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Redemption Manual
From Government-Imposed Ignorance
To Enlightenment as a Secured Party Creditor
Redemption Manual
From Government-Imposed Ignorance
To Enlightenment as a Secured Party Creditor
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Redemption Manual Four Point Five Edition (4.5)
How to oecome a Secured Party Creditor
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This book is dedicated to all
who seek freedom from the Matrix ••.
The information contained in this book is
foundational and ‘entry level’ for those who
want to become a Secured Party Creditor
and is not to be construed as legal advice.
The contents have been reviewed and edited
but errors and typos may exist. This book is
not intended to answer every question you
may have as to Redemption, as no one book
can do that in light of the fact of the
continuation of the evolution of information
and any respective new processes or
adjustments to such processes.
The Redemption Manual is presented as
educational information only and it is the
responsibility of the reader to continue to
study, research, document and understand
the program called Redemption and the
process(es) thereof before moving forward …
whereupon we presume you will take the
necessary responsibility to free your mind
and take control.
NOTICE; Proceeding from this point is in
effect; taking the RED PILL, obviously from
the first Matrix movie (movie review is a few
pages forward). Since YOU want to know the
truth, to go down the ‘Rabbit Holes,’, you
will be exposed to new information, history,
facts, concepts, processes, etc., so hold on ..•
it’s going to be the ride of your life… and
YOUR very being, your life, your beliefs,
what you’ve been taught… and your
FREEDOM will be tested!
I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the many men and women who have
played a role in bringing the Redemption process/information forward, as well as those
involved in the research, the investigation and the ‘application’ of Redemption concepts,
as a means to test and perfect the same. Thanks to Roger Elvick for bringing what is
called Redemption forward in the beginning and to the many others since then, too
numerous to mention. A special thanks to Michael, Apollo, Nicholas and Marianne for
their help in bringing this book together to a finish for this current revision. We all have
sought the truth and the facts so we might all come to understand our predicament,
servitude and standing; to more fully see and grasp the importance of our sovereignty and
Redemption from the ‘commercial scheme; and the servitude foisted upon us while our
fathers and grandfathers slept. As we continue to travel up this road, we must not forget
those who traveled before us and left the signs of their sacrifice and as we so travel, we
must accept the responsibility, dedicate our lives to the same but higher ends for truth and
freedom. We must seek out others who desire to be free as ‘equal sovereigns,’ to
experience the benefits of Redemption and what has been created and established for
them and their posterity. May our Creator find our efforts worthy on this orb of rock, dust
and water as we work towards the goal of freedom, and our Redemption!
… Robert Kelly
Director and Editor
The American’s Bulletin
Note: Please disregard any typos or grammatical errors that may exist or be found herein!
Redemption is not for the timid, the weak, and the ignorant. One must read, study and test
(apply) what one is becoming exposed to, in understanding the commercial scheme being
operated against every man, woman and child today in this Country… for the sole
purpose to allow the ‘government corporations’ to survive and continue to serve
‘themselves’ under a socialistic bankrupt democracy.
There is not one book that is going to answer all your questions and give you everything
you need to know and understand as to Redemption. Much has been researched and
written about Redemption. It has been both shocking, interesting, and yet exciting to see
the process(es) and the successes in relation to what is dubbed Redemption. It is not the
end, but the beginning!
It is imperative that you move forward with the educational process, acquire other books
and information (list contained herein) to understand and implement the transfer from
being the ‘Debtor/Slave’ on the Plantation to becoming the Secured Party/Creditor and
perfecting your sovereignty. If you do not have a computer and if you do not understand
Redemption or are unwilling to learn all that might be necessary in regards to the
commercial scheme, as the supposed ‘Principal’ (sovereign in a collective capacity) and
take the responsibility, it is strongly suggested THAT YOU DO NOT GO FORWARD
From this point forward, you must decide which PILL to take. If you decide
to take the Blue pill, you wake up in bed and believe whatever you want . . . and
you go back to the plantation and all remains the same … you continue to be a
debtor-slave on the plantation owning nothing, having no rights, only
privileges. If you take the Red pill, you will be located and removed from the
Matrix. You’ll be exposed to all the rabbit trails (the reality, the truth) and
soon, you’ll be able to recognize the ‘commercial program’ and to operate
within it in a system where there is no money, just commercial paper. You
will come to understand all things as you go forward. You will learn to go to
peace and not to war! Before you is a lot of responsibility. As you take the
Red pill and go forward, there’s no going back. YOU WILL NEVER BE
It would be useful at the outset for us to share with you our fundamental assumptions and
motivation for writing this manual and the important results and benefits that we hope you will
realize in your study of Redemption.
The subject of Redemption is complex and involves the disciplines of history, government,
commercial law, statutory procedure, banking and finance, real estate, and diplomacy. Each of
these subjects is highly technical and has its own specialized language. To cover all of them in a
single manual, at even a fundamental level, would of course be impractical. Therefore out of
necessity, we have set as our goal in updating The Redemption Manual 4th Edition, to present a
high level overview of core concepts that we hope will offer you a clear understanding of what
Redemption is and how it might be useful to you.
The war that is raging in the world is a war to influence what you think and ultimately how you
act. You can control any group no matter how large, if you can shape their opinions, perceptions
and belief system in such a way as to distract them from knowing or understanding the
fundamental reality in which they are enmeshed; a prison without bars. This is the ultimate form
of leverage.
Here is a summary of what happened: A group of men (who wish to remain anonymous),
through their agents (employees of Unites States, Inc., and their sub-corporations) began, under
the Lincoln Administration, to quietly hi-jack the Constitution and the three branches of the
Constitutional Republic. A quasi-governmental corporate takeover was then engineered to take
control of the 50 states, the banking system, and the coining and printing of money. A civil war,
a bankruptcy, and the confiscation of the wealth of the nation, were sponsored in order to create
a context (read EMERGENCY) for the enslavement of the (formerly) sovereign people of the 50
(formerly) sovereign states under COLOR OF LAW. The icing on the cake: In 1938 the rulings
of the Supreme Court were then partitioned to prevent the invocation of any law based on the
Common Law, to be replace by the Uniform Commercial Code, and courts of International
Contract Law (Admiralty). The coup ‘d etat, is that most of you don’t even realize that you have
personally, aided and abetted by your own ignorance of history and the law, signed and acted
yourself into this system of ‘commercial’ slavery. You do this every time you get a job, get
married, give birth, register your car, take out a mortgage, use Federal Reserve Notes, or join the
military. Welcome to the same-old-world order-We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is US!
If this is news, congratulations, you are a successful mind control subject. If you think you are a
landowner in America, take a close look at the warranty deed or fee title to your land. You will
almost always find the words tenant or tenancy. The title or deed document establishing your
right as a tenant, not a landowner, has been prepared for transfer by a licensed BAR Attorney,
just as it was carried out within the original English feudal system that you may have presumed
yourself to have escaped from in 1776.
If your goal is to recover what has been stolen from you, it will be necessary to redeem yourself
from living a life of false perceptions. Redemption is the path of waging peace with your
adversary. It is the path of turning the fraud that has been perpetrated on you to your advantage,
so that you can control your property and prevail in any venue involving agencies and employees
of the state and federal government. This manual offers you the opportunity to move from the
ranks of debtor/slave on the plantation to the elevated status of Secured Party Creditor. We wish
you success in Redemption.
If you are new to ‘Redemption,’ then the information/process as presented in this book may be
shocking and a little strange. We understand that it will be a leap of information that you have
never been exposed to! Maybe you’ve experienced your “government” or were stomped on and
railroaded in court or ‘raped, pillaged or plundered’ by an attorney, state agency or even the IRS!
Maybe you believe Constitutional due process and fairness still exists “in the law”… in the
courtroom. Maybe you believe that everything is the way it’s supposed to be. They say, “Jump,”
and you ask, “How high?” You look around and aside from the negative TV News at 6:00 pm,
you just don’t see anything wrong. Maybe you’ve not recognized the ‘glitches’ in the program …
yet. Well, better snap on your seat belt, Dorothy, because things have changed and where you’re
going, there’s no turning back.
This book was difficult to update from its past 3rd edition format. Over six years have passed
in regards to what has been dubbed ‘REDEMPTION.’ What has come forward since the first
introduction of Redemption via seminars, articles, information etc., is voluminous.
This book is not to be construed as legal advice. It is the cumulative work and effort of
countless hundreds and maybe thousands of those who came before us and who at present have
worked at great expense of time and energy to find the ‘Truth’ and ‘Freedom,’ if such exist at
this time in this country and on this planet!
Using the IRS as an example, we could all agree that based upon well over 25 years of
research, all that research is now historical and cannot be rebutted. The facts of history are the
facts of history. You cannot go back and change history. You can’t, but rather, ‘they’ altered the
‘facts’ of history in the text books to hide certain things for certain agendas! You’ll have to be
the judge of that for yourself.
We’ll make an attempt to add commentary, explanation, and other such information in this
‘update’ to allow better understanding of the problem(s) and the issue(s) as it relates to
Redemption. It will be incumbent upon the reader/student of Redemption to continue his/her
educational experience to fully understand the basics, the fundamentals, and the concepts of
Redemption to better deal with the problems and the commercial scheme implemented by
government without your knowledge or consent.
While at this time of our history, the ‘fad’ is ‘ … to have FUN,’ yet many do not see the reality
that ‘they are living in a fictional world.’ While we want our children to have ‘fun’ and live safe,
go to college, live the good life, we are often pricked into a jolt of commercial reality in regards
to fines, fees, taxes, DEBTS and the like, having to go court, whether for traffic or for other
matters. There we experience the pain of the ‘economic needle’ … extracting our blood (your
labor as converted into what you think is dollars) along with the message that … ‘Go forth and be
a good citizen/subject, do what you are told, shut-up and be sure to vote!’ Within this fictional
world of make believe, the masses are subjected to playing a gigantic ‘Monopoly Game’ where
there is no real money and the banker usually wins.
As such, and from time and time again, reliable sources (including attorneys) reveal that
“law” has no bearing on what happens in court proceedings as much as the “procedure” of which
is only known to BAR members (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, including the very defense
attorney you were gullible enough to use, hire or who was compelled upon you) who carefully
and methodically extract either/all your time (community service/slave labor), money (bail, liens,
levy, garnishment, fine, restitution), property (child, home, car, bank account) or your liberty
(detention, jail, prison, probation). No one told you that your ‘Attorney’ can ONLY represent
your ‘Debtor’ (an artificial person-entity). No one told you that court proceedings are purely
“administrative” and not “judicial” as the “organic” Constitutions (State and Federal) mandate.
In these “administrative” proceedings, why is it that these so-called courts do not explain the
‘Nature and Cause’ of the action, never prove ‘Jurisdiction’ and never allow you to have
‘Counsel of your Choice’ and never – never ever allow the jury to decide the law in a case/trial?
Maybe those ‘administrative’ “Tribunals” are not Constitutional ‘Judicial’ Courts of Due
Process. Welcome to America!
Or maybe you turned on the radio or television and heard yet another politician praising the
passage of a Bill of which neither the politician nor the other members of Congress ever read, let
alone having ever brought it before the unbiased masses for scrutiny (which is not done because
the Federal Constitution is not for the People). Nearly every Bill passed restricts more and more,
in profound ways, freedom of speech, property rights, and freedom of travel, while at the same
time, gives public servants more power and authority without having to be accountable to the
Or maybe you received another tax bill (Federal, State, property), or a traffic ticket, or a child
support payment bill … or whatever. While looking at your bank balance or what’s left in your
wallet, you realize, “Hey, I don’t have the money to pay this!” And due to the situation, you just
might end up in jailor doing community service work to ‘Pay Off’ this ‘debt to society!’ Wow,
don’t you get a ‘Gold Star’ for the day!
What you will come to understand, learn and know, is that the United States (the Federal
Corporation) went bankrupt in 1933 and as a result of further acts, removed the substance
backing our Nation’s money, replacing it with ‘bankruptcy script’ of a private corporation …
called the Federal Reserve Bank.
Sometime in the 1960’s, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was adopted by most all
States. The UCC is the federal common law of negotiable instruments and governs all
transactions … because there is no lawful money (substance backing the money being gold and
silver) therefore you have not ‘paid’ your bills nor ‘paid’ for anything pursuant to the law of
payment since 1933. All you have ever done is discharged the debt. .. until a future time, but you
have not obtained title! The government, because of going bankrupt, had to finance its operation
to survive and it needed to do so because it can only tax what it creates. It created artificial
entities (‘Ens legis,’ being a ‘corporation’ or ‘trust-corporation’), so that it could tax it and in
doing so, sends you the ‘tax bill’ or other ‘presentments’ for fines, fees and taxes! In operating
this scheme against you, you think the ‘presentment’ is in your name. The government has
divested you of your ‘rights, titles, interest, property and wealth’ by and through an undisclosed
and non-disclosed commercial program to RAPE, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER the American
people, to keep the ‘private’ government corporations functioning.
In this book and others (the Redemption Companion, Cracking the Code 3rd Edition,
Redemption-The Cold Hard Facts and possibly other writings) you will learn, understand and
know what the truth is, what the facts are and what the solution is to ‘Re-capture’ or REDEEM
your ‘rights, titles, interest, property and wealth ‘ and put yourself in the position, with
standing and capacity (status & knowledge) to ACCEPT FOR VALUE and discharge the debt(s)
as a SECURED PARTY/CREDITOR … (Not as a debtor/slave on the plantation as before).
Keep in mind as you begin reading this manual, things within Redemption have evolved from
the beginning and continue to do so, even now. You must make the effort to stay updated and
currant to the best of your ability as to any ‘new’ aspects or matters dealing with Redemption.
The historical concept is: that the American people are still the sovereign power. The Bible
teaches that the Israelites (Ish= man, ra = ruling, el= God, = man ruling with God) are the “Kings
and Priests of Israel.” When the Country was supposedly freed at the conclusion of the
Revolutionary War, the concept was established that, “A man is king in his own Castle.” Last but
not least, “The people have succeeded to the rights of the King, the former sovereign of this
State. They are not, therefore, bound by general words in a statute restrictive of prerogative,
without being expressly named.” Pray-tell, do ‘kings’ pay taxes? The people, due to the
bankruptcy and commercial law in place that allows the people, as the sovereign power, in their
Secured Party / Creditor capacity, to discharge ALL the fines, fees, taxes, judgments and
debts, take control of all the property … BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TODAY TO
Before you is a path, like the yellow brick road to OZ. What you will learn will affect you
from this day forward, one way or the other. Freedom and truth is like a two-edged sword and
with Redemption comes a lot of responsibility to know and understand all that is necessary to
become the Secured Party/Creditor (SPC) aka ‘sovereign’ (in the collective capacity) with other
SPC’s to understand the reality … ‘Of the people, by the people and for the people.’ As the
Creditor, you are the ‘Banker,’ therefore would you not agree that you have a lot to learn?
Note: the Treasury indicated that around January of 2001 that there were “over 11 million”
transactions/charge-backs sent in which equates to “Over 11 million Secured Party/Creditors on
Board!” And around mid-year of 2002 the number was increased to 22 million and most recently
(12-2006) 55 million … but those numbers have in no way been verified.
However, you now can become part of this growing base of informed, knowledgeable
‘Secured Party/Creditors’ – men and women who, as intended by our God and due to the reality
of our ‘day and time,’ are moving forward as those, who being ‘above the government
corporations, are taking their rightful positions over the government/servant who operate those
bankrupt corporations to understand the commercial scheme and discharge the debts.
With that, as in the movie Matrix, you are holding the Red pill. You want to know the
truth and a whole lot more. You may proceed into the process/program dubbed ‘REDEMPTION’
and may you stay on the path to learn what has been kept from you and may you discover what is
really …… behind the curtain !
…. May God guide and bless you on this journey!
This REDEMPTION MANUAL FIFTH EDITION is the continuation of an unusual work.
Some portions from the third edition are left intact while others have been updated.
Formatting, commentary, updates, and new information have been added. Where necessary,
some information-documentation will be taken from THE REDEMPTION COMPANION to
better present or document a particular point or matter.
The writings of a man in prison, preserving his thoughts, his study notes, and his conclusions
within letters to his family are maintained. This individual has chosen to reveal his understanding
of why he was in prison and how he got there. How to keep the rest of us out of there, how to
understand the commercial nature of all things, is the reason for the update of this FIFTH
In the following pages you will find history, definitions, Scripture, information, and best of
all, what we Americans have been deprived of from the beginning: ‘the total (as we best
understand it today) of the undisclosed COMMERCIAL SCHEME that has been perpetuated
upon every man, woman and child in America since 1933 … and … the solution.
In the beginning of this manual are references to Scripture. Though some believe it to be a
direct part of what we call REDEMPTION, it is also presented herein to show that: ‘commercial
law’ has been in use since day one.
Some believe that this Country, without the guidance and help of Almighty God, as a Nation,
is doomed. That might be true, however, ‘for evil to prevail, good men do nothing.’ We, like so
many other civilizations before us, may have left our first love. For it is said in Scripture: “Thou
shalt not have any other gods before Me! ” That’s all well and fine, but when one is compelled
to honor Caesar and his private corporate rules, regulations, and statutes to support his de-facto
bankrupt corporation under democratic socialism (today called the Federal and State
government(s)) it’s a little difficult except in your private prayer room/closet to recognize by
prayer or otherwise your Creator/God, when out in the federal fictional world, there are many
gods to distract the people.
It is said that the LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Again, that might be
true in some cases. Obviously in today’s society, people scramble for what they think is money
to pay the bills and live in what they think, or hope, is a comfortable way of life … for it is all
they know.
Our so-called leaders in their lust for power and money have sold our fathers, ourselves, and
our children (our posterity to the 10th generation) into bondage. Today every man, woman and
child owes $1000.00 to the national debt. This may be perceived as immoral and reprehensible!
However, it is just BACKWARDS!
The so-called government OWES YOU that amount and a whole lot more for their fraud,
damage and dishonor:
“All that government does and provides legitimately is in pursuit of its duty to provide
protection for private rights, which duty is a debt owed to its creator, WE THE PEOPLE.”
(Wynhammerv. People, NY 378)
So you see, they owe us! However, due to their unauthorized actions and corruptions, they
have removed what was ‘Constitutionally’ established as real money, backed by something of
value, i.e., gold and silver.
Therefore, what you THINK you owe, what they THINK you owe, what you THINK they
owe you … is of no importance, when there is nothing in ‘reality’ to ‘pay’ with! And since a
total different commercial system has been put into effect to allow what has been called this
‘Commerce Game’ to go on and on and on, it is only a matter of importance to fully understand
it and utilize it, in and for your commercial transactions and in regards to what ‘your’ so-called
government demands … (example) in the nature of TAXES!
Many remarkable discoveries lie ahead. Keep in mind, not everything in everyone’s
commercial life’s situations can be addressed or covered herein, however the principles can be
applied to almost every situation.
If someone were to ask to you place a value on your freedom, you would undoubtedly say that
it is one of your most prized possessions. If on the other hand, someone were to ask you to name
in a single word that which most impinges on your freedom, how many of you would volunteer,
“why me, of course!” Then name in a single word the commodity that you are most dependent
on in forming your impressions, making decisions, and understanding your world. How many of
you would say “accurate information?” Lastly, what word or phrase might you use to label a
person who is proud to be oblivious to the underlying conditions of his or her life-“ignoramus,”
“fool,” “dupe,” “easily conned,” “asleep,” “doesn’t care,” “pretender,” “happy idiot,” “insane,”
or “delusional?” And if this described your condition, would you be willing to take a deeper look
within? In the experience of this author, this describes the majority of Americans today.
So, it is for the reasons stated above, that Redemption is for everyone and few will be willing
to pay the price-to learn, to take responsibility, and to act. These are the attributes that are
required of any man or woman who would be free.
“I will not make any deals with you. I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, and stamped,
indexed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own . … You won’t hold me.” To which Number 2
sardonically replies, “Won’t we?”
Thus begins “The Arrival,” the first of 17 television episodes originally broadcast in Britain in
1967. Subsequent shows seem to support that Number 2 (a role played by a different actor in
each episode) is right–the Prisoner can be held. Indeed, each program ends with a set of jail bars
closing over the Prisoner’s face. But what they–whoever they are–can’t do is defeat him. For the
Prisoner manages to triumph despite his hopeless situation because of his unrepentant refusal to
sacrifice his ideals and self-identity.
So you can sit around and massage each other’s hearts, whining and complaining about all the
problems you see out there-the government, the economy, your neighbors, etc., or you can look
within and realize that you can’t control anything but yourself, and if you were to do that well,
and join with others around you who are doing that well, you stand a chance, and without that,
well, you have what you have.
If you read this book, your perceptions and your belief system will be challenged. You will
stand at the precipice and say to yourself, well, if everything that I have been taught is a clever
lie and an illusion, then what is the truth? And if you make it to the other side you will
understand the full meaning of the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction.” Which do you prefer,
the RED PILL or the BLUE?
Finally, understand a few important concepts right here in the beginning. You MUST cleanse
your mind of the law!! The scripture refers to this as the “renewing of your mind.” You MUST
cleanse your heart, your soul, and your mind of the ‘conditioning,’ or as some would call it, the
brainwashing. Some would have you believe that you are both the ‘Subject and Object’ of
government today. Not so. The people are to be the Principle, the sovereign power, but now in
Secured Party/Creditor capacity. Your ‘Debtor’ may be the subject and/or the object of
government, but that understanding is the purpose of this Book and what is called
Table of Contents
Acknowledgement ……………………………………………………….. 5
Notice ………………………………………………………………………. 6
Preface …………………………………………………………………….. 7
Introduction To Redemption …………………………………………….. 8
Forward……………………………………………………………………. 12
Table of Contents….. ……. …………………………………….. ……….. 15
MOVIE REVIEWS – Setting The Stage
Wizard of Oz………………………………. ……… ……………… ……… 21
Matrix I …………………………………………………………………….. 28
Matrix II ……………………………………………………………………. 32
Matrix III ……………………………………………………………………. 43
Redemption ……………………………………………………………….. 59
Registration / Obedience / Subjection ……………………………………. 60
Pre-sent / Re-Present / First Born of Egypt / AFV …………………….. 61
Common Law vs Private Law …………………………………………….. 62
Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance ………………………………………… 63
Kings / The Career Politician’s Creed / Man / Men ……………………. , 64
Corporations ……………………………………………………………….. 65
General Information ………………………………………………………. 66
Public E􀁾ucation & Monetary System ………………………………….. 67
Re-Publl􀁿…………………………………………………………………… 68
Oath – License ……………………………………………………………. 69
Money Creation & Banks / Our Mirror Image ………………………….. 70
Quotes From The Past ………………………….. rd· . . . . . . . . . . . . … . . .. . . …. 71
March 􀂥, 1933 – Senate Document No. 43 – 73 Congress …………. 72
Federalist Paper #79 Law Conference / Keynes-1920………………… 73
Money ……………………………………………………………………….. 74
Stanek vs White / UCC 3-419 ……………………………………………. 75
UCC 10-104 ……………………………………………………………….. 76
27 CFR 72.11 / Commercial Crimes / Coinage Act – 1965 …………. , 77
And … Maxim Of Law …………………………………………………….. 78
ETC., PRESENTING ‘NEW HISTORy’ ..•..••.••••••• 79
Time for a Quick ‘Timeline of History’ Lesson ……………………… 80
A Brief History Of The United States ……………………………………. 84
What Is The United States ……………………………… ……………….. 114
The ‘New Deal’ – United States Bankruptcy ………………….. ………… 148
73 Congress / 1933 / HJR-192 … ……………………………………….. 160
Emergency Powers Fraud………. ……… ………………. …….. ……….. 161
Secrets Of The Federal Reserve………. ……………………………….. 164
What Banks Don’t Want You To Know / The Credit River Case …….. 184
History Of United States Currency ………………………………………. 214
Merchants Of Fiction………………….. ………………….. ……………… 216
Are You Sure You Want To Hire An Attorney ………………………….. 221
Mythological License To Practice Law ………………………………….. 225
Essay On The Law with: ………………………………………………… 234
Babylon And The Roman Empire
Hierarchy Of Law
Commercial Law
Uniform Commercial Code (Law)
Section 3 – Sovereig nty •••••.•.••••••••••.••..•••••••.•.•••••••••••••••••• 238
On Sovereignty Of The People…………………………………………… 239
On the Subject Of Sovereignty . ………………………………… ………….. 244
A Peak Into The Mind Of A Tory …………………………………… 247
Memorandum On Sovereignty .. …………………………………………. 250
Section 4 – THE STRAW-MAN/DEBTOR ….. . ………………… 256
What Is The Straw-man…….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . … . . . . . . . . . .. 257
Addressing The Straw-man Matter …… ……………… ……………….. 259
Why The UCC Filing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 261
It’s Better To Have One Filed……………………………………………. 267
Commentary On Security Agreement. .. ……………… ……………….. 280
Basic Steps For Redemption………….. ……………… ……………….. 282
Secured Party. …………… ……………………… ……………………… .. 284
Required Sources. . …………………………………………….. ………… 285
Convention. . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . .. .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . .. 288
Process Overview.. .. . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. .. .. . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . 293
Security Agreement…………………………. ………. ………… .. ….. …. 295
Power Of Attorney………………………………………………. ……….. 337
Common Law Copyright … ……………………… ……. ……………….. 343
Hold Harmless Agreement. . . . . . . ….. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . …. . …. .. 353
UCC-1 Financing Statement…………… .. ……. ………………………. 365
Sample UCC-1. . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . .. .. . .. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . .. … . . . . …. 370
Sample UCC-1 Informational Filing …………………………………. 371
Sample UCC-1 Amendment for Private Conveyance…………….. 372
UCC Financing Statement – Electronic Filing ……………………….. 373
Charge Back – Letter To SOT- B. C. Bill Of Exchange ………………. 381
Birth Certificate Bond…………………… ……… ……………………… 392
UCC Amendment I UCC-3 Amendments wi Sample Text. … ……….. 394
Birth Certificate. .. (Sample Only) …………………………………………. 397
1 040-ES Tax Voucher………. …………. ……… ………………………. 398
Regional Filing List….. …. ……………………………………………… 401
UCC 1, 3 & 11 (for a Search) – Hard Copies – For Duplication
on Copy Machine (No Page Numbers )….. … ……… …………….. 402
Section 6 – NOW WHAT DO I DO?
Now What Do I Do………. ………………….. ………………………….. 404
Conditional Acceptance For Value (CAFV)………….. ……… ………. 409
Steps Dealing With Presentments. …………………………………….. 432
Discharge Of Debt – UPDATE with NEW INFO! A FV-RFD……….. 435
Discharge of Debt – Reality Check. . . . . … . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . …. . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . 438
So What …………………………………………. ……………………… . 451
Agents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 456
Introduction………………………. ……… ……. ………. ……… …. ……. 460
When Dealing With The Courts….. …………… ……… ……………… 462
Going Into Court…. ……… ……………… ……… ……………………… 464
General Immunity Pertaining To Prosecutors……………………. ….. 469
Before The Judge.. ……… ………….. ………………………… ……… . 471
Courtroom Strategies ……………………… ………………………….. 474
Advanced Concepts And Techniques.. …………………………………. 479
Strategies Of Last Resort …………………………………… ………… 482
The Official State Known As PERSON………. ……………… ………. 488
Police Encounters………………. ……… ………………………………. 500
If YOU Are Taken To Jail ……………………………………………….. 513
A Few Case Cites……………………. . .. . .. … .. .. . .. . . .. . . . . …. .. . . . .. . .. . . 514
Comment Before The Judge………………………….. ……… ………. 515
All Day – Every Day…….. ………………………………………………. 516
The Mythological Motor Vehicle………………………………. ……… . 521
Section 8 – AFFIDAVITS •••••••••••.••.••••••••••••••.•••.•.•..•••••••••• 529
The Affidavit …….. …………………………………………………….. .
Basic Sample Of Affidavit. ……………………………………………. .
Affidavit Of Truth – BENJAMIN FREEDOM FRANKLIN ………….. .
Affidavit Of Notice Of Default (CAFV) ……………………………… ..
Affidavit Of WALKER TODD (HOT!) ……………… .. ………………. .
Section 9 – APPENDIX •.•..•.••••.•••••••.••••.•••••••••.•••.•••••••••••
Glossary …………………………………………………………………….. 550
The Past is now the Future – ‘Shock & Awe’ ………. ……… ……… 661
Revised Article 9 (Summary) …………………………………………. 662
Copy Certification .. …………………. ………………………. ……….. 671
Theodore Roosevelt Quote – 1907 ………………………………….. 672
Books and Materials List …………………………………………………. 673
Miscellaneous……………………………………………………………………….. 674
Appendix NOTE As To Forms (Section 5)……………. ………… 675
Foot Print Document – (Sample) .. ………………………………. 676
… This is not the END! …………………………………………….. 677
You have by now swallowed the Red Pill and you want to see the whole truth!
You’re ready to go down the Rabbit Trails so that when you surface, you’ll
understand and you can ‘Free Your Mind’, come to understand who you are
and what you are. Then the system will unplug you and spew you out from
the Matrix. And then your journey begins … the first step … ?
We go to the movies for entertainment, maybe to get away from the reality of
our world and just for a few moments we escape that reality and enter a
‘Twilight Zone’ if you will, of adventure, romance, and the like. But is it possible
someone is trying to tell you something? Is there ‘full disclosure’ being made on
the silver screen? Are you aware of the message or have you been oblivious?
Following are movie reviews on the Wizard of Oz and the MATRIX movies. They
are presented herein to allow you to understand ‘really’ what has happened and
what to understand.
The Wizard of OZ
The ‘Coded’ Movie of What Really Happened to America
By Robert Kelly
Just as you can read between the gory lines in the newspaper on any given day in America, you
can discover clues and truths slipped in by the Powers that be … if you look hard enough as to
what is actually going on. Such ‘notice’ can also be found in somewhat lighter fare … the
As you well know, movies have become the national pastime of entertainment. Millions go to
the movies, VHS tapes and DVDs fill in the rest of the gap. The story-line, topics, and timeframes
vary as to the manuscript and the vision of the Directors.
Such a movie was ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ an allegory for the new state of affairs in America in
the 1930s following the stock market crash and the factual bankruptcy of the United States
Government immediately following.
‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie is not just a movie for children, though perceived today it is, and it
has become a national icon of an historical nature, replayed every year on television … just for
the children.
What is missed by most, is the symbolism in the movie, in almost every character and aspects
of the ‘set’ and so-called ‘special effects’ and props back then. After reading this article and then
seeing the movie again, it will never be the same to you … or your children!
The setting was Kansas: Heartland America, the geographical center of the USA. In comes
the twister, the tornado, i. e. whirling confusion of the stock market crash that left everybody
economically ‘dizzy!’ It signified the theft of America’s gold, the coming US bankruptcy, the
Great Depression. The tornado whisked Dorothy and Toto up into a new, artificial (dream-like)
dimension somewhere above the solid ground of Kansas. When Dorothy awakes, she finds
herself in the ‘land of Oz.’ Dorothy comments to her little companion, “Toto, I have a feeling
we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
That’s right. After the bankruptcy, Kansas was no longer just plain old “Kansas,” it was now
“KS,” an artificial corporate venue of the bankrupt United States, newly established “federal
territory,” part of the “Federal Zone,” and Dorothy and Toto were in “this state” now.
On her journey in this unfamiliar land, Dorothy meets up with three unusual ‘characters,’ each
having certainly a different problem or aspect as portrayed on the silver-screen, but their true
identity has been de-coded and it follows!
The first was the Scarecrow (a man of straw – a front) and ‘he’ identified his Straw-man
persona for Dorothy; “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking. Of course, I’m not
bright about doing things.” And in his classic song, “If I Only Had a Brain,” the
Scarecrow/Straw-man succinctly argued, “I’d unravel every riddle, for every ‘individdle,’
(individual) in trouble or in pain.”
Today, in light of Redemption, we would translate it as: Once one discovers that his Strawman
exists, all political and legal mysteries, complexities, and confusions are resolved or
understood and once one takes legal title (control) to his ‘Straw-man,’ he becomes the
‘authorized representative’ of the ‘Straw-man’ to accept and discharge (settle) all commercial
affairs, as in Oz (the new commercial world – aka the MATRIX) because the ‘Straw-man’ has
no BRAINS, and no hands and fingers to grasp a pen to write the check, so to speak, to pay the
fine, fee, tax or debt!
The second character was the Tin Man, or “T.I.N. man” (also identified as; Tax payer
Identification Number). The Tin Man was a hollow man of metal, a “vessel,” a “vehicle,” a
newly created commercial code word for the Straw-man. Just like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man
had no brain and had no heart. Both were “artificial persons.” One of the definitions of “tin” in
Webster’s is “counterfeit.” The Tin Man also represented the mechanical and heartless aspect of
commerce and commercial law. Just like they say in the Mafia: “Nothing personal, it’s just
business.” And in another profession similar to the Mafia, the business of lawyering, they have
the attitude that it’s nothing personal, “bidness is bidness.” The heartless Tin Man also carried
an ax, the traditional symbol for God, i.e., modem commercial law in earlier dominant
civilizations, including fascist states. In the words of the Tin Man, expressing relief after
Dorothy had oiled his rusty points and parts he said, “I’ve held that ax up for ages.”
The word “ace” is etymologically related to the word “ax,” and in a deck of cards the only one
above the King is the Ace, i. e. God. One of the “Axis” Powers of World War II, Italy, was a
fascist state. The symbol for fascism is the “fasces,” a bundle of rods with an ax bound up in the
middle and its blade projecting. The fasces may be found on the reverse of the American
Mercury-head Dime (in Roman deity ‘Mercury’ was the God of Commerce). It can also be found
on the wall behind, and on each side of, the speaker’s podium in the US Senate (each gilded
fasces is approximately six feet in height), and at the base of the seal of the US Senate are two
crossed fasces.
The third character that Dorothy met was the Cowardly Lion, or “King of Beasts” and as the
most feared of all animals in the jungle, was lacking “courage! ” The Lion is symbolic of the
once fearless American people, who have since lost their courage. Yes, there are a lot of “hot
talkers” out there, just listen to your local radio talk shows. American men love to talk, but none
have the courage to “DO” a damn thing! The American people are scared of the corporate
Federal System and local revenue collectors, i.e. cops and judges in their so-called courtrooms
(tribunals) of justice (commerce). After your first few go-arounds with the ‘Just-Us’ system,
believing there was ‘justice’ in the courts, you probably lost some of your courage too. And you
may have not known it, but the IRS has been dealing with only your ‘Straw-man’ (Debtor)
strictly under the laws of Commerce and they are just like the Tin Man, heartless!
After Dorothy and her three companions made their way to Oz, they had learned that they had
to go see the ‘Wizard.’ To find the Wizard, they had to just “follow the yellow brick road,” (gold
is known as ‘yellow bricks’ and are melted into ‘ingots!’) All one has to do is follow the trail of
America’s stolen gold and you will find the thief who stole it. In the beginning of the movie the
Wizard was represented by the traveling mystic, “Professor Marvel,” whom Dorothy
encountered when she ran away with Toto. His macabre shingle touted that he was “Acclaimed
By The Crowned Heads of Europe, Past, Present, and Future.” Boy, that Professor Marvel must
have been a regular wizard to be acclaimed by the future crowned heads of Europe before they
were even crowned! Before the bankers stole America, they had long since disempowered the
Christian monarchies of Europe and looted their kingdoms. Maybe this “Professor Marvel”
fellow knew something about the future that other folks didn’t. With a human skull peering down
from its painted perch above the door inside his wagon, the good professor lectured Dorothy of
the priests of Isis and Osiris and the days of the pharaohs of Egypt!
When Dorothy and her new friends emerged from the forest they were elated to see the
Emerald City before them, only a short jaunt away. Then came the Wicked Witch of the West,
desperate for the ruby slippers that Dorothy was wearing, as they held special powers. A
significant point here is that in the original book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in
1900, (39 years earlier), the slippers were not red, but silver. In the first cut of the movie, the
slippers were silver, but were changed to ‘red’ to be more colorful!
At the time the book was written, America still had all its gold and silver. The value of one
ounce of gold was set at 15 ounces of silver, with silver being the more plentiful of the two
metals and generally known as ‘poor man’s gold!’ Just as the silver slippers carried Dorothy,
America’s stockpile of silver and gold, backing the currency, carried the country to a position of
preeminence throughout the world at that time. But, as mentioned, when the movie came out in
1939 the slippers were not silver, but red.
Between 1916 and 1933, most of America’s gold was rounded up by the ‘privately owned’
Federal Reserve Banks and shipped off to the Fed owners in England and Germany. The reason
for this was that Federal Reserve Notes could be redeemed in gold and the use of Federal
Reserve Notes carried an interest penalty that could only be paid in gold. The American people
were defrauded into trading their gold for (worthless) paper with green ink on it. Our previous
currency, United States Notes, carried no such interest requirements – but such was the bargain
that came with the Federal Reserve Notes. The reason JFK was murdered was because he was reissuing
United States Notes – interest free! [Go to any coin store and see or buy a 1963 U.S. (not
Federal Reserve) Note].
When the bankruptcy was declared in 1933, Americans were required (misdirected) to tum in
all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates by May 1 st; known as “May Day” (the birthday
of Communism in Bavaria in 1776, the birthday of the IRS, and celebrated worldwide as the
“International Workers Holiday,” a holy day to the Wizard and his tribe).
Talking to people who were alive at that time, you may find out that the general sentiment
toward such thievery bordered on a second revolution. Maybe it was just too much of a clue, or
too much salt in the wound for Dorothy to be skipping down the “Yellow Brick Road” in a pair
of “silver slippers,” so that, for whatever reason, a color less likely to annoy or provoke was
selected (i.e., red!).
With regard to the choice of “ruby,” or red-colored, slippers: Red’s primary significance, at
least on documents and the like, is that it is the color of blood, as in flesh-and-blood, and
symbolizes a living, breathing man or woman, i. e., non-corporate/non-artificial.
The color ‘Red’ could also have been chosen for the related tie to the International Banking
Federal Reserve founder, the Rothchilds, [aka Red Shield] family. It does signify “private,” as
opposed to “public.”
Your new Social Security Card has a red serial number on the reverse, signifying the privateside
‘bond/account’ attached to the public side of your “Straw-man’s” Social Security Account.
For postal employees, red-sticker Registered Mail means “personal accountability” (private), all
other mail carries “limited liability” (public). It is likely that the ruby slippers symbolized the
American people with blood in their veins as opposed to “citizens of the United States,” Strawmen
with the counterfeit “corporate blood” of bluelblack ink on a birth certificate. No matter
their color in the movie, the Wicked Witch of the West wanted those slippers at any cost and had
to move fast before Dorothy and her crew could make it to the Emerald City.
The Witch’s tactic was to cover the countryside with poppy flowers, or “poppies,” the source
of heroin, opium, and morphine, symbolically drugging them (the American people) into
unconsciousness, and then just waltz in and snatch the slippers. In other words, the best way to
subjugate the American people and boost the goods was to dull their senses by getting them
hooked on drugs (Note: LSD was created the same year, 1939, by Dr. Albert Hoffman). The
poppies/drugs worked on Dorothy, the Lion and Toto, our flesh-and-blood friends, but had no
effect on the Scarecrow or the Tin Man, the artificial entities. The two of them cried out for help
and Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, answered their prayers with a blanket of snow, aka
cocaine, a stimulant nullifying the narcotic effect of the poppies/opium on Dorothy, the Lion and
Toto. At this writing, aside from marijuana, the two most available drugs on the streets of
America are heroin and cocaine in their various forms.
As they all scampered toward Emerald City, the city of green (Federal Reserve Notes, the new
fiat “money,” or “money by decree”), we heard the Munchkins singing on the glory of the
Wizard’s creation:
“You’re out of the woods, You’re out of the dark, You’re out of the night, Step into the sun,
step into the light, Keep straight ahead, for the most glorious place on the face of the Earth or the
stars !”
The foregoing jingle abounds with llluminist-Luciferian symbols and metaphors re: darkness
and light.
The Wicked Witch of the West made her home in a round, medieval watchtower, ancient
symbol of the Knights Templar of Freemasonry, who are given to practicing witchcraft and also
credited as the originators of modem banking, circa 1099 A.D. The Wicked Witch of the West
was also dressed in black, the color symbolizing the planet Saturn, sacred icon of the Knights
Templar, and the color of choice of judges and priests for their robes. Who was the Wicked
Witch of the West? Remember, in the first part of the film her counterpart was “Almira Gulch,”
who, according to Aunt Em, “owned half the county.” Miss Gulch alleged that Dorothy’s dog,
Toto, had bitten her. She came to the farm with an “Order from the Sheriff’ demanding that they
surrender Toto to her custody. Aunt Em was not immediately cooperative, and answered Miss
Gulch’s allegations that Toto had bitten her with: “He’s really gentle. With gentle people, that
Could “gentle” really mean “Gentile?” When Miss Gulch defied them to withhold Toto and
“go against the law,” dear old Aunt Em was relegated to “pushing the Party line” for Big
Brother. She dutifully succumbed to the pressure and counseled Dorothy reluctantly. [Does this
sound like most American people?] “We can’t go against the law, Dorothy. I’m afraid poor Toto
will have to go.” When Dorothy refused to surrender Toto, Miss Gulch lashed out, “If you don’t
hand over that dog, I’ll bring a damned suit that’ll take your whole farm!”
Today, 70% of all attorneys in the world reside in the West – America, to be exact, and 95%
of all lawsuits in the world are filed under US jurisdiction. The Wicked Witch of the West and
Miss Gulch, dear friends, represent judges and attorneys, i. e. , the American legal system
(including the attorney-run US Congress). They are the executioners and primary henchman for
transferring all wealth in America from the people over to the banks and the government. The
Wicked Witch of the West wanted the silver slippers, the precious metals, and her counterpart,
Miss Gulch, wanted to take Toto. What does the word “toto ” mean … in “attorney language,” i. e.
Latin? “Everything! ”
Dorothy and her three companions finally made their way to the Emerald City. They sought
an audience before the Wizard, were taken inside and brought before the Wizard; a gigantic
image speaking in a loud voice behind glass, similar to ‘smoke and mirrors!’ Dorothy and the
gang fell for the Wizard’s illusion, power and commands in the beginning. But it was little Toto
who, by his instinct, pulled the curtain back to expose the fraud of the Wizard; a ‘front-man’ for
the Wizard … an ‘agent’ for the FICTION … this Wizard the people feared. The Wizard, this
gigantic image speaking in a loud voice behind glass, could very well symbolize, with the advent
of television, the power of government speaking lies before the people via TV. ‘Cause if the
people saw it on TV, it must be true! And, of course, the people will believe their government. ..
won’t they? Remember the drugs?
But Dorothy and the others soon wised up and revealed the Wizard for what he was: a
confidence man. Then, when asking the ‘agent’ (administrative agencies) about helping the
Scarecrow/Straw-man, about “getting a brain,” he gave the Straw-man a piece of paper and a
diploma from a “university.” The Wizard also cited “the land of . E Pluribus Unum, ” which is
Latin for ‘one out of many,’ i.e., converting the many into one New World Order, or Novus Ordo
Seclorum, a Latin phrase placed on the American One Dollar Bill shortly after the bankruptcy.
He also proudly revealed/confessed that he was: “Born and bred in the heart of the Western
wilderness, an old Kansas man myself!” He gave the TIN man a ‘ticker’ (clock) to sound like a
heart (but it was not!) and to the Lion, he gave a ‘Medal’ to signify that the Lion had courage.
These all, of course, were mere trinkets in the Land of Oz – a fictional world of course!
The bankers did pretty well in Europe, but as the Wizard pointed out, they made a killing in
the “Western wilderness,” i. e. America, with the theft of American gold, labor, and property.
Quoting John D. Rockefeller: ” … grateful and responsive rural folk” who populated the country
at that time.
When Dorothy asked Glenda, the Good Witch of the North (representing honesty, good-faith
and Christianity), for help in getting back to Kansas, Glenda replied: “You don’t need to be
helped. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.”Just click your heels together three
times (three days – Truth in Lending) and say, “There’s no place like home! “”
Translation: You’ve always had the right and power to reclaim your sovereignty, you just
forgot or were never taught that you or the American people have such power. The Oregon Bill
of Rights says the people have “all power!” Since the people are the true sovereign power, then it
is only necessary to wake from the dumbed-down, drugged-like effect the ‘Powers-that-Be’ have
over you and the American people as to that power and position, and then exercise it.
The actual reclaiming of your sovereignty, the remedy in today’s bankrupt commercial world,
is a process including a UCC- l Form to the Secretary of State, and a Charge Back Invoice with
Bill of Exchange to the Secretary of the Treasury U.S., wherein you can take commercial control
of your Straw-man (with a T.I.N. number) and charge up your UCC Contract Trust Account so
that you can discharge the debt(s) of your debtor.
Americans have intimate, firsthand knowledge of the heartless mechanics of the laws of
commerce, religiously applied by the example of the unregistered foreign agents of the Internal
Revenue Services. The IRS (accounting firm and collection agency for the private Federal
Reserve Bank) was constituted under the UCC at its inception in 1954 and has been operating
strictly in that realm ever since.
And, as a side note, how was the wicked Witch destroyed? By accident, a bucket of ‘water’
(the true substance of all things, good and healthy – simple water [H20] destroyed the ‘evil’ just
like the ‘0’ in Ozone destroys virus and bacteria (cancer) did the oxygen in the water destroy the
evil Witch!
You may have wondered what the meaning is behind the words in the title “The Wizard of
Oz.” Look them up in a dictionary. Like almost everything else, it’s right out there in the open
for you to see if you will just look closely enough. One definition of “wizard” is: “a very clever
or skillful person.” “OZ” is an abbreviation of “onza,” o-n-z-a, the Italian word for “ounce,” or
“ounces,” the unit of measurement of gold, silver, and other precious metals. No matter how
large the quantity of gold or silver being discussed, the amount is always expressed in ounces,
e.g., rather than “hundreds of tons” of gold, it’s “so many million ounces” of gold. As attested by
the factual history of this country, the “Wizard of Oz” was the Wizard of Ounces. And who took
the gold that backed the America’s money? Why the Bankers and the lawyers working for the
foreign principals, the private federal reserve (constituting the 20 Class A Stockholders – being
mostly private bankers!) all orchestrated and greased by POLITICIANS then and still today.
Only because it is not the mind set of politicians today to correct the matter and put full and
absolute power over the control, creation, minting and putting into circulation of “United States
Money” backed by gold (substance/value!).
What everyone has to understand is that as things are today, the commercial system as in
place is better for everyone … just as long as everyone understands the ‘program!’ Maybe “The
Wizard of Oz” back then was the ‘introduction to the program as to the monetary condition and
changes in American.’ It just appears that no one told (gave full disclosure) to the American
people not only of the change, but how to operate in this new commercial world where all the
real value was removed and all that was put in its place was commercial paper!
Everything worked out for Dorothy, i.e., the American people. In the end she “made it home.”
Meaning: there is remedy in law. It’s there, it was just encoded and disguised and camouflaged.
Fortunately, the code has been cracked, and there is a way home, just like in the movie. Like
Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home” and there isn’t! There ‘s nothing like sovereignty for a
sovereign people! We have commercial remedy in the Redemption Process.
Will you continue to be conned by the confidence men and believe the Wizard’s words
coming out from that box of ‘smoke and mirrors’ called the TV, or will you wise up like Dorothy
did and “look behind the scenes” to recognize the scheme? Will you rise above the occasion and
obtain the knowledge to become a Secured Party Creditor, private banker and Sovereign to take
your place among others who are above the government, instead of being that ‘debtor-slave on
the plantation’ living your life in debt and servitude? It’s your choice. Dorothy did it a long
time ago, to show the American people (and maybe the children) the way, how to do it and that it
can be done.
” ” .Now go rent or buy the movie and see it again for the first time with your eyes wide
For all intents and purposes, there are only debtors or creditors in America, no LAW, only the
LAW of contracts and agreements and commercial paper.
” . . . Follow the yellow brick road . . . follow the yellow brick road . . . ”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . follow the money trail!
• • •
Movie Review
by Jack Smith
. . . The Fi rst Movie
FROM: ZION GROUP – RIGHT WAY l.a.w. [Jack Smith]
Care must be taken when describing and decoding the information for the uninformed that is
coming from within the MATRIX by way of the Communication. The uninformed cannot
be told about the MATRIX, they must experience it. The Communication rightly explains to
them that “The MATRIX is the world pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. It
makes you a slave. A prison for your mind.” If you attempt to expose the uninformed to too
much “light,” you will blind them.
