used widely in prosperity spells and love charms psychics, protection
Feminine, Jupiter, Earth.
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Healing, sleep
Used in healing incenses and charms.
Hops placed in a pillow will help with sleep
A mild sedative..
Masculine, Mars, Water.
Purification, banish negatives
Fertility, repels spite, protects from snakes
Happiness, reconciliation
Repels negatives to source
Use in purification baths, protective and banishing spells. Hyssop was widely used during the Middle Ages for
purification, cleansing and consecration rituals. If burnt as an incense or thrown into a fire is said one may draw
upon magical dragon energy
Masculine, Jupiter, Fire
Courage, faith, optimism, harmony, intuitive wisdom
Irish moss
Money, luck, protection
Fidelity, marriage, relationships, constancy Protects the home it grows around and over from evil and harm. In
the old traditions, Ivy and Holly was given to newlyweds as good-luck charms
Masculine, Saturn, Water.
Protection, healing
Used in love spells, charms and sachets. Women have used Jasmine from the earliest recorded history because of
its seductive effects on men.
money, dreams
Moon magic
Feminine, Jupiter, Earth.
Seek / increase friendship
Protects from thieves, banish negatives, health, protects from accidents, increase male potency The berries are
used to attract lovers once dried and worn as a charm.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Psychic vision, protect, love, magical powers
Binding lovers or friends, keeping promises
Protection from thieves, optimism
Health, protection, gifts
Protects from illness.
Success, ambition; winning through in spite of problems
Love, protects – esp children, quiet sleep, long life, purification, peace and happiness, peace, wishes, protection,
visions, attracting men, clarity of thought
Has strong antiseptic qualities. Mild infusions (3 tablespoons to 6 cups of water) make a good sedative,
headache treatment, and digestive aid. Used in oil or tincture form to heal cuts, burns or scalds, bites. This also
acts as a tonic and may be used for colds, chills, and the flu. Lavender is an excellent aromatic, usually mixing
well with other floral scents. An ingredient in the Purification bath sachet, also used in purification incenses.
Lavender is a frequent addition to healing sachets, especially bath mixtures, and is added to incenses to cause
sleep. Lavender is a great antibiotic, antidepressant, sedative and detoxify. Stimulates the immune system.
Gemini Virgo masculine, Mercury, Air. Midsummer fires it is thrown onto the fires by some as a sacrifice to the
ancient gods
Purification, love, blessings.
Sweetens breath. Antiseptic, antibacterial and hypertensive. For chills and sore throat, the juice of a lemon mixed
in a glass of honey and warm water, taken 3 times daily should help. For nose bleeds, apply a small piece of
cotton, soaked in lemon juice. In oil form it is used for treating warts, insect bites, tension headaches, eliminates
cellulite, and is an anti-wrinkle tonic.. Stimulates the digestive system. Also makes a good skin cleanser, hair
rinse for blondes, and cleaning agent for brass and silver
Feminine, Moon or Neptune, Water.
Lemon balm
Love potions, aphrodisiacs, fertility anti depressant.
Drink as an infusion to soothe emotional pains after a relationship ends.
Feminine, Moon or Neptune, Water
Lemon verbena
Purification, love charms, youth, beauty and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Wear around your neck or place
under a pillow to prevent dreams.
Feminine, Venus, Air
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Repels spite, protects from snakes, increases psychic awareness
Purity, love, divination, sleep
Love, passion, fidelity
Protection, warding off evil or banishing rituals, beauty, love, harmony and balance Cleansing negativity,
domestic bliss, nostalgia
Taurus Feminine, Venus, Air
Purity, breaking negative forces
Lily of valley
Increase mental ability, happiness, restore joy
Justice, cooperation, partnerships, officialdom Associated with conjugal love or attraction and longevity
Feminine, Jupiter, Water.
Protection, reveals secrets
Add the dried and powdered root to cleansing and purification baths to release negativity. Carry to attract love
and the attention of the opposite sex.
Masculine, Sun, Water
Increase psychic awareness and mental powers
fidelity, idealism, strong principles
Mahogany (mountain)
Anti-lightening, anti-shock
Maidenhair fern
Beauty, love
Male fern
Luck. love
Love, protection, exorcism
Money, fertility, health Add the dried and powdered root to cleansing and purification baths to release negativity.
Carry to attract love and the attention of the opposite sex.
Masculine, Sun, Water
Health, permanence
Long life, health of children, money
Protection, psychic powers, prophetic dreams, prophesy, legal matters, the psychic, seeing magical creatures,
love, clairvoyance, dreams, business or legal affairs and renewing personal energy.
Place the flower beneath the head at night to induce clairvoyant dreams. Sometimes added to love sachets.
