Glow in the Dark Dispatcher (Pendulum)


Orgone Glow in the Dark Pendulum

Sun activated

Quartz and Amethyst Crystals

Enki’s Acorn and Pyramid styles are available

A great spiritual investment in self

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Pendulums not only work with your subconscious, as I had understood we have sort of an antena connecting from your crown chakra to your pineal gland and through that we can receive the vibrations of our surroundings, including entities that may be in our space (this is why it is important to pray before using a pendulum, to connect with higher energies that mean no harm and to banish those who are unhelpful.  I look at it as a beacon of spiritual light that can be used as a microphone to speak to whoever you desire to speak to.

what we subconsciously do is moving the hand according to what we receive from what surrounds us, this is also why it is important to have some sort of protection with un when using a pendulum, so nothing sticks to us and to clean the tool after using it.