The Communication is the story of the Gospel of the Scripture, but it is set within the
framework of a Greek-science-fiction-drama. The leading character is named Neo. He is played
by Keanu Reeves. The word Neo in Greek means new. Neo is the new man or the new Adam
come to save the people of ZION. But first, he must die and be resurrected by the Trinity. Once
resurrected, he will save the world by taking people out of the MATRIX and into the land of
ZION. The problem is that in the beginning, Neo does not know who he is or where he is. He
first must be brought out of the land of the MATRIX and learn who he is. He is extracted by a
team of Zionists led by their leader, Morpheus, who is played by Laurence Fishburne. The
woman Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is one the principal person from the Zion group
that communicates with people in the MATRIX. Together, Morpheus represents God the Father ;
Trinity represents God the Holy Spirit (who breathes life back into Neo and brings the message
to the MATRIX) ; and Neo represents God the Son. Their team of helpers is called the people of
Zion. They consult the ORACLE, which represents the Holy Scripture. The ORACLE does not
judge good from evil, but is a guide to show the path upon which the people of Zion must go.
The people of Zion use a vessel named the NEBUCHADNEZZAR as a means of travel within
Allied against the Zionists is the MATRIX. The MATRIX is the world which has deceived all
the people therein to fall into a dreamlike sleep. In this condition, the people are warehoused in
large storage facilities. The people are physically hooked up to the cells in this warehouse by
tubes that both feed them and extract electrical and heat energy from them to run the machines of
the world who have taken over control. The tubes also feed the people in the MATRIX
computer generated thoughts programmed into MATRIX computers. Therefore, life in the
MATRIX is nothing more than an incredibly-complex computer program created by the
MATRIX to conceal the real intent of raising and harvesting human beings to provide electrical
energy to run the machines which control the MATRIX. These electronic thoughts fed to the
people in the MATRIX create a substitute for real thinking and real thoughts and real experience.
Instead, the people in the MATRIX only believe that they are alive and experiencing their lives.
Their bodies never physically leave the cells in which they are kept. But to their minds, they
appear to be living a normal existence with a job, personal relationships, hobbies, and the like. In
the MATRIX, everyone is united as in “AI”, artificial intelligence. Your world is a computer
program that appears real to you.
There is a group that works for the MATRIX called the Agents. These Agents are not real
people, but sentient computer programs which give the Agents supernatural powers. Their job is
to locate and destroy people who have either physically disconnected from the MATRIX or who
are within the MATRIX but are receiving unauthorized communications from people outside the
MATRIX. The name of the leading Agent is SMITH, who represents SATAN, a totally evil
entity out to destroy any living being who would attempt to physically leave the MATRIX.
All communications with people within the MATRIX are done through the MATRIX
computers. The communication can be made by way of a phone connection (or modem
connection) to the MATRIX computer which in tum communicates with the person in the
MATRIX over the direct computer link to the person’s mind. Once a person is physically
removed from the MATRIX, that person never again physically goes into the MATRIX, but is
mentally projected into the MATRIX computer.
Before Neo comes out of the MATRIX and learns who he is, Neo is captured by the Agents
and taken to an interrogation. Agent Smith says: “O.K. Mr. Anderson. I see a man sitting before
me who has two lives [one in the law forum of the MATRIX and one in the law forum of Zion].
Your first life is as a man named Thomas A. Anderson. In this life you have an SSN, you pay
your taxes. You work as a computer programmer for a software development company.
Your second life is as a man named Neo. Neo has committed almost every computer crime in
the book [in our law forum]. Only one of these lives has a future. Which life is that going to
The leader of the resistance movement is named Morpheus. This, like Neo, is also a Greek
name. You might not be familiar with this name. I wasn’t. The name means “he who forms, or
molds.” Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams. The Encyclopedia Mythica says: “He lies on
an ebony bed in a dim-lit cave. He appears to humans in their dreams in the shape of man. He is
responsible for shaping dreams, or giving shape to the beings which inhabit dreams. Morpheus …
Is mentioned as the son Hypnos, the god of sleep.” Morpheus is the man who, with the help of
others, extracts Neo from the Matrix and leads him to resolve who he is and how Neo can save
the people from the Matrix.
The name MORPHEUS is also a computer game by Piranha Interactive Publishing, Inc.
“Imagine a world where you died but your dreams lived on. The adventure begins with you as an
explorer, separated from your party, aboard the ship Herculania [in the movie, the ship’s name is
the NEBUCHADNEZZAR]. You are looking to resolve the legacy of your father who has
disappeared in the region 30 years earlier. You become despondent, certain of your impending
death, drifting between strange and foreboding dreams.” This game could well be a semi-outline
for the movie MATRIX.
What led Neo to question his life in the MATRIX? At one time, Morpheus asks him: “You
don’t like the idea of not being in control of your own life, do you?” And Neo answers in the
affirmative. Neo’s name is an anagram for the “ONE” or the savior. In a discussion with the
Agent SMITH, Neo was told: “Once we started thinking for you, it [the MATRIX] became our
[not your] world.”
Neo asked what would happen if you die in the MATRIX. The answer is that you also die in
the real world since the body cannot live without the mind. Neo also asked what would happen
if one tries to take on the Agents in the MATRIX. The answer is : “They are all powerful in the
MATRIX. You cannot take them on “in this [meaning the artificial world they created without
rules] place.” The only way to prevail is to run from them and get out of the MATRIX. That is
because there are no rules [or law] in the MATRIX. The rules and the law in the MATRIX are
whatever the MATRIX computer programs say that they are. The law is a fiction. The MATRIX
is run on a public policy of containment of the living beings in the MATRIX. Nothing more and
nothing less.
There are many symbols in the Communication. Neo, when mentally extracted from the
MATRIX, is given the opportunity by the people of Zion to decide whether or not he wants to be
physically extracted, also. He is warned that after being physically extracted, it will be very
difficult to return to the MATRIX if he changes his mind. Neo is offered a blue pill to take if he
wants to mentally go back into the MATRIX and be mentally sedated, never again to question
the MATRIX. He is offered a red pill if he wants to physically come out. The red pill is
symbolic of the blood of Christ sacrificed to set man free from the things of this world. The pills
are also symbolic of the story of Alice in Wonderland and the song sung by Gracie Slick- “One
pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.”
Neo first meets the Zionists at a meeting spot called the “Adam Street Bridge.” This is
symbolically where Thomas A. Anderson, the first Adam in sin, crosses over into the hands of
the Zionists to become the makings of the second Adam. Thomas A. Anderson, when he was still
within the MATRIX, was wakened by his alarm clock which read “9:18 A.M.” The number 9
stands for the fruits of the spirit [or the coming of blessing or judgment], while 18 represents
bondage [the condition Thomas A. Anderson was in].
Thomas A. Anderson lives in room number 101 in a hotel named “The Heart of the City”
during his existence in the MATRIX. The “heart” is the metaphor for the physical life of the
person or entity. It represents that Thomas A. Anderson was destined to be that life which is to
come out of the MATRIX and give life to the people in the MATRIX. Room number “101”
deals with the numbers 10 = Fullness of law and responsibility and teaching, and 1 = Unity,
primacy. Thomas A. Anderson is the one that will apply the natural law to defeat the law of the
Trinity carries on her activities within the MATRIX out of room “303.” Room number
“303” deals with the numbers 30 = blood of Christ, and 3 = division, perfection, and
Neo’s physical removal from the matrix is a birthing cycle in which the “cord” was cut, the
birthing fluids were present, and the escape afterwards from the pod where the birthing took
place was through a pool of water (a baptism) into a new life. There are several other washings
[or baptisms] represented by the waters falling at the Adam Street Bridge, etc.
Look up the term “Matrix” in Black’s 4th Law Dictionary. You may be amazed. It means:
“In civil law, the protocol or first draft of a legal instrument, from which all copies must be
taken.” Does this refer to the fact that “all copies” or all people within the MATRIX must follow
the “prime directive” of the MATRIX to work and slave for the MATRIX? The definition of
“Matrix Ecclesia” in Latin is: “A mother church. This term was anciently applied to a cathedral,
in relation to the other churches in the same see, or to a parochial church, in relation to the
chapels or minor churches attached to it or depending on it.” The Communication is trying to
tell you that the MATRIX [or the world] is a mother church preaching a religion. A religion
based upon an illusion and false sense of being. Did you ever get the impression that life as we
know it is backwards. That what we perceive as reality is the illusion and what we perceive as
illusion is the reality? In the Communication, you get the picture from both sides of the mirror
where the MATRIX is on the illusion side of the mirror and Zion is on the real side of the mirror.
The end of the Communication is nothing short of jubilant and heroic. Neo makes a “phone
call” to the people of the MATRIX. He is feeding a direct communication into their mind by way
of the computer hookup. Neo tells them, “There are no rules. You can do anything that you want
to.” The law is done away with in their law forum. Their Constitution is dead. (as long as you do
not harm the life, liberty or property of another).
Neo invites them to join the Zionists. As proof that there is no law in their law forum, Neo
flies away into the sky as a superman. [After all, if there is no law, there is no gravity in their
law forum].
May the force of Zion be your calling.
NOTE; It was suggested that the Second and Third Matrix Movie Reviews be reduced to only
those ‘points’ deemed important in relation to the first movie review and therefore
REDEMPTION, to better further your understanding and save a few pages. The ‘message’
within the 2nd and 3rd movie review is far too important for your understanding to be removed
and must be read several times for you to understand the concepts as applied to your commercial
Redemption so you too can ‘see’ the Matrix around you and also for you to make the choice to
live in Zion (Freedom ville so-to-speak… as a secured party creditor versus the government
municipal corporation-Plantations!)
The American’s Bulletin – July/August 2003
By Jack Smith
. . .T he Second Movie
Think of a movie as though it were a parable.
A parable is a story which parallels real life issues. But it is told in such a manner that
the average person will not understand the meaning of the story as it relates to real life. The story
or parable itself discusses facts and answers the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN questions.
The true meaning of the parable is in the answer to the WHY question that most people do not
ask or answer.
This Article is addressed to the WHY people. If you are one of the WHAT people, take the
blue pill and go back into your position in the Matrix.
Are you still in the Matrix or are you one of the people of Zion? If you answered that
question by determining that you are out of the Matrix and you are one of the people of Zion,
then you still might have a serious problem in understanding what your relationship is to the
controllers of the Matrix. You are not as independent as you might think. This is the true value
of the message being given in the movie The Matrix 2.
The Movie, The Matrix 2, introduces us to a much higher concept of liberty and
responsibility, and especially the concept of being at war or at peace with the system. It answers
the question of “Do you have a choice when you are out of the Matrix?” The answer is yes! But
you might be surprised that the ability to have choice does not give you freedom and
independence from the controllers of the Matrix.
In the Movie The Matrix 2, we are introduced to the people who live in a city called Zion. The
first movie did not describe Zion at all. It only dealt with several people from Zion that were
aboard the vessel the Nebuchadnezzar. Zion is a city deep in the core of the earth away from the
Matrix. It is inhabited by people who have been physically removed from the Matrix. The
Matrix warehouses the remaining 99% of the humans in a condition similar to a coma in which
the humans are fed nutrients and the illusion of a normal life by machines run by computers. The
Matrix harvests the bodily heat and chemical energy from the human bodies to power the
machine world. When a physical body dies in the Matrix, it is removed from the Matrix by the
machines and ground up and fed to the remaining inhabitants as a food source.
The underground city of Zion appears to be a mirror of the Matrix. Whereas in the Matrix, the
machines appear to control the humans therein living off of their energy, in the City of Zion, the
people control the machines which serve them and keep them alive. The Matrix appears to be on
the surface of the earth where humans ordinarily live and survive. The City of Zion is deep in the
earth as though it were a burial ground for the dead. The people on the surface living in the
Matrix are, for all intents and purposes, dead (or living in a dream or a coma), but mentally have
perceived themselves to be very much alive by their mental stimulation through the Matrix’s
computers. The people in Zion are buried deep in the earth (where ordinarily the corpses are
buried, but they are mentally awake and very much physically at liberty from the physical and
mental constraints of the Matrix’s computers and warehouses) .
There are several interesting issues that are raised with the Movie The Matrix 2 . The first
movie was mostly about Neo, personally. It was about waking him up from his naivety and the
placing of him into a position in which he could be aware of, and deal with, larger issues than his
own condition and future.
Since the Movie is only a parable to teach us, the first movie also was about waking us up to
the reality of the world. Now, in the second movie, we are ready for larger issues. This is what
we are getting.
There are three major conversations in the Movie The Matrix Two which serve to introduce us
to the more important aspects of our relationship as people who have come out of the Matrix to
the issue of the Matrix still being there as a “neighbor.” What should be our relationship?
Should we fight the Matrix? Should we destroy the Matrix? Should we be at peace with it?
In the first movie, Neo was extracted from the Matrix. Who accomplished this extraction?
Was it Neo himself? Was it Morpheus? Was it Trinity? No ! Neo was offered a blue pill or a
red pill. The blue pill represents admiralty. If Neo took the blue pill, he would be put back into
a condition of delusion to conform to the public policies and would have no interest in learning
any of the private conditions of reality. If Neo took the red pill, it would be “the blood of the
Messiah” and Neo would be aware of the private things in the world (as opposed to this world)
and would become a servant to help others learn the truth.
The red pill, Neo was told by the members of Zion, was a locator program. The purpose of
Neo swallowing the red pill was to be a transponder or beacon so that his physical body could be
located in the store house of the Matrix. It was a machine in the Matrix that was responsible for
extracting Neo from the Matrix. It wasn’t Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, or any other human who got
Neo out of the Matrix. Since it was a machine who extracted him, why would the Matrix extract
him if it wasn’t a policy of the Matrix to let anyone out that wanted to be let out? The answer is
simple. The Matrix only survives because adhesion to the Matrix is voluntary. Is it not possible
to unvolunteer from the “Matrix” of this world by expatriating the physical membership? Will
the governments of this world (the Matrix) not let one expatriate voluntarily if one does so in a
proper manner? The answer is yes. Likewise, the red pill can be viewed as a form of
expatriation request.
It appears that Neo’s separation from the Matrix in a physical fashion in the first movie was
not a guarantee of the fact that Neo’s future would not be influenced in some manner by the
Matrix. And, in fact, in the Movie The Matrix 2, there is a significant interplay between the
Matrix and Neo’s lives and also with those of his friends in Zion. The second movie deals with
the issues of the interaction between Zion and the Matrix.
Neo has a discussion with the Oracle that enlightens us as to the reason why the people of
Zion and the Matrix are linked together. The following conversation takes place between Neo
and the Oracle. Interspersed in this conversation, I will add some comments in parenthesis.
0: Well. Come on. I’m not going to bite you. Come around here and let me have a look at
you. My goodness. Look at you. You turned out all right, didn’t you? How do you feel?
You are not sleeping. We will get to that. Why don’t you come and have a sit.
[An invitation to sit is a form of a commercial process called a draft. The Oracle was
the drawer of the draft. As such, the drawer is the debtor. The drawee, in this case Neo,
is the creditor. If the drawee does not fulfill the draft request, a dishonor occurs and the
drawee becomes the debtor. You do not want to be the debtor by dishonoring the draft.]
N: Maybe I will stand. [A dishonor]
0: Suit yourself. [Acceptance o f Neo’s dishonor without going to war.]
[Neo sits down voluntarily.]
N: I felt like sitting. [Now Neo is in honor, so the conversation continues.]
0: I know. So, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way.
N: You’re not human. Are you?
0: It’s tough to get any more obvious than that.
N: If I had to guess, I would say you are a program from the machine world. So is he.
[Referring to the Oracle’s body guard.]
0: So far s o good.
N: But if that is true, it can mean that you are a part of the system. Another kind of
0: Keep going.
N: I suppose the most obvious question is: How can I trust you?
0 : Bingo! It is a riddle. No doubt about it. The bad news is there is no way that you can
really know if I am here to help you or not. So it is really up to you ! Just have to make
up your own damn mind to either accept what I am going to tell you or reject it.
[Isn’t this the real issue with the people of Zion today in their relationship to the
Matrix. The issue is: How can we trust the judge or the law enforcement officer, or the
lawyer, or the prosecutor, etc., if they are in the public system?]
[The Oracle reaches into her purse to get some candy.]
N: Do you already know if I am going to take it?
0: I wouldn’t be much of a n Oracle i f I didn’t.
N: But if you already know, how can I make the choice?
0 : Because you didn’t come here to make the choice. You already made it. You’re here to
try to understand why you made the choice. I thought you would have figured that out
by now.
[Notice how the issue is going from “what” questions to “why” questions!]
N: Why are you here?
0 : Same reason. I love candy! [Joke]
N: Why help us?
0 : We’re all here to do what we are all here to do. I’m interested in one thing Neo. The
future. And believe me, I know the only way to get there is together.
[There is a parable in the New Testament. It talks about a field (which is this world)
where an enemy came one night and sowed weeds in the wheat filed. The wheat is the
Zion people and the weeds are the people of the Matrix. The servants asked the master
whether the servants should pull out the weeds when they started growing. The master
told the servants to allow the weeds and the wheat to grow together because the wheat
would be destroyed by the pulling up of the weeds. This is what Neo is being told here.
The people of the Matrix and the people of Zion must exist side by side for a period of
time, lest the warfare between both cause both parties annihilation.]
N: Are there other programs like you?
0: Well, not like me, but look – see those birds? At some point a program was written to
govern them. A program was written to watch over the trees, the wind, sunrise, and
sunset. There are programs running all over the place. Ones doing their job. Doing
what they were meant to do. They are invisible. You’d never even know they were
here. But the other ones, well. You hear about them all the time.
N: I’ve never heard of them.
0: Of course you have. Every time you heard someone say: “I’ve seen a ghost or an
angel.” Every story you have ever heard about vampires, werewolves, or aliens is the
system assimilating some program that is doing something that they are not supposed to
be doing.
N: Programs hacking programs. Why? [Again a “why” question.]
0: They have their reasons, but usually a program chooses exile when it faces deletion.
N: Why would a program be deleted?
0: Maybe it breaks down. Maybe a better program is created to replace it. I t happens all
the time. And when it does, a program can either choose to hide here or return to the
N: The machine mainframe!
0: Yes. Where the path of the One ends. You have seen it in your dreams, haven’t you?
The door made of light. What happens when you go through the door?
N: I see Trinity and something happens. Something bad. She starts to fall. And then I
wake up.
0: Do you see her die?
N: No.
0: You have the sight now. You are looking at the world without time.
[Time is a commercial entity. When there is no commerce involved, time is
irrelevant. In the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away, when Tom Hanks was on the Island,
time was irrelevant. There were no commercial contracts or terms to implement in
which time was a factor. Time in the Garden of Eden was also irrelevant.]
N: Then why can’t I see what happens?
0: We cannot see past the choices we do not understand. [Because w e have not yet
thought it into existence.]
N: Are you saying that I have to choose whether Trinity lives or dies?
0: No. You have already made the choice. Now you have to understand it.
N: No. I can’t do that. I won’t! [This is a war or a dishonor which leads to losing control
over the situation.]
0: You will have to.
N: Why?
0: Because you are the One. [You are the creditor and must face it.]
N: What if I can’t? What happens if I fail?
0: Then Zion will fall. Our time is up. Listen to me, Neo. You can save Zion i f you
reach the source, but to do that you will need the Key Maker.
N: The Key Maker?
0: Yes. He disappeared some time ago. W e do not know what happened t o him. Now he
is being held prisoner by a very dangerous program. One of the oldest of us. He is
called the MEROVINGIAN. He will not let him go willingly.
[The character called the Merovingian is an important character in history. He is the
original sovereign line of kings of Northwest Europe from about 500 to 850 AD. This
line of kings saved the Pope in Italy, thus becoming his master before the Pope made or
broke other would-be kings, and the Merovingian successors today are part of those
who believe they are the keepers of the Holy Grail, and the secret leaders of the world
society. Do a search on this name on the Internet.]
N: What does he want?
0: What do all men with power want? More power. Be there at that exact time and you
will have a chance.
N: I must go.
0: Seems like every time we meet, I have nothing but bad news. I’m sorry about that. I
surely am. But for what it is worth, you have made a believer out of me. Good luck
This conversation was incredible. It is the first of three conversations that link the fact that
the people of Zion, or those who would free themselves from the boundaries of the physical
matrix, are not at liberty to: 1) Make war against the Matrix and its leaders or people, or 2)
Operate independently from the leaders and people of the Matrix. In today’s world, this is
equivalent to saying: 1) Do not fight the world government system to destroy it. 2) Do not make
war against the courts, the judges, the prosecutors, the law enforcement, and the United Nations
or the Federal Reserve. That system (the Matrix) is linked to you and your survival.
The second conversation was even more interesting. It involved a discussion between Neo,
Morpheus, Trinity and the man called Merovingian. In the movie plot, in the attempt by
Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo to “bring down the Matrix” by destroying the mainframe computer
terminal, the location of that mainframe and the ability to get to it was why it was important to
learn the location of the Key Maker. He had the information they sought.
MORPHEUS: We are here to speak to Merovingian.
MAITRES DE: Of Course, he has been expecting you. Follow me.
MER: Ahah! Here he is at last. Neo! It is the One himself. And the legendary Morpheus,
and Trinity of course. I have heard so much, you honor me. Please. This is my wife,
Persephone. Something to eat? Drink? Have you seen so many contrivances as we
have here? Please, for the sake of appearances.
N: No, thank you.
MER: Yes, of course.
N: We don’t have time.
MER: Yes, of course. Who has time? But then if we do not ever take time, how can we have
time? [Time is a commercial function of the Matrix. If you take time, you are the
creditor. If you do not take time, you have dishonored it and you are its debtor]
Magnificent French Wine. I love French wine. Of all the languages, French is my
favorite language. Especially to curse ….. It is like wiping your ass with silk. I love it.
You know why we are here? I am a trafficker in information. I know everything I can.
The question is, do you know why you are here?
MOR:We are looking for the Key Maker.
MER: Oh, yes. This is true. The Key Maker, of course. But this is not a reason. This is not a
why. The Key Maker himself is an answer by his very nature to a means and not an
end, and so to be looking for him is to be looking for a means to do? What?
N: You know the answer to that question.
MER: But do you?
You think you do, but you do not. You are here because you were sent here. You
were told to come here, and then you obeyed. It is, of course, the way of all things.
You see there is only one constant. One universal. It is the only reality . . . . Causality.
Action-reaction. Cause and effect.
MOR:Everything begins with choice.
MER: No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.
Look there. Look at that woman. [Referring to a woman at another table in the
restaurant] My God, just look at her. Affecting everyone around her. So obvious, so
bourgeois, so quiet. But you see, I have sent her a dessert. A very special dessert. I
wrote it [the program for the dessert – since we are in the digital matrix] myself. It
starts so simply. [The woman takes a bite out of the dessert, reflecting on its flavor.]
Each line of the program paints a new fate. Just like poetry. Fast. A rush. Heat. A
heart flutters. You can see it now, yes? She does not understand why. Is it the wine?
No. What is it? What is the reason? Soon it does not matter. Soon the wine and the
reason are gone. And all that matters is the feeling itself. This is the nature of the
universe. [The desert program contained a substance that would, over time, cause her
to leave the table and go to the women’s room with a physical uneasiness to resolve.]
We struggle against it. We fight to keep from dying. Of course we pretend to be alive.
Beneath a poised appearance, the truth is really our complete case out of control.
Causality. There is no escape from it. We are forever slaves to it. Our only hope,
our only peace is to understand it. [That is the “why.”] To understand the why. Why
is what separates us from them. You from me. Why is the only real source of power.
Without it you are powerless. And this is how you come to me. Without the WHY,
without [any] power. Another link in the chain. But fear not. Since I have seen how
good you are at following orders. I will tell you what to do next. Run back and give the
Fortune Teller this message. Her time is over.
Now, I have some real business to attend to. [The Merovingian desires to follow the
pretty lady to the women’s rest room.] Adieu and good bye.
N: This isn’t over. [Nonacceptance of a draft order = dishonor.]
MER: Oh, yes it is. The Key Maker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up.
No reason at all. [There was no cross-commercial consideration to the Merovingian
from Neo to make a commercial agreement attractive to the Merovingian.]
PER: Where are you going?
MER: Please, my wife, I have told you. We are all victims of causality. I drink too much
wine. I must take a piss. Cause and effect. [Merovingian leaves. His body guards
move to escort Trinity out.]
TRI: Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again.
[Trinity, Morpheus, Neo leave. They get on an elevator to go to the bottom floor of the
N: Well, that didn’t go so well.
MOR: Are you sure the Oracle didn’t say anything else?
N: Yes.
TRI: Are you sure we didn’t do something wrong?
N: Or didn’t do something.
MOR: No. What happened- happened and couldn’t have happened in any other way.
N: How do you know?
MOR: We are still alive. [Morpheus understands honor and acceptance.]
[The Elevator door opens on another floor as the trio is going down to reveal
Persephone. She intercedes and promises to deliver what they want.]
Twice now, Neo has been told by entities in the Matrix that the answer to the question WHY
is the only important issue that he needs to deal with. The Oracle told him that the WHAT has
already been decided in his life. The Oracle told him if he does not understand the why, he will
not be able to “see” beyond the WHAT issue that he does not know the WHY about. Now
Merovingian also tells them that without knowing WHY events occur, there is no hope to be in
CONTROL. But being in CONTROL means that commercially you are a creditor. So not
knowing WHY makes one a debtor in commercial affairs. As a debtor, one cannot be in control
and cannot “win” (if that is what one is hoping to achieve in terms of a commercial or military
(democracy) victory).
Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity wrongly thought that the issue was “choice.” Doesn’t Babylon
tell us that we should be fighting for “women’s choice” or rights? The Merovingian rightly told
Neo that CHOICE is an act of a debtor in reacting to the possible consequences of being the
debtor. It is an illusion. A person with a mortgage on his house has a choice. He can either pay
his monthly mortgage payment to the bank or he can choose not to pay the monthly mortgage
payment. He will also be subject to the duties or obligations that that choice he makes saddles
him with. The issue is never in achieving the ability to make a CHOICE in life. The issue is
being in CONTROL of one’s options as a creditor of the commercial agreements so that one’s
duties are established by one’s own desire to voluntarily serve your fellow man instead of being
a slave to your fellow man.
Neo finally gets the information from the Key Maker so that he can reach the main frame
computer to shut it down and save this world. When he arrives at the room outside the main
frame shut off switch, he meets another character in the Matrix called the Architect. The third
quotation from the second Movie follows between the Architect and Neo. It is the most
revealing of all the discussions.
A: Hello, Neo.
N: Who are you?
A: I am the Architect. I created the Matrix. I’ve been waiting for you. You have many
questions. And though the process has altered your consciousness, you remain
irrevocably human. Ergo- some of my answers you will understand and some you will
Accordingly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, it is also the most
N: Why am I here? [Notice how Neo has learned to ask the important WHY questions
A: Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent in the
programming of the Matrix.
You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which in spite of my sincerest efforts, I have
been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision.
While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not
beyond a measure of control, which has led you inexorably here.
[The Matrix, like any military de facto government predicated on some continuous
warfare, needs to have a protagonist and an antagonist to survive. i.e., – there needs to
be enemies in the Matrix system. And Neo was one of the “enemies” set up in the
system, along with the other inhabitants of Zion, to structure the system to make it
possible to have continuous warfare so the system works in its de facto capacity. His
rebellion is a programming “anomaly.” In other words, it does not appear to be the
norm established for the bulk of the system. But his rebellion is not outside the
ultimate control of the Matrix master programming. Why this is necessary to the de
facto structure of the current Matrix design, it seems to escape the master designer as
to why a de jure system would not suffice. Notice, also, that the Architect uses
sophisticated Greek style rhetoric to attempt to confuse Neo and intimidate him so that
the Architect will not have to answer Neo’s question.]
N: You have not answered my question!
A: Quite right. Interesting. That was quicker than the others.
N: Others? How many?
A: The Matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one
integral anomaly [one rebellion in history] to the emergence of the next, in which case
this is the sixth version.
N: Two possible explanations. Why has no one told me? Or no one knows?
A: Precisely.
As you are undoubtedly gathering, the anomaly is systemic. Creating fluctuations in
even the most simplistic equations.
[The Architect is telling Neo that the fact that there is a Matrix world with people
locked into permanent slavery and warehoused in the Matrix and a world with people
of Zion in a sense of freedom living below the land is planned or “systemic.” They
exist together in a form of an uneasy harmony.]
N: Choice. The problem is choice. [Again Neo has not learned that CHOICE does not
hold the answer. You are either a creditor by CAUSEIEFFECT or else you are a
debtor. ]
A: The first Matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect. [Garden of Eden?] It was a
work of art. Flawless. Sublime. In triumph equaled only by its monumental failure.
The inevitability of its doom is apparent to me now as a consequence of its
imperfection inherent in every human being. [The desire to be in control of one’s life
for gain or commerce instead of for service. This creates an ongoing warfare that
brings the fall of government from a republic to a democracy – a military controlled
warfare.] And so I redesigned it based on your history, to more accurately reflect the
vary and grotesqueries of your nature. However, I was again frustrated by failure.
I have since come to understand that the answer eluded me because it required a lesser
mind, or perhaps a mindless bound by the parameters of perfection. [A mind that does
not assume good in men, but rather assumes evil in men. A mind that does not look for
peace, but one that looks for continual warfare.]
Then the answer was stumbled upon by another, an intuitive program, initially created
to investigate certain aspects of the human psyche. If I am the father of the Matrix,
she would undoubtedly be its mother.
N: The Oracle!
A: Please. As I was saying, she stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly ninety-nine per
cent of all subjects accepted the program [CONTROL] as long as they were given a
choice. Even if they were only aware of the choice at an unconscious level. [i.e.- an
opportunity to presume they could elect or vote or choose in an action.]
While this answer functioned, it was obviously fundamentally flawed [what about the
1 % of the subjects who did not receive the programming], thus creating the otherwise
contradictory systemic anomaly, that if left unchecked might threaten the system itself.
Ergo- Those that refused the program [apparent CONTROL], while a minority, if
unchecked, would constitute an escalating probability of disaster [a rebellion that
would destroy the ultimate control of the Matrix by the machines.].
N: This is about Zion!
A: You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. [Zion is the people who have
come out of the Matrix, but they have not left commerce. They still are not about
service. They just want to be in control of their own lives for personal gain and profit.
They call this control- CHOICE. But CHOICE is not control because they have not
gotten back to the natural law that says that if one chooses to fight his brother, he
cannot live in freedom and liberty.] It’s [Zion’s] every living inhabitant terminated, its
entire existence eradicated.
N: Bull shit! [Non-acceptance of the information presented to Neo by draft from the
Architect. This is another dishonor.]
A: Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. But rest assured, this will be
the sixth time we have destroyed it. And we have become exceedingly efficient at it.
[Note: In the book of Daniel, there is a discussion about a dream that
Nebuchadnezzar is having involving a Beast. The Beast represents empires
established on earth. In one of the dreams, there were six worldly empires
represented. Some that were, some that are, and some that will be. Since these
empires are time dependent, they are commercial empires. The six empires represent:
Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, the Medes and Persians, Greece, and Rome. Each new
empire was established and overthrown in history in order to perfect commerce. Each
succeeding empire became more efficient in its quest for commercial profits, earnings,
taxation, and control. Slaves overthrew masters, not to serve their brothers, but to
themselves become the new masters. It was all about getting more of the “choices” for
themselves. Never about serving their brothers.]
A: The function of the One is now to return to the Source allowing a temporary
dissemination of the code you carry, reinserting the prime program. [i.e. ., we will
restart the Matrix with a new history and use your DNA to perfect a more perfect, or a
more intelligent and masterful, gene pool for the slaves. After all, better slaves create
better profits. It is all about competition when you are in commerce.] After which,
you will be required to select from the Matrix 23 individuals, 16 females and seven
males, to rebuild Zion. [Note: 23 is the number of death. So the new Zion will be
built again upon the premise of dead people and not living people. Seven is masculine
perfection. 15 is rest. The new people will restart a new Zion – or a new nemesis for
the new Matrix. See the programmers of the Matrix need to restart an “enemy” for
their system to work to maintain continuous warfare.]
Failure to comply with the process will result in a cataclysmic system crash killing
everyone connected to the Matrix, which coupled with the extermination of Zion, will
ultimately result in the extinction of the entire human race.
N : You won’t let it happen! You can’t. You need human beings to survive. [Again, Neo is
fighting the system as though there is a choice that will save the day. This dishonor
only shows that Neo still does not understand the WHY.]
A : There are levels o f survival we are prepared to accept.
However, the relevant issue is whether or not you are ready to accept responsibility for
the death of every human being in this world. [Note how Neo is the creditor with the
capacity to maintain or destroy the whole world. This power does not rest in the hands
of those who control the Matrix. They are honorable.]
‘Tis interesting in reading your reactions. [Seeing the expression on Neo’s face.]
Your five predecessors were, by design, based on a similar predication a contingent
affirmation that was meant to create a profound attachment to the rest of your species,
facilitating the function of the One. While the others experienced this in a very
general way, your experience is far more specific. Vis-a-vis, love.
[Love is an emotion that, when properly invoked, results in serving mankind and
not in commercial actions that are warlike and killing your brother such as Cain’s
actions in Genesis 4. So the Architect is noting that Neo’s “rebellion” or “protest” is
significantly oriented on a different plane than the rebellion or protest of the previous
six empires. This is an omen of things to come in possibly resolving the “war” in the
third Matrix movie.]
N : Trinity?
A : Apropos. She entered the Matrix to save your life at the cost o f her own.
[Neo had gotten Trinity to promise not to enter the Matrix. It was too dangerous for
her according to a dream where Neo had prophesied the possible death of Trinity, if
she entered the Matrix. Trinity chose to enter the Matrix when she had knowledge that
Neo’s and Morpheus’ lives were in danger.]
N : No!
A : Which brings me at last to the moment o f truth where the fundamental flaw is
ultimately expressed, and the anomaly revealed as both beginning and end. [The 1 %
who appear not to be in control by the Matrix are really in control of the Matrix and
carry out the process of killing the old system to restart the new system. As the WHO
sang: “Out with the old boss. In with the new. Same as the old boss.” The Zion people
are given only CHOICE. And this CHOICE does not give them the capacity to do
anything which would ultimately destroy the Matrix.]
There are two doors. The door to your right [private world] leads to the source and
the salvation of Zion [where the Matrix main frame computer can be shut down]. The
door to your left [public world] leads back to the Matrix, to her [Trinity], and to the
end of your specie [where Zion will be defeated by the machines]. As you adequately
put it, the problem is choice.
But we already know what you are going to do, don’t we?
Already I can see the chain of reaction, the chemical precursors that signal the onset
of an emotion designed specifically to overwhelm logic and reason. An emotion that
is already blinding you from the simple and obvious truth. She is going to die. [But
the Architect has already admitted he is fallible. He has been wrong in the past.] And
there is nothing you can do to stop it. Hope? It is the quintessential human delusion:
simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.
N: If I live, you should hope that we will not meet again.
A: We won’t.
[Neo leaves by the left door back into the Matrix to attempt to save Trinity from her
certain death.]
Neo has no other choice but to go back into the Matrix through the left door, or the door that
represents the “public” interest. A remedy in the private world, without a corresponding remedy
to witness it in the public world, is not a closed remedy at all. Neo was forced to leave by the
public door to resolve that problem by private capacity. If Neo would have first shut down the
computer by going into the private right door, he would have lost Trinity, his love, forever. It
takes a double witness to resolve all “charges” or claims. Merely resolving the charge or claim
on the private side without a public witness is not a victory. It takes 2 or more witnesses to
prove a thing. One witness is on the public side. One witness is on the private side. Patriots that
try to resolve an issue by private administrative procedure, without getting a public witness to the
same thing, have not closed the accounts.
Since everything is backwards in the public world, Hollywood is the true church today telling
us the truth [backwards]. Their movies are the “sermons” being taught for all to hear and see, if
they have awoken up from the Matrix. The Matrix 2 is telling us that we need to learn the WHY,
and we must not destroy the Matrix until its time. The “programs” [officials in this world
government] are there to tell us the truth and help us in our freedom and survival. If we go to
war against them, we just might not survive. Isn’t the One World Government today tracking
“terrorists?” Aren’t terrorists another name for those who fight the leaders of the Matrix?
Go in peace my brothers!
• • •
The Third Movie of the Trilogy
By Jack Smith
Note: words in [ ] are those of Robert KellylThe American’s Bulletin
The movie series on the Matrix is a backward history of the United States and a history of
true Israel (not the de facto democracy in the Middle East). Matrix- Revolution ends with
the proposed Constitution of the United States of America in 1787. Matrix- the first movie,
begins in present times. The story is a cycle of history repeated over and over again by a people
who do not get it right.
All communication is based upon symbolism. Every war is won by communication. If you
are not enjoying the war (everyday life in a democracy), you are not understanding or getting the
code and are not receiving the true message sent in everyday communications by code.
There is a war going on out there. There has always been a war going on out there. The
object of war is to restore honor to commercial dealings between foreign entities so there can be
a lasting peace. But where there is no honor, there can be no peace.
The Matrix
In the Movie the Matrix 1 , Neo learned that there was a secret war going on between the
Machine world of the Matrix and a number of people who called themselves Zion who believed
themselves to be separate and apart from the Machine world of the Matrix. The Matrix was a
system that warehoused living beings in a coma like state. It harvested their thermal, chemical,
and biological energy to supply power to run the Machine world. The living beings in the Matrix
were fed neurological impulses to their brains that gave these beings the simulation of a normal
life of a living man. By these computer generated memories, these living beings perceived
themselves to exist in a life involving family, neighborhoods, nations, work environments, and
personal relationships. At no time did the living beings in the “coma like state” have a clue that
they were not leading a “real” life of choice. The people of Zion, however, believed that they
had been disconnected from the Matrix. They dwelled in a city called Zion buried deep in the
core of the earth to protect the inhabitants from the attacks of the Machine world of the Matrix.
These people of Zion believed that they were free of the control of the Matrix, while
understanding that they were at war with the machines from that world.
There were a few people of Zion that sprung Neo from the control of the Matrix in the first
movie. They believed that Neo might be a living being who would have extraordinary powers to
bring freedom and peace to the people of Zion, and to those souls in the Matrix still trapped by
the machines.
Matrix Reloaded
In the second movie the Matrix- Reloaded, Neo learns that the fate of the people of Zion is
not independent of the persons in the Matrix or the Machine world that controls the Matrix. To
the contrary, Neo learns that the controllers of the Matrix have dealt with previous rebellions by
people who had separated themselves from the Matrix (like the people of Zion) and had
attempted to defeat the Matrix. The current attempt by Neo and the people of Zion to defeat the
machines from the Matrix is chronicled as the 6th rebellion against the Matrix. All previous
rebellions had resulted in defeat and annihilation of the people outside the Matrix by the
machines from the Matrix. After defeat, the Matrix restarts the outside world, or the so called
enemies of the Matrix. The people of Zion are controlled by the controllers of the Matrix and
allowed only so much latitude at freedom before they are reigned in. At the end of the second
movie, the Machines of the Matrix are starting an attack on the people of Zion by burrowing with
tunneling machines into the core of the earth to reach the city of Zion with the intent of
destroying the people of Zion. The people of Zion are attempting to prepare defenses against the
impending machine attack.
Into this plot of warfare between the people of Zion and the machines of the Matrix is tossed a
man named Neo. Some believe that Neo is a special soul that might possess the capacity to
resolve the conflict between the Machine world and mankind by bringing peace. Those who
held this belief were a select minority and included Morpheus (from the people of Zion) and an
important computer program named the Oracle from the Machine world of the Matrix. In
Matrix- Reloaded, two important entities from the Matrix, the Architect and the Oracle, had
informed Neo that the people of Zion and the Matrix were a symbiotic society where one entity
could not exist without the other at the present time. Their futures were indelibly intertwined
with each other. They would either go into the future together or there would be no future.
Symbolism in Communication
All Hollywood movies are parables. They describe the current reality in this world and code
it in terms of mythical persons, places, events, and things. In Scripture, the Messiah also taught
about His kingdom- the World (in contradistinction to this World) in terms of parables. Once the
Messiah was asked why He taught in parables. His response was so that the common man would
not know what He was teaching. Only the elect would understand (or the special few).
Hollywood movies are parables which teach the truth and reality in such a way that the common
man will not understand the lessons and the information that is being given. By understanding
the Scripture, or the Hollywood movies, you will understand what is going on in the law of this
World, and will begin to understand your remedy to get free of the slavery and tyranny that you
have entrapped yourself into.
But in the Scripture, the Messiah went on to say that the elect will understand the meaning of
the parables because, for them, they will understand the code and will understand the meaning of
the communication and lesson being taught.
I humbly beseech you, brethren, those of you who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and are
members of the elect, to listen up. The story of the parable in the three Matrix movies is a
plan of salvation and redemption from the ravages of the Matrix wars (or how to resolve
your personal problems in this world).
In every parable it is first reasonable to understand who the characters represent. It is also
necessary to understand how the characters actions have created a cause/effect relationship to the
events of the story.
As to relationships, the Matrix is this world (or an artificial world in contradistinction to the
world which is real and a creation of nature and nature’s God. The artificial world is de facto or
colorable, while the real world is de jure or black and white). The Matrix is the system of
“Babylonian” government, commerce, politics, and military that operates in the background and
superimposes itself over the living people to control the energy given off by the living people,
presumably for the personal benefit of the powers behind the “Babylonian” government. The
system operates off the commercial energy of the living people who are harnessed by way of
alter ego corporations, called Straw-men. These Straw-men are created by the Babylonian
government upon the birth of each living soul and named after the living soul. The only
distinction is that the living soul’s name is spelled according to the proper English rules in upper
and lower case letters. The Straw-men corporation names are spelled in all capital letters, like
other artificial and dead things. All commercial enterprise by living souls are performed through
their corporate entities, or Straw-men, as front-men. Since the government has the highest legal
title to these Straw-men, all commercial activity is presumed to be controlled by Babylon and
hence taxed to Babylon. It is by this mechanism that the “Babylonian” system draws out the
commercial energy of every living soul. Therefore, the people tied up in the Matrix are
representative of the Straw-men, who politically are known as Fourteenth Amendment persons –
or fictions – created by government to replace living souls in the government political body.
In a proper world, or the world, mankind or living people are in control. This fundamental
law is based upon the laws of nature or the law of the land. In this world, the foundational basis
for who is in control is the law of the sea or admiralty. It is a system constructed of “trusts,”
instead of principals, who are acting in their own self interest. A nation in the world whose laws
are based upon the law of the land can be ruled as a republic. A nation in this world whose laws
are based upon the law of the sea is usually ruled as a democracy (demon-ocracy).
The story in the Matrix trilogy deals with a system which progresses from a democracy to a
repUblic. This is a mirror image to the history of the United States which has progressed from a
republic in 1787 to a democracy in 2003 when this movie came out. A democracy is also a
nation which is led by the military under emergency rules, behind a front of civilian rule, to
confuse the populace as to the true nature of what is happening. In a democracy, the rights and
needs of the individual must be subjugated to the needs and wants of the whole. There is no
individual liberty, per se. The military, political, commercial system is operated under the
admiralty/maritime rules of “contribution” and the presumption of joint tort-feasors.
In the Matrix trilogy, the lives of the people are not paramount. They have been warehoused
in facilities where liberty, freedom, and independent action are nonexistent for the average
inhabitant who does not even understand that his life is an illusion; that he is programmed to
feed the war machine. At the same time, the average inhabitant is mentally deluded into
believing his whole life is one of a normal free and independent inhabitant of a modem society,
exercising free will. This is done by instilling mental unawareness into the being or else
controlled rebellion into others. In modem society, it is done chemically by drugs (or alcohol),
or it is done commercially by withdrawing the desire or means of successful fulfillment
(exporting productive jobs from the society), or it is done politically by providing controlled
candidates which offer no change in the makeup of the system, or it is done psychologically by
instilling cognitive dissonance into the population. In short, the tools of modem society are used
to enslave living souls (death), as opposed to providing life and providing it more abundantly.
[Have you been deceived into feeding the war machine?]
Occasionally one inhabitant of the Matrix breaks free of his programming and sees a larger
picture. These people are the ones who “take the red pill” and are presumably physically
independent of the social programming of the Matrix. These people have collected together in a
society called the People of Zion. Today, in the present world, we might call these people
Symbolism in the Matrix Trilogy
It is not a coincidence that Zion is the name of a mountain in the Old Testament of Scripture
representing the Children of Israel. The Children of Israel gathered to become a nation and
receive their law from the Creator when the Children of Israel were led out of slavery in Egypt.
So, the Matrix is a metaphor for “Egyptian slavery.” The People of Zion in the movie were a
metaphor for ex-slaves led to their freedom by the Creator to create and start a Republic nation
of their own. A republic is a form of government, based upon liberty and freedom, which
requires knowledge and wisdom of the inhabitants to self-rule under concepts of honor and
responsibility. This is in direct oppOSItIon to rule by the dictates of a
commercial/military/industrial complex, based upon policies and police regulations, which
assume inhabitants are incapable of treating one another with honor and respect without
supervision and discipline.
It is also not a coincidence that the symbols used in the Matrix parable are mirror images, or
backwards to reality in meaning and time. The People of Zion, who are supposed to be alive and
free, are buried deep in the ground in the City of Zion as though they were dead corpses. The
“dead” people living in the Matrix in a condition of a coma are warehoused on the surface of the
planet as though they were alive and mobile. The surface of the planet is smoky, dreary. The
sun never shines, but appears dead. The City of Zion is alive with activity but lit by artificial
light. The people in the Matrix are programmed to be happy and without a care in the world, but
they have no independent thought or ability to effect change on their commercial/political
system. The People of Zion are always apprehensive about the war and struggling to survive.
They have the capacity to effect change and also must exercise discretion and elect
In today’s world, the people of the Matrix are the 99.99% of the people who live with their
heads in the sand and have no clue as to what is going on. They are programmed by the “talking
heads,” the boob tube, and other public sources of information (including the public fool
system). They can carry on an allegedly articulate conversation about persons, places, and events
while never knowing or explaining any cause/effect relationships that exists in the world or this
world. In the words of the Merovingian from Matrix- Reloaded, “They do not understand the
why.” Therefore, they are slaves.
The People of Zion in today’s world are, for the most part, the patriots, rebels, and yes – in
some cases – terrorists. Or, at least they may shortly be prosecuted politically for being terrorists.
These people are outside the Matrix (so to speak even though the Matrix still exercises control
over them). These patriots are mostly at war with the Matrix and falsely believe that their
involvement in this war will bring about change that will correct the problems with the Matrix
and the Matrix’s relationship with them. About 99.99% of the People of Zion live to destroy the
Matrix and what it symbolizes. It appears as though the Matrix is out to destroy the People of
Zion. There is constant warfare. Those who do not notice that a democracy is in fact a controlled
war zone of combatants, are all the more deceived by this world. Looks can be deceiving to
those who do not see or do not hear.
We learned in Matrix- Reloaded that the Matrix is not out to completely destroy the People of
Zion. In fact, the Matrix is charged with restarting the People of Zion every time Zion is
destroyed. Think of this program as a social urban renewal program where an “old,” socially
archaic “People of Zion” must be upgraded to a new, more commercially competitive “People of
Zion.” After all, the Matrix sees the People of Zion as a manufactured enemy to the Matrix, used
to instill commercial competition into the Matrix to maximize the commercial benefits to the
Matrix. So every now and then, the Matrix exterminates the old society of “independents” (who
think they are free) and restarts the new urban renewal society with better stock and blood to
give the appearance of a better enemy which instills more competition into the Matrix world.
This world is just like the Matrix model. It is just like the United States of America which
cannot continue as a “democracy” without having some permanent “enemy” at which the
democracy is always at war. The Matrix is a symbiotic society. The Matrix cannot survive
without an alter ego in the People of Zion. Likewise, the People of Zion have never had the
ability to destroy the Matrix.
Scripture states this same theme that the People of Zion and the Matrix are joined together in
a short-term, common future. Scripture says that for a time the wheat and the tares must grow
together in the field and not be separated. To pull up the tares (the Machine world of the Matrix)
would cause death to many “wheat” people (People of Zion and the sleeping people in the
Matrix). So they should exist together. The only two reasons that the Matrix has to destroy the
People of Zion is: to prevent the People of Zion from getting too strong so that they would
physically threaten to overthrow the control exerted on them by the Matrix; and 2) the Matrix
restarts the society with better genetic stock from time to time to create better competition with
the Matrix to help maximize or perfect commerce. The six restarted systems of Zion could well
refer to the servants under the international world governments represented by: 1) the Egyptians,
2) the Syrians, 3) the Babylonians, 4) the Medusa and Persians, 5) the Greeks, and 6) the
Romans (of which our current system of one world government is merely an extension of the
Roman world government- i.e. Roman civil law, Roman calendar, and Roman universal church).