For internal use the flowers are prepared by infusion and recommended for the flu, fever, rheumatism, jaundice,
and painful menstruation. Externally, buds are made into compresses for the treatment of burns. Marigold petal
ointment can help chapped hands and varicose veins, also works wonders with eczema and inflammation. To
ease inflammation, dip a compress into a strong marigold tea combined with an equal part of apple cider vinegar.
Sprains can also be helped with marigold petals steeped in vinegar, or make a lotion with milk. Simmer 12 heads
in 2 cups milk, steep, strain and apply. Also use as an antiseptic in first aid.
Leo Masculine, Sun, Fire. It should be gathered at noon.
health, money, healing. Add to all love charms, place a piece in rooms for protection. Give to a grieving person
to bring them happiness
Libra Masculine, Mercury, Air
Strength, courage, protection
Divination, peace, happiness
Protection against evil influences, promotes love, balance and harmony. Place meadowsweet on the altar when
making love charms and conducting love spells to increase their potency.
Gathered at midsummer – associated with summer solstice Feminine, Jupiter, Water. A sacred herb of the Druids.
Wear at Lammas to join with the Goddess.
Protection, love, prophetic dreams Protection, love, dreams
Money, love, increased sexual desire, banish malevolence, protects travellers, healing, strength, augment power
Mint in tea form aids upset stomachs, flu, and can be used to ease hiccups. Inhalations of the leaves in boiling
water is recommended for head colds and asthma. Mint tea used instead of aspirin is great for headaches,
particularly pre menstrual headaches. Nervous headaches can be relieved if you lie in a dark room with fresh
peppermint leaves on the forehead. Aids the respiratory and circulatory systems. An anti-inflammatory and an
antiseptic. Ideal for treating indigestion, flatulence, varicose veins, headaches, migraines, skin irritations,
rheumatism, toothache, and general fatigue.
Masculine, Mercury or Venus, Air.
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Peace., purity, fertility and sexual potency, protection and good health Worn to attract love, or to help conceive.
The all heal tree
Money and love
moon phases Cancer
Strength, psychic dreams and powers. Clairvoyance, psychic dreams, astral projection, protection. Place in the
shoes for protection and to prevent fatigue on long journeys.
Feminine, Venus, Air. The fresh leaves rubbed on a magic mirror or crystal ball will strengthen divinatory
abilities. Mugwort is perhaps the most widely used Witches herb of all time
Protection, strength
Courage, protection of animals and from evil spirits, health, love divination, banishes nightmares, and
malevolence , cleansing of ritual and psychic places before and after working there.
Also used for cleansing and purifying ritual tools and altar
Masculine, Saturn, Fire.
Fertility, increase mental powers
Banish negatives, spirituality: Purifying and protective incense for ritual areas
Excellent insect repellent and as a tincture it is good for bad breath and gum problems.
Feminine, Moon or Jupiter, Water.
Preserves youth, fertility, peace, money. Marriage, fidelity. Grow indoors for good luck. Carry or wear Myrtle
leaves to attract love, charms made of the wood have special magical properties. Wear fresh Myrtle leaves while
making love charms, potions or during rituals for love.
Feminine, Venus, Water. Myrtle was sacred to the Greek Goddess Venus and has been used in love charms and
spells throughout history
Success after struggles, triumph through effort
Banish negatives, healing, passion. To advert danger, protection, healing, courage, antidote for many poisons.
High in vitamin C and iron and when in tea form can ease asthma and increase your energy levels.
Masculine, Mars, Fire
Clairvoyance and psychic power of visions
Poisonous in quantity
Feminine, Jupiter, Air.
It has always been considered unlucky to cut down an oak. After getting permission from the tree’s Dryad, burn
oak leaves for purification of ritual spaces. Oak is often used for all-purpose wands and they imbue great power.
The acorns have been carried to increase fertility in women and to increase sexual appeal by men, preserve youth
and to banish illness. Hang Oak over windows and doors to protect your house from evil spirits.
The Oak is a sacred tree in many cultures. A Witch will often seek out a grove of Oak to perform rites. King of
the waxing year,
Druid sacred tree
Masculine, Sun, Fire. Sagittarius
Peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, abundance, nourishment
Protection and healing. Place cut onions in a sick persons room to absorb the illness. Leave them overnight and
throw away in the morning.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
Love, abundance, luck, money The dried and powdered peel is added to love and fertility charms
Feminine, Jupiter, Water.
Spirituality, unique worth, grace, blessings
Oregon grape
Money, prosperity
Love, divination . sexual appeal. Use in charms, amulets, sachets, incenses and baths.
Feminine, Venus, Water
Palm, date
Fertility, self-renewal, life-cycle
Affection, affection, divination
Rain magic
Love, protection, passion, purification
Fresh parsley leaves in tea form are a treatment for cramps, while dried root decoctions eases urinary infections
and arthritis. Externally, crushed leaves relieve insect bites, and may be applied in poultice form to sprains.
