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Instructors:  Kim Williams and Kostini Hashi El

Workouts and meal plans are provided by Kim Williams

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Athletic Skill Development

athletic development is to enhance performance and prevent injury by developing athletes that are completely adaptable to the competitive demands of their sport. Athletic Development – The Process The athletic development model as detailed below outlines the steps in the process of a comprehensive sport specific conditioning program.

I.Q./Mental performance

We always want to start with the definition of I.Q.

IQ is the athletes ability to know and understand the game of choice. Whether it is football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, track & field or even a simple game of dodgeball, the most successful athletes embrace knowing and yes, understanding the game. Basically, the higher the IQ, the higher the success of an athlete. Today’s topic is who’s responsibility is it to build I.Q.

Now let’s take a closer look at question 1)Who’s responsibility is it? Answer : It is always the athletes’ responsibility. This lays the foundation for learning the game, knowing the game and most importantly, understanding that he owns his performance. As the athlete continues to accept this responsibility of building his I.Q he begins to see the power of I.Q. To see the true value in ownership in accepting the responsibility of I.Q. the athlete can experience it’s powerful definition:


What does this have to do with developing confidence in sports?

Well, the way the term  is used in athletics is to mean how a competitor deals with changing conditions and adapts to dynamic situations during play.  Decision-making is a huge part of that.


You get the idea. Some call it natural instinct and some think it just comes with lots of experience and/or training.  Many believe this term refers more to an athlete’s knowledge of the sport.   All of that is true but there is one most effective way for all athletes to increase their sport I.Q beyond all of that and here it is:

Eliminate The Fear Of Failure

Milwaukee Braves Athletic Development

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