[Nothing new under the sun!]
The Remedy Lies Outside of Zion or the Matrix
It is a fact. There were good entities existing as programs in the Matrix and there were evil
entities existing as programs in the Matrix. There were also good, living souls amongst the
People of Zion and there were very bad, living souls amongst the People of Zion. A condition of
being “good” did not necessarily provide any remedy to mankind from the war which existed
between the Matrix and the People of Zion. There was no remedy in fighting a continuous war.
One’s remedy is always in the peace that ensues after the war. Getting to this peace and making
the condition of peace productive by one’s actions is the issue. [Go to peace rather than going to
There are four types of living souls. 1) Ostriches with their heads in the sand (or their bodies
in the Matrix) not knowing what is going on or why it is happening. This is the most numerous
type of living soul in this world. 2) People who wake up and discover that this world is not
operating correctly the way it should to bring life to the people and to bring it to them more
abundantly. The people in group two are classic Patriots. But they could just as well be people
who have studied medicine, religion, politics, education, recorded history, or any other
profession or discipline. Anyone who studies what is going on in this world by the professions
or the societies knows that they have got it wrong and are creating death and not life. (How about
the “Family Planners” in modem society, as an example, who use abortion to spread “life?”)
The People of Zion in the Matrix trilogy are firmly in this group two. They believe that the only
solution to the perceived problem that the Matrix is screwed up and doing everything backwards
for the benefit of living souls is war to the death of everyone in the Matrix. Group two’s classic
remedy is to destroy their enemies- the ones who are doing this are thinking backwards. Group
two believes that when they defeat everyone else who is wrong, then things will work well for
the people in group two. “When the whole world changes to my way, then things will be better
and I can be happy.” This is their motto. But is it realistic that the whole world will change- or
must change- in order for one to become “happy?”
The third type of people are those who realize that one’s happiness and well being is not
derived from changing the whole world to one’s way of thinking. Happiness is derived by
changing your way of thinking so that it creates a better world for you to live in. This is realistic.
You can change yourself. You cannot change anyone else who does not see the light and want to
change themselves.
There were a few characters in the Matrix movie series that could be classified as group 3
thinkers. They believe in a remedy other than war. They include: Neo, Morpheus, Trinity,
the Oracle, Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith), and (the head of the Council for the People of Zion).
[Do you believe in a remedy other than war?]
Resolving a War in Matrix Revolution
It is not rational to structure your society on habitual warfare. But this is exactly what a
“democracy” is. The ultimate cause/effect riddle or question that one can pose is: “How do you
bring a society that is at constant warfare to peace?” The ultimate underlying cause is
commercial debt. Commercial debt causes all war. To end war, one must either make
arrangements to end the debt liability of the debtor side of the war by discharge, forgiveness, or
as an operation of law. Or else, the creditor must be offered some concession which would end
the war by offering something that is more desirable than the collection of the debt. In the story
of Matrix- Revolution, the age-old war between the Matrix and the People of Zion is ended by
one of these causes.
The cause of the war that plagued the People of Zion and the Matrix is not set forth in the
story of any of the trilogy movies. The cause of the war was studied in an extra set of stories set
forth artistically in the DVD The Animatrix. The Animatrix tells nine short stories dealing with
collateral issues involving the Matrix and the People of Zion. In the story- The Second
Renaissance Part 2, the events which led up to the war between the People and the Machines
are told. The war started when machines wanted representation in government. The machines
felt that they contributed to commerce and needed representation. Most of the people believed
that the machines should not have political representation. People started to rebel against
machines by destroying them. The machines defended themselves and attacked the people for
self protection. As the machines got the upper hand, they subdued the people and placed them
into servitude. The cause of the war was the dishonor of the people in not “accepting” the
machines’ draft request to have representation in commercial government. The non-acceptance
by the people made the people the commercial debtors to the machines who became the
commercial creditors. In commerce, a debtor cannot win. A creditor cannot loose.
In today’s world, the Patriots are upset at the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the
United States. This Amendment changed the representation of the “citizenry” of the political
and commercial government. Under the 14th Amendment, “artificial things” are now citizens of
the government instead of real people. An “artificial thing” (a machine- if you will) could well
be defined to be a “machine” or an entity that performs without civil or commercial life. The
14th Amendment person is a perfect definition of a machine. So when the Patriots fight the 14th
Amendment and its definition of an artificial entity as a citizen, the patriots are dishonoring the
One World Government’s draft request for commercial representation for fictions. This makes
the One World Government (or the Matrix) the creditor and the Patriot the commercial debtor by
dishonor. This creates a commercial warfare, which is exactly what we have in today’s society.
This is why the people who act as persons are described as the commercial enemies in the
Trading with the Enemy Act that was passed in the First World War as a protection from
enemies, and updated in 1933 under the new Deal when the United States government had to call
upon the States to help defray the debt and the “persons- citizens of the United States” became
the enemies of the UNITED STATES government by decree of President Roosevelt.
If one followed the character of Neo in the Matrix trilogy, Neo evolves from group 1 to group
2, and finally to group 3. Neo starts out as an ostrich with his head in the sand. In the first
movie he is awakened by Morpheus and becomes a Patriot rebel in group 2. In the second
movie, Neo learns that it might not be possible to obtain a military victory over the Matrix. By
the time Neo is seen in the third Matrix movie, he is convinced that he must change his
perspective in order to provide a remedy to go to peace. He is now in group 3. [Are you? Will
you want to go to peace?]
Notice Neo’s character in Matrix-Reloaded. He does not get involved in fighting an offensive
war against the Matrix. In fact, the only time Neo uses force at all is to defend himself against
physical attack by Agent Smith or from characters in the Matrix which attack him. He protects
his life and the lives of others without going on the offensive.
The public critics of the Matrix trilogy complain that Neo’s character shows little or no
emotion. Why should his character? Neo is seeking knowledge and wisdom as to cause and
effect of relationships. In the immortal words of the Merovingian, Neo truly wants to understand
the “WHY.” Neo wants to serve the People of Zion and Trinity, whom he loves. Neo is not
seeking self-gratification by fulfilling emotional needs. Nor does Neo act as a direct and
proximate result of purely emotional pressure.
In Matrix-Reloaded, we learn that both Neo and Agent Smith have been decoupled from the
control of the Matrix. Agent Smith is no longer a program executing within the mainframe of the
Matrix. Both Agent Smith and Neo are gaining personal energy and ability now that they are not
feeding energy to the Matrix. There is a vast difference in the characters of these two entities.
Neo has learned love and service above self. Neo does not work for consideration from the other
party. Agent Smith is a “Satan” to Neo. A “Satan” is defined as an adversary or one who
opposes you. Agent Smith is applying all his energy toward destroying Neo and all that is good.
Since they are both decoupled from the Matrix, they both possess free will to lead their lives as
they choose, unbridled by the constraints of the Matrix controllers and its social programming.
Neo seeks life. Agent Smith seeks death. [Peace and War]
In Matrix-Revolution, the People of Zion are fighting a war against the superior force of the
machines. In this war, the People of Zion can only hope to survive, but by all odds they will
lose. The Zion military command puts their faith in implements of war and their manpower to
use them. No military strategy is based upon using outside plans or programs to stop the war.
Only a few living souls within the People of Zion have any outside faith in the belief that
Morpheus has; that the road to peace is somehow dependent upon Neo and what he might be
able to accomplish in some way outside the scope of the military.
Symbolism in the City of Zion
The ultimate stronghold of the People of Zion was their city, deep in the earth. It had an outer
receiving dock, an inner city, and finally, a temple where the People of Zion worshipped. The
military plan was to first protect the dock. If it was breached, they would fight in the city. If the
city was lost, the last defense would be the temple. The approach to the temple was a narrow
passage where the machines could not overpower the people with their might because of the
close confines of the passage. Isn’t it just like these People of Zion to get it backwards. Instead
of using the “temple” as their last defense against their enemy, should they not have relied upon
their Creator and their spiritual temple as a first defense to help defend them? Should not the
temple have been the origin of their first efforts instead of their last? Also, if the People of Zion
believed that the temple was a physical place where their Creator would gather with them, they
were wrong. The true temple is a place within us where the Creator dwells in our hearts.
Without the understanding that the Creator dwells in you, they were seeking an ultimate place of
refuge external to their being, which is only a de facto fiction.
Neo realized that the way to peace was not to run away from or fight with one ‘ s “enemy,” but
to go to one’ s “enemy” and make of him a friend by writing a peace treaty that will end the war
and give each party a new beginning.
In a world at war, one does not create peace by fighting one’ s enemy, but by negotiating a
peace treaty in which both parties receive just consideration and an overwhelming logical reason
to offer concessions that will end the war. After all, isn’t the purpose of all warfare to end
dishonor, adjust the wrongs, and bring back a condition of peace? Isn’t that what the movie –
Saving Private Ryan was all about? It was about Ryan being sent home to the ‘private’ world of
civilian peace and prosperity. Not the military man ‘Private Ryan’ continuing into an ongoing
war which would bring death and not life.
In the case of Matrix- Revolution, Neo and Agent Smith are alter egos. Neo and Agent Smith
are the same coin- two different sides. Agent Smith is the bad “Adam.” Neo is the good
“Adam.” In the language of Paul in the New Testament: Neo is the spiritual man. Agent Smith
is the fleshly man. Scripture says that to live, the spiritual man must kill the fleshly man. If you
do not give up your life, you cannot save your life. Post Matrix- Reloaded, Agent Smith and
Neo have become joined in their DNA and become alter egos of the same entity. The Oracle, in
one of her discussion with Neo in Matrix- Revolution, has alluded to this. She tells Neo that both
personas cannot continue to exist. Agent Smith has become a problem for the People of Zion.
He is as formidable an enemy as the Machines. Worse yet, Agent Smith is a threat to the Matrix
since he is gaining power and is no longer controlled by the Matrix. Although Neo only exists
for love and service, Agent Smith would destroy Neo, Trinity, the People of Zion, and then
would tum to the Matrix. His hatred knew no bounds.
Notice that the Matrix had control over the People of Zion, notwithstanding the fact that the
People of Zion were not physically in the Matrix. The Matrix computers could track all the
People of Zion. It was only Neo and Agent Smith that became invisible to the Matrix computer.
Even the monitors on the vessels belonging to the People of Zion that could tap into the Matrix
computers could not pickup and locate Neo or Agent Smith any more, even when Neo was
aboard the vessel.
Neo ‘ s dedication to, and desire to serve, the People convinced him that he had an opportunity
to bring about a negotiated peace treaty with the Matrix. Agent Smith was converting programs
from the Matrix into Smith clones. Agent Smith was even converting some of the People of
Zion into Smith clones. Smith was creating a replicant army (a private independent army) from
both the Matrix and the People of Zion that were not loyal to anyone except Agent Smith. If
Smith was not stopped soon, his private army might take over this world. Neo realized that he
could not defeat Agent Smith in a one-on-one battle. They both possessed equal levels of power
and energy. However, Neo devised a strategy guaranteed to defeat Agent Smith based upon
Agent Smith’ s ego and hatred.
Neo went to his enemy- the Machine City in the Matrix to negotiate a peace treaty between
the People of Zion and the Matrix. Neo did not have the approval of the People of Zion, nor its
governing counsel, to carry out the peace mission. Neo was not invited by the Machines to come
to a peace treaty negotiation. What Neo did have was honor, logic, and consideration that could
not be refused by either the Machines or the People of Zion. Neo did not ask the Machine world
to give up anything. Neo took on all liability and responsibility in the plan to end the war by
settling and closing the matter between the Machines and the People of Zion. There was no risk
to the Machines, only the potential for gain. In any peace treaty, consideration must be offered
as a means of persuasion to both parties to adopt concessions necessary for peace. The People of
Zion were being physically defeated. No concession was offered to them except their own lives
by ending the conflict. The Machine world, or the world of commerce, had a problem offering
persuasive consideration that could not be refused.
Neither Neo nor Agent Smith was under the control of Zion. In today’ s world, this would be
equivalent to a “patriot” who would learn how to be “outside the system” and not be under the
legal control of the One World Government. Knowledge to achieve this goal could be conceived
to be a direct threat to the One World Government’ s system of universal control if the one who
possessed this knowledge did not possess the character trait of honor. What if a person outside
the control of government was a terrorist bent on destruction, such as Agent Smith? Would an
all powerful “Agent Smith” outside the control of government worry the system? You bet !
[What if such ‘men’ were not terrorists or at war – would there be need to worry? NO ! ]
Neo proposed to the Machine world that if Neo would neutralize Agent Smith s o that Agent
Smith could pose no threat to the Matrix, would the Matrix in return stop the war against the
People of Zion and allow the People of Zion to exist in harmony with the Matrix? It was further
proposed that those within the Matrix who wanted to leave and join the People of Zion, be
allowed to exit the Matrix peacefully.
Isn’t the proposed peace treaty between the People of Zion and the Matrix an embellishment
of the (second) 1 3th Article in Amendment to the Constitution of the United States? There shall
be no involuntary servitude ! Aren’t the people lodged in the Matrix the artificial 14th
Amendment persons who are not living souls? If the people want to come out of the Matrix so
that they do not have to serve as slaves, will they not gain the capacity of living people again?
Can you see how the Matrix movie trilogy is a restatement of the history of the United States?
Wasn’t the peace treaty with England in the 1780′ s (after the Revolutionary War) a grant of
ability of living souls to emerge from the “Matrix” government style system England had
superimposed on the living souls of the colonies?
The only problem that Neo had in fulfilling his offer to remove Smith as an adversary to the
Machine world was how to carry out the task. Neo was incapable of physically defeating Agent
Smith in a battle.
You and Your Enemy
An enemy is an alter ego. When one fights a fiction (or alter ego), it makes the fiction
stronger. The way to defeat a fiction is to stop warring against it. Become one with your enemy
or the fiction. Let your enemy possess you and take you over. Since he is a fiction, he cannot
defeat you when you do not give him energy by fighting him. The Oracle tells Neo that Agent
Smith is Neo. He is Neo ‘ s opposite. The Oracle tells Neo that within 24 hours, in one way or
another, the problems would be resolved. Neo is to Agent Smith as the People of Zion were to
the Matrix Machines. Neo seeks life. Agent Smith seeks death. The People of Zion are living.
The Machines are dead. If Neo resolves the conflict with Agent Smith, peace will prevail and
the Machine world will end their conflict with the People of Zion. If on the other hand, Agent
Smith prevails against Neo, the People of Zion will be exterminated by their alter ego- the dead
Machines. The choice every living soul has in this world is: Do you choose to side with that
which gives life or do you choose death?
Man Wrestles Not With Himself, But With God Who Is In Us
In Scripture, the most famous Old Testament fight was the battle between Jacob and his
adversary at Peniel. Jacob wrestled with him all night. Jacob was physically defeated. It was
only when Jacob stopped wrestling with his adversary that he realized that he could win. In fact,
Jacob learned that he was wrestling with the Creator who appeared to Jacob as Jacob’ s enemy.
When Jacob stopped wrestling, the Creator praised him and renamed him Israel. This name
means “God rules.” The Creator always tests us by bringing us an enemy to see if we will allow
our enemy to give us a remedy by being at peace with him or whether we will war against our
enemy and be denied our remedy. One ‘ s enemies are always sent to you by the Creator as a test.
The name “ISRAEL” is not a name that belongs to a nation or to a race or a religion. It is a
name of honor that is bestowed upon those who learn the lesson of serving and remaining at
peace with those who might appear to be your enemy.
Neo ‘ s remedy to neutralize Agent Smith’s possible threat against the Matrix, the People of
Zion and the Machine world, was to allow the Machine world to plug Neo back into the Matrix.
By this act, the Machine world and the Matrix would again have control over Neo. Neo devised
a very simple strategy to defeat Agent Smith. He would fight Agent Smith as though Neo was
trying to win. Then Neo would allow Agent Smith to defeat Neo and possess his body. When
they would become one with each other in Agent Smith’ s victory, the Machine world would shut
down the “Neo” program running in the Matrix. This would also shut down Agent Smith whose
DNA, being joined with Neo’ s, would perish. Remember, die in the Matrix and you die in the
real world.
Think of the metaphor that Hollywood is describing here. Neo is a form of the Messiah. He
came into this (not the) world (the Matrix) free and independent of the constraints and control of
this world (the Matrix). However, the Messiah, as did Neo, allowed Himself to be placed under
the control of this world (as a man of flesh instead of a man of spirit). As a man of flesh, the
Messiah died in the flesh. Neo was deleted as a program in the Matrix while voluntarily
subjecting himself to the world of the Matrix. In the real world, the Messiah destroyed the man
of sin or the man of the flesh that is at war with the man of the true spirit. As such, the Messiah
conquered death. Remember, to live, one must first die and be reborn in the spirit. In the movie,
Neo placed himself in the flesh (back into the Matrix)- or he became united as one with his
adversary (a “Satan” is an adversary) Agent Smith. Agent Smith was indeed a Satan in that he
was interested in being the king over the dead instead of the king over the living. [Public
government today is a kingship over the dead just like the Matrix was a system of political rule
over the civilly dead.] Neo defeated Agent Smith by “acceptance” of Agent’ s Smith war against
Neo to defeat him. It was in this act of allowing Neo ‘ s enemy to defeat him that allowed Neo to
win by not resisting. Likewise, neither Neo nor the Messiah died to save themselves. They
allowed the enemy, death, to take them so that they would be set free as well as securing the
freedom of their brothers from the adversary. Also, neither in the movie nor in real life did the
People of Zion ask Neo or the Messiah to carry out their acts of redemption in their behalf. The
acts of Neo and the Messiah were both free acts of love and totally noncommercial.
In Scripture it is said that by one man (the first Adam) sin entered into the world and death by
sin. In a mirror image to this, Paul, in the New Testament, said that by one man (the Messiah or
the second Adam) the remedy to obtain redemption and salvation from sin also entered into the
world. In the first Matrix movie, Neo first met the agents of the People of Zion at a place called
the Adam Street Bridge. This bridge was a link from the first Adam to the second Adam.
There is a double witness to the redemption by Neo of the People of Zion and the Matrix.
When Neo is possessed by Agent Smith and they are being “de-rezzed” by the Matrix, Neo
makes a statement. He says: “It is done !” One gets the second witness by the Machine world
when the head Machine states : “It is done.” Is this anything like the words that came from the
cross in John 1 9 : 30, “It is finished?” You see, a military society is also an ecclesiastical society.
In order to stop the democracy and tum it back into a republic, it takes a sacrifice or a
redemption. [Is there any wonder why this world is not too happy with those people who speak
of the process of Redemption today?]
The End is a Grand Beginning
In the closing scene of Matrix- Revolution, we have four entities in the scene. The number 4
represents the things of the world. There is one animal, two persons from the Matrix, and one
living soul. The scene opens by looking out on a city street on the surface of the planet. A
young girl wakes up from a sleep on the sidewalk as though she were a “bag” person or homeless
individual. A cat walks the street toward her. As the cat moves toward her, there is a ripple
vertically that moves through the visual scene. The ripple starts in the location of the cat and
moves, line by line, rapidly from left screen to right screen. As the visual scene ripples, the
green hue of the old world takes on the true colors of a real world. It is a sign that the old world
controlled by the Matrix and the machines has transitioned into a real world where the surface of
the planet again belongs to the living. The sky is blue again instead of darkened with smoke and
pollution. The sun is rising in the east. The scene shifts to a park in the city where the Oracle is
seated on a park bench with the figure of the Architect of the Matrix walking toward her. The
cat represents nature. By the ripple starting through the cat, the cat has just been reborn into one
of its “nine” lives. In other words, the cycle starts over again. The girl is the last exile from the
old Matrix. She represents the true church (or overcomer, or the first fruits of the harvest) who
has been redeemed by the acts of the Messiah (Neo) into a new life. A life filled with peace and
hope. The Oracle represents the legislative character of the Matrix (or the controllers of this
world), which establishes the mind and the plan of its activities. The Architect of the Matrix
represents the executive character of the Matrix which carries out the plan of the Matrix. He is
reactive and not proactive.
The final scene of Matrix- Revolution is not an ending. It is a beginning. It presents an
opportunity. The Architect makes a snide remark to the Oracle about whether she is happy that
she got her way in helping Neo bring about a peace between the Matrix and the People of Zion.
The Oracle replies that she is happy. The Architect then asks if she was not afraid of the
consequences of her actions. She replies that all acts taken to secure honor face great risks. The
Architect then asks the Oracle how long she believes that the peace will last. She replies, “As
long as they can keep the peace.”
I am reminded about this nation in 1 787. When the founding fathers came out of the
Constitutional Convention after proposing the Constitution of the United States as a foundational
document of government, a woman asked them: “What kind of government have you given us?”
The response was: “A republic, if you can keep it !” The Constitutional Convention was not an
end. It was a beginning. A republic is built on a noncommercial foundation where the people
remain in honor and pay their debts at law. A democracy is when the people are in dishonor and
the debts cannot be paid. A democracy is a military government constantly at war. [Like the
civil war, the war in Viet Nam, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the Desert Storm, the
Bosnian war, the war on terrorists, the Iraq War, etc. Wars that never end.
When the People of Zion came out of the Matrix after Neo ‘ s redemption, the question was :
“How long could the world remain at peace?” The question might as well have been: “How long
can the People of Zion live in a newly created republic that was provided for them?” The answer
was, as long as they could keep it. Do they understand what was provided for them? Do they
understand that if they break the peace and go back to war that their republic will be destroyed?
Do they understand that if they do not pay their debts, they cannot live in a Republic? Probably
not. It didn’ t take the American colonies very long to destroy their republic and be placed under
a democracy- or the rule of the Matrix.
The trilogy of the Matrix is basically a history of the United States of America told
backwards. The people of the United States were redeemed in 1787. They were given a
republic, if they could keep it. Today they are enslaved in a democracy without commercial
liberties. The end of the Matrix trilogy existed in 1787. The beginning of the Matrix trilogy
exists today. The story is told backwards. To unwind the destruction of the acts of the people
requires a redemption from the acts that got them here. The end is in sorts a beginning. For all
of history repeats itself and man is usually destined to repeat the mistakes of history over and
over again.
If you were one of the critics that suggested that the special effects in the movie and the action
was superb, but the stupid and mindless verbal gymnastics of the philosophical discussions
between the leading characters was nonsense and unintelligible, then please take the blue pill and
go back to sleep. You are just getting in the way of reality and you are preventing the solution.
On the other hand, if you believe that the resolution of the problem came as a result of
military victory, and not as a result of noncommercial service by one who loved his brother, then
you probably believe that the title for the third movie- Revolution, deals with war and protest,
instead of dealing with a revolving (revolution) or a turning over of your mental concept to go to
peace as a means of acceptance and working with the enemy to end the war, instead of working
against or rebelling against the enemy and continuing the war. Freedom is the result of the fruits
of acceptance, negotiation, and settlement by consent of the parties (contract) and never as a
result of victory of war. Freedom is never without cost (free), but freedom is not purchased with
money- it is won on the field of honor, not battle. Your enemy is not your enemy. Your enemy
is the other side of you, your alter ego, your man of flesh who consumes and does not serve.
Zion should be the private side, or the man of good. The man of flesh is the public side. You do
not kill the man of flesh by warring against him. The man of flesh dies when the man of the
spirit takes over by service. See the pattern set forth in Genesis 32.
Some miscellaneous notes on The Matrix:
The Merovingian is the equivalent of the Secretary of State in today’ s governmental society.
He has all authority over foreigners who interface with this world.
Neo did not seek a fight with anyone in the Matrix, especially the Merovingian.
Neo had peace with the Matrix (Babylon).
Neo had adversaries in his own camp of the People of Zion and in Agent Smith.
Neo served for love, not for remuneration.
Smith (the name), means a commercial tradesman who sells himself for money in a profession.
Neo redeemed the People of Zion:
Not with money to buy their liberty.
Out of love, service, and duty.
Not even at the request of the People of Zion (No one asked him to do it).
Smith’ s purpose was to kill everything living. He was the king over a realm of death.
Smith would first kill all the people in the City of Zion.
Then Smith would kill all the people lodged in the cocoons in the Matrix.
This would destroy the Machine world, which could not exist without the people’ s energy.
Morpheus sensed the tum in the tide of the battle with the Machines in the City of Zion before
the war was officially over. He physically threw down his weapons and emerged from his
protective surroundings when he saw the Sentinels hesitate in their attack. He sensed that Neo
had brought about the peace that had been hoped for.
The Trainman was the commercial transportation link between this world and the world. The
Trainman was controlled by the Merovingian – the Secretary of State – that approved all foreign
commerce (or the movement of property and persons from the realm of the Matrix to the world
of the People of Zion). The Train Station was described as nowhere. It was between two
Neo travels to the Machine City to confront the Machine leaders for a remedy in a vessel
called the Logos- or the Word. And the Word became Flesh to fulfill the job of redemption.
Respectfully submitted for your edification and consideration. Jack Smith
NOTE: Neo, came to understand what “he” had to do, to stop the war. He went to the
Machine World and was asked what he wanted. Neo replied, “Peace!” Neo then made an
“agreement” with the Machine World, that if the machine World would “plug” him back
into the Matrix, Neo would go fight Agent Smith. When he and Agent Smith were both at
their lowest point, the Machine World could unplug their “programs” and destroy them
both. This would destroy both the “threat” and the “take-over” by the Agent Smiths. But
in the agreement Neo made with the Machine World, he said, “If you agree, you must let
anybody go free who wants to leave the Matrix!” The Machine World agreed! Neo went to
establish peace by agreement … not by going to war! Each accepts for valuelhonor and
discharge all fines, fees, taxes, judgments, debts, criminal charges, etc., and now
understand “that’s just business!”
The Creation 01 the Statel
“The idea that the State originated to serve any kind of social
purRose is completely unhistorical. It originated in conquest and
confiscation – that is to say, in crime. It originated for the purpose
of maintaining the division of society into an owning and exploiting
class and a propertyless class – that is, for a criminal purpose! No
State known to history originated in any other manner, or for any
other purpose!”
Albert Jay Nock (State of the Union)
Section I
Historical Background
Concepts & Principles
NOTE: Any reference or inclusion to scripture in the following pages is to show the reader
the nexus/connection of the operation of commercial law from those times past, up to today,
to show that commercial law and the operation thereof is constant and operates in all that you
The following pages are writings and thoughts from one of the gentlemen who brought this
concept to the forefront. Many of these writings contain Biblical references, which you may not
have interpreted as he has done. The thoughts are extremely insightful, unusual and deep,
definitely meat and not for spiritual babes. It is suggested that you reference the following with a
Bible and read with prayerful consideration, asking God for discernment and understanding, as
you read through these writings as a point of reference.
Redemption is defined as:
“The deliverance from the power of alien dominion and the enjoyment of the resulting
freedom. It involves the idea of restoration to one who possesses a more fundamental right or
interest. The best example of redemption in the Old Testament was the deliverance of the
children of Israel (American’s) from bondage, from the dominion of the alien power of Egypt.”
(Washington, DC)
(Zondervan’s Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible)
… (a) in the natural sense of delivering (See; Luke 24:2 1 ) of setting Israel free from the Roman
yoke. (The Expanded Vines Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words) .”
The ‘commercial’ definition of Redemption may be stated as: “The recognition and action
taken to redeem the debtor and all the property pledged, to take control, to file notice, to lien all
the property, to restore right(s), title(s), and interest(s) in property to sever the commercial
bondage and acquire the standing and capacity to discharge all fine, fees, taxes, debts and
judgments of the debtor and all commercial matters due to the US Bankruptcy … a.k.a. “National
Emergency imposed upon the people without full disclosure and consent.”
Salvation from the states or circumstances that destroy the value of human
existence or human existence itself. The word “redeemer” and its related terms
“redeem” and “redemption” appear in the Bible some 130 times and are derived
from two Hebrew roots: pdh … and g’l…. Thought used to describe divine activity as
well, they arose in ordinary human affairs and it is in this context in which they
must first be understood. Pdh is the more general of the two, with cognates! of
related meaning in Akkadian, Arabic and Ethiopic. It belongs to the domain of
commercial law, and refers to the payment of an equivalent for what is released or
secured. The verb pdh, unlike g’l, indicates nothing about the relation of the agent
to the object of redemption, which in the Bible is always a person or another living
being. Its usage does not differ in cultic activity from that of a normal commercial
transaction. In both cases a person or an animal is released in return for money or
an acceptable replacement (cf. Ex 13:13; 34:20; Lev. 27:27; 1 Sam. 14:45 with
Ex. 2 1:7-8; Lev. 19:20; Job 6:23). Gil is more restricted in usage and does not
appear to have cognates in other Semitic languages. It is connected with family law
and reflects the Israelite conception of the importance of preserving the solidarity
of the clan. The go’el (“redeemer”) is the next of kin who acts to maintain the
vitality of his extended family group by preventing any breaches from occurring in
it. Thus he acquires the alienated property of his kinsman (Lev. 25: 25) or
purchases it when it is in danger of being lost to a stranger (cf. Jer. 32:6ff.) . . ..
Encyclopedia Judaica, 1972
I Cognate: A person or thing related in origin Underline emphasis added.
LUKE 2: 1 -And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar
Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. KJV (REGISTERED)
Registered, as utilized currently, also means to ‘submit’ information into a book. It also
means TO SURRENDER TITLE, i.e., the registration of your car, the right to vote, or
compulsion to register for the military draft. Debtor/Slaves on the Plantation register, sovereign
free men do not. Though, in some cases, it is appropriate, as Sovereign, to register ‘your’ Debtor.
ACTS 5: 34-39 -Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee named Gamaliel, a doctor
of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a
little space; and he said unto them, “Ye men of Israel, take heed what ye intend to do as touching
these men. For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a
number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as
obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to naught. After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the
days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, as many as
obeyed him, were dispersed. And now I say unto you, refrain from these men, and let them
alone: for if this counselor this work be of men, it will come to naught: But if it be of God,
ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God. ”
ROMANS 1 3 : 1 -2 -“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power
but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power,
resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.”
Keep in mind, as it is in our nature as men and Americans to defend and resist, you must
learn to ‘agree with thy adversary. ‘ However, under the Godly principle you are to submit to
Gods authority and the public servants are to submit to your authority, for the ‘people’ are above
the government. You serve your God or belief structure and the public servant is to serve you,
his master. And that’ s the way it is (unless you contract with the government) !
ROMANS 1 2 : 1-2 – “I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God,
that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your
reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing
of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
We are to PRESENT ourselves not be Re-Presented, or as more commonly seen, re-presented
(represented) in court by an ‘Attorney’ who is there only to represent the corporate fiction in the
administrative Unit (court) to administer the bankruptcy and the pledges of the property to the
State and to compel (take) the revenue from the debtor-slaves of the Plantation.
LUKE 1 1 : 46, 52 – And He said, “Woe unto you also, ye lawyers ! For ye lade men with
burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.
Woe unto you, lawyers ! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in
yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered” . . . . . This pretty well speaks for itself.
When Moses led the Israelites (government agencies) out of Egypt, it was done with the
killing (execution by an executive) of the first born of Egypt. In other words, under the execution
of the law by the hand of the individual, the government was redeemed; but the individuals were
never redeemed. Now with the 2nd contract (cross), the individual will be freed or redeemed by
his endorsement of the acceptance of the offerlcontract, which is for both his and the
government ‘s mutual benefit.
The attorneys or legal profession took the industrial society into the BAR and closed the door
to the temple, not only baring themselves from entering, but baring and forbidding all those
others to enter therein for Redemption. (Luke 1 1 : 46-52)
[The Principle Aspect of Redemption!]
MATTHEW 5: 25-26 – “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way
(court) with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver
thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means
come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.”
See also: Matthew 27: 11, Luke 23: 39-43
This is the cornerstone of the concept. Read and understand this verse, applying it to where
we are today. Today’s court system, as an example, only deals with two kinds of persons,
creditors and debtors, masters and slaves ! By accepting for value the presentment offered, we
become the holder of it, and the roles being played out are immediately reversed ! By agreeing
(and accepting) with thy adversary, you remove the ‘controversy ! ‘ It is the controversy which
brings life into the ‘action’ in the courts. No controversy, no need to have a ‘judicial’ decision !
To understand common law in its usage and applications, we first need to realize that it is law
by execution, or the law that was called the Mosaic Law, that has evolved into the Roman Civil
Law. The Roman Civil law is the base for our present statute law that exists today. Therefore: the
common law is the statute law by execution (needs a public agreement) that is in common/public
use today, that carries a public liability (a tax collection) for its usage.
In our nation, we have both common stock/employees and preferred stock/inalienable rights.
In order for the government to regulate its common stock (consumers), it has taken an assumed
tax exemption/priority of the individuals, which are using the industrial goods and services of the
By partaking of the industrial products there is a tax that must be collected in order to keep
record and track of all the industrial energy usage, and all common stock/public funds have a
public liability, as these funds represent the energy (money is the evidence of transfer of energy)
that must be regulated. We volunteer to pay the taxes just by our use of industrial goods and
services, which is why it is a voluntary tax system. If you do not use any of the industrial goods,
then there are no taxes. In order to use the industrial goods and services without the requirement
of taxes, we must accept the charges and direct them back to the government, all 1 00%, and
thereby we lend our tax exemption/priority to the government to discharge the public liability.
This exchange gives us an employer status, or inalienable rights (the preferred stock), which
then allows us to enjoy all the goods and services at our will.
The common law evolves from the Old Testament and our Private lawlinalienable rights come
from the New Testament, as the New Testament is the fulfillment of the law, by operation. All
public law is execution of law (or Old Testament) and the New Testament is international law,
but an individual can only fulfill it voluntarily, by operation. The operation of law can only
operate when no malice or vindictive harm is intended and is based upon the CONSCIENCE of
those charged to uphold it. It is purely spiritual ! !
To sum it up, then, with common law rights (Constitutional rights), we are considered by the
IRS to be employees of the Federal Zone or non-resident aliens. With our un-alien-able rights,
we volunteered into the Federal Zone with our priority exchange for the tax exemption and
therefore we are now the employer!
Therefore, common law is unto death and it cannot give eternal life, as it operates only by
execution (death) to transfer the energy through the principal. Private law (operation of law) is
unto life, as it is done by acceptance; the acceptance of the charges of a contract. Through
acceptance, public liability (execution) is offset, giving life. It does not require the death of the
principal to redeem. The energy is transferred not through the principal, but by the principal.
NOTE: Once you understand the full power of Calvary (acceptance for value) of what Christ did
on the Cross for each of us, you will understand how our debt (sin creates debt) is paid in full !
DEFENDANT. All of the time you have spent in your life researching and studying the LAW,
the RULES, etc., must be reformed and relegated to, and for, historical purposes only ! If you do
not do this, you will always be a DEFENDANT. From now on we are going to ‘Agree’ with our
adversary quickly. (Matthew 5 : 25) The concept is new to us. It will take some time to
understand. In the end, God’s Word and Godly people always win.
DISSONANCE : Lack of agreement, consistency, or harmony; discord.
As computers go, the human brain is without parallel or parity, when compared to even the
most sophisticated man-made computer. Nevertheless, it is a computer and like all computers, it
can be programmed.
There is a theory known as the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (TDC) which holds that the
mind involuntarily rejects information not in line with previous thoughts and/or actions.
V. Leon Festinger may have been the first person to document the Law of Cognitive
Dissonance, but he was certainly not the first to observe it. Since the most ancient times, mindcontrollers
have been enticing free people into servitude (piping them on board, so to speak) by
taking advantage of man’s tendency to generate cognitive dissonance.
In his book, A THEORY OF COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, (Stanford University Press,
1 957), Festinger says that new events or new information create an unpleasantness, a dissonance
with existing knowledge, opinion, or cognition concerning behavior. When this happens,
pressures naturally arise within the person to reduce the dissonance. Not reconciling the new
information with the old, but reducing the dissonance.
V. L. Festinger further stated that the strength of the pressures to reduce the dissonance is a
function of the magnitude of the dissonance. Dissonance acts in the same way as a state of drive,
need or tension. The greater the dissonance, the greater will be the intensity of the action to
reduce the dissonance and the greater the avoidance of situations that would increase the
A person can deal with the pressure generated by the dissonance by changing the old behavior
to harmonize with information. But if the person is too committed to the old behavior and way of
thinking, he simply rejects the new information. A simple “I don’t believe it” thought or word is
the easy cop out. For if you are unaware, you are unaware of being unaware.
God made “man” both king and priest and said that man’ s insistence on having an earthly
king to rule them instead of depending on God’ s WORD to rule them was the same thing as
rejecting God. It still is: “Then all the elders of IsraeLcame to Samuel. . . make us a king to
judge us like all the nations . . .A nd the Lord said . . . the people . . . have not rejected thee, but they
have rejected me, that I should not reign over them . . . howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and
show them the manner of the king that shall reign over them. And Samuel told all the words of
the Lord . . . “this will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons,
and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before
his chariots . . .A nd he will take your daughters to be confectioneries, and to be cooks, and to be
bakers. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your olive-yards, even the best of
them, and give them to his servants. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your
vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants . . . He shall take the tenth of your sheep; and
ye shall be his servants. And ye shall cry out in the day because of your king which ye shall have
chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you in that day. ” II I Samuel S: II-IS
If you’ re deemed a ‘king and priest,’ a secured party/creditor and sovereign … what need of
you to be ruled by tyrants, lying politicians, dictators and Presidents? Are you not free? Can
you not take responsibility?
We will tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, and spend . . . . and the voters will re-elect us, re-elect us, reelect
us! – because they ‘re TOO DAMN DUMB to understand!!! – Harry Hopkins, an adviser to
former President Franklin Roosevelt.
“We tax his pay, tax his play, Even tax his time of day; We tax his shirt and tax his coat, tax
his car and tax his boat; We tax his food and tax his drink, tax him good … so he can’t think !
We tax his house, tax his chair; by taxing his comb, we tax his hair. By taxing his pills, we tax
his health; with taxes on taxes, we steal his wealth ! And when he’s sick, we’ll tax his bed – tax
him ’till he’s good and dead ! Then we’ ll place upon his tomb: “TAXES DROVE ME TO MY
DOOM” But after he’ s gone, WE won’t relax, we’ll steal his kid’ s home with an inheritance
tax !”
. . . . .. . . . . source; unknown
Don’t you find it curious that the sole solution of the Politician’ s remedy for every problem,
for the most part of which they create, is the raising of taxes! Never do they reduce the size of
government, never do they reduce their “salaries ! ” But, at your cost, you pay for everything and
even that which they waste !
In looking at the word man/men, etc., as they were created in the image of GOD, (contract),
this then shows that the man created was the industrial Bond, which was created by the contract
The industrial Bond is the image of industrial benefits for society, but when the deception took
place, the system’s operator’s (attorneys) deceived the financial institutions into believing that
the debt (borrowed) funds (municipal bonds) were what they needed and thereby, the “debt
money individuals” were able to in-debt all of society into believing the lie and thereby
destroyed the beneficial public government. It no longer had the debt free industrial bonds
(man/men) to operate for all of society’ s benefit.
Then the industrial bonds were, or are now based upon, debt funds or municipal bonds and
therefore they are consuming all the energy (funds) needed to keep our society operating. In
Genesis 6, which is about the energy that was taken from the public government, it was to hold-it
and use it to run the industrial society. The flood of public funds has again covered the earth and
it is time to ‘CHARGE BACK’ the debt (energy) money by use of the public policy H1R- 1 92.
The Ark is the private government treasury (Federal Reserve) that will act as the mediator to Republic
the public debt funds, by private assignment or acceptance. Thereby once again the public
government will hold the energy (money) for the industrial uses.
After the true energy was perverted, the perverted funds were only for personal gain of a
select few and were immoral funds. Therefore, they cannot heal, but only destroy whoever took
part of their use.
Men – Industrial Bonds (privately held and assigned to the Public Government’ s or Republic’ s
Giants – Are the corporations formed by the attorneys or by the people that they induced, but
either way they are not held by debt free funds and are consuming not only the owners, but also
those who partake of their services or goods, as all Corporations are held in bar by the legal
Daughters – The lending institutions that are part of the corporate industrial system and obtain
the assumed tax exemption of those who use their services.
Ground – Industrial costs = the contract accepted the costs and thereby the breath of life was
established for the goods to be re-public-ed. Woman was formed as the public bond in offset to
the private bond.
Garden of Eden – All industrial goods and government are created for the benefit of those who
know how to regulate and operate the system – by contract, or today the written word, by
operation of law – New Testament. When the system is operating properly, it will benefit all
individuals in the whole world.
Corporations, being artificial and created by Government, borrow from the Government
Treasury, which holds the energy, but the Government has both the corporate side for daily
operation (and the public person), and the Agency for enforcement of public policy/regulation
and statutes.
Whenever a public regulation/policy/statute is offended, the Agency must hold someone
responsible with (commercial) charges to mend the offense, either by imprisonment or by
allowing the offender to use the charges to purchase public goods and services. When the
individual is held in prison, the charges are used by the public for public needs and public
expansion, but the individual who holds the charge is held on account, with no personal use.
Once a Corporation manufactures a product that is consumed by the public (i.e., public goods
and services) that it has paid for, the public debt must be discharged via HJR- 1 92, and an equal
exchange must take place. The individual must hold charges from an offense before he/she can
exchange this for public goods and services.
Without the charges from an offense, an individual must (or can only) exchange public debt
(unredeemed public funds) for public debt, which is against the Public Policy HJR- 192. The
individual, then, can someday be held accountable for this offense, which will give himlher the
charges required to discharge the public obligation within a limited scope, but only for the
benefit of the public Corporations need to take care of their inventory/stock (people). This
accountability can come in the form of either illness or legal redress. This occurs when a
Corporation either allows a person to hold and consume the public liability, which prevents it
from passing through to the Government (which causes the Passover), or by holding the
charges/energy back for the use and consumption of the Industrial complex. We can be the
holder-in-due-course, which means: someone (Government) is holding the charges/energy for
our benefit. In fact, this is what HJR- 1 92 is all about ! We are to pass our debt to the Government,
instead of to another individual.
When an individual does experience either medical or legal problems, the modern practices of
either these professions, with their latest VOODOO and Chromium-plated theology practices,
can only treat the symptom and not the root cause. If they were to treat the root cause, they
would either bury or imprison their client. Because of their limited license, they are not allowed
to attend to this primal concern, lest they obtain a charge that must be addressed and create a
repetitive cycle that can never end. This is one reason why there is no remedy in the public
system, though we need it, as it is the one that must regulate the commercial transactions
between individuals (men) and Governments.
Attorneys are “limited,” that is to say, they must stay within their industrial license because
they cannot make commercial claims, as commercial claims are commercial/retail amounts
covered by the truth-in-Iending requirements that hold persons personally responsible. The
administrative license of an attorney in Bar has no accountability, is thereby limited, and has no
authority to convey title to anything. The only way that an Attorney can enter the commercial
zone is by the assumed tax exemption of some individual or if hired by some individual (man).
Your UCC Contract Trust (Treasury) Account is the insurance for the full retail amount,
because it is the “principal” and the “source.” A sufficient amount is your acceptance of
whatever the “Bill” happens to be, since whoever tells you how much the Bill is becomes the
witness to the fact (the forbearer), who carries the burden of testimony by license. You bind that
testimony by your ACCEPTANCE. Your acceptance is the criminal “charge” in fact.
Acceptance of deficiency charges the deficiency to pre-pay closing of escrow. The calendar
call is the exempt priority adjustment. The ‘Principal’ allows the agent to take the exempt
priority, to offset the deficiency, or adjust the account to ‘0. ‘
IN OTHER WORDS, the fiscal year and calendar year together make one whole year.
Concept/suggestion: Request the Circuit Court Deputy to take the deficiency (charge) of action
and put it on the Circuit Court Docket and call the calendar (call the baileelbroker in charge of
the adjustment) to deliver the same to the principal requesting release of the commodity (putting
the whole account into one account). Request the Order of the Court to be released to the
Allot is being requested of the young individuals that are coming from our primary education
system. They (children) are being taught that they should go on to obtain a college education.
Public education is just what is says; you are educated for use in the public system and thereby
you become accountable for the public liability (debt) that the public money carries.
It is sold with the idea that with better public education, individuals will be better able to lead
profitable lives by giving them the tools that they need to make greater amounts of money. In
tum, they will be able to obtain the commercial products required to create a more comfortable
First, we must take a look at how public money affects, or what it does, to an individual.
Money is the evidence of the transfer of energy in commerce, after the fact. So, the commercial
cause for the transfer has taken place before the actual event has happened. In other words, the
public offer was made first, then the actual acceptance or need was exchanged. Because of this
being the case, the individual who made the public offering thereby carried the public energy
(negative) within themselves (speculation upon and acceptance) which may cause other
problems that can be medical, legal or personal in nature. This suggests that the more available
the public funds are for our use, the more likely we are to have other problems in our lives.
We must remember that the true creation of money is by our endorsement (signature !). Money
created in any other method is by the acceptance of someone else’s debt. Such a debt carries
with it a negative charge and this negative charge must be decayed in our bodies, which causes
us to age, etc. The negative side is the public liability. It can only be discharged by our
acceptance and charging back or (re-public/re-venue) the public money back to the public for the
public to use. If this is done, there is no longer a public liability and it will not carry the negative
charge as before.
It states in the Scriptures to: “Seek ye first the Kingdom, ” which is to find your own
inheritance that was created at your birth and thereby all other needs shall be taken care of. There
is a maxim of law that says ; “The money of the sovereign is his credit, he is the wealth for which
no substance on earth can establish a value for.”
You first must obtain your sovereignty. Not very many people are going to find their true
sovereign rights, as they must learn to hold the criminal charge and this is not publicly
acceptable as the public system cannot teach this. You must seek and do your own searching and
not follow the govemment/leader, as the system wants us to go along with their debt program of
servitude and not to venture out on our own. This will label you as undesirable, but it is people
like yourselves who lead and keep the public system in check.
The public system is a necessary evil, and once an individual learns how to harness it for
his/her benefit, the public liability shall no longer affect him or her. The public system is the
system that we must live in and it will provide us with all our needs. We must learn how to stop
its uncontrollable liability, by our acceptance and re-venue done very simply. When you have a
need to know, you will search it out. Seek and ye shall find !
Thereby, when we accept more public education it becomes a greater liability (debt) and it
becomes harder to obtain our true liberty. It is a built-in factor that when we accept public
degrees we become liable for the public’s benefit. Should we obtain a public education? We need
to keep private values that allow us to use the public education to enhance our ability to benefit
the public and ourselves.
Once we have learned to read, write, use math, research and investigate, we can educate
ourselves. But there are certain parts of the public educational system that can be used to benefit
us beyond such basic, instructional needs, such as vocational-technical schools. Here, we must
be very careful not to obtain the education to serve the public master, but to harness it – not only
for our own good, but for the good of the general public, too.
Public education is used to attempt to help people fill their needs, but in doing so, most want a
fast FIX and do not attempt to figure out what the real roots of the problems are. This is why the
legal and medical fields are so volatile and keep individuals from searching for the truth (and
true healing !). In Matthew, Chapter 23 and Luke 1 1 it states that people in these fields will be
held accountable from Able to Zechariah, or from A to Z.
A lot of well-meaning people don’t understand the ‘private to public’ concept and encourage
individuals to get a good education. Maybe we need to really get a good education on the Private
vs. Public accountability, and this can only be done by private study and experience. A public
education looks good on paper, but it’s the after-results that may get you and hold you
accountable (as in debt for the rest of your life) for the public liability.
RE-PUBLIC : What does it mean to re-public or to have a republican form of government?
The republic is referred to in the scriptures as Heaven or where the private held commercial
stock is held by agents. It states in the Scriptures that only your agent/angel (nowhere in the
Scriptures does it state that you are going to be in heaven; all references are to angels/agents in
Heaven [Matt. 1 8 : 1 0, Mark 1 2: 25] ), a government agent, who by Oathlbond, must do your
private commercial business, as requested in writing. The spoken word is only hearsay and as
Christ said on the cross, “It is finished” (Hearsay) (John 1 9 : 30). We have to keep in mind that
the government has only one function and that is to regulate the commercial transactions
(business) between people and/or states, in light of the U.S . Bankruptcy, aka National
Emergency (March 9, 1 933).
The only way that the government has to measure these affairs is by the commercial paper
passed between the individuals, which are valued by the tax value on the paper transaction. In
order (after the Order of the Melchizedek, Hebrews) for there to be no taxes due, there must be a
tax filing or registration, as they are one and the same. In order for the registration to take place,
it must be ordered by an individual which, after registration, the immoral criminal usage is
hereby defused and the funds have been re-public-ed.