Widely used as a culinary herb Masculine, Mercury, Air. Gemini
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Passion flower
Sacrifice, peace, sleep, friendship
Aphrodisiac and attractant of lovers for either sex
Masculine, Sun, Earth.
Marriage and birth, happiness, fertility, ling life, wishes
New life, health, women
Strength, protection, peace weariness
deters insects. Avoid Pennyroyal while pregnant
Feminine, Venus, Earth.
Protection. Banish malevolence, overcome inertia and gives focus, positive anger for change.
Use in protective charms
Masculine, Mars, Fire
Purification, energy, love, healing, increase psychic power
Protection against evil influences. Hang around doors and windows. Passion, increase mental power, money
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Protection, maintains good health. Wear to detect falsehood to prevent or know when others are lying to you.
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
Fire and illumination, cleansing, balance, healing, fertility, friendship in adversity, purification against illness,
knowledge, protection, money, returns hostility to sender
Pine buds prepared by decoction act as an expectorant and antiseptic. This same mixture can be used for
inhalation for head colds, although it is easier to toss some needles in hot water. Green cones and needles can be
added to bath water to ease muscle pains and swelling. For magic, pine is best suited. Winter solstice. Needles
gathered at midsummer .
Aries Masculine, Mars, Air
Attunement to nature, centering
A good winter incense,
Poplar, black
Poplar, white
Astral projection, money, hope, rebirth, divination
Eat poppy seeds as a fertility charm, just don’t take a urine test at work for a few days afterward. Carry the
seeds or dried seed-pod as a prosperity charm
Feminine, Moon, Water.
New beginnings, reconciliation
Sleep, luck, love, protection, happiness
Protection, love, happiness
Love, enchantment, increase psychic powers, healing, love divination
Conserves of roses or rose petals in honey are often recommended for nausea and sore throats. Roses are high in
vitamin C.
Spring/summer equinoxes
Taurus: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Love, youth , passion, Improve memory mental & intellectual power, banish nightmares and depression,
purification, preserve youthfulness. Add to all purification bath sachets, love incenses, and protection incenses.
Make a simple of rosemary and use it to cleanse the hands before working magic, if you have no time for a
regular ritual bath. Burn rosemary and juniper as a healing and recuperation incense
Promotes healing of wounds, acts as an antiseptic, and can be a mild stimulant. Good in teas for treating flu,
stress, and headaches or body aches. Mental and physical booster. Used for treating (oil form) muscular sprains,
arthritis, rheumatism, depression, fatigue, memory loss, migraine headaches, coughs, flu and diabetes. Excellent
remedy for acne or cellulite. When the leaves are soaked in wine for two weeks, small glasses may be taken as a
digestive aid. Oil of rosemary is excellent in hair conditioners, and the flowers of this herb may be added to
lotion recipes to improve the complexion.
Masculine, Sun, Fire
Domestic protection, psychic power, healing metal dowsing, astral projection Protection, good luck, healing.
White Goddess tree
Scorpio: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Protect against illnesses and speeds recovery from surgery or wounds, love enchantment, banishes regrets and
redundant guilt or anger
purification of ritual spaces and tools, clearing the mind of emotional clutter
Leo Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Love, fidelity
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Love, healing, raising winds, passion, increase psychic powers and offers second sight: Prosperity, healing and
sexual prowess in men
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Long life, grants wishes, protection, improves memory wisdom, protection, healing, health.
Can be used in an infusion to aid digestion, or as part of a honey wine to fight colds and fever. When applied in
compresses it can ease many skin discomforts, including dandruff. If made into cream it is good for muscular
pain, and if dried and smoked sometimes gives relief to asthma.
Samhain herb. Sagittarius Masculine, Jupiter or Venus, Air.
Protection, healing, banish negatives, spirituality, contact with guardian angels
Feminine, Moon, Air
Herb for Lammas
Increase mental power, passion
Money, passion
Love and fidelity
Slippery elm
Prevent malice and gossip
Luck, money
Kept secrets, finding what is lost
Solomon’s seal
Protection, banishes negatives and hostility
Sorrel, wood
Healing, preserves health
Spanish moss
Healing, love, mental powers
Spider wort
St johns wort
Health, love, protection, power, love divination, happiness. Ward off fever and illness, a banishing or exorcism
incense, the tea increases courage and will power.
Masculine, Sun, Fire
gathered on midsummer eve pass through the smoke of bonfires to purify, and hang in the house as protection
and to prevent nightmares.
