Dubuis, Jean – Mineral Alchemy


Volume 1 :
1. Circulatum Minor; Meditation # 1
2. Vegetable Mercury: Circulatum Minor; Elixir, Tincture And Salt; Meditation # 2
3. Alkahest Of Sulfur
4. Energies In Alchemy; Meditation # 3
5. Circulation Of The Elixirs; Meditation # 4
6. Use Of The Alkahests; Alkahest Of Tartar
7. Degree Of Vegetable Mercury; Meditation # 5; Prana And Kundalini
8. That Which Is Philosophical; Oratory; Laboratory
9. Vinegar Of Antimony: Extraction: Properties
10. Vegetable Stone; Ph Paper; Meditation # 7
1 1. The Philosophical State: Preparation Of The Metallic Oils; Aphorisms
12. Kermes: Regulus; Oil; Extraction; Spirit Of Sulfur
13. Symbols Of Traditional Metals
14. Preliminary Crystallization: Work On Wine; Extraction Of The Tartar Alkahest
15. Mercury; Antimony: Fixation On Its Salt
16. Deliquescence Of The Salts; Incubator
17. Vegetable Extraction
18. Vinegar Distillation: Preparation Of The Acetates
19. Elixir; Circulatum; A New Method For The Stone
20. The Golden Chain Of Homer
2 1. Separation Of The Three Elements
22. Artephius; Antimony
23. Dilution And Presence Of The Acetates
24. Lesson On The Different Ways Of The Acetates
Volume 2:
25. Comments On Lesson # 24
26. Comments On Lesson # 24
27. Comments On Lesson # 24; Night Contact; First Considerations About The Building Of An Oven
28. The Four Elements In The Elixirs
29. Chemistry And The Prima Materia
30. Operation Of The Blood Stone
3 1. Addendum To The Way Of Saturn
3 2. Extraction Through Aldehyde
33. Addendum On The Vegetable Stone And On The Fire Stone
34. Addendum On The Acetate Of Saturn
35. Aceton By Becker
36. The Origin Of Alchemical Knowledge
37. Becker (Continued): Philosophical Spirit Of Wine
3 8. Becker (Continued)
39. Name Of The 10 Kinds Of Gold Of The Sephiroth
40. Alchemical Aphorisms
4 1. Aphorisms By Urbigerus
42. Aphorisms By Urbigerus (Continued)
43. First Method For The Butter; Aphorisms By Urbigerus (Continued)
44. Sea Salt Acid For The Antimony Butter; Urbigerus (Continued)
45. First System On Butter With Hcl And Hot Stibnite
46. Resuming Lesson # 24 With The Kermes; Tincture Of Paracelsus; Antimony Butter; Work Of Hand
47. First Practical Method For The Butter
48. Butter And Deliquescence
Volume 3:
49. The Extraction Liquids; The Universal Salt Of Nature; Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Symbols
50. Extraction Of The Oil Of Mercurius Vitoe; Treatise On Salts By Basil Valentine
5 1. Distillation On Acetate Without Cold; The Book Of Formulas
52. Butter (Continued): Symbols In The Book Of Formulas
53. The Keys To The Work; The Book Of Formulas (Continued)
54. Four Causes Of Failure; The Nature Of The Putrefaction Of Elements; The Book Of Formulas (Continued)
55. Butter Distillation (Continued): The Book Of Formulas (Continued)
56. Fusion Of The Regulus; Preparation Formula: The Book Of Formulas (Continued)
57. Oven Of The Four Fires; The Book Of Formulas (Continued)
58. Method Of The Dry Way According To The Collectanea Chemica; Lead And Antimony
59. The Dry Way Of The Collectanea Chemica; Practical Elements
60. Recouping The Seed Of The Dry Way; Distillation Of The Mercury
6 1. The Subtle Distillations
62. Philosophy Of The Lessons; Astrology And Alchemy; Energy Circulation; Alchemical Initiation
63. Spagyrics Theory – 2nd Level
64. Laboratory: Oratory – Operation – Operator
65. Purification Of The Antimony Without Release Of Bad Odors
66. Fresh Plants And Celandine: The Stone Of Celandine
67. Ammonia Bubblers; Safety Measures For Mercury And Antimony Butter
68. Experiment To Explain The Theory Presented In The Collectanea Chemica; Note On Making And
Recouping Antimony Butter
69. The Evolution Of Various Matters: Water, Sea Salt, Carbonate; Antimony Butter
70. Comparison Of The Elements Situated On A Same Column Of The Mendelelev Table
7 1. Evolution In The Three Realms; The Role Of Fire
72. Ethics Of The Alchemist
Volume 4:
lessons 73 – 84 not indexed here

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