In the above reference to registration by an individual, the question could be asked why the
government agent doesn’t just register the commercial transactions. Then the funds would be
defused/redeemed, right? This would be Beelzebub casting out Beelzebub (Matt. 1 2: 24) or, to
put it in plain words, you cannot use a negative (a minus symbol -) to reduce a negative (-). In
the relationship with the government, the government is a negative (infidel-debtor). This leaves
only one who can be the other side of the bond and that would be the sovereign/secured
partylcreditor, who can be the only one to order the registration of the funds. (Luke 2: 1 – 5 1 )
[Note: only a ‘+’ can erase a ‘-‘ , i.e., your private ‘credit’ , (+) can wipe out the ‘debt’ (-). To
RE-PUBLIC would also be to re-venue.
Study the similarities and differences between taking an oath vs. purchasing a LICENSE and
how they are viewed in the public liability.
An OATH is our acceptance of our public offer to serve the public by the discharge of our
duty and obligations, either by discharge (doing) or by dishonor (failure/refusal). We have bound
our subconscious to act upon true, natural agreements that have been accepted and charged
(acceptance is charge) by an individual. Failure of the individual to honor his oath (who has
bound his conscious to an act or uphold the laws of nature), such as the promise to pay to correct
the damages by his wrongdoing, creates dishonor. This action only takes place under moral
undertakings and with no malice involved.
A LICENSE carries about the same convictions, but the public is selling the right of its
liability, thereby limiting the account (field) to those who are regulated to duties requested under
a limited obligation to perform. The study of the immorality of public license can be found in
Acts, Chapter 8 and Chapter 22: 28.
Licenses are necessary as the different public responsibilities carry a very narrow path/act.
Only those trained in that narrow path/act know the proper connection. This goes back to public
education, which most people believe broadens your knowledge, but it’ s only knowledge based
upon a narrow point or subject. In order to control the application of this narrow view, it must be
licensed, so as to protect the innocent from its misapplication, which is considered malice or
immorally taking advantage of the innocent.
Once we purchase (accept) the license we then become accountable in the same manner
as an oath. When the individual holding the license is requested to act upon his duties and
obligations, and he/she refuses/fails/dishonors, he/she then has accepted the commercial
dishonor that goes with his/her action and is charged accordingly. Gee, like a Driver’s
License for example – you accepted the license and you became bond to the Motor Vehicle
Code and accountable to the State! You speed … you pay the fine!
Some individuals, with their endorsement (their signatures), creates all money. When it is
created in the public form/forum, it carries a public liability, which must be taxed to the
Whenever an individual signs a note at a bank, this creates the funds that he/she is
Even the wages or funds that a person accepts from working or selling products that they
grew or made are public funds that have been borrowed into existence by someone else.
The Federal Reserve Act allowed the banking system to set up the way that a person could
redeem these funds that they are handling. Again, the Federal Reserve Act has two sides, the
public, which the Federal Reserve Bank uses in the public form and which most people are
familiar with; and the private side, which only those who hold the preferred stock of the United
States are going to be able to use.
Whenever a Federal Reserve Bank buys United States Bonds, Bills, or Notes it must issue a
negotiable instrument (draft) for the purchase of the public offerings. This instrument requires
some individual’ s signature, but it must circulate back to the bank (where it is placed on the
ledger as collateral) to be held as the collateral for the original issue. These funds were created
by a public acceptance and therefore they carry a public liability and they must be taxed as they
pass through the system. When a NON-NEGOTIABLE instrument (draft) is received by a bank,
it is placed upon the bank’s ledger as collateral for the bank and the bank charges the account of
the Principal who endorsed the instrument. These funds were created by a private tax exemption
and are NON-NEGOTIABLE, which means they do not carry a public liability that must be
NON-NEGOTIABLE funds can only come from the individual (Secured Party/Creditorsovereign)
who accepts a criminal charge and thereby is the holder of the priority tax exemption
to pass the charge through.
The mirror image is referred to in the public system as a “STRAW-MAN.” This is what was
created by the registration or filing of an individual’s birth certificate.
This is a necessary evil – in that the Government needed to provide for our needs by the
creation of an industrial bond to provide the goods and services for our lives. This was done in a
public form and it carries a public liability and it must have an execution (death) in order for it to
be paid off in the public system. Should the individual accept this bond for value, it then loses its
public liability as the individual has used his tax exemption to allow it to pass through himlher
and not carry this public liability.
When the public laws are passed, these laws are to regulate the industrial society and its
commercial activities they affect. Public law, which has been done away with by the United
States Governments bankruptcy, and thereby commerce, is regulated by public policy now.
Whenever an infraction of public policy occurs it is charged against a “Straw-man, ” and since
most individuals are not aware of their Straw-man, they believe it is charged against them as an
individual. They try to use public law (argument of facts) to deny these charges. When you
accept these charges, there is no controversy and you then become the holder-in-due-course and
these charges become your private property, which cannot be regulated in the commercial zone.
When you accept your birth certificate for value, you’re then the holder of the industrial bond,
which it created. It’ s now held for both your benefit and the public’ s, but the public liability is no
longer attached to the bond or you’re “Straw-man,” which is now yours, also.
John Adams said:
“I’ m firmly of the opinion . . . that there never was a paper pound, a paper dollar, or a paper
promise of any kind that ever yet obtained a general currency [as money] but by force and fraud.
That the army has been grossly cheated; that the creditors have been infamously defrauded [some
closed their shops to prevent being paid off with worthless paper money] ; that the widows and
fatherless have been oppressively wronged and beggared; that the gray hairs of the aged and the
innocent, for want of their just dues, have gone down with sorrow to their graves, in consequence
of our disgraceful depreciated
paper currency.” (See: The Financial History of the United States, ( 1 896 Ed.)
From: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
The International Organizational intents, purposes and activities include complete control of
Public Finances, control, supervision, and audit of indigenous fiscal resources, budget practices,
taxation, expenditures of public funds, currency issues, and banking agencies and affiliates. This
of course complies with Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Research Technical Manual, TMSW790S.
1, which discloses a declaration of war upon the American people, to wit:
This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from
public scrutiny. Otherwise it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic
war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power, and
without the consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodology for economic conquest
– it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of
persons and the public. (Page 3)
“Con sequentl y, in the intere st of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to
privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of
permanently shifting the natural and social energy (WEALTH) of the undisciplined and
irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few. ” Page 7,
Secret Weapons For Quiet Wars.
“In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the lower class elements of the society
must be brought under control, i.e., must be house-broken, trained and assigned a yoke, and long
term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the
propriety of the matter. In order to achieve such conformity, the lower class family unit must be
disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of
government operated day care centers for the occupationally orphaned children.
The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat
of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is, and remains, incomprehensible
to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little,
if any hope, of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is
essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper
class.” Page 8 “Secret Weapons For Quiet Wars
March 9, 1933 –
Senate Document No.43, 73rd Congress,
1st Session:
“The ownership of a property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only
by virtue of government, i.e., law amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance
with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.” (Repeated in: Hearing Before A
Subcommittee Of The Committee On Foreign Relations, Feb 17, 1 950 p.494; Constitution For
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Treaty Document 97- 19, and the
Communist Manifesto.)
On March 6, 1933 the Conference of Governors pledged the faith and credit of the
several States of the Union to the aid of the National Government, and thereafter formed
numerous socialist programs and committees, such as the “Council of State Governments,”
“SSA,” etc., purportedly to deal with (accommodate) the economic “Emergency,” operated
under the “Declaration of Interdependence” of January 22, 1937 and published some of
their activities in “The Book of the States” Volume 11, Pg. 144.
On February 1 7, 1 950, Senate Hearings were held concerning the U.N. and its Organizations.
James P. Warburg testified on February 17, 1 950:
“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether
world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest. ”
So much for a country where the people are free, independent and with America being a
sovereign nation ! Evidently, the politicians have been lying to the American people for years.
John Maynard Keynes in 1920 :
“By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate secretly and
unobserved, an important part of the wealth of its citizens. There is no subtler, no surer
means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The
process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it
in such a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose. ”
From Federalist Paper #79 :
“In the general course of human nature, A POWER OVER A MAN’S SUBSTANCE AMOUNTS TO
A POWER OVER HIS WILL, AND WE CAN NEVER HOPE TO SEE realized in practice the complete
SEPARATION of the Judicial from the Legislative Power, IN ANY SYSTEM WHICH LEAVES THE
PUBLIC LAW 88-244; 77 STAT. 775 [H.J.Res.778]
Joint Resolution to provide for participation by the Government of the United States in the
Hague Conference on Private International Law and the International (Rome) Institute for the
Unification of Private law, and authorizing appropriations therefore. Resolved by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, That:
The President is hereby authorized to accept membership for the Government of the United
States in ( 1 ) The Hague Conference on Private International Law and (2) the International
(Rome) Institute for the Unification of Private Law, and to appoint the United States delegates
and their alternates to meetings of the two organizations, and the committees and organs thereof.
Sec. 2. There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary, not to exceed
$25,000 annually, for the payment by the United States of ( 1 ) its proportionate share of the
expenses of the Hague Conference on Private International Law and of the Inter- national
(Rome) Institute for the Unification of Private Law, and (2) all other necessary expenses incident
to participation by the United States in the activities of the two organizations referred to in clause
( 1 ) of this section. Approved December 30, 1963 .
HJR- 192 June 5, 1933
Resolved by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled: “That (a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any
obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular
kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, IS
DECLARED TO BE AGAINST PUBLIC POLICY, and no such provision shall be contained in
or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. Every obligation, heretofore or
hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provisions is contained therein or made with respect
coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for public, and private debts . … ”
The following statements come from several different sources, from Congress, Supreme
Court cases, and the Federal Reserve. All stem from the passage of HJR-192.
“The Treasury writes up an interest bearing bond for one billion dollars. The Federal Reserve
gives the Treasury a one Billion dollar credit for the bond, and has created out of nothing a one
Billion dollar debt which the American people are obligated to pay with interest.”
Money Facts, House Banking and Currency Committee, 1 964. p. 9
“A debt is not paid by the giving of a note.”
Noland Co. v. Maryland Casualty Co. “A note is only a promise to pay and not payment, ”
Fidelity Savings State Bank v. Grimes, 1 3 1 P. 2nd 894
“Checks aren’t money in themselves.”
I BET YO U THO UGHTfrom the Federal Reserve Board ofN. , p. 7
“They (checks) are simply order forms instructing banks and other depository institutions
such as savings banks and credit unions to move transaction balances, which are money.”
Same as above.
“Banks don’t keep cash in checking accounts – and don’t transfer currency or coin when
acting on a check’s instructions.”
From Same book o n the Federal Reserve.
“The money (Federal Reserve Notes) will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed
by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all
the people in the nation. The money so issued will not have one penny of gold coverage behind
it, because it is really not needed.”
– 73rd Congress – March 9, 1 933
“The “giving of a (federal reserve) note does not constitute payment.”
See Echart v Commissioners C CA., 42 Fd2d 1 58.
“The use of a (federal reserve) ‘Note’ is only a promise to pay.”
See Fidelity Savings v Grimes, 131 P2d 894.
“Legal Tender (federal reserve) Notes are not good and lawful money of the United
See Rains v State, 226 S. W 1 89.
“Federal reserve notes are valueless.”
See IRS Codes Sectionl. l 00l -l (4657) C CH.
“That (federal reserve) ‘Notes do not operate as payment in the absence of an agreement
that they shall constitute payment.”
See Blachshear Mfg. Co. v Harrell. 12 S. E. 2d 766.
Supreme Court of Minnesota – 1 927
Chief Justice Wilson: “The original debt was not paid. The discharge in bankruptcy
operated as a bar to enforcement. The debt could be revived with a new promise, which in
Minnesota, must be in writing. The moral obligation involved in the original debt affords a
sufficient consideration to suppose a new promise to pay the debt.
Liability rests upon the promise to pay, not on the original note. The discharge took the
enforceability from the original note which still evidenced the moral obligation, and the new note
revived the legal obligation.
There is a distinction between a debt discharged and one paid. When discharged, the debt
still exists, though divested of its character as a legal obligation during the consideration of the
discharge. Something of the original vitality of the debt continues to exist, which may be
transferred even though the transferee takes it subject to the disability incident to the discharge.
The fact that it carries something which may be a consideration for a new promise to pay, so as
to make an otherwise worthless promise a legal obligation, makes it the subject of transfer by
assignment. Indeed, there is no reason why a transferee of such note should not have the benefit
of having the debt advanced to a condition of legal liability.” INCREDIBLE !
UCC 3-419
(a) If an instrument is issued for value given for the benefit of a party to the instrument
(“accommodated party”) and another party to the instrument (“accommodation party”) signs the
instrument for the purpose of incurring liability on the instrument without being a direct
beneficiary of the value given for the instrument, the instrument is signed by the accommodation
party “for accommodation. ”
(b) An accommodation party may sign the instrument as maker, drawer, acceptor, or
endorser and, subject to subsection (d), is obligated to pay the instrument in the capacity in
which the accommodation party signs. The obligation of an accommodation party may be
enforced notwithstanding any statute of frauds and whether or not the accommodation party
receives consideration for the accommodation.
(c) A person signing an instrument is presumed to be an accommodation party and there
is notice that the instrument is signed for accommodation if the signature is an anomalous
endorsement or is accompanied by words indicating that the signer is acting as surety or
guarantor with respect to the obligation of another party to the instrument. Except as provided in
UCC-3-605 , the obligation of an accommodation party to pay the instrument is not affected by
the fact that the person enforcing the obligation had notice when the instrument was taken by that
person that the accommodation party signed the instrument for accommodation.
(d) If the signature of a party to an instrument is accompanied by words indicating
unambiguously that the party is guaranteeing collection rather that payment of the obligation of
another party to the instrument, the signer is obliged to pay the amount due on the instrument to
a person entitled to enforce the instrument only if (i) execution of the judgment against the other
party has been returned unsatisfied, (ii) the other party is insolvent or in an insolvency
proceeding, (iii) the other party cannot be served with process, or (iv) it is otherwise apparent
that payment cannot be obtained from the other party.
(e) An accommodation party who pays the instrument is entitled to reimbursement from
the accommodated party and is entitled to enforce the instrument against the accommodated
party. An accommodated party who pays the instrument has no right of recourse against, and is
not entitled to contribution from, an accommodation party.
Uniform Commercial Code · § 10· 104,
Laws Not Repealed.
[( 1 )] The Article on Documents of Title (Article 7) does not repeal or modify laws
prescribing the form or contents of documents of title or the services or facilities to be afforded
by bailees, or otherwise regulating bailees businesses in respects not specifically dealt with
herein: but the fact that such laws are violated does not affect the Status of a document of title
which otherwise complies with the definition of title. (Section 1 -20 1 ).
As amended in 1 962 and 1 994 V 49
(b) As used in this resolution, the term “obligation ” means an obligation (including every
obligation of and to the United States, (excepting currency ) available in money of the United
States; and the term “coin or currency ” means coin or currency of the United States,
INCL UDING FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and
national banking associations. NOTE: A re you willing to commit a crime to “pa ” an alleged
debt ?
27 CFR 72. 1 1
(Code of Federal Regulations)
MEANING OF TERMS : As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires,
terms shall have the meanings ascribed in this section. Words in the plural form shall include the
singular, and vice versa, and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine.
The terms “includes” and “including” do not exclude things not enumerated which are in the
same general class.
Code of Federal Regu lati ons, Chapter 27, Section 72 .1 1
Any of the following types of crimes (FEDERAL OR STATE): Offenses against the
revenue laws ; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or
possession of deadly weapons ; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white
slaving, keeping house of ill fame, and like offenses) ; extortion; swindling and confidence
games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the foregoing
crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marijuana will be treated as if such were a
commercial crime. “ALL CRIME IS COMMERCIAL !” [ They want the money ! ]
NOTE: Any action/complaint/transaction initiated by the state/federal agents are
commercial in nature in light of the fact that they impose a quasi-monetary fine in violation of
Art. I § 1 0 & Art. 1 1 § 1 and the U.S. Bankruptcy.
At the Signing of Coinage Act
on July 23, 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson Stated
in his Press Release that:
“When I have signed this bill before me, w e will have made the first fundamental change in our
coinage in 173 Years. The Coinage Act of 1 965 supersedes the Act of 1 792. And that Act had
the title: An Act Establishing a Mint and Regulating the Coinage of the United States … ”
“Now I will sign this bill to make the first change in our coinage system since the 1 8th Century.
To those members of Congress, who are here on this historic occasion, I want to assure you that
in making this change from the 1 8th Century we have no idea of returning to it. ”
Maxim in Law :
“The money of the sovereign is his credit, he is the wealth for
which no substance on earth can establish a value for.”
“The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State ; individual
so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law,
amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law
and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”
– Senate Document #43 ; Senate Resolution
No. 62 (Pg 9 Para 2) April 17, 1933
Sect i o n I I
A RTI C L E S O N U . S .
R E S E RV E , ETC . ,
Now time for a quick history lesson:
1 773 – May – Britain renewed Townshend Act duty on tea (about to expire) and also
allowed the British East India Tea Company to sell direct to the American public without
any middleman (and without any middleman markup), thus angering Boston’ s merchants and
triggering the Boston Tea Party.
1 773 – December 1 6 – Boston Tea Party. That evening, thirty men disguised as Mohawk
Indians dumped 342 chests of British tea into Boston Harbor. In 1 774, King George III and
British Parliament retaliated by passing the Coercive Acts , called by the colonists as the
Intolerable Acts .
1 774 – September 4 – The First Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia.
1 775 – April 1 8 – Start of the Revolutionary War.
1 776 – May 1 – Order of the Illuminati (a secret society of wealthy intellectuals) founded
in Bavaria by Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a Professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University.
The llluminati and the Freemasons collaborated for awhile, then later split ranks. After the
headquarters of the llluminati were raided by the Bavarian government, the llluminati operated
under the guise of the League of the Just. From the beginning, the llluminati’ s purpose was to
overthrow the Pope, all governments, including as all kings of Europe.
178 1 – First National Bank of United States (Bank of North America) formed by act of the
Continental Congress, who also owned and controlled it, instead of it being privately controlled.
1 789 – Constitution of the United State ratified.
1 79 1 – Assumption Act of 1 79 1 allowed a newly chartered Bank of the United States (or more
commonly today, the First Bank of America) to assume private control of State chartered banks.
1 792 – The Coinage Act of 1 792 defined a dollar as a unit of measure in either gold or silver.
Note: In 1 965, certainly after the U.S. bankruptcy, then President Johnson signed THE
COINAGE ACT OF 1 965, which for the first time, altered and replaced the COINAGE ACT OF
1 792 . . . therein removing any definition of what constitutes a “dollar” today! Federal Reserve
Notes are not “dollars” even though it’ s stated on its face and as the Federal Reserve Bank has
stated: a federal note is just a piece of paper ! Also, a 1969 court case (Credit River) in
Minnesota said:
“These Federal Reserve Notes are not lawful money within the contemplation of the
Constitution of the United States and are null and void. Further, the Notes on their face
are not redeemable in Gold or Silver Coin nor is there a fund set aside anywhere for the
redemption of said notes.”
1 832 – President Andrew Jackson vetoed renewal of the charter for the Second Bank of the
United States. Two subsequent assassination attempts on his life proved unsuccessful.
1 87 1 – The Federal Government formed itself into a D.C. Corporation and adopted itself
under the U.S. Constitution.
1 873 – Financial panic.
1 884 – Financial panic.
1 893 – Financial panic.
1 907 – Financial panic provoked by J.P. Morgan to bring about total change and private control
of the central banks and the monetary system.
1 9 1 0 – Basic plan for the Federal Reserve Act drafted at a secret meeting held at the private
resort of J.P. Morgan on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. The seven men who attended
represented an estimated one-fourth of the total wealth of the world. They were:
1. Nelson W. Aldrich , Republican “whip” in the Senate, Chairman of the National
Monetary Commission, Father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller Jr. ;
2. Henry P. Davidson , Sr. Partner of J. P. Morgan Company;
3. Charles D. Norton , Pres. of 1st National Bank of New York;
4. Piatt Andrew , Assistant Secretary of the Treasury;
5. Frank A. Vanderlip, President of the National City Bank of New York,
representing William Rockefeller;
6. Benjamin Strong, head of J. P. Morgan ‘s Bankers Trust Company, later to become
head of the system;
7. Paul M. Warburg, a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, representing the Rothschilds
and Warburgs in Europe.
1 9 1 3 – April 8 – 1 1h Amendment ratified allowing power reserved to the States to be
passed into the hands of a new form of Federalism, placing the State of the Union in the position
of mere supervised Units of such government. This act set the stage for the complete change by
the Federal government from a Constitutionally guaranteed Republican form to a Democracy and
set the stage for the hostile corporate takeover of the U.S. monetary system and to place control
of it in private hands.
1 9 1 3 – December 22 & 23 – Federal Reserve Act creating Federal Reserve (private
Corporation and NOT a Federal agency) Central Banks signed into law by Woodrow Wilson, to
which years later quoted ” . . . 1 have unwittingly ruined my country.”
1 9 1 5 – May 7 – The U. S. S. Lusitania, an ocean liner with American passengers onboard,
was sunk by a German U-boat, commanded by Captain Walther Schwieger, off the coast of
Ireland in the English Channel. Just before this tragedy, the Lusitania, reportedly carrying over 6
million rounds of ammunition owned by J.P. Morgan Company, stopped its traditional zigzag
sailing pattern and cut its speed in half to await an escort vessel, the H.M. S. Juno, which was to
lead it to port. Unbeknownst to the Lusitania, and for reasons which have never been
satisfactorily explained, the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, ordered the Juno to
return to the port of Queenstown while the Lusitania sat alone and unprotected in the English
Channel waiting for its escort. One torpedo was fired and, within 1 8 minutes, 1 , 198 passengers,
including 1 28 Americans, perished. It is speculated that Churchill deliberately sacrificed the
Lusitania in order to force American entry into the war.
1 9 1 7 – April 1 6 – United States officially declared war on the Axis powers.
1 9 1 9 – June 28 – League of Nations signed without United States participation until more than
twenty years later when this was repackaged as the United Nations.
1 920 – Financial Panic engineered by the Fed proving it could manipulate economies of nations
at will without war.
1 92 1 – Shepp art-Towner Maternity Act (known as the “Maternity Act”) created the birth
“registration” or what we now know as the “Birth Certificate.”
1 92 1 – July 29 – Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR) formed because of the United States’
refusal to join the League of Nations following World War I. An outgrowth of a secret British
society formed by Cecil Rhodes and backed by Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation money, the
CFR’ s agenda envisioned nothing less than world domination and the establishment of a modem
feudalist society controlled by themselves through the world’ s central banks.
1 930 – Breton Woods Agreement in which sixteen nations declared bankruptcy. The Geneva
Con vention Treaty declared that International Bankruptcy treaties were superior to all federal
law, and the United States Constitution.
1 933 – March 9 – The United States Corporation went “Bankrupt” and was declared so by
President Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) by Executive Orders #6073 , 6 1 02, 6 1 1 1 and 6260. See: Senate
Report 93-549, pages 1 87 & 594. The Bankruptcy was codified at 1 2 U.S.c.A. 95a. Gold was
illegally ordered to be turned in. By 1 965, Silver was removed after John f. Kennedy was
assassinated by the federal government and the international bankers. Today, constitutional
money of exchange does not circulate. Your energy, faith and spirit was and is PLEDGED to the
State due the existing national Emergency !
1 933 – Most likely you were not a gleam in your daddy’ s eye, but your daddy was made a
Debtor, his property pledged to the State, his titles changed to ‘Certificate of Title’ or ‘Deeds, ‘
and h e was soon departed of his constitutional money to pay his debts at law !
1 938 – Federal United States joined the International Criminal Police Commission
(INTERPOL) , designating the U.S. Attorney General as the official representative to the
organization. The Secretary of the Treasury designated by the U.S. Attorney General as the
representative to INTERPOL in 1958. Representatives to INTERPOL must, pursuant Article 30
to the “Constitution and General Regulation of Interpol (22 U.S.c. § 263 (a» , “renounce their
allegiance to their respective countries and expatriate.” The World Bank is the agent for the
creditors/principles of the federal United States and is not subject to American Law.
1 944 – July – Breton Wood Monetary Conference, at the Washington Hotel in Breton
Woods, New Hampshire, which through the guidance of Harry Dexter White, Assistant
Secretary to the U.S. Treasury later known as a member of a Communist espionage ring, and
John Maynard Keynes, a well-known Fabian Socialist from England, created the IMFlWorld
Bank whose main role was the elimination of the gold-exchange standard as the basis of
currency valuation and the establishment of world socialism. White became the first Executive
Director for the United States at the IMF. Over 1 00 more nations declared bankruptcy.
1 946 – Administrative Procedures Act
1 973 – Trilateral Commission created by David Rockefeller to coordinate North America
(United States, Mexico, Canada), Japan and Western Europe into a New World Order under
slogans such as free trade and environmental protection until a full-blown regional government
emerges from the process. The so-called trade treaties within the European Union (EU), the
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Agreement (APEC), and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) have little to do
with free trade.
1 980 – UNIDO Treaty No. 9719 ratified by the Senate which makes the U.S. Constitution
subservient to the U.N. World Constitution.
1 992 – Ruby Ridge, Idaho; Federal Government surrounded a family cabin home of Randy
Weaver, his wife Vicky and three children, in the hills of Northern Idaho. The feds, under a ruse
of a federal violation via set-up, shot and killed Randy’ s son Sammy and later shot his wife
Vicky in the head.
1 993 – Waco, Texas; David Koresh, head of the ‘Davidians’ were surrounded by the federal
military on the ruse of failing to pay a tax on an a .50 caliber machine gun, after first being
attacked by fed A TF agents shooting into the Church/home complex. After days of a stand-off,
with helicopter also firing into the Church/home complex with women and children, military
tanks attacked the building and pumped in gallons of a gas, of which a fire then started and due
to winds the structure was engulfed in flames and was burned to the ground. The women and
children went into a underground structure and were found dead. Government agents were able
to get inside before the fire and shot some of the Davidians in the head.
1 995 – Oklahoma City – Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing. On the morning of
April 19, 1 995, supposedly Timothy McVeigh, an ex-army explosive expert parked a rented
Ryder truck with explosives in front of the complex and, at 9 :02am, a massive explosion
occurred which sheared the entire north side of the building, killing 1 68 people. However, based
upon additional evidence, the concrete columns just inside the building were set with small highexplosives.
As it has been proven that a truck load of fertilizer could not have caused that amount
of damage. One year later, a business across the street had discovered a tape recording of a
business meeting that morning in 1 995 . On the tape was heard; Boom,Boom,Boom,Boom,Boom,
Boom and then a humongous BOOM ! Per all the other evidence seen, established, researched
etc., McVeigh most likely was a patsy or paid to do the deed. But you decide !
200 1 – September 11 – 9/11 NEW YORK TRADE TOWERS ; supposedly collapsed as a
result of single air plane crashes into each of the two towers. Nongovernmental reports stated
that at 9:00AM, the eight Banks computer programs within the towers were set to down-load to a
central computer as the Country was going to shift from a ‘debt-based’ money system to an
‘asset-based’ money system. Over 2000 people were killed due to the collapse just prior to the
thousands who worked in the towers. As reported, the Jews were told not to show up for work
that day. As reported, the owner of the towers had just increased the insurance on the towers just
months before and evidence shows that the towers collapsed not due to the air planes crashing
into them, but from well placed explosives for a controlled demolition. Presumption is; that since
the fedslFBI was involved in the previous Trade Tower explosions a few years earlier; that when
all the facts are looked at, it wasn’ t done by foreign terrorists ! But you decide !
Of the remaining historical events of our time; Afghan war, War in Iraq, Patriot Act I & II and
????? . . . That you have lived through, experienced and witnessed . . . . the question is . . . were you
The agency Representatives of the various United Colonies of North America, via Declaration
of Independence, declared their separate and equal station, to which the Laws of Nature and
Natures Creator entitle them, formally expatriating themselves from England and/or Great
Britain, and repatriating themselves in an orderly fashion into a social compact styled as “The
United States of America” under the legislative assembly known as the “United States in
Congress Assembled.”
However, most people do not realize that the primary reason for the expatriation and ensuing war
was not “taxation without representation,” but the forced payment of taxes to the King in gold,
not paper money. The people in the Colonies of North America were flourishing by using their
own “fiat money” system based only on their production – not a gold based system that could be
manipulated by the King. The King could not “control” the fiat money system and therefore
passed a law requiring the subjects of the Crown to pay taxes in gold only. The King had most of
the gold – the people of the colonies had little (scarcity/value), unemployment ensued – and
embittered souls cried for redress. This fell on deaf ears, which lead to the natural powers of the
people, from which all political power is inherent, they declared their separation, causing the
Crown to declare an unjust war on the exercise of the principals of Life, Liberty, and the
pursuit of Happiness, as the peoples of the colonies of North America had so aptly declared and
laid before a candid world, for the causes which impelled them to their separation.
The Representatives of the United States in Congress Assembled did win the Revolutionary war
with England. There was a malfunction, however, in the plans for The United States of America.
Money powers were waiting at the gate from the very beginning.
Although the British Empire, as a recognized government in the world, lost the American
Revolution, the power (finance) structure behind it did not lose the war. The most visible of the
power structure identities was the East India Company, owned by the Bankers and the Crown in
London, England. This was an entirely private enterprise whose flag was adopted by Queen
Elizabeth in 1 600. This flag had thirteen red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle in
its upper left-hand comer.
The British government became hostile by oppressive legislation and eventually declared war
from 1 774- 1 782. The East India Company’s owners constituted a portion of the invisible,
(sovereign) Power structure (banks) behind the British government. They kept control of its
holdings in the New World and moved right into the new economy created by New Order
through the social compact, known as The United States of America. Together, and in close
association with, the colonial representatives of the United States in Congress Assembled and
their most powerful landowners still maintained control of the New World for the British Crown.
The United States Constitution created a new social contract structure of government that was
established on a much higher plane than the parliamentary system of the Confederation of The
United States of America. It was a social compact known as “Constitutional republic, ” wherein
a certain amount of power was delegated to the States (Corporations) enfranchised by the New
Order of the Social Compact. A certain amount was delegated to the agency federal government
with the residual power reserved to the signatory parties respectfully (The Real Party In
Interest, “We (The) People of the United States” who either signed the Declaration of
Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the new Constitution of the “United
States” for “The United States of America” or were related as a member posterity of such
People having been signatory thereto). To no other people, did such social compact guarantee
any Standing of Rights or otherwise under the new Social Compact. The Representatives of
“We the People of the United States,” by way of their agency representatives of the “United
States in Congress Assembled,” had certain enumerated powers delegated by the social
compact known as the Constitution of the United States. So far as the several States party to the
U.S. Constitution are directly concerned, the Representatives of the United States in Congress
Assembled, may not exercise any power not so delegated by the social compact known as the
U.S. Constitution. All power not delegated to the Representatives of the United States in
Congress Assembled, by the social contract is reserved to the several States within their
respective territorial borders — or, to the signatory people thereto, or their posterity thereof
(Article of Amendment, the IX and X of the U.S. Const.).
The Constitution was pushed and supported by the bankers through their associates, for their
own control over the construct known as The United States of America created by the new social
compact. Had the Articles of Confederation been completely adopted and/or reaffirmed, instead
of adopting the Constitution which came about due to the Treaty of Peace with the Crown of
England in 1 782-83, the bankers would have far less control than they achieved.
Ten Square Miles
Define the word “Columbia.” This word and the following words to be defined in this section
Columbia: [NL (new Latin) Christopher Columbus] (Originated in 1 775): THE UNITED
Columbus has the same root word as columbarium and columbine.
Columbarium [L dovecote, from columba dove] a structure of vaults lined with recesses
for cinerary urns.
Dovecote: 1. a small compartmented raised house or box for domestic pigeons or doves;
also for breeding. 2. a settled or harmonious group or organization.
Columbine [ME from ML columbina, L columbinus – like a dove ,from columba dove, GK
kolymbos a small grebe (diving bird), kelainos black]
Columbidea is the Latin species of dove.
Dove: 3. one who takes a conciliatory attitude and advocates negotiations and compromise; an
opponent of war.
District: [F from ML districtus jurisdiction, from distringer to distrain] 1. a territorial division as
for administrative or electoral purposes. 2. an area, region or section with a distinguishing
Distrain: [ME distreynen, from dis- + stringere to bind tight, more at strain] 1 . to force or compel
to satisfy an obligation by means of a distress 2. to seize by distress; to levy a distress.
Strain [ME streen progeny, lineage, from OE streon gain, acquisition; akin to OHG gistriuni
gain, L struere to heap up] 1. lineage, ancestry b. a group of presumed common ancestry with
clear-cut physiological but usual no morphological distinctions. 2 a. inherited or inherent
character, quality, or disposition.
(Emphasis added on all of the above definitions.)
Note: The Columbia faction, an Italian Organization and Masonic group, funded Christopher
Colin, who was renamed by the organization as Christopher Columbus, circa 1480 ‘s. The
Columbia faction ‘s symbol is a black dove! It is also interesting to note that the Illuminati, an
Italian Masonic group, was formed in 1 776, in America. Both of these groups strictly adhere to
their own hereditary bloodlines and purposely do not intermix with other ancestries. References
– read the Biggest Secret by David Icke.
THE UNITED STATES consists only of what remains of the ten miles square granted by the
Constitution and ceded by particular States creating the City of Washington, District of
Columbia (D.C.), and further such acquisitions of its territories of Guam, American Samoa,
Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico, etc.
One of the powers granted in the federal social compact is to the United States in Congress
Assembled, in Article 1 , section 8, clause 16 and 17, which reads as follows:
1 6. To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not
exceeding ten mile square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of
congress, become the seat of government of the United States, and to exercise like
authority over all places purchased, by the consent of the legislature of the state in which
the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and the
needful buildings: — and,
1 7. To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the
foregoing powers, and all the new powers vested by this Constitution in the government
of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof
Said Congress, has absolute — or what is described as — plenary power. This is municipal, police
power, and the like.
Where does this Congress have such plenary power? Read again clauses 1 6 and 17 above. Only
within the geographical area of the District of Columbia, and all forts, magazines, arsenals,
dockyards, and other needful buildings within the several States.
The United States is an Abstraction — It Exists Only on Paper
It is a total fiction. It exists as an idea. The various Republic States of the Union exist in
substance and reality. The United States only takes on physical reality after Congress positively
activates constitutionally delegated powers through statutes enacted in accordance with Article I
section 7 of the social compact known as the U.S. Constitution. It is necessary for you to read
that section.
The Constitution is Bifurcated — Separated in Two Parts
The Constitution was bifurcated. Bifurcated is defined as separated. (See the Bifurcated Chart
at the end of this course). We will call it bifurcated because it is the separation from the original
jurisdiction as outlined in the Articles of Confederation. Article I, section 8, clauses 1 6 and 1 7
clearly set this out.
It important to remember, as we will be returning to this particular section later on throughout
this discourse, the U.S. Congress does have the right to make all laws regarding Washington
D.C. within the ten miles square granted, whether equal in geographical size as granted or not,
and such other territories owned by the United States, etc .. This tiny scope of legislative powers
is the only authority as it relates to the United States in Congress Assembled when
contemplating any people of the various states, or standing otherwise, not signatory to such
social compact, otherwise than by either being directly or indirectly related as a member of
the posterity to the actual people signatory thereto.
The First National Bank in the United States
Define ‘Bank ‘ in Blacks Law 4th. – Please read the entire definition (which consists of one full
column). This has reference to law and judges and particularly to water, i.e. maritime, before
you arrive at what you think a bank might be. Read it carefully because this will become more
and more important later in these courses).
One of the first acts that the so-called President, Mr. George Washington, did within two years
of his appointment was to declare an emergency. William Morris with the help of Alexander
Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury, heavily promoted the first national bank (Bank of England) to
legislation in order to create a private bank. In 1 78 1 , Congress chartered the first national bank
for a term of 20 years, with the same European bankers that were holding the debts before the
war. The bankers loaned worthless, un-backed, non-secured printed money to each other to
charter this first bank.
After thousands of lives were lost fighting a war to get control of the wealth of the people and
their medium of money, why did congress contract with the same bankers that STARTED the
revolutionary war in the first place?
Very simple. Since the Crown and members of the Rothschild family [as they where commonly
known] were the secured party creditors, they demanded a private bank to hold the securities (the
assets) of the United States as the pledged assets to the Crown of England in order to secure the
debt to which the United States had defaulted. The holders (Fiscal Agent of the Crown) of the
securities were the private bankers operating the newly chartered bank. So, under public
international law, the creditor nation forced the United States to establish a private bank to hold
the securities as the collateral for the loan. As throughout history, Money leads wherever we let
it go unrestrained.
European Bankers Expand
1 785 AD – It had been rumored that the youngest Rothschild, Nathan, expanded his wealth to
20,000 pounds within a 1 5 year period by using other people’ s money, an increase of 2500%.
1 787 AD – Amshel (de Mayer) Rothschild made the famous statement: “Let me issue and
control a Nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws. ”
It has been alleged that Thomas Jefferson stated, “If the American people ever allow the
previous banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation then by deflation,
[then] the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people
of all property until their children wake homeless on the Continent their fathers
conquered. ”
1 798 AD – The five Rothschild brothers expanded by opening banks in each of the major
cities of Europe. Amshel Mayer, Germany; Solomon, Vienna; Jacob, Paris; Nathan, London;
Carl, Naples.
The War of 1812 and the Second National Bank
The charter for the private bank was for 20 years– or until around 1 8 1 1 . What happened in
1 8 1 2? The War of 1 8 1 2. What did England attack? Washington, D.C., within the ten miles
square. Here the British burned the White House, Library of Congress, and other buildings.
Was the attack by England within the assumed ten miles square an act of war? No, it was not.
Under public international law, what was an act of war was the United States not extending the
first national bank into the second national bank to continue to maintain the securities on the
unpaid debt. So, when the United States acted in dishonor, by not giving the lawful creditor his
securities in a peaceful manner, the only remedy available under international (Public Order)
recourse to the creditor was to come in on letters of Marques and seize the assets to protect his
Did the second national bank get approved? Absolutely. After England attacked the nation that
was in default, they saw the light and enacted the second national bank. This was for another 20
years, which was to expire around 1 836.
The Forgotten 13th Amendment
Attorney: . . . with obligation to the courts and to the public, not to the client, and wherever the
duties of his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of
justice, the former must yield to the later. (emphasis added) Corpus Juris Scandium, 1 980, Vol.
7, (heading) Attorney-Client , sections 2, 3, and 4, See note. (All attorneys owe their allegiance,
first to the Crown of England; second, to the courts ; third, to the public; and finally, to their
clients as Wards of Court. Is it any wonder your attorney never wins a case for you?)
BAR (acronym for British Accreditation Regency – look up each of these words)
Attorneys are members of the BAR. The American Bar Association is a branch of the Bar
Council, sole bar association in England. All laws, today in America, are copyrighted property
of a British company, all state Codes are private, commercial, British-owned “law.” All attorneys
follow instruction from England Attorn, twist and tum over their clients to the private law of the
bankruptcy. That is their job. That is their pledge to those whom they owe allegiance.
Note: By definition, the obligations and duties of attorneys extend to the court and the “public”
(government) before any mere “client. ” Clients are “wards of the court” and therefore “persons
of unsound mind.” See also “clien, ” “wards of court. ”
The Original 13th Amendment
There was also another important issue involved in the War of 1 8 1 2. The original 1 3th
Amendment prohibited Attorneys and anyone with a title of nobility to hold any public office in
America. All the states had ratified this 1 3th Amendment, except for Virginia.
You’ll note that the War of 1 8 1 2 was waged mostly in Washington, D.C. The British burned all
the repository buildings, attempting to destroy all records of the new symbols of the social
compact known as The United States of America, represented in Washington, D.C. by the United
States in Congress Assembled.
Thus, the War of 1 8 1 2 was partly waged to prevent the passage and enforcement of the new
Thirteenth Amendment. Most book repositories throughout the states were burned to the ground
and all records destroyed. There’s a famous painting in Washington D.C. depicting the British
boarding a ship after they “surrendered. ” The painting shows the British carrying their rifles as
they mounted the gangplank. One must ask, “What army is allowed to keep their weapons after
they surrender?” One must also ask, “Who really won that war? ”
As a result of the accumulated debt of waging that war, a new Bank Charter was issued for
another 20 years.
Andrew Jackson and the Bank
President Andrew Jackson put an end to this second Charter in 1 836. Jackson’s reasoning was
simple: The Constitution does not delegate authority for Congress to establish a national bank.
Jackson’s rationale has never been seriously challenged, and the Constitution has never been
amended to authorize Congress to establish a national bank. Nor, for that matter, does the
Constitution delegate authority for the United States to establish corporations, particularly
private corporations.
There was not a national bank established in America for more than 75 years, unti1 1 9 1 3 with the
Federal Reserve Bank. Andrew Jackson did an excellent job.
What did Congress do with Andrew Jackson? They impeached him. Is that because Congress is
made up mostly of attorneys? Who do the attorneys have a title of nobility to? The Crown of
England. So Congress is populated by attorneys who are Esquires or titles of nobility to the
Crown of England. So, who does our Congress represent? The Bankers (the Fiscal Agents of
the Crown).
The bankers hired an assassin to kill Andrew Jackson using two pistols, however the plot failed
as both pistols misfired.
Andrew Jackson violated public international law because he denied the creditor his just lien
rights on the debtor. However, the bankers did not lend value (substance), so in actuality they
had an unperfected lien, and therefore the law actually did not apply.
Andrew Jackson stated, “Controlling our currency, receiving our public money, and holding
thousands of our citizens in dependence . . . would be more formidable and dangerous than a
military power of the enemy. ”
The Civil War
In 1 860-6 1 , the Southern states (Representatives of the Original Signatories of the Social
Compact) walked out of Congress. This created sine die. Abraham Lincoln was elected
President. The South walked out and declared their states’ rights pursuant to the Social Compact
known as the U.S. Constitution. Slavery was only window dressing for the Civil War. The war
had nothing to do with slavery. It has to do with States (the Right of the present living Posterity
of the Original Signatories to the Social Compact to alter or abolish the forms of government
which their Forefathers established for themselves and their Posterity) Rights and the National
debt to the Creditor’ s Fiscal Agent (the bankers). The South wanted to be redeemed from the
Crown in England. The North wanted to remain under their dominion and their debt.
When the Posterity of the Member States of the South ordered their Representatives to walk out
of Congress, this ended the public side of the bifurcated Constitution as far as the Republican
form of government was concerned. What remained of the government was the private side, the
democracy (the remaining Mob of illegitimate members of the congressional body of agents who
had breached the organic social compact known as the U.S, Constitution which the beneficiaries
of the Original Signatories of the Trust so established for their Posterity) foisted upon them
under the rule of the (Fiscal Agents of the Crown) bankers.
During and after the Civil War, the original 1 3th Amendment was replaced and a new 1 3th
Amendment was issued first by Executive Order, and then enacted under Martial Law on
December 1 8, 1 865 ; the 14th Amendment was enacted similarly on July 28, 1 868; The 1 5th
Amendment enacted similarly on March 30, 1 870.
President Lincoln, by Executive Order proclaimed the first Trading With the Enemy Act.
President Lincoln stated, “The government should create, issue, and circulate all currency and
credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of
consumers. ” Further, he quoted, “The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the
supreme prerogative of government, but it is the government’s greatest opportunity. ”
Afterwards, he was murdered because h e defied the bankers b y printing interest free money to
pay for the war efforts.
The 14th Amendment brought the freed slaves, whose previous owners were private plantation
owners and transferred those slaves under slavery of the government, the assumed ten miles
square jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.
At any given period of time, the only people in the United States who were under the jurisdiction
of the private bifurcated government of the assumed ten miles square of Washington, D.C., were
the government employees and those who created the social compact, and of course those
residing as resident and non-resident aliens within the territories owned by the United States and
now the former slaves. The former Citizens of those living in the Southern portion of the social
construct known as the United States for The United States of America, now “captured,” became
14th Amendment £itizens by Martial Law. Their only express and sole privilege was to vote as
granted by the 1 5th Amendment. The remainder of the compact party people of the posterity
related thereto, could still invoke the power over government through original jurisdiction of the
Republic side of the Constitution only in limited application from any curtailed privilege and
immunity effected pursuant thereto by way of the Act of July 27, 1 868, c249, § 1 , 1 5 Stat. 223,
Rev. Stat. § 1 999, now Title 8, U.S.c. §§ 800-80 1 (Expatriation Act).
Thus, the new form of Democracy (MOB RULE-MARTIAL LAW), as the government was so
styled, operated fully under the authority of private law dictated by the creditor, according to the
principals of International Public Order.
UNITED STATES Incorporates in England
In 1 87 1 the default again loomed and bankruptcy was imminent. So in 1 87 1 , the assumed ten
miles square was incorporated in England. The new military social construct of the United
States was still operating under the old familiar known social compacts agency name as the
“United States in Congress Assembled” which used the Constitution as their by-laws. Not as
authority under the Constitution, but as authority over the Constitution. They copyrighted, not
only the Constitution but also many names such as THE UNITED STATES, U.S., THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA and many other titles as their own intellectual property
and secured such property rights by copyright. This is the final blow to the original Constitution
as applicable to the Trust operating under the U.S. Constitution for the Beneficiaries of the
original signatories of the Social Compact created for their benefit by their forefathers. From
here on out, the UNITED STATES was governed entirely by foreign (foreign to the law
established by the Social Compact) private corporate law, dictated by the bankers as fiscal agents
for the private Creditors of the intellectual property which they now held in, and under copyright
with, the Creditors extending the right to use such copyright to their esquires by and through the
Crown’ s (!!ritish Accreditation Registry) BAR international Agents (Attorneys) in association
with the Vatican by Treaty as the Exchequer of the Vatican Treasury.
More Bankruptcy Re-organizations
Define the word “By-laws” (STD)
Then, in 1 909, default loomed once more. The US government went to the Crown of England
and asked for an extension of time. This extension was granted for another 20 years on several
conditions. One of the conditions was that the United States were forced to allow the creditors to
establish a new national bank. This was done in 1 9 1 3, with the Federal Reserve Bank. Along
with the 1 6th Amendment, the collection of Income tax, enacted February 25, 1 9 1 3, and the 1 7th
Amendment enacted May 3 1 , 1 9 1 3 , were the conditions for the continuing extension of time
allowed by the creditors for the United States to continue to exist as a functioning entity within
the International Public Order. The 1 6th and 17th Amendment further reduced the States ‘ power
by removing the State legislative right to appoint Senators directly. The UNITED STATES
adopted the Babylonian system, that being the most clever way to control the mob of people
collectively to keep and control political power, thereby controlling any future attempt by
contractual obligations, the ability by the beneficiaries to attempt to overcome and to restore the
former system of government to which their forefathers had sacrificed their lives, wealth and
their Sacred Honor to give them. Whether or not their forefather’ s actions where right or wrong,
the fruit of their labor still exists, with those of us who still study our predecessor’ s actions for
the benefit of hopefully avoiding the same mistakes.
First World War
In 1 9 17, peoples of all walks of life were again drafted into the First World War (WW 1 ) for the
sole purpose of the beginning of centralizing global power under a New World Order. This was
to greatly affect the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of all individuals living upon the face
of Planet Earth, then, now and in the future. The so-called debt accumulated so that it became
impossible for anyone to pay off their debts in lawful currency of the United States by 1 929. It
also enhanced the War Powers Act that President Lincoln, by Executive Order 1 00, put in place
during his Presidency. This War Powers Act was re-enforced and became “The Trading with the
Enemy Act” of 1 9 1 7 . This will become more important later on.
The Great Depression
We all know what happened in 1 929. This was the year of the stock market crash and the
beginning of The Great Depression.
The Great Depression: The stock market crash moved billions of dollars from the people to the
banker’ s warehouses (Banks). This also removed various forms of cash and/or certificates,
backed by lawful coinage (Gold and Silver) of the United States then in circulation for the
peoples’ use. Those who still possessed any cash invested in high interest yielding Treasury
Bonds, driven higher by increased demand. As a result, even more cash was removed from
circulation for the general public use. There was not enough cash left in circulation to buy the
goods being produced. Production came to a halt as inventory overcrowded the market. There
were more products on the market than there was cash to buy them. Prices plummeted and
industries plunged into bankruptcy, throwing millions more people out of work and out of cash.