Star anise
Increases psychic awareness
Welcomes and invites the blessings of the Sun into the garden. The seeds are eaten by women to increase fertility
Develop potential self-esteem, confidence
Leo: Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Sweet pea
Friendship, purity, courage
Protection, granting of wishes, increase of influences
New love, rebuilding of trust
Health, long life, conception and pregnancy
Herb of spring equinox
Strength, protects from thieves, and active hostility, speeds healing
Sleep, psychic energy, courage, healing, purification incense, magical cleansing baths, a renewing of one’s
personal energy, warding off of negative energy. Improves memory, love divination.
Take a magical cleansing bath in the spring of thyme and marjoram (used in tea form or whole herbs). A pillow
stuffed with it cures nightmares. Powerful antibacterial, antibiotic, and diuretic properties. It helps eliminate
wastes from the body. It is used in treating whooping coughs, warts, rheumatism and acne. A strong antiseptic
which when prepared by infusion is useful for poor digestion, exhaustion, colds, and infections, and with honey is
an effective treatment for sore throats. Also used in tea form as a fever breaker, headache reducer and to be rid
of intestinal worms, and can be used as a mouthwash. Also, a great insect repellent. Use both the leaves and
flowers. This tea works best for headaches when taken cold. Aries Taurus Feminine, Venus, Water.
Banishes negatives and active hostility
Desire for fame
added to warm milk it regulates menstrual cycle.
A Collection of Sacred-Magick.Com < The Esoteric Library
Love divination, sleep, protect against hostility/despair
Purification or relaxing
Also acts as a good substitute for catnip. Use the fresh herb in spells of love, also to get fighting couples
together. Used in the Purification bath baths.
Use the dried, powdered root. Promotes relaxation while counteracting the effects of insomnia, anxiety,
nervousness, headaches, pre menstrual syndrome and menstrual cramping. For sleep, before bed take 1 teaspoon
of herb to 1 pint of water and simmer. sachet
Feminine, Mercury or Venus, Water.
The bean is used in a love charms, the oil is worn as an aphrodisiac, mental power
Libra Masculine, Jupiter, Fire
Transforms enemies into friends, prophecy, preserves youth, healing.
Ritual cleansing or sacred space, magical cleansing baths, purification incenses. Hang over the bed to prevent
nightmares. Love and protection charms, Vervain is also an excellent for use in prosperity charms and spells as it
brings good luck and inspiration.
Gather midsummer/when Sirius is ascendant
Taurus Feminine, Venus, Water.
Breaks a run of bad luck, money, anti-theft, protect against negatives
Rebirth and renewal, joy, ecstasy
Fairy magic
Mix with lavender for a powerful love charm. The flowers are carried as a good-luck charm. Modesty, secrecy,
uncovers hidden talents
A Violet and Lavender compress will aid in eliminating headaches. The scent will soothe, clear the mind and
relax the wearer
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Health, mental power, granting wishes. Carry the nut as a charm to promote fertility and strengthen the heart
Tree of prophecy
trad; tree where witches meet
Virgo Masculine, Sun, Fire
Water lily
Intuition, healing, making wishes come true, psychic energy, understanding emotions of others.
Willow wands can be used for healing. The Willow will bring the blessings of the Moon upon those who plant it
or have it on their property. Willows can be used to bind together witch’s brooms and a forked willow branch is
widely used in water witching and dowsing.
The Moon tree, moon magic
Cancer Feminine, Moon, Water.
Winter’s bark
Protection, healing, deflects hostility
Witch grass
Happiness, passion, love, protects against negatives
Witch hazel
Mends broken hearts and relationships, finds buried treasure and underground streams. protection
In tincture form it is good as a mouth rinse and to ease hemorrhoids. As a compress, witch hazel can be applied
to insect bites and other skin irritations.
Masculine, Saturn or Sun, Fire.
Wolf’s bane
Protection, invisibility against hostility
Victory, protection, money
Wormwood is burned to gain protection from wandering spirits. Used in divinatory and clairvoyance incenses,
initiation rites and tests of courage. Enables the dead to be released from this plane so they my find peace
Masculine, Mars, Air
Courage, love, marriage charms, psychic awareness, banish negatives. Divination
In magic there is evidence that yarrow was often used as a component in incantations.. The tea drunk prior to
divination will enhance one’s powers of perception (a touch of peppermint brightens this brew up and always
works better). .A powerful incense additive for divination and love spells
A very potent healer, it intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it. Helps eliminate toxins (good
for colds). Most useful in its abilities to staunch blood flow. In poultice form , it is useful against infections and
swelling. Also drink the tea to stop arthritis symptoms such as swelling and inflammation associated with
weather divination and generally end all aching, sore muscles, or stiff joints or back pain.
Bring into house at midsummer -protects against illness/domestic strife
Feminine, Venus, Water
Permanence, aims that are slow to come to fruition but endure. Union between people after difficulty
Tree of endings
New coming from old.Capricorn
Transformation, change, protection, purification

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