Foreclosures on homes, factories, businesses and farms rose to the highest level in the history,
not only locally but globally. A mere dime was literally salvation to many families now living
on the street. Billions of people globally lost everything they had, keeping only the clothes on
their backs.
In Europe, in 1 930, the International Bankers declared several nations bankrupt, including the
United States. Then in 1 933, President Roosevelt was elected and took office. His first act as
President was to declare, publicly, that The United States was bankrupt. He further went on to
issue his Presidential Executive Order on March 5th, 1 933 that all United States Citizens/citizens
must tum in all their gold in return for Federal Reserve Notes. This was passed into law by
Congress on June 5t\ 1933.
House/Senate Joint Resolution 192 (1933)
All the people, whether subject to the jurisdiction or not, deluded by a system of public
education, assumed the position of such status of citizenship and turned in all the gold in their
possession at that time. Why? Were we United States Citizens? No. We were still a sovereign
people until that time. We just thought that we were required to tum in all the gold in our
possession. Only those people living in Washington, D.C., and the 14th Amendment £itizens and
the Citizens per the Article IV of the U.S. Constitution (the beneficiaries of the Social Compact)
were so required. We were still sovereign (Non-Members of the Social Compact). We were not
under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, which incorporated in 1 87 1 .
When people turned in their gold, they just recognized and/or volunteered into the jurisdiction of
the assumed ten miles square jurisdiction of Washington D.C. and their laws, by general
acquiescence. Pursuant thereto, such people became 14th Amendment United States £itizens by
tacit agreement. Their posterity, which include many of us in this social net of subterfuge, were
required to deliver all birth registries to the government. In their place were returned Certificates
of (title) Birth, the title to our bodies, that were then registered by the U.S. Department of
Commerce (Commercial Registry) in its sub-department known as the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
This title to our bodies, all of our property and all of our future labor, was pledged to the
International Bankers as security for the money owed in bankruptcy by the corporate United
States (Title 28 U.S.c. 3002( 1 5)(A)). All of this was done under the authority of Commercial
Law (Babylonian law) by and through secured Transactions governing security interest in
documents of Title. All People were not in bankruptcy. Only the Corporate UNITED STATES
and the various global governmental corporate (Nations) constructs globally which had become
the pawns of the international bankers were in bankruptcy. Through such global social
subterfuge and schemes foisted upon all walks of life, most people were duped into believing
themselves a party to the various governmental social compacts and thereby a party to the
bankruptcy of the various bankrupt Nations. All peoples continue to believe now, as then, that
they are each individually and collectively a member of such aforesaid compacts and/or
constructs. The foundational truth is far from the illusion peoples suffer under. All peoples have
never had now or then, a contractual nexus to such compacts and/or constructs. All walks of life
have been continually deceived and educated from childhood to believe that they must give sole
allegiance to, and (for whatever unsound non-existent contractual re ason) to be controlled by
those who form such compacts and/or constructs.
We must remember, however, that it was only the politicians (and the Posterity of the Original
Signatory Members of the Social Compact known as the U.S . Constitution) and the assumed ten
miles square of Washington, D.C., the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and other such
various Government constructs throughout the planet at the time, globally speaking, that went
into bankruptcy. It was specifically relative to no other People or Social Compact, which was
not a party to such or did not go along with the social scheme at the time, so-to-speak.
In the years following the independence of the several colonies in the North of the Western
Hemisphere, a close business relationship had developed between the cotton growing aristocracy
in the South and the cotton manufacturers in England. The European bankers decided that this
business connection was the Union’ s and/or Social Compact’ s Achilles Heel, the door through
which the young Republican form of Government could be successfully attacked and overcome.
The lllustrated University History, 1 878, p. 504, tells us that the southern states swarmed with
British agents. These conspired with local politicians to work against the best interests of the
Social Compact known as the United States. Their carefully sown and nurtured propaganda
developed into open rebellion and resulted in the secession of the people of the Compact Party
State known as South Carolina on December 29, 1 860. Within weeks, the people (beneficiaries
as the posterity of the original signatories to the social compact) of six compact party states
joined the conspiracy against the Union and broke away to form the new social compact
construct known as the Confederate States of America, with Jefferson Davis as President.
The plotters raided armies, seized forts, arsenals, mints and other Union property. Even members
of President Buchanan’s Cabinet conspired to destroy the Union by damaging the so-called
public credit and working to bankrupt the social compact Union. President Buchanan claimed to
deplore secession but took no steps to check it, even when a U.S. ship was fired upon by South
Carolina shore batteries.
Shortly thereafter, Abraham Lincoln became President, being inaugurated on March 4, 1 86 1 .
Lincoln immediately ordered a blockade on Southern ports to cut off supplies that were pouring
in from Europe. The ‘official’ date for the start of the Civil War is given as April 1 2, 1 86 1 when
Fort Sumter in South Carolina was bombarded by the Confederates, but it obviously began at a
much earlier date.
In December, 1 86 1 , large numbers of European Troops (British, French and Spanish) poured into
Mexico in defiance of the Monroe Doctrine. This, together with widespread European aid to the
Confederacy, strongly indicated that the Crown was preparing to enter the war. The outlook for
the North, and the future of the Union, was bleak indeed.
In this hour of extreme crisis, it has been said by those who remain anonymous, that President
Abraham Lincoln appealed to the Crown’s perennial enemy, Russia, for assistance. When the
envelope allegedly containing Mr. Lincoln’s urgent appeal was given to Czar Alexander II, it has
been postulated that he weighed it unopened in his hand and stated: “Before we open this paper
or know its contents, we grant any request it may contain. ”
Unannounced, a Russian fleet under Admiral Liviski, steamed into New York harbor on
September 24, 1 863, and anchored there; The Russian Pacific fleet, under Admiral Popov,
arrived in San Francisco on October 1 2. Of this Russian act, Gideon Wells said: “They arrived at
the high tide of the Confederacy and the low tide of the North, causing England and France to
hesitate long enough to tum the tide for the North” (Empire of “The City, ” p. 90).
History, if it can be found in truth, may reveal, if the truth ever comes to light, that the
Rothschild family was heavily involved in financing both sides of the Civil War. Lincoln put a
damper on their activities when, in 1 862 and 1 863, he refused to pay the exorbitant rates of
interest demanded by the Rothschild family. Mr. Lincoln issued by Executive Order, via the
new military social construct, a presumed Constitutionally-authorized interest free United States
Notes. Allegedly, for this and other acts of patriotism, Mr. Lincoln was shot down in cold-blood
by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1 865 , just five (5) days after Lee surrendered to Grant at
Appomattox Court House, Virginia. Booth’s grand-daughter, Izola Forrester, states in “This One
Mad Act” that Mr. Lincoln’s assassin had been in close contact with mysterious Europeans
prior to the slaying, and had made at least one trip to Europe. Following the killing, John Wilkes
Booth was whisked away to safety by members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. According
to the author, Booth lived for many years following his disappearance.
HJR 192
On March 9, 1933 – House 73rd Congress, Session I. Chapter I, page # 83, 1 st paragraph, third
sentence it states: “Under the new law the money is issued to the banks in return for
Government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and bankers
acceptances. The money will be worth 1 00 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit
of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the
people in the nation. ” (Emphasis added)
House Joint Resolution 1 92, June 5, 1933, states that one cannot demand a certain form of
currency that they want to receive if it is dollar for dollar as ALL CURRENCY IS YOUR
CREDIT ! ! If they do, they are in breach of the contract of HJR 1 92. You have already accepted
this contract and now they must perform.
Pursuant to this contractual resolution expounded upon by the corporation that you are
discharging the debt pursuant to HJR 1 92, they must give you a Letter of Release or Payment in
Full in the form of discharge.
If they ask you, “Where does the money come from to pay for the items?” you should
correct them and say, “There is no money because the UNITED STATES and all
municipalities are in bankruptcy and the only currency that exists is that of all the people’ s
credit.” You could also tell them, “The U S Trust Fund i s where all of the people’ s property has
been collateralized to create the credit of their nation.” If they appear confused, show them a
copy of the 73rd Congress, March 9, 1933 where it says:
“(The new money) will be backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage
on all the homes and property of all the people in the nation. ”
They would be so impressed and shocked that they had actually witnessed a creditor who knows
his business, that they in tum would probably conduct themselves more respectful and business
like towards you.
To understand how the “money” system works today, one must remember the 73rd Congress,
March 9, 1 933;
” The money (Federal Reserve Notes) will be worth 1 00 cents on the dollar, because it is
backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and
other property of all the people in the nation. The money so issued will not have one
penny of gold coverage behind it, because it is really not needed. ”
Since the “national emergency in banking,” otherwise known as bankruptcy, occurred in 1 933,
our “money” is credit – your credit – backed by your collateral or your promise. When you sign
any promise to pay, it becomes MONEY! What is the difference between Federal Reserve
Notes and the Promissory Note you gave the bank? They both represent your credit. Only one
thing is different – the bank failed to record your Promissory Note when they recorded the
Deed of Trust, therefore it is not “registered” in the public register like FRNs are. Could this be
considered “fraudulent use of a foreign security?” You better believe it is !
Undaunted by their initial failures to destroy the Social Compact United States, the international
bankers pursued their objective with relentless zeal. Between the end of the Civil War and 1 9 14,
their main agents in the United States were Kuhn, Loeb and Co. and the J. P. Morgan Co.
A brief history of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. appeared in Newsweek magazine on February 1, 1 936:
“Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb were general merchandise merchants in Lafayette, Indiana,
in 1 850. As usual in newly settled regions, most transactions were on credit. They soon found
out that they were bankers. In 1 867, they established Kuhn, Loeb and Co., bankers, in New York
City, and took in a young German immigrant, Jacob Schiff, as partner. Young Schiff had
important financial connections in Europe. After ten years, Jacob Schiff was head of Kuhn, Loeb
and Co., Kuhn, having returned. Under Schiffs guidance, the house brought European capital
into contact with American industry. ”
Schiffs “important financial connections in Europe” were the Rothschilds and their German
representatives, the M. M. Warburg Company of Hamburg and Amsterdam. Within twenty years
the Rothschilds, through their Warburg-Schiff connection, had provided the capital that enabled
John D. Rockefeller to greatly expand his Standard Oil Empire. They also financed the activities
of Edward Harriman (Railroads) and Andrew Carnegie (Steel).
At the turn of the 20th century the Rothschilds, not satisfied with the progress being made by
their American operations, sent one of their top experts, Paul Moritz Warburg, over to New York
to take direct charge of their assault upon the only true champion of individual liberty and
prosperity — the United States.
At a hearing of the House Committee on Banking and Currency in 1 9 1 3, Warburg revealed that
he was “a member of the banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. I came to this country in 1 902,
having been born and educated in the banking business in Hamburg, Germany, and studied
banking in London and Paris, and have gone all around the world . . . . ”
(In the late 1 800s, people didn’t study banking in London and “all around the world” unless they
had a special mission to perform ! )
Early i n 1 907, Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild-owned boss o f Kuhn, Loeb and Co., i n a speech to
the New York Chamber of Commerce, warned that “unless we have a Central Bank with
adequate control of credit resources, this country is going to undergo the most severe and far
reaching money panic in its history. ”
Shortly thereafter, the United States plunged into a well orchestrated monetary crisis that had all
the earmarks of a skillfully planned Rothschild ‘job.’ The ensuing panic financially mined tens of
thousands of innocent people across the country — and made billions for the banking elite. The
purpose for the ‘crisis’ was two-fold:
(1) To make a financial ‘killing’ for the Insiders, and
(2) To impress on all people the ‘great need’ for a central bank.
Paul Warburg told the Banking and Currency Committee: “In the Panic of 1 907, the first
suggestion I made was, ‘let us have a national clearing house’ [Central Bank] . The Aldrich Plan
[for a Central Bank] contains many things that are simply fundamental rules of banking. Your
aim must be the same . . . . ”
Digging deep into their bag of deceitful practices, the international bankers pulled off their
greatest coup to date — the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve System, which
placed control of the finances of the United States securely in the hands of the power-crazed
money monopolists. Paul Warburg became the ‘Fed’s’ first chairman !
It has been alleged that Congressman Charles Lindbergh put his finger firmly on the truth
when it is proffered that he presumably stated, just after the ‘Federal’ Reserve Act was passed
by a depleted Congress on December 23, 1 9 1 3 : ” The Act establishes the most gigantic trust
on earth. When the President [Wilson] signs this Bill, the invisible government of the
monetary power will be legalized …. The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated by this
banking and currency bill.” No wonder his son was kidnapped and killed.
united States of America
The several states (People) then got together and began to draw up guidelines for Federal
Government. These were the Articles of Confederation. These Articles were ratified but were
never truly perfected because there were factions between the wealthy of the new nation who
still had economic and political ties with previous counterparts of the Crown in Britain. Some
people wanted to be aligned with England. Their wealth and continued wealth were locked with
English rule and commerce. Others wanted to be completely separate from England. Those who
favored England found that there was too much opposition to be bound with England. As a
result, those in favor of England, with the aid of English Bankers, did the next best thing for
themselves. They pushed for a Constitution governed by Treaty instead of the Articles of
Confederation to control the new Social Compact.
The Constitution was completed and established before the Articles of Confederation were
brought forward in respect to Article VI of the newly finished Articles of Confederation. In
1 789, the U.S. Constitution was adopted by several signatory people and thereafter their holdings
became known as States. But a few (People) states (those being the true people, whom most are
unaware of as referred to in the Social Compact as States, of the so-called Union [Marriage] of
the States) wanted some protection from the new Social Compact federal system of
representative agency government. It took another two years for the Bill of Rights to be added to
the Social Compact known as the U.S. Constitution. This was to protect those People signatory
to the Social Compact from their agency representations in government, the assumed ten miles
square and the employees of that government. Never were all people ever invited to sign the
Social Compact, but were sold on the assumption that the rights, privileges, and immunities
applied to all people, which of course was an absolute lie (read H.G. Well’ s “The Outline of
History” 3rd Edition Revised [1921], page 842, 3rd paragraph and continuing on page 843 .
Continue reading the first four (4) sentences of the first paragraph of page 843).
Notice that the title of this essay doesn’ t include the word “THE.” Just as General Motors
doesn’t imply a plural number of motors, United States does not imply a plural number of
states-there is nothing plural about the contemporary use of the term. United States is a singular
proper noun, and correct usage does not include the antecedent definite article the. United states
is a corporate trade name, like General Motors, and identifies a corporation, albeit federal and
municipal, but a corporation nevertheless. Just as proper English doesn’t include “the Canada,
“the Finland, or “the Egypt”, it likewise does not include “the United States.” A far more
accurate indicator would be the State of United States. We read of the “State of Great Britain” in
the Declaration of Independence, and hear of the “State of Israel” in the news. The proper recital
of the name “United States,” identifies the for-profit, bankrupt, commercial enterprise in
Washington, DC, presently managed by the receiver in bankruptcy, Secretary of the Treasury of
Puerto Rico, a.k.a. , Secretary of the Treasury. The United States is a slyly concocted fraud that
plants in the mind the notion that its identity is merged with the states, when in fact it is foreign
to the (People) states.
Note: While functionally speaking the Republic no longer operates since the fraudulent
takeover by declared state of war (see Trading with the Enemy Act) after the bankruptcy,
this condition is artificial, de facto, and unlawful.
It is well established that “United States”, a.k.a., US, U.S., USA, America, government, and
federal government, et al is a corporation, originally incorporated February 21, 1871 under the
name “District of Columbia,” 16 Stat. 419 Chapter 62. It was reorganized June 11, 1878; as a
bankrupt organization per House Joint Resolution 192 on June 5, 1933, Senate Report 93-549,
and Executive Orders 6072, 6102, and 6246; a de facto (define de facto) government, originally
the ten square mile tract ceded by Maryland and Virginia and comprising Washington D.C., plus
the possessions, territories, forts, and arsenals.
UNITED STATES. Means: (A) a federal corporation . . . Title 28 USC Section
3002(5) Chapter 176. It is clear that the United States . . . is a corporation . . . 534
FEDERAL SUPPLEMENT 724. [emphasis added]
Note: from 1776 to 1789 United States was a confederation and after 1789 it was a
singular incorporated federal nation system.
The significance of this is that, as a corporation, the United States has authority to implement
laws for “We the People of the United States” but no more authority to implement its laws
against “All The People” than does MacDonald Corporations, except for one thing-the
contracts we’ve signed as surety for our “Straw-man” with the United States through
misrepresentation of, by, and for the Creditor Bankers. These contracts binding us together with
the United States and the bankers, are actually not a party-in-interest with us, but with our
artificial entity, acting as a transmitting utility, or as they term it, the office of ” person,” which
cleverly uses the same descriptive alphabetical denoted letters as the name given to the living
breathing people, privately at birth, but with one difference – the form of identification changes
the symbolic alphabetical spelling with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
THE UNITED STATES as a corporation, created in England, came under the jurisdiction of
England. This entitled England to create laws as England saw fit to do, establish those laws in
THE UNITED STATES and everyone who at that time was a 14th Amendment Citizen were
subject to obey those laws. This also placed the Congress of THE UNITED STATES above that
portion of what we think is the Constitution, not under the authority of the Constitution.
Copyrighted, remember? The only Bill of Rights left at this point in 2009, is four Amendments
— 13th, 14th 15th, and 16th. That is all the Courts are required to take cognizance of when any
people appear in their courts, excepting those people operating via International Public Order by
way of the Supreme Law of the Land (Treaty) within the framework of any form of Social
Compact (Kiyokura Okimura v. Acheson, 99 Fed Supp. 587 [D. of Hawaii](l951)).
The 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression that followed placed the so-called
American people in desperation, homelessness, poverty and even starvation. The minds of all
people were focused on survival. They were then in a condition to accept any handout given by
the government, no matter what the cost to their freedoms.
All people were drawn in as 14th Amendment Citizens by such misrepresentation through the
15th Article of Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the registration of people’s birth records
and in return, handed certificates in exchange for this perfected consideration of the sole and
exclusive right to vote under the new social construct of Democracy. People were further enticed
deeper into that system by volunteering for many other licenses and privileges given by the
corporate U.S. government. We were also made enemies of agency, THE UNITED STATES.
This act gave the agencies of the UNITED STATES authority, under the laws of war and as a
captured alien people, to force anything on them as the corporation chose to create or deprive
them of, whether for their benefit or not.
Then, in 1976, Congress removed any semblance of justice in their court system with Senate bill
94-201 and 94-381. From this point forward, the ‘officers of the court’ can construe and
construct the laws to mean anything they choose them to mean. (See: Dyett v. Turner, 439 P.
Rptrs. 266 [1968]; and Utah v. Phillips, 540 P. Rptrs. 936 [1975] ; and Respublica v. Sweers 1
Dallas. 43)
As 14th Amendment £itizens, the people are not Citizens of the Social Compact known as the
United States of America as we have always been taught to think. We are actually subjects via
International Public Order to whatever jurisdiction which we are found in or reside in, unless we
have otherwise emerged into some other political status freely determined to prove that we the
people don’t belong to such social construct, to whichever may claim an interest however
defined or by whatever means shown to operate.
There is no law today except as relative to such fictions governed by copyrighted statutes, to be
interpreted by ‘judges’ who construe and construct whatever they choose to have those private
statutes mean.
We, as sovereigns irresponsibly continue to recognize the illegitimate Crown of England (and its
Fiscal Agent the IMF) as PRINCIPLE of all the People on the soil whether referred to as the
United States or by whatever derivative or variation thereof. In reality, the IMF was the Creditor
of the UNITED STATES, a corporation, but NEVER you, lawfully or legally. The Creditor of
the UNITED STATES designed invisible contracts to ensnare the sovereign people of Planet
Earth as subjects. The Creditor of the UNITED STATES implemented the invisible contracts
through apparent ‘color of law’ and the sovereigns irresponsibly agreed by way of the education
received under misrepresentations. We, as the Sovereign Peoples of Earth, through the invisible
contracts and our irresponsibility to reject the Creditors’ (IMF) ideas, have been duped into
voluntarily giving up our substance and energy to the private order of a few well orchestrated
men by way of the mythical creations of corporations effecting our condition and present
You’ll find that there is a common thread woven throughout our entire history. That thread is
commerce, the merchant, the money-changer (banks), the law merchant (i.e., the law of
commerce), civil law and maritime law. This is not to say that commerce is bad. It does,
however, say that commerce brings with it the laws of commerce. Wherever commerce goes, it
brings laws that can bind people into slavery. This can happen only if the people agree with it,
depending upon their condition of mind, either willingly, through misrepresentations or by
United States – US – U.S. – USA – U.S.A. – AmericaUnited
States of America
Means: (A) a federal corporation . . . Title 28 USC Section 3002(15)(A) Chapter 176. It is clear
that the United States . . . is a corporation . . . 534 FEDERAL SUPPLEMENT 724.
It is well settled that “United States” et al is a corporation, originally incorporated February 21,
1871 under the name “District of Columbia,” 16 Stat. 419 Chapter 62. It was reorganized June
11, 1878; a bankrupt organization per House Joint Resolution 192 on June 5, 1933, Senate
Report 93-549, and Executive Orders 6072, 6102, and 6246; a de facto (define de facto)
government, originally the ten square mile tract ceded by Maryland and Virginia and comprising
Washington D. c., plus the possessions, territories, forts, and arsenals.
The significance of this is that, as a corporation, the United States has no more authority to
implement its laws against “We The People” of all walks of life, than does MacDonald
Corporations, except for one thing — the contracts we’ve signed as surety for our Straw-man with
the United States and the Creditor Bankers. These contracts bind all people by
misrepresentations together with the United States and the bankers are actually not valid with the
true flesh and blood man or woman, but with our artificial entity, or as they term it “person,”
which appears to be us but is spelled with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
First, your birth certificate was voluntarily given by your mother through misrepresentations to
the State “of’ Corporations and then entered into the Commercial Registry for Registration,
within the UNITED STATES, when you were born. This, in commerce, gave Title to your body
by way of illicit constructive or other types of contracts. Now, all of us are members by mistake
and/or misrepresentations, of the Babylonian system in every manner.
Next, the government created an artificial ‘person’, an organization, a fictitious entity, and what
we call an artificial entity and/or “Straw-man.” By and through an adhesion contract, the
government then made you, the real man or woman, responsible for, fiduciary for and surety for
that artificial entity. This is how your artificial entity secured the National debt and through it,
you became a 14th Amendment £itizen of the UNITED STATES.
All licenses and all existing contracts are made between the UNITED STATES or THE STATE
OF (whatever state your “Straw-man” resides in) and your artificial entity. That fictitious entity
binds you to the UNITED STATES because they have, through adhesion contracts, made you the
real man or woman, fiduciary and responsible for that artificial entity and/or Straw-man. Of
course, you voluntarily sign, and even request, all those contracts, don’t you?, whether by
misrepresentation, condition of mind, or mistake.
All of these contracts you sign carry with them your agreement to obey and uphold all the laws,
rules and regulations passed by the Congress of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and
THE STATE OF … and will be enforced against you.
From that day forward, we could never own any property because the state now had possession
of it all. (In 1964, the state obtained title to our property.) We can only rent the homes that we
believe we own. We only have a certificate of title to the car we think we own. The state owns
the true title to our homes and to our cars, to everything we thought or think we own. You
married the state through your marriage license and your children became wards of the state. All
of this was pledged, including all the fruits of our future labor, to the bankers as security against
the national debt and was placed in the possession of the Secretary of State of each state as an
agent for the Trustee of the Bankruptcy – The U.S. Secretary of Treasury.
This was further tightened up when we applied for our Social Security number after 1935, by
contract, which we hurriedly and voluntarily entered into when the Social Security Act was
signed into law. Then, it was further solidified as we entered into additional contracts and
applied for a variety of benefits and licenses – all voluntary affairs … without full disclosure!
States Lose Sovereignty
President Roosevelt then called all the governors into Washington D. C. for a conference. This
was the beginning of all states losing the remainder of their sovereignty. It was not until 1944
that the corporate states lost all their power over the corporate United States with the Buck Act.
With this Act, the states became, essentially, 14th Amendment Citizens as well. This completed
the destruction of the corporate states having any power to protect against usurpation by the U.S.
Government. The corporate states now were under the jurisdiction of Washington, D.C..
The adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code by all States in 1964 and a number of other like
laws and Acts were incorporated into this nation. This made the Uniform Commercial Code the
Supreme Law of the Land.
In 1976, Congress took away any semblance of law or justice left within our court system. All
law today is now construed, constructed and made up by the judge as it happens before your very
The Military Social Construct known as the UNITED STATES, acting through the guise of the
“United States in Congress Assembled,” took away any control or authority we might have had
over the court system. See Senate Bill 94-204 which deals with their court system and Senate.
Bill 94-381 dealing with Public Law. This has been well hidden from all of us.
Many of us who go going into court often wonder why and how the courts can simply override
their laws, as we’ve cited those very laws within our paperwork. It’s very simple – now that we
know how they do it. They operate on their words “construe and construct.”
A simple word such as ‘in’ changed to ‘at’ as in ‘at law’ or ‘in law’ has a totally separate
meaning. For example: If you’re in the river, you are wet, you can swim, etc., But if you’re ‘at’
the river, you might enjoy a refreshing picnic, play baseball or run races. See the difference a
simple word can make? And, the attorneys often change this word when they answer your
motions – in addition to many others.
You will be paid in dividends when you read the answers of attorneys to your paperwork.
Compare what they claim their case law says to the actual case law itself. You’ll discover that
they have actually changed the words therein. This is illegal, you might say. No, not, according
to the Senate Bills abovementioned.
You see, they can now construe and construct any law or statute to mean whatever they decide it
means, for their benefit. You don’t know any of this. You think they are railroading you in a
kangaroo court. No, they are ‘legal’ in what they do, according to the present social compact
contract which they are bound to uphold. They usually follow the law to the letter – their law –
private international law, the law of contract, which you know nothing about. This law is called
contract law.
Failure to understand the above and realize what law you are dealing with when you go into
their court, will only lead to failure.
Even if you have filed your DCC-1 and have captured your Title and your artificial entity, this
makes no difference in their courts. Why? They operate in total fiction, in the Land of Oz, in
respect to any assumed standing which you may, by mistake, think otherwise. They can only
recognize contracts. You are a real sentient being outside of their created social compact,
contractually speaking. Whatever you file in their court, whether it is your VCC-l or use any of
their perceived Law which is copyrighted, in the Administrative or Judicial power of their
Original Jurisdiction inside of their established social compacts or otherwise, is all that is real,
lawful, and credibly in truth to them. They do not recognize truth of any sort, other than by such
compacts or the treaties between such social compacts. They only recognize fictions known as
corporations, which they administer, and/or contract law governing social compacts and their
corporations and such applicable treaties between them.
So, when you go into any court, be aware that it is their private copyrighted law, that the judge or
the prosecutor can ‘construe’ and ‘construct’ that law in any fashion they choose. They call this
practicing Law. It will always mean what they choose it to mean according to the present
custom, usages, and practices of the day.
So, are their courts bound by the Constitution? Law? Statutes? No! Their Courts are bound by
contracts only and the statutes used to enforce the contracts. When we use their statutes,
Constitution, DCC, rules and regulations – all copyrighted without a license from the BAR – we
are in violation of copyright infringement and punishment is mandatory.
There is NO Law in this illusionary Nation/State (read Norman Angell’s “The Great Illusion”
[1910] reprinted in 1933) under whatever form or name for which such is known – or the world
for that matter – there is only contract law by which the private people (Sovereigns) treat with
one another in the so-called Global Public Forum where commerce is concerned and is the Order
of the Day, known as the International Public Order via Private International Law, between
Sovereigns and/or their created social compacts and corporate constructs.
We can see throughout all walks of life in our collective history that Babylon, or however one
wishes to refer historically to an oppressive system of whatever form any social compact of
society takes, commerce and Merchant Law have followed wherever the productive people go.
The Bankers were waiting in the wings when the founding forefathers established a new social
compact for themselves. It was only two years after the Constitution was enacted that the
bankers threw them into bankruptcy. The newly founded government of the social compact
moved over to the side under the assumed ten square mile jurisdiction their congress controlled.
In 1860, the Southern states walked out of Congress as stated earlier. This officially ended the
lawful side of the Constitution under a Republican form of Government. Due to on-going
breaches of the social compact by several of the beneficiaries, within several of the individual
compact party member states constructs, and their abuse of the federal branches of the social
compact designed to forbid such breaches, but instead, uphold the breaches to the social compact
until the Union was reduced to chaos and eventually destroyed and replaced by a new form of
Republic (see the Gettysburg address by the attorney, President Lincoln) not unlike the continued
revamping of the 4 or 5 French Republics, historically, until the bankers had complete control of
the social compact to their liking.
In 1871, the assumed ten square miles and its territories that congress controlled was
incorporated in England. The Constitution was adopted as the by-laws of their corporation. This
ended, completely, their previous Constitutional standing. The beneficiaries of the Original
Signatories (You know, their BLOOD posterity) to the Social Compact no longer had a
Constitution within the framework which their forefather’s had created for their benefit by and
through such agencies in Offices of Trust, Honor or Profit, could or would be bound or
controlled to the beneficiaries’ sole and express benefit.
THE UNITED STATES as a corporation, created in England by and through treaty, now came
under the jurisdiction of England. This entitled England to create laws as England saw fit to do.
England established those laws in THE UNITED STATES and everyone who at that time or
would be by such misrepresentations as could be foisted upon the unsuspecting people, were and
are 14th Amendment £itizens. They were and are subject to obey those laws however defined by
their esquires (Attorneys). This also placed the Congress of THE UNITED STATES above that
portion of what we think is the Constitution, not under the authority of the Constitution.
Copyrighted, remember? The only Bill of Rights relative to all Walks of Life at that point in
time were eradicated, via Martial Law, by four Articles of Amendment — 13th, 14th 15th, and 16th.
This is all the Courts are required to take cognizance of whenever you appear in their courts.
Next the Merchants of Babylon, the bankers, moved deeper into our nation by the establishment
of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and the IRS to collect the interest on their loans made to the
The 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression that followed placed the people in
desperation, homelessness, poverty and even starvation. This orchestrated bankruptcy was not
only local but was carried out repeatedly on a planetary scale. The minds of all people were
orchestrated and forced to focus on survival. They were then in a condition to accept any
handout (New Deal) given by the (New Order) government, no matter what the cost to their (Fair
Deal) freedoms.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt treasonously placed the beneficiaries’ social compact trust
entirely into socialism.
All walks of life were drawn in as 14th Amendment £itizens through the registration of our birth
certificates. All walks of life were further enticed deeper into that system by volunteering for
many other licenses and privileges without any consideration given by the government to reduce
our Rights into privileges and then to be reduced to paying fees for the exercising of such
privileges which could be taken by the State for whatever reason it deems necessary. All walks
of life were also made enemies of THE UNITED STATES. This act gave the UNITED STATES
authority, under the laws of war and as an alien captured people, to force anything upon us they
choose to create unless one emerges as discussed above.
Thereafter, all walks of life sank further into socialistic communism. If you read the ten planks
of communism (the Communistic Manifesto), you’ll discover that this nation has fulfilled every
plank successfully. We are a Communistic Nation, period.
Then, in 1976, Congress removed any semblance of justice in our court system with Senate bill
94-201 and 94-381 as stated on page 25. From this point forward, the ‘officers of the court’ can
construe and construct the laws to mean anything they choose them to mean.
As 1 4th Amendment £itizens, we the people are not £itizens of their social compact like we have
always been taught to think. We are actually, each and every one of us, a Sovereign of Planet
Earth, through the Unalienable Birthrights to which the laws Nature and Nature’s Creator
entitled us.
Today, as in ancient Babylon, various walks of life have idols of worship, of which money, i.e.
Federal Reserve Notes, represent such as graven images created by people. Both represent a
fiction of construed value, for whatever reason any market would bear, based upon conditions of
supply and demand. The value established is whatever is given accordingly, relative to anyone’s
particular inordinate affection of such idols.
Today law has become a fiction of corporate copyrighted statutes, to be interpreted by ‘judges’
who construe and construct whatever they choose to have those statutes mean.
Do you now have a different viewpoint on where you actually are now from where you thought
you were before reading this manual?
Demonstrate to those of like or kindred spmts the difference between where you were, or
thought you were, when you began reading this manual and where you now know you are in
terms of your political, citizen and legal standing within the social construct known as the
Now, The Rest of the Story Of the Term “Titles of Nobility”
The Hierarchy of Authority, from the Sovereign man/woman, to their family, has ever existed on
any other presumed authority relative to any particular one or another outside of contract, to
anyone in the family with respect to any neighborhood, or in any townships, or in any counties,
or in any states, or in any country, and finally to any other type of social construct purporting to
exist upon this planet or otherwise. Because all such constructs are fictions of the mind in
relationship to the flesh and blood, the True Sovereigns of Authority, existing on Planet Earth.
Therefore, the divine “Structure of the Family,” is the only true source of Sovereignty outside of
the Supreme Creator of all Creation. Now that you know the hierarchy of authority that is
mapped out as above, is everything running like the above line of command in today’s multiple
societies or constructs by which the various forms of social compacts exist anywhere? Not quite!
You see, the foreign bankers knew they could not control Sovereign’s with THIS system. So
they decided to design a fictional system, which “looks” like the real thing – but really is not.
The first thing that was done was to make an entity which looked and sounded like the forms of
government to which the people of earth were familiar with such as the federal republic entitled
“united States of America.” Notice that the “u” in united is a small u – that’s because it is an
adjective, describing the States (noun) of America. What if one capitalized the “U”, as in United
States? This would be a name, a “title” wouldn’t it? So, now we have a “title” for the republic
which was incorporated in England in 1 87 1 as an English corporation. So does this mean we are
being ruled by a private, foreign operated corporation – NOT a government? Has this happened
to most other such governments on Planet Earth? You Bet!
In 1944, the Buck Act (Title 4, U.S.C. 104-1 16) took the sovereignty away from the compact
party states so that the enfranchised states could also have a “title” as in “The State of Arizona.”
Next came the counties and municipalities – each had their own corporations, which usurped the
organic government of the Trust organically established. What the beneficiaries had then become
were an inverse relationship to the original organic republican form of government as handed to
them by their forefathers.
All right, let’s go back to history. Let’s assume and presume what most people in the year 1 78 8
(January 1 ) did about the United States as a government – that it was in default to the Crown of
England to the tune of 1 8 million Lira, plus interest. Then, as a direct and proximate result, the
U.S. corporate government was bankrupt in their private capacity from the start of the
Constitution. Now, the debt had to be paid for a period of 70 years. After a period of 70 years, if
the Bible is res judicata and stare decisis, the Creator said the people and their social constructs
can come out of bankruptcy with their Creditors (England) on December 31, 1858. And let’s
say, as an operation of law, at that time some notice was given to the nation that may have gone
something like this: “Excuse me, do you people really want to leave Babylon and have your
liberty back now, or would you prefer to maintain the Crown of England as your master and
serve him faithfully?” Or something along those lines. Look at Leviticus 3 : 17, which says that
“If you love your master and your period of service is up, you can go to the judges, recite
the fact that you love your master and you don’t want to leave him.” You can choose to
serve him for the rest of your life by placing yourself into voluntary servitude.
After December 3 1 , 1 85 8 , did the Crown of England, through its attorney agents, give notice to
the country, “Hey, you guys want to leave (Britain) Babylon and go back to the original
jurisdiction which your forefathers established for your benefit? Or, do you want to have your
government remain under us?” Now, remember, this could have only pertained to the posterity of
the Original signatories to the social compact. The rest of the people walking around have never
emerged into any form of social compact to establish their political status according to
International Public Order. Thereby, they are considered subjects of the jurisdiction for which
they are either found in or reside in or otherwise.
Apparently, the Southern States did not wish to remain under slavery and walked out of
Representative United States in Congress Assembled.
Evidently what happened is, the other people to which the social compact applied, failed to give
Notice of Lawful Protest. This was their acquiescent divine right to vote to remain in Britain
(Babylon) under the Crown of England with continuing debt, plus a reorganization of
government. Thus, having failed to do so, they remained under the new law forum because the
old law forum to which they were entitled to, i.e., liberty and freedom, was abdicated. The
Southern members of the social compact party states walked out, ending the public side of the
Constitution. They wanted nothing to do with continued servitude and so noticed the
representative agency Congress of the Union and the other various governments concerned
(Britain). The people did not want foreign ownership or intrigue in their local politics to override
their own governmental structures of self-government. The compact party members of the
Northern states did not protest in any manner because they were busy fighting the Civil War,
which was foisted upon them through misrepresentation and intrigue by these same foreign
agents. Therefore, at the end of such conflict, they were handed a new law forum to which all
northern people volunteered into. This was to go on for another 70 years of captivity and
subjected their fellow southern brethren to the social compact in like kind to perpetual slavery
and/or involuntary servitude without their freewill consent, into the new forum by force of arms.
Nothing settled by force is ever settled at all. Free will is the true test of Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness and any time force is used to hold any condition or Union together, other
than to cast such condition out to keep the peace, for breach of contract is illegal and immoral.
Any other form of choice is no choice at all. It is an affront against the Divine Creator’s Will of
Liberty granted to each and every living Man and Women.
Original Jurisdiction
You may use several law dictionaries to look up meanings for law and legal terms. It depends on
the author and publisher as to which law forum they publish. If you read “Black ‘s Law
Dictionary” you’re going to get one opinion of one point of view. If you’re reading Bouvier ‘s or
Ballentine’s you might be getting another point of view. This is inserted here because Black’s
Law Dictionary came out shortly after this new Constitution was formed in 1 887.
Black’s Law Dictionary was first published in 1 89 1 . That was 20 years, a time of prescription,
after the corporate United States came into full force and effect by the Act of February 2 1 , 1 87 1 .
What does Black’s Law Dictionary define? It defines the terms, the legal meanings of words, as
they apply to the bifurcated United States Corporation. Roughly every 20 years there has been a
new edition of Black’s because every 20 year period in use — is in the bifurcation –. If anyone
failed to give a Notice of Lawful Protest, they would go on to the next stage and say, “Let’s
change it again to see if we can go a little further, and we’ll see if anybody protests this.” So as
you go through any such 20 year segments, 1 87 1 , 1 89 1 , 1 9 1 1 , 1 93 1 , 1 95 1 , 1 97 1 , 1 99 1 , you get
different definitions within Black’s Law Dictionary.
Remember, bifurcated means separated. The newly incorporated United States is separated from
the original jurisdiction (even separated entirely from the Constitution) of the Republican form
of Government as established by the U.S. Constitution. Remember that the original Constitution
came in with the fact that it contains both the private side and public side, appertaining to the
residual sovereignty of the original Signatories. This was passed by hereditary birthrights by way
of such reservations, limitations, and restrictions (i.e., Article VI and the attendant Articles of
Amendment) within the compact over their creation to which their posterity received
(beneficiaries) by contract through the Trust Indenture (Constitution) creating the Social
Compact (see Preamble to the Constitution).
The private side of government can never be changed. The private side of government is based
upon the Laws of Nature and Nature’s Creator, and those laws never change. So the Public side
of government, which we call General Jurisdiction, is different from Original Jurisdiction. Their
Original Jurisdiction is based on the Laws of Nature and Nature’s Creator which are the powers
assumed by peoples acquiring by such declarations, their separate and equal station, and
establishing the forms of original jurisdictions of government by social compact to secure the
peace, safety and happiness for themselves and their posterity. The Laws of Nature that Nature’s
Creator entitles them to can never change. Only the forms which people use to implement the
reasons for which they create any society (i.e., for their benefit), to secure the peace, safety, and
the pursuit of happiness according to the dictates of their beliefs, customs, and practices of such,
not only for themselves but for their posterity, can change. Could you amend the Original
Jurisdiction? Why would you amend the social compact to change that which never changes?
Unless you intend to change the very structure of society of the social compact as a whole, to
which the original jurisdiction was created, to protect and pass such protections by birthright to
the posterity by the Will of the Creators through their Testament (Constitution) thereto, there
is no reason to do so. To do so, would be diametrically opposed to the dialectical Will and
Testament (lex scripta) of the Creators of such social compact, leading to a rebellious war with
the Laws of Nature and Nature’s Creator’s established Pillars of Universal Law via which any
and all such social compacts was justly created. To ignore the intent and purposes of the
Creators of such social compacts would bring about utter Chaos. A breach of the Peace of the
International Public Order to which any other Original Jurisdictions have come to rely upon to
maintain the General Order of the Public Arena between them in relation to their intercourse,
to which such treaties are established, to secure the blessings of the variety of such societies in
creation, as those so created and governed by the Pillars of Universal Law is a treason against
each and every Walk of Life on Planet Earth. Such actions, which tend to create chaos, tend to
arise from the disrespect of one’s ancestors and their refusal to learn the lessons of their
predecessors. So Original Jurisdiction is and always remains exactly what it is. It never changes!
Only from time to time does the situation arise out of necessity to ordain new constructs for the
purposes so delineated ut supra. What is the law? The law never changes, it is the same
yesterday, today and tomorrow.
CONTRACT[.] Contract is governed by the Doctrine of Four Corners or that which is expressed
in terms on some form of medium as to be an accepted custom and practice as lex scripta and, in
vary rare circumstances with exacting evidence to support such, is by such custom and practices
recognized as a Maxim of Law so well known for it to be unnecessary to put it in written
formality, thus becoming known as lex non scripta by such general acceptance or general
acquiescence. This definition of contract is derived from the principles of the “Doctrines of the
Maxims of Law” that have been developed down through the millennium of jurisprudence of
Mankind guided by the “Divine Spirit of Truth” as recognized by not just one society, but
which each and every one of these societies are founded upon. These are the same Maxims,
which we have referred to as the Supreme Creator’s “Pillars of Universal Laws.”
Now, we move to the public side of any social compact. What is this side, the side that is
amended from time to time but does not change in respect to intent? That is the public
administration side of the various social compacts and/or their respective agency side of these
governing compacts. Is the public government law? Yes. This Law affects and controls anyone
who is a signatory to some over-lying (above the Constitutional compact) contract conditioned
upon the ability to create such agency relationship, arising from the social compacts respective
thereto, and to whom such agencies are to be bound within any administrative manner, relative
thereto, and further, in relationship to their consideration given for performance of certain
conditions governed thereby, concerning any such over-lying (treaty) contract.
Furthermore, it is contract which establishes and governs any means to create internal and
external management, policies and procedures (such as venues, forums and/or jurisdictions),
rules and/or regulations thereby which to inform parties to whom such concerns or however
their Law is known as it may apply or not and to whomever, to help determine their use and
their procedure applying to their assets and their property belonging to their private and any
corporate side of their public side of government, created to give Order within their Social
Compact, relative to any foreign exchange from the public side of government to the private side
of government.
Just think for a minute. Does a private owner of a business or property have any political right to
make his own rules, regulations and “law” for use of his own property? Yes, he does. That is
exactly what their statutes, regulations and rules are. They are internal management, policies,
and procedures. They deal with their property and assets of their private side of their
government in relationship to any agency public side of their government.
In 1 87 1 , did ” All Walks of Life” not signatory to any other such social compact fall under their
incorporated jurisdiction of their private government? Yes and No. Only those who lived in
their City of Washington, their District of Columbia, and/or their United States and its
territories and any and all registered voters ( 1 4th Amendment slaves [£itizenD pursuant to their
1 5th Article of Amendment. Now on to the second part of this answer, No! Due to the fact, that
All Walks of Life have a choice to emerge into any other political status freely determined by
that People to proclaim their separate and equal station, and assume among the powers of Earth,
their separate and equal station to which Nature’s Law and Nature’s Creator entitle them within
the framework of the International Public Order.
The particular conflict known as the Civil War between the Several States of the Union did not
touch upon “All Walks of Life.” What All Walks of Life within any locale of that, or any
other conflict, continually educates others to believe is that those of the Social Compact (those
who formed and/or presently administer any such Social Compact) are serving all interests. In
fact, such compact party members thereof are simply carrying out their design of action for their
own private reasons and gain. By controlling their centers of education relative from childhood
throughout adulthood, members of such social compacts continue to teach others outside of such
compact that there was/is some duty owed or allegiance given on the part of those of the various
Walks of Life. But, for all intents and purposes, in realty such Walks of Life do not owe either –
bearing in mind that they are neither a party signatory to such social compact or directly related
by blood as one of their posterity thereof. Therefore, such Walks of Life have little or nothing
whatsoever to do with a Social Compact known as the Several States of the Union, commonly
referred to as the United States of America, not unlike so many others before them who had been
so enticed, appertaining to others outside such social compacts (those not signatory or related by
blood to those signatory to the compact) and drawn into conflicts then at hand or otherwise. This
type of education upon all Walks of Life help firm up positions from either side of any conflict
for the particular parties’ own private reasons, whether or not those reasons were just in any eyes
of those foreign or otherwise to their compact or not. Through such misrepresentations and
conditioning of the minds of those foreign to their social compact, were their members to their
compact successful at controlling the outcome of that particular conflict or otherwise from the
outset. From an assumed and definite presumed authority, that those outside their compact
believed as educated by member agencies of the various social compacts truly had or have any
rightful authority to do so upon a vast populous. This same type of educational program
continues to perpetrate the same mindset to keep all Walks of Life under various forms of
control to this very day. They will continue to do so with their same tools of misrepresentations
and false education. Whenever any such conflict arises, in respect to the needs of their members
of their Social Compacts, all the Sovereign Peoples of Earth shall remain fodder for these
compacts until these Sovereign People become aware of the Supreme Law (Treaty) and how to
use Private International Law within the International Public Order (for which all social
compacts are founded upon) for their benefit for those who choose or wish to emerge into any
other political status for whatever various reasons, into a social compact for their own safety,
liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Rather than to continue to exist for others who have done so
for whatever private reason. Those Walks of Life who continue to refuse to emerge into
whatever form of compact for their benefit will always be at the mercy of those who have [.]
Without exception.
Returning now to further comment upon the original private corporate government back in 1 789,
appertaining to the social compact known as the United States, this social compact was
established on certain principles and rules. But, as we’ve seen, it went through a bankruptcy
almost right away, and with each stage of their bankruptcy there was reorganization.
Reorganization creates a new set of circumstances, and probably a new set of creditors and/or
masters with rules to discharge their old bankruptcy. Roughly every 20 years you have a reorganization,
you get different changes in the rules and regulations, and it just goes on and on.
As the proprietors and creditors of their private law forum, it goes into worse and worse
bankruptcy, creating tighter and tighter rules in order to raise revenue to keep things going, and
that is what you see today.
Look at the back of one of your so-called bills. Do you see an Egyptian pyramid? This is the
symbol and logo of the U.S. Treasury! Have you observed the architecture of Washington D.C.
with its Egyptian monoliths, columns, stairways and Corinth’s? What are the colors of Egypt? –
Red, white, and blue. What is the symbol of Egypt – the FIVE pointed star. Egypt means
hemmed in or ” boxed” in – District of Columbia is assumed to be a ten miles “square. ” The
District (UNITED STATES) of Columbia was started by the Illuminati, a Masonic group that
originated in, yes – Egypt! What do you think the Illuminati call the UNITED STATES? You
guessed it – New Egypt! If you are noticing any similarities here, feel free to discuss them with
others among those who seek the truth of history, locally or otherwise.
Indentured servants in Europe were frequently offered the option to go to a mass of land known
as America and work off their assumed debt to those they owed money (and sometimes their
life). Many took the gamble and found that they were able to pay off their debts much easier and
faster in the land of opportunity than they could have by staying in Europe.
In 1 87 1 , the United States incorporated in England, as was stated earlier, and therefore became
an English corporation under the rule of the Crown (Rothchild). As you will see, corporations are
not governments. They can only rule by contracts through corporate copyrighted policy. How
can a corporation have authority over you? Only by and within the framework and Four-Comers
Doctrine of Contract Law!
State: (as defined in 28 USC ss 1 33 1 C&D)
Define the following words in a standard dictionary including derivations: corporation, law,
legal, lie, color of law, rights, benefit, certificate, application, attorney, represent, organization,
organ, work, policy, copyright, private.
Define the following words/phrases in a Black’s dictionary: color of law, represent, rights,
benefit, privilege, corporation, artificial entity, person, body, individual, citizen, intern, revenue,
internal revenue, bankruptcy, resident, occupant, dweller, habitant, reside, indicia, address,
taxpayer, debtor.
NOTE: I could note my own observations. But this would only eliminate, on your part, the task
of self-education. So please take the time to educate yourself and not continually rely upon
others to speak for you or explain what they have learned and for which you have failed to take
the time to delve out for yourself, so that the knowledge you received by and through repetitious
study becomes a tool of wisdom for each and every one of you who reads this manual.
Due to the immediate bankruptcy since their revolutionary war, their UNITED STATES has
been under many bankruptcy re-organizations. There are only two groups of people in this
situation that we have today – the creditors and the debtors. Their creditor is also called a
Secured Party because his interest is secured and not able to be taken away by any debtor.
Who gave any “consideration” to make the Federal Reserve Notes, Bills, and Bonds otherwise
known in today’s commerce as currency or “legal tender? ”
The 73rd Congress of March 9, 1933 said:
“It (the new currency) will be worth 1 00 cents on the dollar and will represent the credit of
their nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and the property of the people of
the nation.”
If UNITED STATES received the benefit of the credit that all Walks of Life extended to them –
does that make them the DEB TOR or the CREDITOR? UNITED STATES employees even
know who you are – a CREDITOR! !! So isn’t it time we started acting like the Creditor we
truly are?
More Forbidden History
Based on the comments and behavior of people all over North America, as it is known, the
United States, Inc. is revered (dare we say worshiped) unlike any other corporation on the soil in
the Western Hemisphere of planet Earth, commonly referred to as America. The reasons for this
are many, but few of them have to do with anything remotely dealing with truth and reality. The
majority of those who call themselves, unwittingly, “Americans,” know very little about any real
history of the United States, including the nature of the incident that sparked the War for
Independence and the true outcome of that war. As you will discover below, it was not about the
tax on tea. Our heads are filled with revisionist history by the members of the social compact that
control the centers of public education; within or around the locale of the social compact known
as the United States. We have continually been redacted to encourage worship, adoration, and
subservience to government authority. All their school teachers out there who have ever tried to
deviate from the “accepted” instructional materials in their controlled government schools, know
what I mean-if you didn’t toe the line you were forced into retirement.
What would you think if your friends and neighbors started a cult following after McDonalds
Corporation? What if on every anniversary since the founding of McDonalds, they gathered
together to have a barbecue and shoot off fireworks because they thought that Big Macs set them
free; or took special days off during the year to celebrate Ronald McDonald’s birthday and
carved busts of Ronald at Mount Rushmore to honor him? They would fly the McDonalds
corporate flag outside their homes and paste stickers of the flag on their vehicles. What if every
time Executives for McDonalds ran for office, and sent in campaign contributions for their
favorite candidate? Periodically they might even call on the officers of the corporation to solve
problems that they were experiencing in their daily lives.
Whereas this sounds sacrilegious, absurd, and may even appear to stretch the bounds of making
an appropriate analogy, it is no less valid or logical. In fact, if it weren’t for certain unrevealed
contracts, and a whole lot of brain washing, United States Inc., would have no more influence,
power, or jurisdiction over you than McDonalds, IBM, General Motors, or for that matter, any
other corporation. America has been under an evolving military occupation since 1 87 1 . The flag
that is flown around the so-called nation in public places, and by people who celebrate the
occupation, is the war flag of United States. If there were such a thing as a Peace-time flag, it is
presumed that it would be a neutral, white banner/flag and no other – such as the type of flag that
is commonly referred to as a “Truce Flag.”
Notice that the title of this essay doesn’t include the word “THE.” Just as General Motors
doesn’t imply a plural number of motors, United States does not imply a plural number of
states-there is nothing plural about the contemporary use of the term. United States is a singular
proper noun, and correct usage does not include the antecedent definite article the. United states
is a corporate trade name, like General Motors, and identifies a corporation, albeit federal and
municipal, but a corporation nevertheless. Just as proper English doesn’t include “the Canada,
“the Finland, or “the Egypt”, it likewise does not include “the United States.” A far more
accurate indicator would be the State of United States. We read of the “State of Great Britain” in
the Declaration of Independence. We hear of the “State of Israel” in the news. The proper recital
of the name “United States,” identifies the for-profit, bankrupt, commercial enterprise in
Washington, DC, presently managed by the receiver in bankruptcy, Secretary of the Treasury of
Puerto Rico, a.k.a., Secretary of the Treasury. The United States is a slyly concocted solecism (a
violation of grammatical rules or of the approved idiomatic usage of language) that plants in the
mind the notion that its identity is merged with the states, when in fact it is foreign to the
Compact Party States.
To fully answer the question: What is the United States, it’s forbidden history and the very
presumption for supporting it-that we are free, must first be examined. We will forego our
opinions for the moment, and examine the record. If you sincerely believe that you are free from
bondage (because you can’t see, hear, taste, smell or touch it), you will understand after
completing this reading that your awareness of this possibility is not a necessary condition for its
existence. Contrary to popular opinion, all that those who fought and died for in the War for
Independence was rendered null and void just a few short years after the battle ended. The
British Soldiers were recalled, but the Bankers were not. The so-called United States is but a
tool-a Trojan horse, if you will (and you are the subject of those who control it), for the Money
Kings (the Ancient Money-Changers of Modem-day Money Mechanics).
As a backdrop to the so-called American Revolution, here is a brief overview of the economic
forces that were being unleashed in Britain around the time of the revolution. It provides
important background and insight for you to understand that the Money Kings use everyone and
everything as pawns, including governments, in a world game of Monopoly. They never operate
out in the light of day. They prefer anonymity-you can only know them through their agents
and their state apparatus of their countries they control[.] The following nine paragraphs
examine their methods of operation (modus operandi) and the strategies behind them. The
economic juggernaut these Money Kings set in motion toppled everything in its wake, including
the fledgling new republic. Ask yourself while you read them, do you see evidence of these
same practices operating in your world today?
The Money Power of the World entered upon a new and grander era of development when steam
was applied to manufactures. In 1 774, Mr. Watt perfected the steam engine. This new servant of
man, mightier than the Genii of oriental fable, was at once set to work propelling manufactures.
The power loom, the spinning Jenny and the cotton gin were soon afterward invented, giving a
great impulse to the steam manufacturing industry.
The conditions of the time threw steam manufactures entirely into the hands of the London
Money Power. Great Britain was the only country in Europe which had coal and iron for steam
purposes. The capitalists of the East India Company were the only people in the world with
capital to engage in the new industry. The great trading companies of other countries had been
broken down by British conquests. Enriched by the trade of the Orient and the Tropics, these
London capitalists at once seized the opportunity events offered them (chance serves a prepared
mind) and embarked energetically in steam manufactures.
The East India Company, as such, did not engage in these manufactures. All the stockholders
would not wish to invest in them: so large a corporation would be unwieldy; the immensity of
the monopoly might excite alarm and provoke opposition. It would serve them better to operate
through smaller corporations. A few capitalists might hold the stock of a great number of them
without exciting jealousy and their management would be quiet and easy. The different
corporations were like the regiments of an army: it was easy to form them into brigades, and
divisions, and army corps, in order to give them the compact solidity of a grand military
organization. It had the flexibility of individual enterprise, and the solidity of despotism. The
Money Kings adopted the policy of single corporate companies for each special enterprise.
They built manufactories of all kinds: they started iron mills, woolen mills and cotton mills.
Manufactures of all kinds sprung up everywhere. The Money Kings organized new joint stock
corporations, which built mills and manufactories. New companies operated mines of coal and
iron, as Commerce energetically expanded through manufactures wrought by steam power.
They organized new companies, which built vessels to plow the waters of every ocean, and built
new warehouses. They established new trading stations all over the earth.
Commerce had languished in previous ages because the Earth’s Temperate zone did not have
sufficiently cheap products suited to tropical demand to offer in exchange for tropical
productions. Steam manufactures opened up a new commercial era. They greatly stimulated
tropical production, by offering manufactures in those markets. They also greatly stimulated
industry in the Temperate zone. In all the countries of the Temperate zone, the demand for the
manufactures of Britain was far beyond the ability to pay for them with exports.
The first effect of this state of things was a wave of excitement that swept over Great Britain. An
industrial boom was started. Everybody had money invested in the stock of manufacturing
companies, shipping companies, trading companies. The Money Kings took care to have the
majority of stock: outside companies for steam manufactures they knew they could devour at
their leisure. The grand Money Kings had such advantages in their immense capital and in their
perfect organization, that in commercial crises, often originated and always manipulated by
them, they managed systematically to break down rival companies and buy them out. They
robbed and plundered the minority stockholders. In the end, these organized capitalists got into
their own hands, and for a pittance of the true value, all, or the greater part of, the stock of the
various companies, manufacturing, mercantile and shipping, that originated in steam
manufactures. They thus reduced to a system and a science the art of crushing rival companies
and freezing out minority stockholders. Their whole career was a systematic course of treachery,
fraud and plunder, without a parallel in history. They advanced step by step, always causing a
boom in every new enterprise that enlisted much outside capital, always managing to operate
within seasons of business disaster. They lost a few hundred thousand by falling prices, a loss
which they were abundantly able to stand, while making many millions by obtaining cheaply the
stock of broken corporations and the stock sold by minority stockholders.
Dealing in futures in Boards of Trade, was then started on a grand scale. This system originated
for the purpose of enabling large capitalists to force stocks up or down as they chose, by dint of
capital, without any regard to the actual value-the most satanic engine of trickery, fraud and
oppression ever devised to enable the strong to plunder the weak. It is the drag net with which
the Money Kings destroy multitudes of men of small means. Like the fisherman takes fish in his
sea, they are fishermen and the rest of mankind is their prey. They are always seeking after
spoil. They are always dragging their net for the destruction of the unwary.
But aside from this plunder of the weak and the trusting, the regular profits of the new age of
industry were very large. In every social construct or compact of the Temperate zone, the
ongoing demand for British manufactures was much greater than could be paid for by exports.
The difference in the balance of trade was always systematically arranged by lending money on
mortgage for that amount, or by spending the amount of the deficit in starting some business
enterprise in that locale of so-called country. In this way, the adverse balance of trade was not
felt by the economic community of the locality falling behind. It bought all it wanted, and the
adverse balance of trade actually made times better; for it caused the profits of the Money Kings
to be invested in the so-called country, stimulating business into activity. The disadvantage was
the business investment did not belong to the so-called nation, but to the Money Kings : and the
prosperity it caused was not national prosperity, but was the bloated gains of the Money Kings .
The regular method of the Money Kings for the last hundred years has been to start new
manufactures, new shipping companies, new trading companies; gather in all the outside capital
possible; freeze out minority stockholders ; and throttle outside corporations. This effectively
indebted all nations to them. First, they would make parasitic investments equal to the amount of
the deficit of the balance of trade. This was done by putting in the profits derived from the East
India Company. Then, after investing these profits, they would continually reinvest any future
profits of all their enterprises in each and every country until their investments accumulated like
rolling balls of snow, to at last become an avalanche under which to bury the prosperity of the
Rise of the Money Kings
Approximately 3 percent of the confederate population participated in one of the bloodiest wars
in history and allegedly won their independence. They understood the historical roots of war,
injustice and oppression because they experienced it first-hand-knowledge, which has since
been lost to posterity. The victor’ s history books do indeed leave out much truth and lied about
much of the rest to justify the outcome and to control the future labor pool to the victor’ s wants
and needs within such conquered areas .
The primary reason for the War for Independence was not “taxation without representation,” but
the forced payment of taxes to the King in gold instead of paper money. America was flourishing
by using her own “fiat money” system based only on production, not a gold-based system that
could be manipulated by the King. The King could not “control” the fiat money system and
therefore passed a law requiring that taxes be paid in gold only. The King had most of the goldthe
colonies had little, so unemployment ensued. The embittered colonists cried for war.
Benjamin Franklin put it this way, ” The colonies would have gladly born the little tax on tea, and
other matters, had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money. ” Prior to
the Revolutionary War ( 1 774), The Times of London said this regarding fiat money in America:
“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origins in North America, shall
become endurrated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own
money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the
money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without
precedent in the history of the world. The brains and the wealth of all the
countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will
destroy every Monarchy on the globe.”
The truth is that the Revolution failed. You might say that we won a military victory over the
most powerful military force on the planet at the time. However, reading the Treaty of Paris
(signed the Winter of 1 782) it becomes clear that we were not exactly negotiating as equals.
We had won the recall of British troops but not the bankers . Even though we are taught that we
won our independence from England, we actually were able to remain free from the international
bankers for only a few years at the close of the presidency of Andrew Jackson. The most visible
of the power structure was the East India Company owned by the bankers and the Crown in
London, England. This was an entirely private enterprise whose flag was adopted by Queen
Elizabeth in 1 600-thirteen red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle in its upper
left-hand comer. All debts owed before the war were to be collected by the foreign creditors,
(i.e., trading companies) by and through the Customhouses run by these trading companies. The
practice goes on to this very day throughout the planet. Various Customhouses of the many socalled
countries fall directly under the control of foreign agents to ensure the payment and
service of the past and present debts.
When the creditors of the new social compact of the so-called “The United States of America” as
a nation/state found the A rticles of Confederation to be inadequate to exact payment from their
young debtor, the Constitution was written. This document put into operation the Treaty of Paris
and those on-going amendments thereto. It was supported by the bankers through their
associates, to increase their control over the social compact known as “The United States of
America.” Had the Articles of Confederation been completed and adopted, instead of the
Constitution, the bankers would have had far less control over the signatories to the social
compact or to their posterity in the future.
Any Constitution must have some prior reference to establish its foundation. The authority for
the so-called American Constitution is alleged to be based upon the Bible; the Magna Charta,
signed in 1 2 1 5 by King John; the Petition of Rights, granted by King Charles I in 1 62 8 ; the
English Bill of Rights, granted by William and Mary in 1 689; the right of habeas corpus, granted
by King Charles II, and the Articles of Confederation, 1 78 1 . And accordingly, any and every
Constitution thereafter must have an enabling clause. From this point onward, no Constitution
may diminish, in any manner, those rights already established in the above six documents
relative to the social compact to which it referred and to whom such was created by or for, other
than by such powers, as enumerated for such causes, as might be demonstrated. The
beneficiaries thereof, may and of right, collectively establish according to principles by which
any previous social compact was established to begin with may reinstitute new safeguards for
their freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for themselves and their posterity, laying its
foundations upon such principles as they shall see fit to secure these benefits unto themselves.
The Declaration of Independence declared universally to a candid world that all people were
sovereign under the Creator’ s Natural Law when they took upon themselves the Mantle of
Sovereignty, singularly, j ointly, and severally, and assumed among the powers of Earth their
separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’ s Creator entitle them. These
Sovereign People of the various E’States of Planet Earth, created their separate and equal State
body corporate governments for the protection of their rights in a Union (Marriage) of the
Several States, to better serve these ends for themselves and their posterity. These endeavors in
Union, sought foreign Alliance to better firm up their collective relationship to the various social
compacts of the time in the interest of good will and peace within the International Public Order
of the day. They delegated certain authority from the people’ s powers (those signatory to the
founding documents creating the social compact) by and through the several State Constitutions
in order that the three branches of agency government could properly carry out the dictates
outlined in the State Constitutions to protect their rights in relation to foreign exchange that
might arise from time to time by the formality of treaty.
The so-called American Constitution created a new structure of central agency government that
was established on a much higher plane than either the parliamentary system or the confederation
of states when delegating agency powers for foreign purposes as delineated by the social
compact to govern such agency power. It was a people’s “Constitutional republic, ” where a
certain amount of power was reserved to the states and a certain amount was delegated to the
federal agency government. The so-called agency United States, by way of the United States in
Congress Assembled, has certain powers delegated by the Constitution. So far as the several
States party to the Constitution are concerned, the United States may not exercise power that is
not delegated by the Constitution. All power not delegated to the United States by the
Constitution is reserved to the several States within their respective territorial borders-or, to the
(signatory and/or their posterity currently living) people.
Even though the Treaty of Paris allegedly ended the open Revolutionary War in 1 783, it did not
covertly stop the Crown and their Money Kings from subverting the newly found political
structure by whatever means possible. Simply put, the fact of the continuing existence of the
social compact as it was designed threatened the Monarchies and Money Kings where it hurt
most: financially, by a collective of Sovereign People by and through their State body corporate
governments and central agency government. It effectively severed the nexus third party
attachment, if properly attended with respect to the Sovereign People behind the Veil of the
Corporation so established. But, where in history have any people kept eternal vigilance, either
of themselves or for their posterity or their posterity when times are easy, after the sacrifice and
success of their forefathers ? The Sovereign People (forefathers of the social compact) had paid
close attention to how the Crown and Money Kings had used corporations to plunder the people
and hidden itself behind this veil to limit the Money Kings ‘ and Crown’ s liability arising via tort.
This was because of the Money Kings and Crowns avarice desire to rule all walks of life,
whether such people fell within the moral jurisdiction of the Crowns or not. The forefathers who
created the social compact known as “The United States of America” in turn reversed the use of
corporations to protect themselves and their posterity from the Crown to their benefit. The socalled
United States stood as a heroic role model for a short time, for other weaker social
compacts around the planet, which inspired them to also struggle against oppressive Money
Kings and Monarchies, etc. The French Revolution ( 1 789- 1 799) and the Polish Uprising ( 1 794)
were, in part, encouraged by the so-called American Revolution. Locally speaking, we the
people stood like a beacon of hope for most of the world. The Money Kings and Monarchies
regarded the so-called United States as a political infection, the principle source of radical
republican democracy that was destroying the Money Kings and Monarchies (more importantly
the Money Kings, the power behind the Crowns) around the world. The Money Kings and
Monarchies realized that if the principle source of that infection could be destroyed, the rest of
the world might avoid the contagion and the Monarchies would be saved.
Knowing they couldn’ t destroy us militarily, they resorted to more covert methods of political
and financial subversion, employing spies and secret agents (Attorneys) skilled in bribery and
legal deception. This was perhaps the first “cold war.” In the 1 794 Jay Treaty, the United States
agreed to pay £600,000 sterling to King George III, as reparations for the so-called American
Revolution which came about not from any one people of the so-called Americas damaging the
Crown, but because the Crown and Money Kings had sought to invade the private lives of all
walks of life without real representation. The US Senate ratified the treaty in secret session and
ordered that it not be published. When Benj amin Franklin’ s grandson published it anyway
(perhaps our first whistleblower), the exposure and resulting public up-roar so angered the
Congress that it passed the Alien and S edition Acts ( 1 798) so that federal j udges could prosecute
editors and publishers for reporting the truth about the government. So much for the so-called
people’ s rights of freedom of speech who were not signatory to the social compact. And who are
these people who claim a right under a contract to which they themselves were not signatory?
Are they related to the actual signatories by blood, as one of their posterity to which the
contractual nexus could possibly extend to state a Claim of Action concerning such speech from
which such posterity of the signatories could be granted relief? No. Not ONE of them had any
true credibility, especially concerning any member of the State Compact Party States of the
Union (Marriage) of the Several States. That would be like someone coming to your bed and
claiming a right of prima noctae (the right of first night-the right of the nobleman of ancient
times in England, and various other jurisdictions, to take to themselves the brides within their
domain during the first night after the wedding of the peasants for their own pleasure and to be
returned the following day after the young bride had been deflowered by the nobleman). Not
something that we would likely stand for now, is it ?! So, how is it one can presume to claim a
right under a social compact, i. e. , Constitution, to which you are not signatory to, nor related in
some form or another as their posterity, to be able to state a claim for which relief could possibly
be granted by any provable underlying contractual nexus for their agents to be able to recognize
a liability on their part to petjorm in some fiduciary manner, on your behalf, for any assumed
breach of contract concerning any alleged claim of right arising thereunder, as stated or
claimed by you, in a forum to which, for all intents and purposes, is foreign to you and looked
upon in the same manner by such a one, relative to you and your standing, to state a claim for
which relief can be granted in such forum. Unless you can prove a contractual nexus, you’ re
“burnt toast,” an alien in their regard, with no possible expectation that you would be viewed
otherwise or have any inherent right to protection or benevolence.
Since they supposedly had won the Revolutionary War, why would their Senators agree to pay
reparations to the loser? Why would they agree to pay £600,000 sterling, eleven years after the
war ended? It doesn’t make sense, especially in light of the Senate’s secrecy and later fury over
being exposed . . . unless we assume their Senators (Attorneys) had been bribed (or were already
in the service thereof) to serve the Money Kings and British monarchy to betray the so-called
American people ! That is treason only in regards to the intents and purposes of the original
creators of the social compact and the then and after living posterity thereof!
From the beginning, the United States Bank had been opposed by the Democratic-Republicans
lead by Thomas Jefferson, but the Federalists (the pro-monarchy party) won the vote ( 1 796). The
initial capitalization was $ 1 0,000,000 — 80% of which would be owned by foreign bankers .
Since the bank was authorized to lend up to $20,000,000 (double its paid capital), it was a
profitable deal for both government and the bankers, since they could lend and collect interest on
$ 1 0,000,000 that did not exist.
However, the European bankers outfoxed the agency U.S. government. By 1 796, the agency U . S .
government owed the bank $6,200,000 and was forced t o sell most o f its shares. By 1 802, our
government owned no stock in the United States Bank !
Thomas Jefferson had warned ( 1 802) :
“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their
currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks … will deprive the people of all
property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers
conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the
people, to whom it properly belongs. ”
Chief among the international financiers was Amshe1 Bauer of Germany who, in 1 748 opened a
goldsmith shop under the name of Red Shield. (In German, the name is spelled Rothschild and is
pronounced Rote-shilld) . In 1 787, Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild made the famous statement:
“Let me issue and control a Nation ‘s money, and I care not who writes the laws. ” He
had five Sons Amshel Mayer, Solomon, Jacob, Nathan, and Carl. In 1 798, the five
Rothschild brothers expanded by opening banks in Germany, Vienna, Paris, London,
and Naples.
The objective behind these bankers was to establish a clearinghouse/warehouse (bank) which
was to receive special privilege and immunity to use the unjust fractional reserve banking in
order to print money and loan it to the agency government and corporate industry charter via the
corporate agency government. No beneficial interest could accrue from any beneficial use from
any circulation of any note generated via the charter. This was established by the agency United
States for the purpose of servicing the debt of the corporate United States and for the purpose of
transferring the liability of the accrued debt, which had never been extinguished since the 1 770’ s,
forward without interest being paid to the (fiscal agents of the Crown) bankers. Through these
schemes , the corporate agency government contrived to pass the liability through adhesion
contracts to other walks of life under various new deals to discharge thereon debts to the Crown.
One of the very simple schemes foisted upon the people at large was fractional reserve banking.
It is simply a special privilege given to a man or group of men to create credit out of thin air. The
schemes are executed by extending this credit/debt to any and everyone else in or found about a
loosely associated people closely associated with a particular society or social compact. By, and
through, such misrepresentations perpetrated upon such Walks of Life. which do not have the
same access to the same privileges or immunities that the creator of the social compact or their
posterity have, and thereby are burdened with paying the collecting fees from servicing the
alleged debt of the social compact, the assumed value of money and the attached-plus interest –
for the cost of the use of the units created to discharge in tender of debt thereof. Due to the
beneficial interest created by the use of such instruments created by fractional reserve banking,
the Crown and Money Kings become very rich and the agency government is allowed to
continue to legally discharge its debt and service their liability without having to produce
anything of value other than to ‘attorn’ such property (by and through such Attorneys of the
Crown) from the unaware populous not familiar with the principals of discharge, contractually
speaking, which is only a viable option to those which exercise credibility to expatriate from
such assumed nexus with such social compact and its liability and repatriate according to the
principals of International Public Order into such society to which they become a creative
signatory member thereof to such social compact, thereby creating a nexus for their safety,
liberty, and pursuit of happiness by creating a hereditary birthright and standing to which their
posterity may acquire by birth as well.
The basic mathematics behind the fractional banking system is very clear. If this system is left in
place long enough, the man or group who controls this system of debt creation will own all the
gold available in the social compact however known as a nation/state, kingdom or otherwise.
Once the supply of real portable specie money (gold/silver or whatever the medium of exchange,
whether money of account or money of exchange (species) is in his or their hands, this man or
group of men becomes the master of the entire economic field of endeavor of such social
compact. Why? Because this man or group of men controls the only source of operating medium
(money, however defined) available through which the social compact functions to discharge
debt. Only the man who has the privilege of printing and/or minting the money and loaning or
extending such as interest can determine who gets special (drawing rights) funding-his friends
and allies . Everyone else is limited to how much money (of account or exchange) they have
access to; therefore, after two or three generations, the friends and allies of this “banker” will
own all of the energy of such social compact. This present condition is being played out in the
so-called American society and is now owned by a small cadre of very wealthy men throughout
the planet. This same scheme of fractional reserve manipulation is being played out, throughout
all of the various political social constructs globally with ONE aim, world domination of each
and every resource to which the Planet Earth can produce for their selfish benefit, including the
absolute control of each and every living soul upon the planet to be forced economically into
serving solely the private interests and gain of the Money Kings.
How long the fractional banking process takes to work its way through the wealth of any social
compact depends upon how successful the “banker” is in forcing, through bribery and corruption,
the restriction of the formal agency government’s issuance of real money backed by gold or
silver or such other medium of account or exchange. Species currency is put into circulation to
honestly and truly lli!Y debt or discharge whatever liability is acquired which may or may not
arise when one increases one ‘ s E’State through the benefit of their efforts and labor as most
people evidentially wished to. Was this not the American Dream? Furthermore, as the supply of
real money shrinks, the people of any social compact are forced to rely on the creation of a
fictitious debt by the privileged few to a greater and greater extent, until finally, the only thing
left is a massive amount of “un-payable debt,” with no way to lawfully discharge their acquired
debt, which was created from nothing and consists only of the interest charged upon the fictitious
debt, while collecting interest for every moment of its existence. All this for the benefit of the
privileged, who become the de facto (illegally usurped) agency government because of the
“money power” they allow to be wielded by and through the social compact. Few are ever
aware of the true damages done to their E’States or that of such E ‘State to which may or may
not be possible to pass by hereditary right so-to-speak and the debt which if not lawfully
discharged back to the Original source or Creator of the debt, passes on to future generations of
their posterity, creating a continuous debtor class people (subj ects now of the Money Kings) to
the whims of a foreign despotic tyrannical power.
Through the Bank of England, the Rothschilds/the Money Kings demanded (did you ever
wonder how they could make such a demand of the Crown) a private bank in the so-called
United States to hold the securities of the United States as the pledged assets to the Crown of
England in order to secure the debt to which the signatories of the social compact by and through
their agency government had defaulted. As one of his first acts, President Washington declared a
financial emergency. William Morris with the help of Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of
Treasury, heavily promoted the creation of a private banker’ s clearinghouse (customhouse) to
service the debt to the international bankers. In 1 79 1 , Congress chartered the first national bank
(banker’ s clearinghouse) for a term of 20 years, to hold the securities of the same European
bankers who had been holding the debts before the war. The bankers loaned worthless, unbacked,
non-secured printed money of account to each other to charter this first bank. On
December 1 2, 1 79 1 , the Bank of the United States opened its doors in Philadelphia.
The holders of the securities were the private bankers. So under Public International Law, the
Creditor (Crown of England) forced the so-called United States to establish a private banker’ s
clearinghouse (warehouse) to hold the securities as the collateral for the (social compact) socalled
national debt.
James Madison had warned:
“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue,
deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by
controlling money and its issuance. ”
From the early decades of U. S . history, relations between the United States and Great Britain
remained strained. Their relationship deteriorated sharply with the outbreak of war in Europe in
1 803 . Britain imposed a blockade on neutral (social compact) countries such as the United
States. In addition, the British took people acting under an agency status as American sailors
from their ships and forced them to serve in the British Navy. Concerned about the many
English spies and troublemakers, the United States in Congress Assembled, passed an
amendment to prevent those who had English titles and connections from obtaining any seat in
government. Called the Titles of Nobility Act (TONA, 1 8 1 0- 1 1 ), it reads as follows:
“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title
of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain
any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any
emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of
the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit
under them, or either of them. ”
This congressional act (TONA) was later to amend the U . S . Constitution as the Original XIII
Amendment, which led to the War of 1 8 1 2 with Great Britain. Furthermore, it took the Civil
War to officially force the gradual replacement of this amendment to be taken from all reference
from every state published record with what is now known as the Slavery Amendment or the
Amendment created as an act against Involuntary Servitude ( 1 863), a War-time Act passed
under Martial Law.
All “titles of nobility” were prohibited in both Article VI of the Articles of Confederation of
“The United States of America” (1777) and in Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution of the
“United States” (1778), but there was no penalty. Although already prohibited by the
Constitution, an additional “title of nobility” amendment was deemed necessary and was
proposed in 1789, again in 1810, and finally ratified in 1819. But the notice of ratification
delivered to the Secretary of State, an attorney with the title, “Esquire,” disappeared. As a
result, there still is no penalty for accepting titles or emoluments from foreign rulers today, just
the prohibition.
Clearly, the founding fathers saw such a serious threat in ” titles of nobility” and “honors,” that
anyone receiving them would be required to forfeit their citizenship. Obviously the Amendment
carried much more significance for their founding fathers than is readily apparent today. The
forefathers knew that their freedom and that of their posterity could be subverted from inside
their agency government and had sought to prevent such a bitter betrayal. Today, most Senators,
Congressmen, all Federal Judges , and most of their Presidents are attorneys who carry the title
“Esquire,” often abbreviated as “Esq.” Nevertheless, the U . S . Constitution still forbids this.
In Colonial America, attorneys trained attorneys, but most held no “title of nobility” or “honor. ”
There was no requirement that one be a lawyer to hold the position of district attorney,
attorney general, or judge; a citizen’s “counsel of choice” was not restricted to a lawyer and
there was no state or national bar associations. The only organization that certified lawyers was
the International Bar Association (IBA), chartered by the King of England (known as the
British Accreditation Registry), headquartered in London and recognized everywhere as the
BAR. Lawyers admitted to the IBA, or otherwise BAR, as it is most readily known everywhere,
receive the rank “Esquire” – a ” title of British nobility. ”
“Esquire” was the principle title of nobility which the 1 3th Amendment sought to prohibit from
exercising any office within the United States. Why? Because the loyalty of “Esquire” lawyers
was suspect ! Lawyers with an “Esquire” behind their names were agents of the Money
Changers and the Monarchy, and members of an organization whose principle purposes were
political and regarded with the same wariness that some people today reserve for members of the
KGB or the CIA.
The archaic definition of “honor” (as used when the 1 3th Amendment was ratified) meant
anyone ” obtaining or having an advantage or privilege over another. ” A contemporary
example of an “honor” granted to only a few Americans is the privilege of being a judge:
lawyers can be judges and exercise the attendant privileges and powers, non-lawyers generally
cannot. We address the judge as, “your Honor.”
By prohibiting “honors,” the missing, but now found, original 1 3th amendment prohibits any
advantage or privilege that would grant some citizens an equal opportunity to achieve or
exercise political power. Therefore, the second meaning (intent) of the original 1 3th
Amendment was to ensure political equality among all citizens of the United States, by
prohibiting anyone, even government officials, from claiming or exercising a special privilege or
power (an “honor “) over other citizens. Now, what would happen if this amendment were
enforced? It would cause an immediate chaos in all three branches of the agency federal
government and the same in each and every State of the Union because these same Attorneys sit
in every seat of power throughout every level of the social compact for the sole purpose of
enforcing the mandates of the Money Kings and the Crown of England, even upon those people
to whom the alleged original debt was incurred by, that has absolutely nothing to do with either
said people or through any nexus of the social compact to which their forefathers had accepted
the liability of such debt in the 1 770s, nor does any people not signatory or evidencing any
hereditary privileges as their posterity incur any liability for such debt by any stretch of the
imaginings of such perfidious Attorneys who practice their pedifoggery upon all walks of life by
and through such frauds perpetrated upon them by these leeches of the ancient Money Changers
living upon the economic well-being of any and all societies known as Attorneys.
B oth “esquire” and “honor” would be key targets of the 1 3th Amendment even today.
B ecause, while “titles of nobility” no longer apply now precisely as they did back in the early
1 800’s, it is clear that an “esquire” or BAR attorney receives far better treatment than a layman,
in and by their courts, as well as by the public at large, in general. Whereas, if you represent
yourself pro per, in se, or speak as a Sovereign in proprius personam , you are treated as though
you were rabble. Your opini ons are of little importance in their courts and you are more than
often treated similarly by such agency government officials. Because you are not an “esquires ”
or BAR attorney, you are considered to be a useless eater, a subject “out of control.” The
concept of “honor” remains relevant, possibly more so today than at any previous time in U.S.
history, for they, the “honors,” are greatly feared and even revered, even by their esquires who
are considered to be below th em. Since the Original 13th Amendment has never been repealed,
all acts of their government since 1 8 1 9 are technically null and void. Most so-called
lawmakers, are attorneys and are prohibited from participation in any office of government by
the true amended social compact contract known as U.S . Constitution. Thereby, every attorney
should be stripped of his or her appearance of right to hold any office as an agent representing
any so-called citizen of the United States under TONA aforementioned, who have continued to
interject themselves into the political process solely for their benefit of gainful pillaging and
When people discovered that European banking interests owned most of the United States B ank
where they deposited their hard earned savings, they saw the sheer power of the banks and their
ability to influence representative government by economic manipulation and outright bribery.
On February 20, 181 1 , Congress therefore refused to renew the Banker’s charter on the
grounds that the Bank was unconstitutional. This led to the withdrawal of $7,000,000 in specie
(money in coin) by European investors, which in tum, precipitated an economic recession, and
the War of 1812. This “war” was punishment for the United States in Congress Assembled,
refusing under the pressure of people becoming aware of this manipulation, to do business on
the terms of the International Banking families of the House of Rothschild, through the first
Bank of the United States. Congress refused to let the National B ank renew its Charter, fearing
for their safety.
Except for Gen. Andrew Jackson’s victory in the Battle of New Orleans, the War of 1812
produced a string of American military disasters . The most shocking of these was the British
Army’ s burning of the Capitol, the President’ s house, the Library of Congress and other public
buildings in Washington on August 24 and 25 , 1 8 1 4 . (Americans had previously burned public
buildings in Canada.) During the War of 1 8 1 2, so-called national archives of the United States
and many libraries and document repositories were burned and some of the evidence of the
TONA previously mentioned disappeared. Nevertheless, the legislature of Virginia ratified the
amendment and it was subsequently printed in many official publications as the 1 3th
Amendment, even in States which had NOT ratified, such as Connecticut and several States that
came into the Union later in history. Beginning in 1 832, it began to disappear from texts,
although official state publications continued to publish it as late as 1 876.
There are undoubtedly other examples of the Money King’ s and the Monarchy’s efforts to
subvert or destroy the so-called social compact known as the United States . Some are common
knowledge, while others remain to be disclosed to the public. For example, national archivist
David Dodge discovered a book called 2 VA LAW in the Library of Congress Law Library.
According to Dodge, ” This is an un-catalogued book in the rare book section that reveals a
plan to overthrow the Constitutional government by secret agreements engineered by the
lawyers of the time. ” That is one of the reasons why the TONA was ratified by the state of
Virginia in the particular manner in which they did, although the alleged “notification” thereof
was a long time thereafter claimed to have been “lost in the mail.” You see, there is no public
record that this aforementioned book exists either !
That may sound surprising, but according to The Gazette (5/ 1 0/9 1 ) , ” The Library of Congress
has 349,402 un-catalogued rare books and 13.9 million un-catalogued rare manuscripts.”
There may be secrets buried in that mass of documents even more astonishing than a missing
Constitutional Amendment. Yet this image of documentary disarray appropriately describes our
situation today: we are inundated with useless information while we are misdirected from
information that we have not had the time or interest to sort through. As a result we have lost a
precious treasure in the chaos and turmoil of daily life: our sovereignty.
One amazing aspect of the War of 1 8 1 2 was the existence of a depression during wartime. War
always brings a short-term prosperity, except in the case of this war. To understand this, it is
vital for you to know that all depressions and recessions are artificially created through the
restriction of a medium of accounting or exchange-money. This restriction keeps so-called
money OUT of circulation, which means fewer funds available to facilitate production and
distribution. Furthermore, this means poverty and starvation for all walks of life not privy to
such plunder.
The precariousness of agency government finance during the war and the post war recession
convinced the Republican agency government under James Madison to re-establish a so-called
national bank. Thus was created the Second Bank of the United States in 1 8 1 6.
In January 9, 1 832, The Second National Bank applied for a charter renewal 4 years early. This
time, President Andrew Jackson vetoed the Bank’s recharter on the grounds that the Bank was
unconstitutional and he successfully paid off the national debt leaving the U . S . with a surplus of
$5,000. He said, “If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it
was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.”
On January 30, 1 83 5 , President Andrew Jackson attended a congressional funeral in the Capitol
building. As he exited, Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter, pointed a pistol at
Jackson and fired. The percussion cap exploded, but the bullet did not discharge. The enraged
Jackson raised his cane to strike his attacker, who fired again. The second weapon also misfired
and the sixty-seven-year-old president escaped assassination at close range. Jackson was
convinced that Lawrence was hired by his political enemies, the Whigs, to stop his plan to
destroy the Bank of the United States.
Andrew Jackson violated Public International Law because he denied the Creditor his just
lien/settlement rights on/from the debtor. However, the bankers did not lend value
(substance), so in actuality they had an unperfected lien. Therefore the law actually did not
In 1 860-6 1 , the Southern states walked out of the United States in Congress Assembled. This
created sine die, a situation in which not enough representatives were present to carry on
legislative business. This was a Constitutional crisis that the newly elected president, Abraham
Lincoln, had to resolve.
The Introduction to Senate Report 93-549 (93rd Congress, 1 st Session, 1 973) summarizes the
situation as best as possible:
“A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under
emergency rule. . . And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in
times of great crises have -from, at least, the Civil War-in important ways, shaped
the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency. ”
From the U.S. Congressional research information available, it can be reasonably proven that
when the Representatives of the Southern Compact Party Members of the States of the Union
walked out of United States in Congress Assembled on March 27, 1861, the quorum to conduct
business under the social compact contract known as the United States Constitution for “The
United States of America” was lost. Thus, the only votes that the remaining representatives of
the United States in Congress Assembled could lawfully take, under parliamentary law, were
those to set the time to reconvene, take a vote to get a quorum, and vote to adj ourn and set a
date, time, and place to reconvene at a later time. Instead, the remaining representatives of the
United States in Congress Assembled apparently abandoned the representative House and
Senate of the United States without setting a date to reconvene. Under the parliamentary
procedures of said Congress, when this happened, Congress became sine die (pronounced see-na
dee-a; literally “without day”) and thus, when Congress adj ourned sine die, it ceased to exist as a
lawful deliberative body, and thus the only lawful, Constitutional power that could declare war
was no longer lawful, or in session.
It can also be reasonably proven that the Representative S outhern Members of the Several States
of the Union, by virtue of their secession from the Union, also ceased to exist sine die, and that
some state legislatures in the Northern bloc also adj ourned sine die, and thus, all the states which
were parties to creating the social compact contract known as the United States Constitution for
“The United States of America” apparently ceased to exist. On April 1 5 , 1 86 1 , so-called
President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln executed an executive order as Commander-in-Chief, Lincoln
Executive Proclamation 1, and it can also be reasonably proven that “The United States of
America” have been ruled ever since by these same Military Executive Powers denoted as
Executive Orders.
It can also be reasonably proven that when a supposed Congress eventually did reconvene, it
was reconvened under the military authority of the Commander-in-Chief and not by Rules of
Order for Parliamentary bodies or by so-called contractual Constitutional Law, thus placing the
so-called each and every people under martial rule ever since the “national emergency”
declared by President Lincoln. Thus, the so-called Constitution for “The United States of
America” has subsequently and temporarily ceased being the acknowledged law of the land in
many courts . The assumed title of President, the assumed title of Congress, and the assumed
jurisdiction of the courts thereof, have unlawfully presumed that they were free to remake the
Union in a new image under the so-called Law of Necessity. Whereas, lawfully, no such
Constitutional provisions were, or are, in place which afforded power to any of the actions
which were taken which presumed to place the Union under the new form of control or
designation as a Democracy.
The so-called President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, apparently knew that his executive orders no
longer had any force under contractual Constitutional Law. So he commissioned General
Orders No. 100 (April 24, 1 863), apparently as a special code to govern his actions under
martial law and to justify the seizure of power. This further extended the laws of the District of
Columbia and also fictionally implemented the provisions of Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17-
18 of the defunct contract known as the Constitution, beyond the boundaries of Washington,
D . C . , and illegitimately into the several States no longer united under the central agency
government of the United States. General Orders No. 100, also called the Lieber Instructions
and the Lieber Code, have apparently extended the laws of war and private international law
into the so-called Several States of the Union. The defunct agency United States government
assumed power and become the presumed military conqueror of all the people to which it could
bend its will by misrepresentation over the land of the former Several States of the Union.
Martial rule has apparently been kept secret and has never really ended. Lincoln was
assassinated before he could complete the implementation of his plan to constitutionally, and not
militarily, reform the Southern agency governments and restore the United States in Congress
Assembled. Ever since, the so-called social compact known as “The United States of America”
has been ruled under military law under the assumed and illegitimate Commander-In-Chief-the
President-and his assumed executive powers according to the policies of Executive Orders of a
non-existent social compact via a military dictator type of functionary for the Money Kings and
the Crown of England under the Law of Necessity according to the principals of International
Public Order.
Constitutional law under the original Social Compact for the Several States of the Union is
apparently enforced only as a matter of keeping the public peace under the provisions of
General Orders No. 100 under martial (law) rule. This “peace” is further evidenced in the
Preamble of the so-called Expatriation Act of 1868. Under martial law, title is a mere fiction,
since all property belongs to the military except for that property which the Commanderin-
Chief may, in his benevolence, exempt from taxation and seizure and upon which he
allows the “enemy” to reside.
In proclaiming the first Trading with the Enemy Act by Executive Order, the illegitimate socalled
President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln (an Attorney) set in place the means by which the federal
new agency military government could interact with all walks of life who were not 1 4th
Amendment citizens (those non registered voters per the 1 5th Amendment of the altered status of
resident alien). Such people could technically be designated as enemies. Are you beginning to
understand how people not a party to the regime of necessity could be at odds with their
condition appertaining to such military agency “government,” of Necessity?
In a message to Congress on December 3, 1 86 1 , Mr. Abraham Lincoln (an Attorney) answered
the banker’s argument that the beneficiary people of the posterity could not be trusted with their
Constitutional powers, the political and monetary system of free enterprise conceived by their
Founding Fathers, by saying:
“No men living are more worthy to be trusted than those who toil up from poverty -none
less inclined to take or touch aught which they have not honestly earned. Let
them beware of surrendering a political power which they already possess, and which
if surrendered, will surely be used to close the door of advancement against such as
they, and to fIX new disabilities and burdens upon them, till all of liberty shall be
lost. ”
In 1 865 , just before the close of the Civil War, the military dictator (and illegitimately known as
the President), Mr. Abraham Lincoln declared his new monetary policy:
“The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits
needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of
consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved
immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of
humanity . . . . The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme
prerogative of government, but it is the governments’ greatest opportunity.”
Had this been implemented, it would have ushered in a worldwide economic renewal.
Unfortunately, a few weeks after its introduction, Mr. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
because he defied the bankers in proposing to print interest free money to pay the war debt.
Thus, the government continued to operate fully under the authority of private international law
dictated by the Creditor.
Since the Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated before he could
complete plans for reinstating Constitutional agency government in the S outhern States of the
Union and end the martial rule by executive order, the 1 4th Amendment to the Constitution has
further created a “new citizenship” or ” status” for their expanded jurisdiction. Laws for the
District of Columbia were proposed and passed by the military agency Congress in 1 87 1 , the
District of Columbia being incorporated as a private, foreign corporation by The District of
Columbia Organic Act of 1871, and all member States of the Union were apparently reformed
as franchisees or political subdivisions (see Dyett v. Turner, [1968] 439 Pacific Reporters, 2d
Series, 266, 267 ; and Utah v. Phillips [1975] 540 Pacific Reporter, 2d Series 936, 94 1 -942) of
the corporation known as the UNITED STATES , hence creating a new military social construct,
formerly known as the social compact of the Several States of the Union. What remained of the
former agency government of the repUblican form of the social compact was the private side
under the rule of the banker’ s, solely for their absolute and express benefit.
The first attempt by the military Congress under the new military social construct to define
citizenship was in 1 866 in the passage of the Civil Rights Act (Revised Statutes section 1 992, 8
United States Code Annotated section 1 ) . The act provided that:
“All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power are
declared to be citizens of the United States. ”
And this in tum was followed in 1 868 by the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, United
States Code Annotated. Said Article of Amendment, the XIV, declaring:
“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the
jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they
reside. ”
At this period of time, the only people in the United States who were under the jurisdiction of
the private bifurcated government of the assumed ten miles square of Washington, D.C., were
the government employees, those within the territories owned by the United States and now the
former slaves. The former Citizens of the Several Southern States of the Union, now
“captured, ” became 1 4th Amendment United States £itizens, the only remainder of people
operating within the military social construct or the alleged Creditors who could still invoke the
power over agency government through the original jurisdiction of the Republican form of
government, as established by the social compact of the United States Constitution as the
holders in due course of each and every private right, privilege and immunity, if the need
became necessary, concerning any possible attempt by the new military social construct to act
arbitrarily, in any way concerning the servicing of the alleged debt due.
A new 1 3th Amendment was enacted December 1 8, 1 865 . The 1 4th Amendment was enacted
July 28, 1 868. Both Amendments were illicitly ratified by non-elected Representatives and
Senators under Martial Law in each and every military enforced S outhern State legislature, put
into place by the U.S. Military by direct order of the Commander-In-Chief, through force, over
the conquered territory and under Martial Law. No such State could ever obtain its freedom
from the new federal social military rule by ratifying these new amendments as misrepresented
to the people by the federal system. They were told that the troops of aggression would be
removed from such territories and cessation of hostilities would occur once these amendments
were ratified. Any contract entered under threat, duress, or coercion is null and void. According
to the Rule of War (Martial Law), once Martial Law is lifted all laws, rules, regulations created
or promulgated during the hostilities are null and void and the parties return to the “status quo”
before such hostilities broke out between the parties . But then, the Constitution was not even in
effect following sine die and the proclamation of martial law. It is apparent that due to the fact
that the national emergency has never been lifted or proclaimed to be over, that the so-called
military social construct known as the United States is still in power under the rules of Martial
Law by and through Executive Orders of the Commander-In-Chief, caused of necessity by sine
The 1 4th Amendment brought the freed slaves, whose previous owners were private plantation
landowners, and transferred those slaves under subj ection of the new military social constructed
government, the assumed ten miles square jurisdiction of the City of Washington and/or District
of Columbia. And it offered its protection to those who would choose to become its
subj ects . . . in exchange for their freedom and/or sovereignty.
The 1 4th Amendment is a good example of the “give-a-little, take a lot” strategy that is often
used, a sugar coating to a bitter pill. Sovereign People, who had assumed themselves to be
among the powers of Earth, had created a social compact (a government) to guarantee
themselves their rights. They secured these rights under this social compact as birthrights for
their posterity (Citizens). In contrast, the federal government created fourteenth amendment
£itizenship to guarantee its power over the former Citizens by reducing them to the standing of
its newly created £itizens. It seems to be taking £itizens under its protection, but at the price of
servitude. Sovereigns may choose to become subjects ; free men and women to become vassals.
This amendment has always been controversial. Many people over the years have questioned the
amount of power it vests in the federal government. Some have even questioned its validity. On
one occasion Judge Ellett of the Utah Supreme Court as above referenced, remarked:
“I cannot believe that any court, in full possession of its faculties, could honestly
hold that the amendment was properly approved and adopted.” State v. Phillips,
Pacific Reporter, 2nd Series, Vol. 540, Page 941, 942 (1975)
However, the most important fact about this amendment is that, although it created a new class
of £itizen, it did not have any effect on Sovereign People. Both classes still exist: When the
Constitution was adopted, the People of the United States were the Citizens of the several States
for whom and for whose posterity the government was established. Each of them was a Citizen
by birthright in the State of Birth to which United States was created to protect from foreign
powers at the adoption of the Constitution by the Several States of the Union and to make
Uniform such protection among the States, and all free people thereafter born within one of the
several States became by birth Citizens of the compact party State of The United States of
America. But we know that this is not true from research in the law of contract. Anyone not
signatory to the social compact or directly related as the posterity thereto, is an alien to the
compact and is only allowed to assume whatever right out of necessity to the compact to keep
the peace until all power is vested in order to secure to the members such blessings unto
themselves or their posterity as are necessary or opportunistic as the need may arise from time to
time . . . to preserve their Freedom !
Both classes of Citizenl£itizen no longer exist except by the need of necessity, as may or may
not be claimed by any particular member of the current military social construct. It’s your right
of expatriation and repatriation to emerge into a social compact to which you become signatory
to, to become a S overeign People, while it’s a privilege to be a fourteenth amendment £itizen,
and most importantly, it’s up to you to determine which one you are, or which one you choose to
be. Just remember that you “pay” for a privilege, whereas a right carries no obligation. This is at
the heart of your public Declaration of Independence to a candid world by and through such
social compact created to recognize your Sovereign birthright, to assume among the powers of
Earth, recognized by the laws of Nature and Nature’ s Creator to which you are entitled, to
emerge into the Sovereign People you were created to be and which are recognized and
protected within the Universal and/or International Public Order.
Once the smoke settled after the Civil War, European international bankers arrived in town. In
1 87 1 , the default again loomed and bankruptcy was imminent. So, in 1 872, the ten miles square
District of Columbia was incorporated in England. A loophole was discovered in the
Constitution by cunning attorneys in league with the international bankers . They realized that a
separate nation by the same name existed that Congress had created in Article I, Section 8,
Clause 17.
The Congress shall have power:
To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not
exceeding ten square miles) as may, by cession of particular States, and the acceptance
of Congress, become the seat of government of the United States, and to exercise like
authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which
the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock yards, and other
needful buildings; – And
To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the
foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of
the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.
This “United States ” is a Military Legislative “Democracy” within the former Constitutional
Republican government, and is known as the Federal United States. It has exclusive, unlimited
rule over its Subj ects whether or not such Military allow one to call oneself a Citizen or not. In
the eyes of the Military construct, such people are solely resident aliens and all others are nonresident
aliens of the District of Colombia, the territories and enclaves (Guam, Midway Islands,
Wake Island, Puerto Rico, etc.). Anyone who is a citizen by way of the 1 4th Amendment
(naturalized Citizens) has only one sole privilege in the military construct and that is the right to
vote, period.
Both United States formerly existed side by side in the same United States in Congress
Assembled that rules in both the former social compact and the military construct. One “United
States,” the Republican form of government of fifty Several States of the Union, has the ” stars
and stripes ” as its flag, but without fringe on it. The Federal United States’ flag is the stars and
stripes with a yellow fringe, seen in all courts. The abbreviations of the States of the Continental
United States are, with or without the zip codes, Ala., Alas. , Ariz., Ark., Cal . , etc. The
abbreviations of the States under the jurisdiction of the Federal United States after the Civil War,
the Legislative Democracy, are AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, etc. (without any periods). After the Civil
War even the designated abbreviation of the District of Columbia changed from Distr. of Col . , to
DC. to inform those who might be awake concerning the changing of the guard, over the old
social compact and the new military construct.
The international bankers and the Military Congress conjured up this bit of mischief and passed
it into law. But whose law? Congress broke faith with “We the People and their Posterity” long
before the incorporation of 1 87 1 . Congress sold them out when they finished the newly formed
military private corporation and made it the government of the District of Columbia. They used
the non-existent, so-called Constitution, under Military Dictatorship to declare such power
through the 1 4th Amendment, as their by-laws therefore taking their authority not under the
Constitution but taking their authority over the Constitution. They copyrighted not only the
Constitution, but also any and all related names such as, THE UNITED STATES , U.S. THE
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA as their own. This is the final blow to the original
Constitution as it related to the posterity of the signatories of the social compact known as the
United States for The United States of America. ” Hence forth, the UNITED STATES and
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been governed entirely by private corporate law, dictated
by the bankers as the fiscal agent for the Creditors .
The “Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia,” Section 34 of the FortyFirst
Congress of the United States , Session III, Chapter 6 1 and 62, enacted February 2 1 , 1 87 1 ,
states that:
“The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, whose jurisdiction is
applicable only in the ten-mile-square parcel of land known as the District of Columbia
and to whatever properties are legally titled to the UNITED STATES, by its
registration in the corporate County, State, and Federal governments that are under
military power of the UNITED STATES and its creditors.”
Under this provision, the Military Congress of the UNITED STATES had obtained the power
to pass Private International Law for application within the federal District of Columbia. All
States of the Union, adopted under Military Order, created new, legislative “conditions” and
“codified” their laws by copyright under federal mandate. State “codes” were unlawfully
adopted, despite their origin as instruments of a Sovereign People. However, We the People
remain Sovereign within the framework of International Public Order if we choose to emerge
out of such Military Social Construct by creating a new Social Compact according to the
principals of Universal and/or International Law to replace that which, by sine die, no longer
exists for our benefit or that of our posterity.
The private Military copyrighted UNITED STATES CODE, Title 28, 3002(15)(A), basically
reiterates that the UNITED STATES is a corporation. What was not said in 1 87 1 , but was
implicit, was what is plainly stated at Title 28, 3002(15)(3) : That all departments of the
UNITED STATES CORPORATION are part of the corporation. Title 28, UNITED STATES
CODE, is Copyrighted, per Private International Law. Indeed, the UNITED STATES
CODE, in its entirety, is Copyrighted Private International Law, and applicable only in the
District of Columbia.
This incorporation was first reported by Gary W. Phillips, whose career with the Immigration
and Naturalization Service began in 1956. He was the INS director at S ea Tac Airport for 20
years and began challenging the income tax in 1985 (The Idaho Observer, March, 2000) . After
nearly 40 years of government service, Phillips was forced to flee his alleged country to protect
his life after exposing the facts of the illegality of the federal government’s criminal income tax
collection scam — facts that are becoming well-known among informed people throughout the
so-called Military Social Construct.
Where did the Congress find the authority in the Constitution to reconstitute any part of the
united States as a corporation? Quite simply, the 1 79 1 Constitution was set aside to make room
for the corporation under the Law of Necessity created by sine die. Would this Act benefit the
Republican form of government? No – the private, corporate bottom line is profit. The
municipal, public bottom line is service. To replace the former service-oriented form of
government with a profit-oriented form of military government, without any public knowledge
or consent of the facts foisted upon the people, can only be described as treason, not only against
the former social compact, but in respect to International Law, as well. This is clearly against
the orderly peace and dignity of International Public Order.
A few superficial changes by attorneys were made to the original Constitution and it was no
longer the real thing. The Military Congress did not change the name of the document so they
could claim to be reading from the Constitution. They merely changed it from the Constitution
for The United States of America to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA. They changed the “for” to “or” and capitalized all the letters. All of a sudden we
had two Constitutions, the original for show and the revision for actual use.
The Act of 1 87 1 provided a government for the District of Columbia and created a corporation
entitled the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, whose jurisdiction extends only over corporate
entities created by the municipal corporation and are operative only in the District of Columbia.
The City of Washington, as the District of Columbia is the capitol of the District of Columbia,
not the United States of America, and all laws passed within the District of Columbia, are
applicable and enforceable only in the District of Columbia and its possessions.
The States of the Republican form of government are not possessions of the District of
Columbia. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam are possessions of the District of
Columbia, as well as property legally titled to the UNITED STATES by states and counties . But
the former Republican governments, of the Several States of the Union, are under Military
Dictatorship operating under national emergency due to sine die.
The UNITED STATES CODE, in totality, was put together in the District of Columbia as
Copyrighted Private International Law and is applicable only in the District of Columbia and
any other jurisdiction within the purview of its Military Dictatorship. By their own rules of
jurisdiction, the UNITED STATES attorneys have no business prosecuting anyone outside of
the District of Columbia or Federal territories. The military construct of federal district courts
has no venue outside of the District of Columbia and, therefore, has no jurisdiction outside of the
District of Columbia and its possessions. The Military Congress cannot pass a law that is
applicable in the several States of the Republic than otherwise outside of the presumed
emergency operating under the Law of Necessity created by congressional sine die.
If all the laws passed in the District of Columbia are Private International Law, including all of
the UNITED STATES CODE and the statutes at large and/or revised statutes passed after
1 87 1 , and are applicable and enforceable only in the District of Columbia, then how could they
have become the law of the land? Because, not knowing better, we the People allowed it. We
have allowed agents of foreign countries and/or enterprises to build an illegal corporation that
has systematically corrupted every state, county and city in this nation. It has corrupted the
status and standing of all people, whether or not connected to the former social compact of The
United States of America, the Military Social Construct of the UNITED STATES or just aliens
in respect to the International Public Order. The only way that a UNITED STATES DISTRICT
COURT can have jurisdiction over a Sovereign is if the latter volunteers to become a subj ect of
the jurisdiction or fails to declare his independence as a Sovereign within a social compact
according to the principals of International Public Order.
This corporation has created dozens of agencies, the I.R.S . , F.B.I., D.E.A. , and the B .A.T.F. , to
name a few, which employ thousands of agents who receive excellent salaries and benefits for
betraying their friends and families while enforcing the private edicts of the so-called Congress.
The men and women of Congress smile, speak softly, and then direct their illegal agencies to
destroy those who do not fully conform to their wishes, striking fear into the hearts of those who
do. Kidnapping and conspiracy are involved in every arrest and conviction by federal
authorities outside of the District of Columbia, by and through Military Edicts executed via the
Executive Orders of the Commander-In-Chief under the Law of Necessity created by sine die.
The question now leads to whether their duly elected public (PRIV ATE) officials swear an oath
to uphold the Constitution for The United States of America, the Republican form of
government within which the posterity to the original signatories who created such social
compact birthrights are protected by a service-oriented government, or swear an oath to the
CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the profit-oriented corporation?
The question is answered by those who study the circumstances of present day conditions
created by historical facts which reflect the outcome of future benefits of safety, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness to all who care for themselves and their posterity as a Society of Sovereign
People of Earth who wish to remain such and wish to pass such Sovereignty to their posterity in
the interest of peace and International Public Order.
It appears by the Military Social Construct’ s actions, that most government employees,
knowingly or unknowingly, have sworn an oath to the corporate UNITED STATES . It is taught
to the People by this Military Social Construct, that it is our duty, as the People who elected
them into office, to demand accountability from our assumed “public ” officials and to confront
them as to where their loyalties lie. Is it with the corrupt, treasonous corporation that is
controlled by foreign agents from within and without, or is it with the reinstitution of the
posterities ‘ Constitutional Republican form of government, The United States of America, and
the social compact party States created thereby in Union with her Citizens?
An articulate defender of a conservative monetary policy, so-called President, Mr. James A.
Garfield, urged the resumption of specie payments and the payment of government debts. He
said, “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all
industry and commerce. ” In his Inaugural Address in 1881, Garfield said:
“The chief duty of the National Government in connection with the currency of the
country is to coin money and declare its value. Grave doubts have been entertained
whether Congress is authorized by the Constitution to make any form of paper money
legal tender. The present issue of United States notes has been sustained by the
necessities of war; but such paper should depend for its value and currency upon its
convenience in use and its prompt redemption in coin at the will of the holder, and
not upon its compulsory circulation. These notes are not money, but promises to pay
money. If the holders demand it, the promise should be kept. ”
The so-called President, Mr. James A. Garfield was assassinated after only two hundred days
in office, 80 days after being shot by a attorney, ostensibly because he was upset about not
receiving an ambassadorial posting to France.
In 1909, default loomed once again. The so-called u.s. government asked the Crown of
England for an extension of time . This exten sion was granted for another 20 years on several
conditions. One of the conditions was that the United States to permit the creditors to establ ish a
new national bank. The bankers moved deeper into the new military social construct by the
establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and the IRS to collect the interest on their
loans made to the UNITED STATES . The 17th Amendment, enacted May 31, 1913, was the
condition for the extension of time which took away the States’ rights to appoint members
directly from its legislatures to serve in the Senate of the United States, thereby destroying the
last vestige of repUblican so-called government. The 16th and 17th Amendment further
reduced the States’ power. The UNITED STATES adopted the mercantile system of ancient
With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1 9 1 3 , the UNITED STATES was firmly lashed
to the yoke, so that a small number of very rich men have been able to put upon all people a
yoke little better than involuntary slavery itself. That yoke inevitably grows heavier with evercompounding
interest, and totals over $20 trillion of debt allegedly owed by all walks of life
today ($80,000 per man/woman/child). This vast accumulation of wealth concentrates
immense power and despotic economic domination in the hands of the few central bankers
“who are able to govern credit and its allotment, for this reason supplying, so to speak, the
life-blood to the entire economic body, and grasping, as it were, in their hands the very
soul of the economy so that no one dare breathe against their will. ” A worldwide tyranny is
gradually being imposed, hidden to most, by the Money Kings .
In 1 9 1 7 , the people were drafted into the First World War. President Woodrow Wilson had to
find a way to persuade the people to go along with an intervention in another of Europe’ s wars.
Although restrained to be neutral in the deadly conflict by the Neutrality Act, he sent the Navy to
shepherd British convoys across the Atlantic. German U-boat commanders did not take the bait
and avoided contact with the U . S . destroyers. To force the issue, a U . S . naval ship deliberately
sailed into the midst of a battle between British and German naval fleets and was sunk. But
when the truth was learned, Wilson had to find another way.
The Lusitania was a speedy warship refitted by the British as a passenger liner. Unknown to its
passengers, the Lusitania was carrying a huge cargo of military equipment and munitions in
violation of the US Neutrality Act. The Germans knew that and tried to warn the passengers by
placing advertisements in prominent U . S . newspapers. The U.S. State Department ordered all of
the newspapers to refuse the ad Only one newspaper, in Des Moines, Iowa, bravely published
the information. To ensure a successful provocation, the Lusitania was ordered to sail at 75%
speed using only three of its four powerful engines . Then the naval escort was ordered away,
leaving the Lusitania vulnerable as it entered the war zone. The first torpedo hit the explosive
cargo and blew the bottom out of the Lusitania. It sank in only 1 8 minutes . 1 26 innocent civilians
died. Wilson now had his provocation to rally people ignorant of the true facts behind the “War
to End All Wars” (WWI) . Deception personified.
The U . S . participation in WWI exacerbated the national debt so that it became impossible for us
to pay it off in 1 929. Wasn’ t that a nice coincidence? It also enhanced the War Powers Act that
the illegitimate President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, by Executive Order (as Commander-In-Chief)
put in place during his Presidency. This War Powers Act was re-enforced and the Trading
with the Enemy Act of 1 9 1 7 was passed to define, regulate, and punish those who were trading
with enemies, and were then required by that act to be licensed by the government to do
business, any business . (This will become more important later on . )
We all know what happened in 1 929. This was the year of the stock market crash and the
beginning of The Great Depression. The stock market crash moved billions of dollars from the
people to the banks. This also removed cash from circulation for the people’ s use. Those who
still possessed any cash, invested in high interest yielding Treasury B onds driven higher by
increased demand. As a result, even more cash was removed from circulation in the general
public for private use to the point where there was not enough cash left in circulation to buy the
goods being produced even for the necessities of life. Production came to a halt as excess
inventory overwhelmed the market. There were more products on the market than there was
cash to buy them. Prices plummeted and industries plunged into bankruptcy, throwing millions
of people out of work. Foreclosures on homes, factories, businesses and farms rose to the highest
level in history under the so-called new Military Social Construct of the UNITED STATES . A
mere dime was literally salvation to many families now living on the street. Millions of people
lost everything they had, keeping only the clothes on their backs .
In Europe, the International B ankers in 1 930 declared several social compact so-called nations
bankrupt, including the United States. In 1 93 3 , immediately after Franklin Delano Roosevelt
took office, his first act as the illegitimate President, was to publicly declare the United States
bank holiday by Executive Order (as Commander-In-Chief of the present Military Construct).
He further went on to issue his so-called Presidential Executive Order on March 5th, 1 933 that
all United States Citizens must turn in all their gold in return for Federal Reserve Notes. This
Law was passed by Congress on June 5, 1 93 3 .
All Walks o f Life turned i n all their gold at that time. The gold represented the hard earned fruits
of their labors. Why? Were we United States Citizens? No. We were still a sovereign people
until that time. We just thought that we were required to turn in all our gold. Only those people
living in Washington, D.C., and the 1 4th Amendment £itizens were so required. As sovereigns,
we were not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, which incorporated in 1 87 1 –
1 872.
When we turned in our gold, we just volunteered to be citizens of the jurisdiction and all their
laws of the assumed ten miles square of the City of Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED
STATES , and/or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, whichever you prefer to recognize as
the true designation of such Military Social Construct then or now. The people became captured
by the misrepresentation of the status of the 1 4th Amendment as £itizens. Our birth records
become certificates, and thereby the title to our bodies . They were registered at the Department
of Commercial within their Bureau of Census. This title to our bodies, all of our property and all
of our future labor, was pledged to the International Bankers as security for the alleged money
owed in bankruptcy by the original signatories to the social compact known as the Several States
of the Union, “The United States of America.” This was done under the authority of commercial
law (Babylonian law) by and through the beneficial use of Title and/or evidence of Title. The
People were not in bankruptcy. Only the Corporate UNITED STATES was in bankruptcy, which
had taken upon itself the debts of the prior social compact for certain power, privileges and
immunities. But with the U.S. Corporation holding the title (by and through the transfer of
ownership via the definition of fungible goods) to your body and life, you are now used for
collateral to secure their national debt through birth certificates (given by parents ignorantly and
voluntarily through condition of Mind and misrepresentations of Registered Agents) to be
entered into the Commercial Registry and pledged to the wants and needs of the Military Social
Construct’ s duty to service the debt owed by others at your expense. This act, in commerce, gave
title to your body by way of a “constructive” contract, but fraud vitiates all contracts . You may
still exercise your unalienable birthrights, an assumed among the powers of Earth, for your
separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’ s Creator entitle you.
Next, the government created an artificial ‘person’ with your given property name, a corporation,
a fictitious entity to take its place in a virtual reality of contract law and corporations. By and
through an adhesion contract via a newborn identification form with and attached ident-a-tag
number for commercial registration purposes, the government then made you, the real man or
woman, responsible for that fictional entity, a fiduciary and surety for an artificial entity. Your
artificial entity secured the National debt by and through your future performance of labor in
exchange for the beneficial interest units (FRNs) which would arise from the beneficial use of
the notes issued to you in exchange for your labor performed. This scheme allowed the Military
Social Construct to service the debt obligations of the Military regime and through it you became
a 1 4th Amendment £itizen of the UNITED STATES with the bonded (by United States Bonds)
right to vote once registered. Then when you became of legal age of contractual consent you
perfected the bonds by binding yourself to that status by registering to vote and giving general
power of attorney to those elected to perform every act and deed in your stead as if physically
present yourself. In other words, they got you to think and act as though you really were that
fictional entity for all intents and purposes as the fiduciary surety. You agreed by your action or
failure to act. YOU adhered to a contract offer because you thought or acted as though you were
the receiver of the offer. In doing so, YOU were presumed to have ACCEPTED THE
CONTRACT by general acquiescence to all the terms and conditions of the status of surety for
the fiction (created by the military social construct) once you had perfected the bond by binding
yourself by becoming a registered voter.
All licenses and all existing contracts are made between the UNITED STATES or THE STATE
OF (whatever state of condition you live in) and your artificial entity. That fictitious entity binds
you to the UNITED STATES and its sub-corporations because they have, through adhesion
contracts as stated, made you, the real man or woman, fiduciary and responsible for that artificial
entity. Of course, you voluntarily sign, and even request, all those contracts, don ‘ t you? It
seems to be your name, although you probably never spell it all in capital letters as they do.
They wish for you to think nothing of the derivatives, variations or aberrations, perhaps just
something they do to be clear and error-free, respective to positive identification as most
wrongfully think. All of these contracts you sign carry with it your agreement to obey and
uphold all the military Executive Orders Laws, Rules and Regulations passed by the so-called
President (Commander-In-Chief), the Congress of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and
THE STATE OF . They will be enforced against you until you decide to assume
among the powers of Earth, to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’ s Creator entitle you,
instead of the laws of Man to which you have no underlying nexus via social compact with such
agencies of government of whatever construct to protect your birthrights to Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness.
From that day forward, We the People, once upon a time sovereigns who created government for
our convenience and welfare, could never own property in allodium because the new State of the
No Union, now had possession of it all. In 1 964, the State obtained title to all private property.
You can only “rent” homes that you believe you own by paying taxes. You only have a
certificate of title to the car you think you own, and you continue to drive it because of your
“yearly” fee of registration is assumed to be paid. The State owns the true title to our homes , our
cars, to everything we thought or think we own. You married the State through your voter’ s
registration card, marriage license therefore allowing your children to become wards of the State
and by registering your children via the birth certificate, whereby the commercial vehicle was
created for commerce, as property of the State. All of this was pledged, including all the fruits
of your future labor, to the bankers as security against the so-called national debt and was placed
in the possession of the Secretary of State of each state as an agent for the Trustee of the
B ankruptcy, the U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Not knowing the rules of the game you went directly
to jail, you could not pass GO and you could not collect $2001
The way out of this is dilemma can be very complex. In fact, its complexity was intentional.
Roosevelt had violated the law by placing all people into involuntary servitude without their true
consent. Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the Federal
Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury and was coming dangerously close to calling for
impeachment of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Two months AFTER the Executive Order, on June 5,
1933, the Senate and House of Representatives, 73d Congress, 1st Session, at 4:30 pm
approved House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192: Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard
And Abrogate The Gold Clause, Joint Resolution to assure uniform value to the coins and
currencies of the United States. This is the Act which formally declared the bankruptcy of the
F.D.R., by Executive Order as the Commander-In-Chief of the military social construct, declared
all people outside the militarily federalized territories to be the enemy by illegally altering the
Trading with the Enemy Act of 1861, revised 1918.
The creation of Federal Zone £itizenship was strengthened when you were told to apply for a
Social Security number after 1935. The so-called benefits offered by this contract were hurriedly
and voluntarily entered into when the Social Security Act was signed into law because, once
again, the true facts regarding the outcome of accepting such benefits were withheld due to
misrepresentation and the lack of full disclosure. Further, contracts were to be entered into and
license to be applied for-all voluntary actions. We, unknowingly, were entering into lifelong
servitude to receive the benefits of the Lord of the Manor, the so-called Military Social Construct
Act, for and under the Order of the Money Kings and the Crown of England as the Exchequer of
the Vatican Treasury. We had descended into feudal vassalage not seen since before the signing
of the Magna Charta ( 1 2 1 5) without even recognizing it.
The so-called President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then called all the Governors into
Washington D. e. for a conference. This was the beginning of the States losing the remainder of
any semblance of their former Sovereignty. It was not until 1944 that the Corporate States lost
all of their power over the Corporate United States with the Buck Act. With this Act, the
states became, essentially, 14th Amendment £itizens as well. This Buck Act completed the
destruction of the corporate states having any power to protect themselves against usurpation by
the Military Social Construct known as the United States Government. The corporate states now
fell under the jurisdiction of Washington, D.C., as mere supervised units under the so-called
federal system.
Strangely enough, on October 28, 1977, H.J.R.-192 was quietly repealed by public law 95-
147. 91 Stat. 1227. “The joint resolution entitled ‘Joint resolution to assure uniform value to
the coins and currencies of the United States’ approved June 5, 1933 (31 U.S.C. 463), shall not
apply to obligations issued on or after the date of enactment of this section.”
The reason for the repeal of HJR-192 is somewhat obscure. After 44 years of unchallenged
implementation, this public policy was clearly established by custom, usage and participation in
the credit system by the so-called American public. Those of us operating on the privilege of
limited liability, via the public credit, are still bound unless such liability is discharged back to
the original source of the debt generated by the issuance of money of account under the
copyrighted military script known as Federal Reserve Notes.
The adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code (U.e.e.) by all entities allowed them to use the
designated copyrighted name of each and every State in 1 964, along with a number of other like
laws and Acts, were incorporated within the military social construct of the sub-multijurisdictional
franchised venues in the military social construct known as the United States . This
made the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) the Supreme Law of the Land appertaining to
Secured Transactions and even Documents of Title, though the U.C.C. speaks in hidden terms
concerning Documents of Title.
Under the social contract known as the Constitution, based on Common Law (common between
those signatory, their posterity and their Agents of Trust, Profit and Honor), the Republican form
of Government of the Continental United States provides for legal cases : at Law, in Equity, and
in Admiralty.
(1) Law is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense as it
operates over the creators of such social compact. It is the will of the majority, which
created such compact, the organization of the natural right of lawful defense. It is the
substitution of a common force for individual forces in a reality were such individual
power is limited by Unity, to do only what the individual forces have a natural and
lawful right to do but in harmony with each member of the whole to secure the benefits
of the one and at the same time for all signatory thereto: to protect themselves, their
posterity, their liberties, and properties ; to maintain the right of each, and to cause
justice to reign over all willing to declare to each such pledge as necessary to accept and
carry out the obligations of such compact. Since people, singularly, cannot lawfully use
force against any peoples, liberty, or property of another people in most cases due to
circumstances naturally lacking any contractual foundational societal nexus so-to-speak,
the common force-for the same reason-cannot lawfully be used to destroy the people,
liberty, or property of any people or groups of peoples . Law allows you to do anything
you want to, as long as you don’t infringe upon the life, liberty or property of anyone
else. Law does not compel performance with a remedy for breach of the International
Public Order, whether locally or otherwise.
Today’s so-called laws (ordinances, statutes, acts, regulations, orders, precepts, etc.) are often
erroneously perceived as law, but just because something is called a “law” does not necessarily
make it law. [There is a difference between “legal” and “lawful. ” Anything government does is
assumed legal, but it may not be expressly lawful. ]
(2) Equity is the jurisdiction of compelled performance (for any contract you are a
party to) and is based on what is fair in a particular situation. The term “equity”
denotes the spirit and habit of fairness, justness, and right dealing which would regulate
the intercourse of men with men. Connected by agreement and obligations to perform
accordingly, as governed amongst those who are signatory or otherwise by such general
acquiescence among them until such time as circumstances may arise to separate the
bands which either united them or otherwise which have lead them to accept such
circumstances for whatever reason. You have no rights other than what is specified in
your contract, which is governed by the foundational social compact. Equity has no
criminal aspects to it.
(3) Admiralty is compelled performance plus a criminal penalty, a civil contract with a
criminal penalty outside of any social compact guaranteeing any privileges or
immunities from such application of Admiralty jurisdiction.
By 1938 the gradual procedural merger between law and equity actions (i.e. , the same so-called
courts had jurisdiction over legal, equitable, and admiralty matters) was recognized and
accepted. The military social construct was bankrupt. It now was owned by its creditors (the
international bankers) who controlled everything-the Congress, the Executive, the courts, all
the States and their legislatures and executives, all the land, and all people through
misrepresentation and an absolute fraud perpetrated from condition of mind. This was brought
about by those exercising an unjust persuasion over all Walks of Life not only locally but upon a
planetary scale as well. Everything was mortgaged in support to the so-called national debt.
They had gone from being sovereigns over government to subjects under government, through
the use of negotiable instruments to discharge people’ s debts with limited liability, instead of
paying people’ s debts at common law with gold or silver coin according to the original mandate
of the now non-existent Constitution of the social compact formally known as “The united States
of America.”
A change in their system of law fr om public law to private commercial law was recognized by
the Supreme Court of the United States in the Erie Railroad vs. Thompkins case of 1938. In
the same year, the procedures of Law were officially blended with the procedures of Equity.
Prior to 1 938, all U.S. Supreme Court decisions were based upon public law-or that system of
law that was allegedly controlled by the social compact’ s Constitutional limitation. Since 1 93 8 ,
all U.S. Supreme Court decisions are based upon what i s termed public policy.
Public policy concerns commercial transactions made under the Negotiable Instrument’s Law,
which is a branch of the International Law Merchant. This has been codified into what is now
known as the Uniform Commercial Code. This system of law was made uniform throughout the
fifty franchise sub-states by the cunning of the Military Social Construct of the UNITED
STATES in Congress Assembled.
In offering grants of negotiable paper (Federal Reserve Notes), which the Military Congress gave
to the fifty sub-states of the former Union for education, highways, health, and other purposes,
Congress bound all the former States of the Union into a commercial agreement with the Federal
Military United States (as distinguished from the Continental United States). The fifty States
accepted the “benefits ” offered by the Federal Military United States as the consideration of a
commercial agreement between the Federal United States and each of the corporate States. The
corporate States were then obligated to obey the Congress of the Federal United States. They
became supervised units of the military federal system and had to assume their portion of the
equitable debts of the Federal United States to the international banking houses, for the credit
loaned. The credit which each sub-state received, in the form of federal block grants, was
predicated upon equitable paper.
This system of negotiable paper binds all corporate entities of government together in a vast
system of commercial agreements, has altered their court system from one under the Common
Law to a Legislative Article I Court, or Tribunal, system of commercial law. Those people
brought before this court are held to the letter of every statute of government on the federal,
state, county, or municipal levels unless they have exercised the REMEDY provided for them
within that system of Commercial Law whereby, when forced to use a so-called “benefit”
offered, or available, to them from the so-called government, they may reserve their former right,
under the Common Law guarantee of same, to not be bound by any contract, or commercial
agreement that they did not enter knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally. But once this has
been done according to International Public Order, such people are obliged to subj ect
themselves to their former state if that do not emerge into any other political status freely
determined by a people, according to the same International Public Order constituting modes
of implementing the right of self-determination by these peoples into such a social compact for
their safety, liberty, and the pursuit of their happiness .
I n 1976, the Military Social Construct’ s “United States in Congress Assembled” took away
any semblance of law or justice left within their court system. All law today is now construed,
constructed and made up by the judge as it happens before your very eyes. Common law has
almost disappeared from the courts . They took away any control or authority anyone, whosoever,
might, or could, have had over the court system. This has been well hidden from all of Walks
of Life.
Many of the people entering into such courts often wonder why and how the courts can simply
override the laws that are paraded before them as extant and used by them in their paperwork to
seek remedy to state a just claim of action for governmental abuse. It’ s very simple now that we
know how they do it. They operate on the words ‘construe and construct,’ with unrestricted
liberty per Senate bill 94-201 and 94-381.
A simple word such a s ‘in’ changed t o ‘ at’ a s i n ‘at law’ o r ‘in law’ has a totally separate
meaning. For example: If you are in the river, you are wet, you can swim, etc., but if you are at
the river, you might enj oy a refreshing picnic, play baseball or run races . See the difference a
simple word can make? The attorneys often change this word when they answer your motions in
addition to many others to direct the crossing over of their duty ‘at law’ in attornment owed to
the Chamberlains of the Exchequer of the Treasury of the Vatican.
It will pay you in dividends to read the answers of attorneys to your so-called paperwork.
Compare what they say the case law says to the actual case law itself. You’ ll discover that they
have actually changed the words therein. You might say this would appear to be unlawful. No,
not, according to the U . S . Code.
As you see, they can now construe and construct any law or statute to mean whatever they decide
it means for their benefit. You don ‘ t know any of this . You think they are railroading you in a
kangaroo court. No, they are ‘legal’ in what they do. They usually follow the law to the letter;
Their law, private law, the law of contract, which you know nothing about. This law is called
contract law.
In 1 999, I watched in utter amazement as the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the
Florida State Supreme Court’ s decision to proceed with a recount of the contested ballots and the
Eleventh District’ s Court decision to uphold the decision of the Florida court. In Orwellian
doublespeak, Chief Justice Antonin Scalia wrote on Saturday, December 9, 1 999:
“The counting of the votes that are of questionable legality does, in my view, threaten
irreparable harm to Bush, and to the country, by casting a cloud upon which he claims
to be the legitimacy of his election. Count first, and rule upon legality afterwards, is not
a recipe for producing election results that have the public acceptance democratic
s tabili ty requires . ”
It was a brazen and Orwellian declaration. What people who call themselves “American,” who
believe in democracy, could claim that something was wrong with counting votes “first? ” What
so-called American, who believes in democracy could declare one candidate the winner and
protect him from “irreparable harm” if a vote count showed him not to be the winner, after all?
Of course, it doesn’t make any sense, unless you realize the foundation upon which Chief Justice
Antonin Scalia based his transparently partisan remarks. He doesn’ t believe in democracy, he
doesn’ t even believe in republicanism. He is a militarist monarchist attorney and the Chief
Chamberlain of the Exchequer of the Treasury of the Vatican in the U. S . Now don ‘ t get me
wrong, because I believe that those who are not willing to exercise their Creator-Given
Unalienable Birthrights to emerge out of slavery into Sovereignty are worthy of neither safety
nor such liberty exercised by those who have united to emerge into a social compact for the
exercise of such safety and liberty.
Chief Justice Antonin Scalia revealed his true motivations when he spoke on the subject of
capital punishment at the University of Chicago (February 2002). During his remarks, he stated:
” The reaction of people of faith to this tendency of democracy to obscure the divine authority
behind government should not be resigned to it, but the resolution to combat it as effectively as
(“God ‘ s Justice and Ours . .. http://www.firstthings .comlftissues/ft020S/articles/scalia.html)
Is it possible for Democracy to obscure Divine Authority behind government? Perhaps this helps
shed some light on why Chief Justice Antonin Scalia and the four other right-wing “Justices”
could so easily subvert any election process and, through an act of divine intervention, usher the
son onto the throne lost some eight years earlier by his father, George I. We are assuming that
we are still independent sovereigns and freemen as declared by the Declaration of Independence
and that the so-called Constitution is still in effect, or that such a document has ever had anything
to do with all Walks of Life. Chief Justice Antonin Scalia has no such illusion. History supports
his position, sorry to say.
Chief Justice Antonin Scalia is an ideologue so accustomed to all Walks of Life and their
willingness to continue to be subj ects that he does not even consider the ideal of a government
of, by, and for the people. That ideal has remained as a useful fiction to be taught in Civics
classes and mouthed by the politicians to continue to delude the youth of the people even when
the people grow up and are repeatedly shown that the facts are absolutely opposite of what has
been taught. Chief Justice Antonin Scalia knows that we are mere chattel by presumption. Since
we have not even discovered that our status as freemen or Sovereign has been lost, through more
than two hundred years of our assumed history, much less withdrawn our implied consent to be
subjects, we are presumed to be subjects before the so-called courts and in the minds of people
like Chief Justice Antonin Scalia. Due to the control of institutional centers of education, where
we became brained washed in our adolescent years to believe in a system which no longer exists,
even if we never had any nexus with that former system which was being taught, that our rights
were secure by and through such former system of government.
Chief Justice Antonin Scalia speaks of civil disobedience with contempt and quotes the Bible,
” Ye must needs be subject. ” We must, as mere servants of the ruling class, acquiesce to our
divinely guided leaders. Who are we, as mere subj ects, to question those who make the laws and
interpret them? After all, he says that ” Government carries the sword as ‘the minister of
God,’ to ‘execute wrath’ upon the evildoer. ” No, he has not reverted to a justice of another
time-WE have, by our ignorance and silence, acquiesced to a lower status reminiscent of
another time.
There you have it ! In his eyes, we are subjects unworthy of honor, peace and justice. Somehow
Chief Justice Antonin Scalia’ s statements seem like a long way from the Declaration of
Independence in which so-called Americans stood before the world as Sovereigns invested with
certain unalienable rights, including the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. After
the American Revolution, the monarchies of Europe saw the Republican form of Democracy as
an unnatural, ungodly, ideological threat, just as radical and dangerous as Communism was
regarded by Western nations upon its inception. Just as the 1 9 1 7 Communist Revolution in
Russia spawned other revolutions around the world, the American Revolution provided an
example and incentive for people all over the world to overthrow their European monarchies
whether wrong or right. What has happened? When did we give up our natural, Creator-Given
Unalienable Birthrights for just any system of government whether monarchial or otherwise?
Our forefathers fought and won that war didn ‘ t they? NOT S O !
In English Law, Courts established in the Kings/Queen’s possessions beyond the seas had
jurisdiction over maritime causes, including those relating to booty or prize.
The United States of America is lawfully the possession of the English Crown per original
commercial j oint venture agreement between the colonies and the Crown, and the social compact
under the Constitution, which brought all the states (only) back under British ownership and rule.
The people, however, had sovereign standing in law, independent to any connection to the States
or the Crown under the Constitution. This fact necessitated that the people be brought back, one
at a time, under British Rule. The commercial process was the method of choice in order to
accomplish this task. First, via the 1 4th Amendment and secondly, by and through the registration
of our birth registries and property, and thirdly, via the voter registration process whereby those
who registered to vote gave general power of attorney without restriction, reservation or
limitation to act in their stead once in office, and without any recourse. All such courts in
America are Vice-admiralty courts in the Crown’ s private commerce. Read the definition of
“Courts of Exchequer” (for the Treasury of the Vatican) as defined in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th
Editions of Black’s Law Dictionary. Pay close attention to the term “fiction.”
“In English law. A very ancient court of record, set up by William the Conqueror as a part of
the aula Regis, and afterwards one of the four superior courts at Westminster. It was, however,
inferior in rank to both the king’ s bench and the common pleas . It was presided over by a chief
baron and four puisne barons. It was originally the king’ s treasury, and was charged with
keeping the king’ s accounts and collecting the royal revenues . But pleas between subject and
subject were anciently heard there, until this was forbidden by the Articula super Chartas,
( 1 290,) after which its jurisdiction as a court only extended to revenue cases arising out of the
non-payment or withholding of debts to the crown. But the privilege of suing and being sued in
this court was extended to the king’ s accountants, and later, by the use of a convenient fiction
to the effect that the plaintiff was the king’ s debtor or accountant, the court was thrown open to
all suitors in personal actions . The exchequer had formerly both an equity side and a commonlaw
side . . . ”
’emphasis added’
The Looting of a Nation-America’ s New Deal
The document on the facing page is a reconstruction of House Joint Resolution 192. It was
obtained through the Congressional Research Service by the local congressional representative.
The Congressional Research Service is a service of the Congressional Law Library and is closed
to public access.
Many who read H.J.R. 192 (on page 1 60) fail to comprehend its extraordinary significance, so a
bit of introduction is in order. Its six paragraphs have done more to change the legal and financial
landscape of America than perhaps any six paragraphs written prior to, or since, June 5th 1933. It
represents no less than the wholesale confiscation of the wealth of the people-the biggest theft
in history (see Executive Order June 5, 1933). All property and labor into perpetuity was
pledged to the International Banking Cartel. Note that the word manipulators are in top form
here-the word “bankruptcy” is never mentioned. The Military Congress spent all of 38
minutes ‘debating’ this bill. Evidently it would have been far more painful for those who are
called Americans to accept the second offer that was being extended by the bankers .
Considering the ease of obtaining incontrovertible evidence about the bankruptcy, it is shocking
to learn that the maj ority of Americans are completely unaware that the bankruptcy ever
occurred, how they were drawn into it, or how it has become embedded in their lives. Mention
this to your friends and they will probably look at you with surprise. Then, when you drop the
real bomb on them, they’ ll think you took a plunge off the deep end:
“Federal Reserve Notes, mere promises to pay, are equivalent in value to Monopoly®
money, ” and you don ‘t have actual title to your homes or vehicles eithe,.-. you only get
to use them if you pay your use fees in the form of license, registration, and property
tax. ”
So complete in the comfort of their illusions are those who call themselves Americans that they
give new meaning to the phrase, ” There ‘s a sucker born every second. ” If you create a system
which is fraud from end to end, and is both self-reinforcing and transparent, people won ‘ t even
realize it exists, or the reasons for its existence, or what they do to perpetuate its existence. This
may be because of fear of what is not understood. The only thing one has to fear is fear itself.
This fear arises when the very foundation of each and every action perpetrated is founded upon
illusionary trickery that, when exposed, creates the need for even more deceit and fraud to
maintain a semblance of order. This phenomenon is known as psychological dissonancegetting
closer to the truth would require the rej ection of almost everything that one has been
taught to believe is “real.” Once you realize that the spectacles being played out daily in their
courts, financial markets, institutions of higher learning, entertainment, and the world of politics
are little more than clever charades for perpetuating false perceptions, the reason for the peoples
collective “State-Of-Confusion” comes more sharply into view.
Here is short list of popular beliefs that became fairytales after the B ankruptcy:
• All people in so-called America are £itizens of the United States
• Legal persons are flesh and blood men and woman
• We can pay our debts in full
• Taxes are compulsory
• Our elected officials are there to serve us
• We are a nation based on Law
• The President of the United States is the most powerful office in America
• The Internal Revenue Service is a creature of the federal government
• The Federal Reserve is a creature of the Federal Government
• Abuses of power are held in check by three independent branches of government
• An attorney’ s first allegiance is to the client
• An attorney needs a license to practice law
• The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was about freeing the slaves
• America is a Constitutional Republic
• Statutory Laws, police, judges, and the courts have jurisdiction over you
• All Judges and police are required to take oaths of office, swearing to uphold the
Constitution of the United States .
• Congress alone has been delegated the power to coin money and set its value
All of these myths will be addressed in different parts of this book. Let’ s now examine the events
that led up to the emergency of 1933.
In 1929, the Military S ocial Construct known as the United States entered the Great Depression.
At that time, most of the Major Economic and Military Powers in the world were also in a
depression. You may recall that those who call themselves Americans were permitted to own
gold and that their currency was backed by gold and silver. People could deposit their gold in
Federal Reserve banks . Then the bank would give them a note that they could use to withdraw
their gold. Due to the panic in the economic markets after the crash of 1 9 29, people were trying
to withdraw the funds from the banks in the currency form of silver and gold.
The so-called President, Mr. Herbert Hoover asked the Federal Reserve Board of New York
for a recommendation on how to deal with the situation. One might wonder why their President,
Mr. Herbert Hoover, would ask the Federal Reserve Board for advice. But, a review of the
“Federal Reserve” article will show that the Federal Reserve System was in control of the
Military Social Construct known as the United States as its Fiscal Agent over the Monetary
Policies of the United States then. We are still under the same power. The Federal Reserve
Board adopted a resolution to respond to their President, Mr. Herbert Hoover’s, request.
“Whereas, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Federal Bank of New York,
the continued and increasing withdrawal of currency and gold from the banks of the
country has now created a national emergency . . . ” [Herbert Hoover private papers of
March 3, 1933]
The Federal Reserve board is stating that the run on banks is causing a “national emergency.”
Since their currency was backed by gold, why would it cause a national emergency for people to
hold the gold rather than the banks? To find the answer, let’ s see what their President, Mr.
Herbert Hoover, had to say.
” . . . that those speculator and insiders were right was plain enough later on. This first
contract of the ‘moneychangers ‘ with the New Deal netted those who removed their
money from the country a profit of up to 60 percent when the dollar was debased. ”
[Hoover Policy Paper, written by the Secretary of Interior and Secretary of
Their President, Mr. Herbert Hoover, is saying that those with inside knowledge had already
removed the money (gold) from the country before the people started demanding their money
from the banks. Since the banks didn ‘ t have the gold the people were demanding, the banks
needed protection. So, the Federal Reserve Board went on to propose their President, Mr.
Herbert Hoover, issue an Executive Order based upon the Trading with the Enemy Act of
1917 as follows:
“Whereas, it is provided in Section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 191 7, as amended, that
‘the President may investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations
as he may prescribe by means of licensure or otherwise, any transaction in foreign
exchange and the export, hoarding, melting, or ear markings of gold or silver coin or
bullion or currency, ***”‘. [Herbert Hoover private papers of March 3, 1933, emphasis
Their President, Mr. Herbert Hoover, declined to issue the order, but then Mr. Franklin
Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as their President, on March 4, 1933. In his inauguration
speech, he requested that Congress grant him emergency powers equal to those he might have in
times of war to allow him to deal with the crisis. On March 5, 1933, he issued Proclamation
2038 requesting a Special Session of Congress beginning on March 9, 1933, to deal with the
banking emergency. Then, on March 16, 1933, the illegitimate President, Mr. Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, issued Proclamation 2039 to indicate to the Congress what kind of emergency
powers he was asking for. This proclamation had exactly the same wording as that proposed by
the Federal Reserve Board. But the Proclamation had no authority until Congress met to give
him the required authority.
One might well ask how the Federal Reserve Board could have such influence over their
acting President. Some researchers speculate that the depression was engineered by the Federal
Reserve System and the International Bankers that it represents [see the essay “Secrets of the
Federal Reserve” for information about the link between the Federal Reserve System and
International Bankers]. The bankers ‘ motive was to further consolidate their power. They
already controlled the monetary policy of the UNITED STATES . It is also speculation that the
military social construct known as the U . S . government was told that it had no choice in
cooperating with the Federal Reserve Board, (international bankers) or the depression would
remain indefinitely. Under such political blackmail, their President, Congress, and Courts were
willing to acquiesce to the demands of the (Money Kings) bankers . Bear these speculations in
mind as you read who, quickly, gave the Federal Reserve System what it wanted. These
speculations will be an area for further research.
The very first Act passed by Congress when they met in Special Session has the following
“Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representative of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, that the Congress hereby declares that a serious
emergency exists and that it is imperatively necessary to speedily put into effect
remedies of uniform national application. ” [bold emphasis added]
On the first day of their special session, Congress approved Proclamation 2039. On the same
day, their President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, re-issued it as Proclamation 2040.
“Whereas, under the Act of March 9, 1933, all Proclamations heretofore or hereafter
issued by the President pursuant to the authority enforced by section 5(b) of the Act of
October 6, 191 7, as amended, are approved and confirmed; ” [President Roosevelt’s
Proclamation 2040].
On that same day, Congress passed the following statute:
“During time of war or during any other period of national emergency declared by the
President, the President may, through any agency that he may designate, or otherwise
investigate, regulate, or prohibit under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe
by means of licensure or otherwise, any transaction in foreign exchange, transactions
of credit between or payments by banking institutions as defined by the President and
export, hoarding, melting, or ear markings of gold or silver coin or bullion or
currency, by any person within the United States or anyplace subject to the jurisdiction
thereoJ. ” [Title 1, Sec. 2, 48 Statute 1, March 9, 1933, emphasis added]
This is exactly the same language that was found in the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act. The
exclusion of transactions within the UNITED STATES had been removed from the Statute.
This statute can now be found in the United States Code at 12 USC § 95b. This is the current
version of the statute. Notice that the wording is almost identical to that found in the 1933
statute (shown in above paragraph).
“Sec. 95b. – Ratification of acts of President and Secretary of the Treasury under
section 95a. The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations
heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the
United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March 4, 1933, pursuant to the
authority conferred by section 95a of this title, are approved and confirmed. ” [12 USC
§ 95b]
This version says that the authority is granted in 12 USC § 95a. But if you look in the notes to
that statute you will see that the original source authority is located in “Oct. 6, 1917, ch. 106,
Sec. 5(b), 40 Stat. 415” and later in “Mar. 9, 1933, ch. 1, title I, Sec. 2, 48 Stat. I.” So, the
alleged President still has the authority as it was originally granted in 1917 and later modified in
The effect of this emergency power is that all who call themselves Americans are now part of
the Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended in 1933. The significance of this change will
soon become apparent.
Since the bankers didn’ t have gold to pay out, the alleged President, Mr. Franklin Delano
Roosevelt used Proclamation 2039 and 2040 along with the provisions of 12 USC § 95b to
create a banking holiday. This can be verified if we read the definition for “Banking Holiday
of 1933.”
“Bank holiday of 1933. Presidential Proclamations No. 2039, issued March 6, 1939,
and No. 2040, issued March 9, 1933, temporarily suspended banking transactions by
member banks of the Federal Reserve System. Normal banking functions were
resumed on March 13, subject to certain restrictions. The first proclamation, it was
held, had no authority in law until the passage on March 9, 1933, of a ratified act (12
V.S. C.A. § 95b). The present law forbids member banks of the Federal Reserve System
to transact banking business, except under regulations of the Secretary of the
Treasury, during an emergency proclaimed by the President. 12 V.S. C.A. § 95. ”
[Black ‘s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, emphasis added]
The restrictions mentioned in the above definitions are that the bankers had to be licensees
before they could be reopened. A license is something that grants authority to do something
that would otherwise be illegal. Trading (or conducting business) with the enemy (so-called
Americans on assumed American soil) was made an illegal activity unless licensed. Their
President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s, papers revealed that the government will grant the
“The Secretary of the Treasury will issue licenses to banks which are members of the
Federal Reserve System whether national bank or state, located in each of the 12
Federal Reserve Bank cities, to open Monday morning. ” [President Roosevelt’s papers]
Another provision passed on March 9, 1933 giving Federal Reserve Agents the authority to
act as Agents of the U.S. Department of Treasury. This seems strange since the Federal
Reserve System is a private business.
“When required to do so by the Secretary of the Treasury, each Federal Reserve agent
shall act as agent of the Treasurer of the Vnited States or of the Comptroller of the
currency, or both, for the performances of any functions which the Treasurer or the
Comptroller may be called upon to perform in carrying out the provisions of this
paragraph. [48 Stat. 1, emphasis added]
We’ ve already seen that insiders had removed most of the gold from the banks (warehouses)
before the people started demanding their money from the bankers . The bankers didn ‘ t have the
money the people were demanding, so the bankers sought protection. In order to do this, the
people had to be declared the enemy. The Trading with the Enemy Act, as revised in 1933,
accomplished this. Then Congress passed a statute that authorized stiff fines and/or prison
sentences if people didn’ t tum in their gold. This would be considered High Treason, if it
wasn’t a hoot, that such power used was founded solely upon the Law of Necessity and not
a true representation of such authority by a fully aware and informed people.
“Whenever, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Treasury, such action is necessary
to protect the currency system of the United States, the Secretary of the Treasury, in his
discretion, may regulate any or all individuals, partnerships, associations and
corporations to pay and deliver to the Treasurer of the United States any or all gold
coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by such individuals, partnerships,
associations, and corporations . . . . Whoever shall not comply with the provisions of this
act shall be fined not more than $10, 000 or if a natural person, in addition to such fine
may be imprisoned for a year, not exceeding ten years. ” [Stat 48, Section 1, Title 1,
Subsection N, March 9, 1933, emphasis added]
So, not only were people not able to get their gold, but their gold was confiscated by the military
social construct of government. Since all money was gold and silver certificates and all of this
money had to be turned in, the people were left without any money of exchange in Law.
“During this banking holiday it was at first believed that some form of script or
emergency currency would be necessary for the conduct of ordinary business. We knew
that it would be essential when the banks reopened to have an adequate supply of
currency to meet all possible demands of depositors. Consideration was given by
government officials and various local agencies to the advisability of issuing clearing
house certificates or some similar form of local emergency currencies. On March 7,
1933, the Secretary of the Treasury issued a regulation authorizing clearing houses to
issue demand certificates against sound assets of the banking institutions. But this
authority was not to become effective until March 10th. In many cities, the printing of
these certificates was actually begun. But after the passage of the Emergency Banking
Act of March 9, 1933, (48 Stat. 1) it became evident that they would not be needed
because the act made possible the issue of the necessary amount of emergency
currency in the form of Federal Reserve Bank Notes which could be based on any
sound assets owned by the banks. ” [Roosevelt’s papers, bold emphasis added]
So we see that their President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s papers admit that the
Emergency Banking Act made it possible to issue emergency currency that was based upon
the Assets of the banks rather than upon gold or silver (remove the U . S . from the gold
standard) . The “emergency currency” was “Federal Reserve Bank Notes.” Federal Reserve
Notes are still used today.
Next we will see what was to be used to back up the “Federal Reserve Bank Notes.”
“Upon the deposit with the Treasurer of the United States, (a) of any direct obligations
of the United States, or (b) of any notes, drafts, bills of exchange or bankers
acceptances acquired under the provisions of this Act, any Federal Reserve bank
making such deposit in the manner prescribe by the Secretary of the Treasury shall be
entitled to receive from the Comptroller of the currency circulating notes in blank, duly
registered and countersigned. ” [Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933, section 4,
Public Law 89- 719]
Later in 1933, the House of Representatives passed a joint resolution to “Suspend The Gold
Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause” which says in part:
“That (a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which
purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or particular kind of
coin or currency, or in as amount of money of the United States measured thereby is
declared to be against public policy; and no such provision shall be contained in or
made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. ” [House Joint Resolution 192,
June 5, 1933, emphasis added]
Since this measure was passed as a joint resolution, it does not have the force of law. You will
notice that the resolution uses the term “public policy.” We frequently hear the term “public
policy” used. But what does it mean?
“policy. The general principles by which a government is guided in its management of
public affairs. ” [Black ‘s Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]
”public policy. Broadly, principles and standards regarded by the legislature or by the
courts as being of fundamental concern to the state and the whole of society. ” [Black ‘s
Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]
Public policy is not the same thing as public law !
“public law. The body of law dealing with the relations between private individuals and
the government, and with the structure and operation of the government itself; . . . A
statute affecting the general public . . . ” [Black ‘s Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]
This is a rather startling admission on the part of Congress. They are saying that what they are
doing by refusing to pay the federal debt in gold is not according to the law but rather a
public policy.
So, we see that the currency was no longer backed by gold (even if it is only a public policy) .
The new currency was Federal Reserve Bank Notes. These notes were, and still are, backed by
“direct obligations of the United States” which are Treasury notes. They are also backed by
bank “notes, drafts, bills of exchange, and bank acceptances.” This last group is notes (loans)
that Federal Reserve member banks were holding on loans they had made to people and
institutions. So the public or private debt instruments of the banks were considered Assets to
be deposited in the Treasury in exchange for “circulating notes.” Excerpts can further prove
this from the Congressional Record during the debate over the Emergency Banking Act of
[Mr. McPhadin] ” . . . The first section of the bill, as I grasped it, is practically the war
powers that were given back in 191 7. 1 would like to ask the chairman of the commiUee
if this is a plan to change the holding of the security back of the Federal Reserve notes
to the Treasury of the United States rather than the Federal Reserve agent. ”
[Mr. Stiggle] “This provision is for the issuance of Federal Reserve bank notes; and
not for Federal Reserve notes; and the security back of it is the obligations, notes,
drafts, bills of exchange, bank acceptances, outlined in the section to which the
gentleman has referred. ”
[McPhadin] “Then the new circulation is to be Federal Reserve bank notes and not
Federal Reserve notes. Is that true?”
[Mr. Stiggle] “Insofar as the provisions of this section are concerned, yes. ”
“[Mr. Britain] “From my observations of the bill as it was read to the House, it would
appear that the amount of bank notes that might be issued by the Federal Reserve
System is not limited. That will depend entirely upon the amount of collateral that is
presented from time to time from exchange for bank notes. Is that not correct?”
[McPhadin] “Yes, I think that is correct. ”
It should be clear that the currency was no longer backed by gold but by a promise to pay on
various debt instruments (loans to private individuals or businesses and the government).
So, there were no Hard Assets backing up the currency, only promises. In the case of
government loans, the collateral would be the ”full faith and credit of the United States.” This
is very strong evidence that the federal government was bankrupt at that time. If it weren’ t, the
federal government would still be willing to pay its obligations in gold and the currency
would still be backed by gold.
Who did the federal government owe money too? The obvious answer is the Federal Reserve
Bankers, who were holding the “direct obligations of the United States.” The Federal
Reserve is a private bank. It is not part of the government. The logical conclusion is that the
government is bankrupt and the Federal Reserve is the Creditor.
The transition from a gold backed currency to one that was not backed by any hard asset was
very swift. The Federal Reserve Board proposed it to their President, Mr. Herbert Hoover,
but it took until a more acceptable agent resided within their presidency of the military social
construct on March 3, 1933 before it was implemented into law on March 9, 1933. This is very
swift action indeed. How can we account for such a rapid change in circumstances? We have not
uncovered (at least thus far) direct evidence of undue influence by the Federal Reserve
(international bankers) . However, their position as Creditor to the UNITED STATES does
provide a plausible explanation as to why things changed so rapidly.
The final topic to explore . . . the impact of this on so-called American £itizens.
Impact of Bankruptcy
So, let’ s clarify the difference between real money of exchange (backed by a hard asset) and a
paper money of account as a substitute. Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are nothing more than
promissory notes backed by UNITED STATES Treasury securities (T-Bills) – a promise to
pay the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). The FRB allows the military federal
government constructs to create debt that causes inflation through devaluation of the so-called
currency. Inflation occurs whenever there is an increase of the supply of a so-called fiat money
supply in the economy without a corresponding increase in the money of exchange (gold and
silver or some other species) backing. Inflation is an invisible form of taxation that
irresponsible governments inflict on their subj ects known as citizens . The Federal Reserve
Bank has access to an unlimited supply of FRNs. The Federal Reserve Bank only pays for the
printing costs of new FRNs.
We also need to understand that there is a fundamental difference between “paying” and
“discharging” a debt. To pay a debt, you must pay with value or substance (i.e. gold, silver,
barter or a commodity). With FRNs, you can only discharge a debt. You cannot pay a debt with
a debt currency system. You cannot service a debt with a currency that has no backing in value
or substance. No contract in common law is valid unless it involves an exchange of “good and
valuable consideration.”
What does the federal military government construct have to offer the Federal Reserve III
payment of its debts? The next quote answers this question.
[Patton] “The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar because it is backed by the
credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all
the people in the Nation.” [Congressional Record, March 9, 1933, emphasis added]
We now see that the federal government has offered all of the private property in the people to
its Creditor, the Federal Reserve. The government can also offer the labor of the people of the
nation [see the article on the “Federal Reserve” system to see how the IRS is used to collect
money for the Federal Reserve] .
This quote is evidence that the military social government construct, “hypothecated” all of the
present and future properties, assets, and labor of their “subjects” to the Federal Reserve
“Hypothecate. To pledge property as security or collateral for a debt. Generally, there
is no physical transfer of the pledged property to the lender; nor is the lender given title
to the property; though he has a right to sell the pledged property upon default. ”
[Black ‘s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition]
So, the military social government construct has pledged (mortgaged) our property as collateral
to their Creditor, the Federal Reserve. If you thought the only people who could mortgage
property were the owners, you were correct. The implication is that through some mechanism,
(which will be the subject of future material on this subject), the military social government
construct has taken over controlling interest in our property. If this is the case, it is a violation of
the 5th Amendment to the social contract known as the U.S. Constitution. NOT ! ! ! What social
compact contract Constitution or otherwise are you party to, now or ever, which would guarantee
any right to state a Claim of Action on any agency Liability to perform in some fiduciary manner
in relationship thereto? So continue to accept the delusion while the military construct continues
to rape and pillage based upon your full faith and credit to continue to believe the following to
” • • • nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”
You may wonder how you got roped into paying someone else’ s debts. The answer can be found
in the 14th Amendment.
The validity of the public debt of the United States . . . shall not be questioned.” [ l 4th
Amendment, Section 4]
After the passage of the 1 4th Amendment, everyone born in the so-called UNITED STATES
became a 1 4th Amendment [federal] £itizen. As such, you are held liable for the “public debt of
the United States.” To provide further evidence of military government control of our property,
consider the fact that we pay property taxes . Prior to 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was
passed, most so-called Americans owned property and had Allodial titles. There are !!Q property
taxes in this situation. When we buy property now, we are not given an Allodial title. Instead we
are given a title deed, which is not fee simple absolute. To better understand, let’ s look at the
definitions of these terms .
“Allodial. Free; not holden on any lord or superior; owned without obligation of
vassalage or fealty • • • ” [Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition]
“Fee simple. A fee simple absolute is an estate limited absolutely to a man and his heirs and
assignees forever without limitation or condition. An absolute or fee simple estate is one in
which the owner is entitled to the entire property, with unconditional power of disposition during
his life, and descending to his heirs and legal representatives upon his death in testate.” [Black’s
Law Dictionary, 5th Edition]
“Deed. A conveyance of realty; a writing signed by grantor, whereby title to realty is
transferred from one to another.” [Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition]
“Title deeds. Deeds, which constitute or are the evidence of title to lands.” [Black’s Law
Dictionary, 5th Edition, emphasis added]
From these definitions, it should be obvious that we do not have fee simple, absolute title to our
land. If we had an Allodial title (without obligation), no one would have the authority to tax the
land. They would also not have a right to sell the property if the taxes weren’ t paid. But when
the property was hypothecated, the military government took that authority. The title deed is
evidence that a title does exist. But the question remains who holds title to the property? It
would seem that the military government has taken control of our property and then they lease it
back to us for what is called property taxes.
In return for turning over all the property in the so-called military social construct known as the
U.S., the Federal Reserve Bank agreed to extend the federal military social construct all the
Credit (money substitute) it needed. Like any other debtor, their federal military government
construct had to assign collateral and security to their Creditors as a condition of the loan. Since
their federal military government construct didn’ t have any assets, they assigned the private
property of their “economic slaves,” the so-called UNITED STATES £itizens, as collateral
against the un-payable federal military debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal
military territories, national parks and forests, as collateral against the federal military debt (for
evidence of this see the United Nations plaques in most of major so-called national parks) .
You might say, “I don’t feel like an economic slave.” If not, then why are most who call
themselves Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no Assets after all debts and
liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting
less and less? Evidence of your economic slavery is the fact that you pay Social Security taxes
and income taxes.
Remember that we said the federal military government construct could also pledge the labor
of the citizens. The federal military government construct gets the benefit of your labor in the
form of so-called federal employment [income] taxes. What you may not know is that the federal
military government construct does not have any Constitutional authority to tax your wages. So
the income tax is voluntary. You volunteer to pay off the public debt when you apply for a
social security number and then give it to your employer when you file a W4 form. If you don ‘ t
believe it, find a canceled check that you have written t o the I.R.S. Turn i t over and o n the back
you will see that the check was endorsed for deposit in a Federal Reserve account. So, your
check to pay your “income tax” was deposited into the Federal Reserve, a private bank, who is
the acting fiscal Agent of the Creditor for the Crown of England as the Exchequer of the
Vatican to service the federal military government construct’ s !!!!-payable debt.
In summary, the Federal Military Government Construct is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve
B ankers are the Fiscal Agent for the Creditor to the Federal Military Government Construct. All
of your property and labor have been pledged to lillY the debts of the Federal Military
Government Construct. As a UNITED STATES £itizen, you are held liable for the so-called
(military) public debt, and the service agent of the Fiscal Agent (Federal Reserve System)
known as the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve
Now, I have attempted to keep this as simple as possible, so as to reach those still in the matrix
so-to-speak. You can be set free from this system of control, but you must first want to be free.
The only way that you have to emerge into any other political status freely determined by a
people, is according to the International Public Order which constitutes modes of
implementing the right of self-determination by that people recognized by the principals of
International Law, otherwise known as the Law of Nations and/or the Laws between Nations,
adopted to keep the peace within the framework of differences which may or may not exist
between such jurisdictions, however known, established by those who have emerge accordingly,
for the benefit of their safety, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, by constituting a social compact
for these benefits by which other jurisdictions may know how to treat with such compact,
according to the International Public Order. This has existed for a millennium, to allow the
exchange of intercourse/commerce between such compacts for the benefit of those who have
pledged to each other their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to establish their
credibility within the International Public Order as a bond by which other jurisdictions may
know the Condition of Mind of such social compact when treating with them when establishing
treaties for whatever purpose.
June 5, 1 933.
[ H . J . Res. 1 92]
[Pub. Res . , No. 1 0]
U niform val ue of
;oins and cu rrencies.
Pream ble.
Clauses in
bligations req u i ring
‘old, etc . , payment
eclared contrary to
ublic policy.
No future obligation
) be so expressed .
‘ayments to be made
) legal tender.
wvisions repealed.
U . S . C p. 1 003
Other provisions
ot i nvalidated
Term “obligation”
efi ned .
:oin or cu rrency”
National Econom ic
:mergency Act,
Ante, p. 52.
Coins and
u rrencies
s legal tender.
Abrase gold coins
ccording to weight.
7 3 rd CO N G R E S S . S E S S I . C H S 4 6 – 4 8 ,
J U N E 3 , 5 , 1 9 3 3
[C HAPT E R 481
T o assu re un iform val ue t o t h e c o i n s a n d cu rrencies o f t h e U n ited States .
Whereas the hold ing of or dealing i n gold affect the public i nterest, and are therefore subject to
p roper reg u l ation and restriction; and
Whereas the existing emergency has disclosed that provisions of obl igations which purport to g ive
the obligee a right to requ i re payme nt in gold or a particular kind of coin or cu rrency of the U n ited
States, or in an amount in m oney of the U n ited States measured thereby, obstruct the powe r of the
Congress to reg u late the value of money of the U n ited States, and are i nconsistent with the
declared pol icy of the Con g ress to mai ntain at all times the equal powe r of eve ry dollar, coined or
issued by the U n ited States , i n the markets and i n the paym ent of debts . Now, the re-fore be it.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That (a) every provision contained i n or made with respect to any obligation
which pu rports to g ive the obl igee a rig ht to req u i re paym ent in gold or a particu lar kind of coin or
cu rrency, o r i n an amount i n money of the U n ited States measu red thereby, is declared to be
against public pol icy; and no such provision shall be contained i n or m ade with respect to any
obligation hereafter i ncurre d . Every obligation , heretofore o r he reafter i nc u rred, whethe r or not any
such provision is contained there i n or made with respect thereto , shall be d ischarged upon
payment, dollar for dollar, i n any coin or cu rrency which at the time of payment is legal tender for
public and private debts . Any such provision contained i n any law authorizi ng obligations to be
issued by or under authority of the U nited States, is hereby repealed, but the repeal of any s uch
provision shall not invalidate any other provision or authority contai ned in such law.
(b) As used i n this resol ution , the term “obligation” means an obligation (i ncluding eve ry
obl igation of and to the U n ited States , excepting cu rre ncy) payable i n money of the U n ited States ;
and the term “coi n or cu rrency” means coi n or cu rre ncy of the U n ited States, i ncluding Federal
Reserve notes and C i rculati n g notes of Federal Rese rve banks and national ban king associations.
Sec. 2 . The last sentences of parag raph ( 1 ) of subsection (b) of section 43 of the Act entitled
“An Act to relieve the existin g national economic emergency by increasing agric ultu ral purchasing
power, to raise reven u e for extraord inary expe nses incu rred by reason of such emergency, to
p rovide e m e rgency relief with respect to ag ricu ltural i ndebtedness , to provide for the orderly
l i q u idation of jOi nt-stock land banks , and for other pu rposes” , approved May 1 2 , 1 933, is amended
to read as follows:
“All coins and cu rre ncies of the U n ited States (incl u d i n g Federal Rese rve notes and circu lating
notes of Federal Rese rve banks and national banking associations) he retofore or hereafter coined
or issued , shall be legal tender for all debts , public and private , public charges, taxes, duties , and
dues, except that gold coins, whe n for single piece , shall be legal tender only at val u ation in
p roportion to thei r actual weight”
Approved, J u ne 5 , 1 333 4 .40 p . m .
Emergency Powers Fraud
The Republican Party of Texas Executive Committee voted unanimously on 17 June 1995 to
recommend rescinding the Emergency Banking and Relief Act of March 9, 1933.
The Libertarian Party should do the same.
Given the many years their Republican presidents have had the opportunity to rescind their
emergency powers and didn ‘t, I have little or no faith that their Republicans or Democrats will
end their military Emergency Powers and restore the Constitution to full force as it was
originally established according to the principals of International Public Order. Our best hope
is for their military social construct to declare a restatement of their social compact within the
framework of International Public Order respective to the posterity to which such compact was
established. Also, for those of us who wish to emerge into a position of political status according
to the principals of International Public Order and to do so in the interest of peace within the
International Public Order for our own safety, liberty and pursuit of happiness by declaring our
pledge to each other in social compact to establish our own credibility by which others may treat
with us.
For those of you unaware of the history of Emergency Powers, I include here fa monograph on
the subject].
In 1917 the “Trading With The Enemy Act” (50 USC Appendix) was passed. It allowed the
so-called president to ” prohibit, restrict, license or regulate” any transactions by £itizens or
corporations of the enemy countries operating within the U . S . during WWI. Conveniently, it
was not revoked, even though the war and emergencies ended.
On 24 March 1918, the Act was amended and its scope greatly expanded by adding “hoarding,
melting” to the description of foreign exchange and by deleting the word ‘such’ from two
places in ” … and he may require any [such] person engaged in any [such] transactions … ”
In the early 1 920’s, the Federal Reserve’s loose money policy encouraged a lot of people,
especially farmers, to over-extend themselves. When the Federal Reserve contracted the money
supply during the late ’20s, it initiated an economic collapse that was sustained and deepened by
the Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1 930, which raised rates as high as 49% , purportedly to act as a price
support for America’s farmers. Their President’ s, Mr. Herbert Hoover’s, interventions [helped
to] create a world-wide recession.
On 6 March 1933 their President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, issued Proclamation
2039: under the authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act — ” [T]he President. .. may
prohibit .. , by means of licenses, or otherwise .. , the export [or] hoarding of gold or silver
coin” and ceased redeeming the legal tender (Bills of Credit) for gold coin (lawful money).
On 9 March 1933, their President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, convened the 10th Federal
Congress in special session.
Thi s Military Congress declared a state of emergency (H.R. 1491, No. 1) and rubber-stamped
ex-post facto Proclamations, granting their President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the
same powers he would have in times of war. Their Congress passed the Emergency Banking
Act without reading or debating it (some say a newspaper was put into the hopper to
represent the bill, which was still being written), effectively suspending any remaining effect
of the so-called social compact of the U . S . Constitution and imposing Martial Law on each and
every people under the provisions of Article I, Section 9, Clause 2. Once an emergency is
declared, the common law and Constitutional guarantees are abolished, and all people fall under
the absolute will of the military social government construct, e.g., public (MILITARY) policy.
Before 1933, they had ” Statutes at Large; ” federal military legislation (public policy) was then
and is now continually referred to as ” Public Law.” Their President becomes Commander in
Chief, ipso facto: in effect, a non-Constitutional Dictator, acting under the Law of Necessity, the
Law of War.
The 10th (Military) Congress passed without debate the Bank Conservation Act, amending
section 5, subsection b of the Trading with the Enemy Act to accommodate Proclamation
2039. The functional result of the changes :
“During time of war or during any other period of national emergency declared
by the President, the President may, through any agency that he may designate .. ,
investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may
prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions .. , defined by the
President. .. by any person within the United States or any place subject to the
jurisdiction thereof; and the President may require any person engaged in any
transaction referred to in this subdivision to furnish under oath, complete
information relative thereto, including the production of any books of account,
contracts, letters or other papers, in connection therewith in the custody or
control of such person, either before or after such transaction is completed. ”
Immediately thereafter their President, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, issued Proclamation
2040: under the authority of the amended Trading with the Enemy Act, ” [I]n view of such
continuing national emergency .• , all terms and provisions of said Proclamation of March 6,
1933 . • . are .. , in full force and effect until further proclamation by the President. ” 48 Stat.
1691. The “New Deal” (by these Poker Sharks) was not to be temporary. People and their
property became as chattels for the unlimited obligations of their military social construct
known as the United States.
The so-called President’ s, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s, interventions created massive
dependency on the federal military government construct and converted a deep recession into a
long-lasting world-wide depression still controlling many people and so-called first, second and
third world nations in bankruptcy, creating fertile ground for people like Hitler, the Democrat
Party, Republican Party, or any other Party deemed to continue this tradition of planetary
involuntary slavery by and through misrepresentations foisted upon the Sovereign People of
Earth utter subjugation for debts to which we the Sovereign People of Earth, have never been
given full disclosure of, with any clear understanding, consent or knowledge by their so-called
Public (Schooling) Centers of Educational Learning as to how such fraud operates over the
Sovereign People of Earth and their Posterity into Perpetuity within the present day social
compacts or constructs, nor how such fraud is enforced by powers operating via International
Military Social Constructs (U.N. Security Council) to keep each and every living soul in
subjection. This is clearly a breach of International Public Order in terms of the Peace, Safety,
and Pursuit of Happiness declared by each and every International Intergovernmental
Organizations or International Non-Governmental Organizations existing upon Planet
Earth. The only way to keep or restore Peace on a Universal or Planetary Scale, for each and
every Sovereign People of Earth or otherwise, is to teach each and every Walk of Life how to
peaceably emerge into the International Public Order for their own safety, liberty, and
happiness according to their own belief structure, by establishing their own social compact by
which other such compacts or constructs may know how to treat with such compacts or
constructs in a peaceful manner denying none a voice and passing no law without unanimous
consent. In this way, each and every social compact shall maintain its reason of organic
principals intact and such resources as may be necessary to secure the peace throughout each and
every compact on a planetary scale or otherwise, and Peace shall be the fruit of such labor of
education to the benefit all Walks of Life equally – denying none and giving to all.
(Well, back to the grind. ) The Act (now 50 U.S.C. 1622) is STILL in full force and effect. It is
referred to as the source of authority for much of the Public Law found in the United States
Code. Every president since Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has declared or re-declared, a
national emergency to retain their Martial Law Powers. An amendment to the Emergency
Powers Act was passed in 1977 and enacted in 1979.
This amendment requires the declaration be done annually, but that didn’t dissuade their socalled
Presidents. Like clockwork, they each declare or extend another bogus national
emergency. The threats posed to the so-called U. S . by Granada, Panama, and Haiti, international
terrorism, justified a few of the more recent, of a long line of, national emergency frauds. Here
is one declared in the nineties :
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release November 9, 1995
On November 14, 1994, by Executive Order No. 12938, I declared a national emergency with respect to the
unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by
the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons ( “weapons of mass destruction”) and the means of
delivering such weapons. B ecause the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering
them continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of
the United States, the national emergency declared on November 14, 1994, must continue in effect beyond
November 14, 1995. Therefore, in accordance With section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.c.
1622(d» , I am continuing the national emergency declared in Executive Order No. 12938.
This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.
Seven men, representing an estimated one-fourth of the total wealth of the entire world, met in
secrecy on Jekyll Island in Georgia. Through their deliberations, the Federal Reserve was
conceived. Its purpose would be to protect its members from competition and ensure their
monopoly of the money supply. Together, these money giants developed the strategies needed to
convince both Congress and the public that this privatized cartel was actually an agency of the
United States government, operating in its best interest. The men, themselves, already had vast
power of their own. It’ s not surprising that their ploy for even more was successful. Note the
players and their credentials :
I. Nelson W. Aldrich, Republican “whip” i n the Senate, Chairman of the National
Monetary Commission, business associate of J.P. Morgan, father-in-law to John D.
Rockefeller, Jr. ;
2. Abraham Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury;
3 . Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, the most
powerful of the banks at that time, representing William Rockefeller and the
international investment banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company;
4. Henry P. Davison, senior partner of the J.P Morgan Company;
5 . Charles D . Norton, president of J .P. Morgan’s First National Bank of New York;
6. Benjamin Strong, head of J.P. Morgan’s Bankers Trust Company
7 . Paul M. Warburg, a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, a representative of the
Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France, and brother to Max Warburg who
was head of the Warburg banking consortium in Germany and the Netherlands.
In the February 9, 1935, issue of the Saturday Evening Post, an article appeared written by
Frank Vanderlip. In it he said:
” Despite my views about the value to society of greater publicity for the affairs of
corporations, there was an occasion, near the close of 1910, when I was as secretive –
indeed, as furtive – as any conspirator. . . J do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of
our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what
eventually became the Federal Reserve System . . . . We were told to leave our last names
behind us. We were told, further, that we should avoid dining together on the night of our
departure. We were instructed to come one at a time and as unobtrusively as possible to
the railroad terminal on the New Jersey littoral of the Hudson, where Senator Aldrich’s
private car would be in readiness, attached to the rear end of a train for the South ….
Once aboard the private car we began to observe the taboo that had been fixed on last
names. We addressed one another as “Ben,” ” Paul,” “Nelson,” “Abe” – it is Abraham
Piatt Andrew. Davison and I adopted even deeper disguises, abandoning our first
names. On the theory that we were always right, he became Wilbur and I became
Orville, after those two aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers . . . . The servants and train
crew may have known the identities of one or two of us, but they did not know all, and it
was the names of all printed together that would have made our mysterious journey
significant in Washington, in Wall Street, even in London. Discovery, we knew,
simply must not happen, or else all our time and effort would be wasted.
If it were to be exposed publicly that our particular group had got together and written a
banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress.–
As with all cartels, it had to be created by legislation and sustained by the power of
government under the deception of protecting the consumer.”
As John Kenneth Galbraith explained it:
” It was his [Senator Aldrich’s] thought to outflank the opposition by having not one
central bank but many. And the word bank would itself be avoided. ” –Galbraith says
” … Warburg has, with some justice, been called the father of the system.”
Professor Edwin Seligman, a member of the international banking family of J. & W. Seligman,
and head of the Department of Economics at Columbia University, writes that
” … in its fundamental features, the Federal Reserve Act is the work of Mr.
Warburg more than any other man in the country.”
Another brother, Max Warburg, was the financial adviser of the Kaiser and became Director
of the Reichsbank in Germany. This was, of course, a central bank, and it was one of the
cartel models used in the construction of the Federal Reserve System. The Reichsbank,
incidentally, a few years later would create the massive hyperinflation that occurred in
Germany, wiping out the middle class and the entire German economy as well.
A. Barton Hepburn of Chase National Bank was even more candid. He said:
” The measure recognizes and adopts the principles of a central bank. Indeed, if all
works out as the sponsors of the law hope, it will make all incorporated banks
together joint owners of a central dominating power. ”
And that is about as good a definition of a cartel as one is likely to find.
Anthony Sutton, former Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution for War, Revolution and
Peace, and also Professor of Economics at California State University, Los Angeles, provides a
somewhat deeper analysis. He writes :
“Warburg’s revolutionary plan to get American Society to g o to work for Wall
Street was astonishingly simple. Even today, • • • academic theoreticians cover their
blackboards with meaningless equations, and the general public struggles in
bewildered confusion with inflation and the coming credit collapse, while the quite
simple explanation of the problem goes unacknowledged and almost completely not
understood. The Federal Reserve System is a legal private monopoly of the money
supply operated for the benefit of the few under the guise of protecting and
promoting the public interest. ”
The real significance of the journey to Jekyll Island and the creature that was hatched there was
inadvertently summarized by the words of Paul Warburg’s admiring biographer, Harold
“Paul M. Warburg is probably the mildest-mannered man that ever personally
conducted a revolution. It was a bloodless revolution: he did not attempt to rouse the
populace to arms. He stepped forth armed simply with an idea. And he conquered.
That’s the amazing thing. A shy, sensitive man, he imposed his idea on a nation of a
hundred million people. ”
The attendees to Jekyll Island, however, were comparatively speaking, mere choir boys to the
grand family of International banking, Amchel Meyer Rothschild and his 5 sons. The
Rothschild family built a banking empire throughout Europe by staging wars and
manipulating economies.
“The few who can understand the system (check money and credits) will either be so
interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition
from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally
incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the
system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting
that the system is inimical to their interests. ”
Rothschild Brothers of London
In this essay we will see how the Federal Reserve System was created, why the so-called
governments would want a central bank, and the effects it has had on many so-called nations . We
will begin our discussion with an overview of money. We would define money as anything
which is accepted as a medium of exchange or accounting. Money can be classified into the
following four forms : commodity money, receipt money, fiat money and fractional money. We
will describe each of these in tum.
Before money existed, people used barter to get what they wanted from others. Barter can be
defined as a system in which one thing is exchanged for something else of like value. A barter
exchange is not monetary in nature since each item has value rather than being recognized as a
medium of exchange to be used later for something else. The items being bartered have intrinsic
value. This concept of intrinsic value is a key to understanding the various forms of money.
Commodity money is the oldest form and has its roots in the barter system. As each ancient
society evolved, there were always been a few items that were more commonly used in barter
than other commodities. This is because they had certain characteristics, which made them
attractive to almost everyone. Eventually, these items were traded in large measure because they
represented a storehouse of value, which could be exchanged at a later time for something else.
At this point, they ceased being barter and became money. They had become a medium of
exchange. Since the medium of exchange was a commodity with intrinsic value, it is called
commodity money. Common examples of commodity money include ornaments, colored
seashells, unusual stones, cattle, sheep, corn, wheat or other foods.
Eventually, when man learned how to refine metals and craft them into tools, the metals
themselves became valuable. Initially these metals were traded as commodity money due to
their intrinsic value. But they had some additional characteristic that made them very desirable
as money : it was not perishable, it was portable, and it could be precisely measured. Money, in
its fundamental form and function, needs to be a storehouse and measure of value. In this way,
it is the measure by which all other things of value can be compared. The ability to precisely
assay metals in purity and weight makes them ideally suited for this function. Men on every
continent and throughout history have chosen metals for the ideal storehouse and measure of
Gold is the one metal that has been selected by centuries of trial and error to represent this
storehouse and measure of value. Silver has run a close second to gold throughout history.
There seems to be enough gold in the world to keep its value high enough for useful coinage.
Gold is less abundant than silver but more abundant than platinum. It is a commodity in great
demand for purposes other than money. It is sought for both industry and ornamental
purposes, which assures its intrinsic value. The purity and weight of gold can be precisely
measured. So, gold meets each of the equipments for money.
Some might argue that gold is inappropriate as money because there is too little of it in the world
to satisfy all the needs of modem commerce. We would suggest that this is not the case. It is
estimated that approximately 45 % of all the gold mined since the discovery of so-called
America is in various vaults of the many social constructs known as government[Money and
Man: A Survey of Monetary Experience, Elgin Groseclose, p. 259]. It would be reasonable to
estimate that 30 % can be found in jewelry, ornaments and private hoards. So it would be hard
to argue that if 75 % of the gold found since Mr. Christopher Columbus is available, that it is too
rare to serve as money. We would also suggest that the amount of gold in the world does not
affect its ability to serve as money, it only affects the quantity used to measure any given
transaction . Governments could easily mint gold coins in almost any size to create smaller
Using gold (or any other metal) to serve as money virtually guarantees the stability of a
commodity money system. This is true because there is a fixed amount of it in existence. When
the quantity of so-called money expands without a corresponding increase in goods, the effect is
a reduction in the purchasing power of each monetary unit. In other words, the quoted price
and the price as expressed in terms of monetary units of good increase. The real price, in terms
of its relationship to all other goods, remains the same. This is what we call inflation. The price
of goods does not go up but rather the value of the money goes down.
To illustrate this point, let’ s look at some price and wage statistics. In 1913, the year the Federal
Reserve Act was passed, the average annual wage in so-called America was $633. The average
exchange value for gold that year was $20.67 per ounce. This meant the average worker earned
the equivalent of 30.6 ounces of gold per year. In 1990, the average annual wage was $20,468.
But the average exchange rate for gold had gone up to $386.90 per ounce. The average worker
therefore earned the equivalent of 50.9 ounces of gold per year. That is an increase in wages as
measured in gold of only 73 % while the increase in dollars was 3,233 % . The 73 % increase
represents less than 1 % per year over the period.
While this has happened, there has also been a steady increase in purchasing power (about 1 %
per year) that has resulted in gradual improvements due to technology. This improvement in
technology is the real reason for the improvement in the standard of living over the last 100
years .
The development of receipt (paper) money came as a result of necessity. When a man
accumulated more coins than he required for daily purchases, he needed a safe place to store
(warehouse) them. Goldsmiths filled this need since they usually had vaults to store (warehouse)
the gold they used to create or repair j ewelry for their customers . When customers stored their
gold coins, they were given a receipt that entitled the owner to withdraw their gold at any time.
Eventually, it became common for owners to endorse his receipt to a third party who, upon
presenting the receipt, could withdraw the gold. These endorsed receipts where the forerunners
to our modern checks. The final development stage occurred when several smaller receipts were
issued rather than one large one with each imprinted pay to bearer upon demand. It became
increasingly common for these paper receipts to be used as money of account. So you see that
receipt as money of account was fully backed up by a commodity (gold coins) that had intrinsic
value in money of exchange.
Fiat money is money which is declared legal tend but is not backed up by anything such as
gold or silver. Its two characteristics are that it is not backed up by anything of intrinsic value
and it is decreed legal tender. Legal tender means that the so-called government issues a law
requiring everyone to accept the currency in commerce. Since the money really is worthless,
the only way the so-called government can get it accepted is by forcing the people to do so,
often under criminal penalties. Their own Federal Reserve Notes are fiat money. If you read
the article What Banks Don ‘t Want You To Know, you will see how we got to this condition in
so-called America.
Interestingly enough, the Massachusetts colony was only the second government in the history
of the world to issue fiat money (China being the first). Shortly after the currency was released,
the state experienced 1000 % inflation. Other colonies quickly followed the Massachusetts
example with similar results. Connecticut had inflation of 800 % and the Carolinas had 900 %
inflation. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War the total (fiat) money supply was $12
million. In 5 years time, an additional $425 million had been printed. This means the money
supply had expanded by 3500 % and the original Continental dollar was trading at less than a
pennies worth of its original value.
There is a typical pattern that emerges when fiat money is used. The government artificially
expands the money supply through the issuance of more fiat currency. This is followed with
legal tender laws to force the acceptance of the fiat money. Next, all the gold and silver
disappears into private hordes or it is paid to foreign traders who insist on real money of
exchange for their wares. Often, when the inflation is high, the government will have to issue
new bills valued at multiples of the old bills. This usually leads to discontent and civil
disobedience (through barter). The last stage of each cycle is rampant inflation and economic
Fiat money is used by so-called governments to obtain instant purchasing power for them
without increasing taxes . But it is not without cost. Some complain that we should not burden
anyone’ s children with anyone’ s future public debt. It is true that all children will have the
burden of the interest payments on the debt. But there is also a very real initial cost that all pay.
The cost is paid by all of people in the present through a decline in our purchasing power. It is
exactly the same as a tax, but one that is hidden from our general cognitive view simply because
the purchasing power generally is not affected in any great dramatic decrease to raise any
perceptible cognitive awareness to the dilemma that we collectively face by the use of fiat
The fourth kind of so-called money, fractional money, also came as a result of people storing
their gold coins with goldsmiths. The goldsmiths observed that very few of their depositors ever
wanted to remove their gold coins at the same time. Withdrawals seldom exceeded 10 % to 15 %
of their stockpiles of precious metals . They hated (coveted-10th Commandment Violation) to
see all that gold just sitting there and not being used. So, they began to lend (steal) some of the
gold out by issuing more receipts. It seemed perfectly safe to lend between 80% or 85 % out,
which meant they would still have reserves to pay any demand for withdrawal. In the beginning,
the gold’s owner was not even aware that their gold had been loaned. As the owners became
aware of the practice, the goldsmiths began to offer to share the interest they earned on the
loans with the gold’ s owner . But the entire practice didn’ t make such sense . The gold was not
really available to be loaned. The gold was providing the value behind the receipts. One might
say that the receipt was a proxy for the gold. Since the gold owner and the one who borrowed
the gold both had receipts, they both had proxies for the same gold. If you give someone your
proxy vote at a stock holders meeting, you can’t also show up and vote . The same principle
applies to the receipts (proxies) for the gold coins.
So here is how fractional-reserves work. You deposit your gold and get a receipt that you use as
money of account. The goldsmith (banker) issues loans in the amount of 85 % of the amount
you deposit. The borrower is also given receipts for the amount he borrowed. That means there
are 85 % more receipts than there is gold to back it up. Thus, the goldsmith (banker acting as a
Bank) created 85 % more money of account and placed it into circulation through the
borrowers. They issued phony receipts and artificially expanded the so-called money supply.
So, at this point the certificates are no longer 100 % backed by gold. So, they only represent a
fraction of their face value. Thus, the receipts become what are called fractional money (of
account) and the process that created them is called fractional-reserve banking. This same
process causes inflation of prices, or said another way, deflation of the value of that which is
assumed to be money of exchange, but in reality, only money of account created by a ledger
entry from which a receipt is given on a note for a future promise to pay in lawful money of
exchange or whatever is due according to the note.
One might say that the goldsmiths (bankers) created so-called money out of nothing by a ledger
entry. But this is not quite true. What they really did was created money of account out of debt
(note). That’ s a neat trick that I bet you wish you could do. The old saying goes that money (of
exchange) doesn’ t grow on trees . Well, the bankers have done one even better, money (of
account) grows out of debt. This is money (of account) that it cost the bankers absolutely
nothing to create and they earn all that interest (the financial portfolio [ledger] creating by
instruments of accounts receivable from notes [shetar] created by loaning a percentage of the
true value of species in exchange for accounting of a greater portion in return without any risk on
the principal, which eventually was replaced solely on such collateral to secure the note so that
the principal was removed as the true value of the exchange which in tum made the true
Creditor the borrower (since he/she is the only party to the agreement which secured the note
from making the so-called loan).
We can look at the fractional money and see that it is a transitional form that exists between
receipt money and fiat money. It has some of the characteristics of both. As the fraction
becomes smaller, the less it resembles receipt money and the more closely it resembles fiat
money. When the fraction reaches zero, the transition is complete. There is no example in
history where men, once they had accepted the concept of fractional money, didn’t reduce the
fraction lower and lower until it eventually became zero. The transition from fractional money
to fiat money cannot occur without the participation of the so-called government through a
mechanism that is called a central bank. This happened in the military social construct known
as the UNITED STATES between 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed, and 1933
when Military Congress adopted the Commander-In-Chiefs Executive Orders and went off the
gold standard.
This fractional-reserve banking system is in part how their Federal Reserve System operates .
The Federal Reserve Board of Governors creates money of account b y loaning it to the socalled
federal military government construct (fractional money) by purchasing government
military (bonds) securities (debt) . In so doing, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors
becomes the Creditor of the federal military government construct. This is important to
understand as you read the article What Banks Don ‘t Want You To Know. Commercial banks
also create money (of account) when they loan money (of account) to individuals and
businesses . There is nothing standing behind the money (fiat money) but the debt instruments.
The Federal Reserve Notes say, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBT,
PUBLIC AND PRIVA TE. ” Their politicians say the full ”faith and credit of the United
States” is behind the so-called money. But that is an outright empty statement and a
misrepresentation of the true facts backing the ”full faith and credit of the United States,”
unless they mean the blind acceptance by all Walks of Life to accept as Constitutors to pay the
debts of and belonging to another like a co-signer for a debt which was incurred with no right of
use established, concerning the goods or power conveyed by the agreement. And we know we
have no power to say No, because we are neither the creator, nor a member of, the posterity of
the former social compact, nor the present military social construct known as the United States.
The so-called military social government construct has no Assets to speak of except the labor of
people and the property of the people. So their military social government construct has pledged
our labor and our property to pay their debt through misrepresentation by and through their
Public Institutions of Learning.
The Federal Reserve Cartel is very candid in their publications that we have a fiat money
system. Their own publications tell the story !
Currency cannot be redeemed, or exchanged, for Treasury gold or any other Asset used as
banking. The question of just what Assets back Federal Reserve Notes has little but
bookkeeping (Ledger Entry) significance. [I Bet You Thought, by Federal Reserve B ank of New
York, p. 1 1 , emphasis added]
Banks (bankers) are creating money (of account) based on a borrower’s promise to pay (the
IOU). B ankers then create more money of account by monetizing so-to-speak, the private debts
of business and individuals based on their future performance (labor) of servicing the so-called
loan (Note). [I Bet You Thought, by Federal Reserve Bank of New York, p. 1 9, emphasis added]
In the so-called Military Social Construct known as the United States, neither paper currency
(money of account) nor the ledgering of paper deposits, have true value as commodities.
Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book (Ledger) entries.
Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face amount due to
diver’ s weights and measures being used to adulterate the species for profit or hoarding.
What, then, makes these instruments, checks, paper money, and coins acceptable at face value in
payment of all debts and for other monetary uses. Mainly, it is the confidence of the people
(their full faith and Credit) that they will be able to exchange such money (of account) for
other financial Assets and real goods and service whenever they choose to do so. This partly is a
matter of law; currency has been designated legal tender by the military social government
construct, that is, it must be accepted. [Modern Money Mechanics, Federal Reserve Bank of
Chicago, revised October 1982, p. 3.]
Modem monetary systems have a fiat base, literally money by decrees, with depository
institutions, acting as fiduciaries, creating obligation against themselves, with the fiat base acting
in part as reserves. The decree appears on the currency notes : “This note is legal tender for all
debts, public and private.” While no individual could refuse to accept such money for debt
repayment, exchange contracts could easily be composed to thwart its use in everyday
commerce. However, a forceful explanation as to why money (of account) is accepted is that the
federal government requires it as payment for tax liabilities. Anticipation of the need to clear
this debt creates a demand for the pure dollar. [Money, Credit and Velocity, Review, May,
1982, Vol. 64, No. 5, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, P.25.]
The last two sentences from the above quote alludes to the military social federal construct’ s
debt and the fact that all so-called U.S. £itizens have been obligated to pay that debt.
If one thinks about the debt based money system, you will come to realize that their total socalled
money supply is backed by nothing but debt. This is hard enough to fathom, but it’ s even
harder to grasp that if everyone paid off his or her debt, there would be no money left in
existence. Something else to consider is that the trillions of dollars in circulation appears to
represent a tremendous amount of assets, but someone owes every bit of this money in lawful
form of species currency.
If all the bank loans were paid, no one could have a bank deposit, and there would not be a
dollar of coin or currency in circulation. This is a staggering thought. People are completely
dependent on the commercial (bankers) banks. Someone has to borrow every so-called dollar
(money of account) people have in circulation, cash, or credit. If the bankers create ample
synthetic money, people are prosperous ; if not, people starve. People are absolutely without a
permanent (species) money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic
absurdity of the peoples ‘ hopeless situation is almost incredible, but there it is. [100 % Money,
Irving Fisher, p. xxii. This quote appears in the forward to the book. The author is quoting
Robert Hemphill who was the Credit Manager of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta.]
Given this system, it’ s not hard to imagine that the Federal Reserve Banks is not interested in
all these loans being paid off as the following quotes show.
A large and growing number of analysts, on the other hand, now regard the national debt as
something useful, if not an actual blessing. [They believe] the national debt need not be reduced
at all. [The National Debt, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, pp.2, 1 1]
Debts, public and private, are here to stay. It plays an essential role in economic processes. What
is required in not the abolition of debt, but it’ s prudent use and intelligent management. [Two
Faces of Debt, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, p. 33]
The reason the Federal Reserve Cartel is not interested in paying off the debt is because they
make huge profits from the interest payment. But let’ s consider the morality of earning interest
on these loans. If you were to rent an asset from someone, you would see the logic of paying him
or her a rental fee. The rental fee reimburses them for the potential income they could have
made through other opportunities they missed while you were using the asset. Interest
payments on a loan are nothing more than fees for renting the money. But in the case of a debt
based money system, the money was created when the loan was approved and it was
credited to your account. In this situation, you are not using the lender’ s asset. He created the
asset with the stroke of a pen or an §lliY on a computer or within a ledger accounting book
􀂷. Why should anyone collect a rental fee (interest) on that stroke or entry? While this
system may be legal (because the so-called military social government construct has granted
them the sole authority to create so-called money on whim), it is certainly not moral.
This leads to the next question, which is where does the so-called money come from to allegedly
pay the interest on the debt that created the so-called money? One might think that the so-called
money would have to be borrowed since it would appear that all so-called money is created by
debt. But this position does not take into consideration the exchange of value (borrowed money)
for labor. If you took out a loan of $10,000 with payments of $900 per month, about $80 of each
payment is interest. You earn the so-called money to allegedly pay the interest with your labor.
That’ s why people say that about the only thing the military social government construct has to
offer in exchange for the public debt is peoples’ labor. They collect the benefit of peoples ‘ labor
in the form of income taxes.
Bank of England
To adequately understand our Federal Reserve System, we must look at the Bank of England,
which was founded in 1694. The bank was the brainchild of a Scotsman named William
Paterson. His idea was to charter an artificial person (a corporation) that would loan the Crown
government money, but instead of being repaid at a fixed future date, it would receive perpetual
(never ending, as in the loan is never paid off) interest. The plan for the Bank of England
contained the following Z points .
• The Crown government would grant a charter to form a bank
• The bank would be given a monopoly to issue bank notes that would circulate as
England’s paper currency
• The bank would create so-called money of account out of nothing with only a fraction of
its total currency backed by gold coins (fractional money)
• The bank would then loan the so-called government all the money of account it needed
• The money of account created for so-called government loans would be backed by
bonded government IOUs (future promise to pay)
Although the so-called money of account would be created out of nothing and would cost
nothing to create, the so-called government would pay interest on the so-called money of
account. Simply put, payment was based solely on the full faith and credit of the people to accept
the medium of exchange for services and goods, which in turn was based upon the ability of the
so-called government to enforce the so-called beneficial use of such accounting, as well as their
ability to enforce the control of the money supply by a Private Cartel, not subj ect to the control
of the government, because the so-called government had given up its Creditor status in
exchange for a debtor position on the promise of unlimited discharge of its debt, if the new
Cartel (Money Kings) were allowed to collect interest on the so-called money of account
circulating backed by the people’ s labor collected through the beneficial use of such accounting
on each and every people required to keep records as the account of the use thereof. This scheme
effectively made each people the Crown’ s accountant and debtor at the same time. This same
scheme is perpetuated by the so-called military social construct known as the United States upon
all walks of life through the same fraudulent misrepresentations of the so-called government.
Plus, the so-called government IOUs (Bonds) would also be considered as reserves for creating
additional loans of money (of account) or marketable debt notes for private commerce. These
loans also would earn interest. So, the bankers would earn double interest on the same
scheme of creating fictional nothing based upon ledger entries backed by marketable debt and
the willingness of the so-called government to back the scheme up with the force of law and the
people’ s lack of cognizance regarding the true outcome of such economic control over all walks
of life. This ignorance is the result of the Science of Right Reasoning, exercised with the same
governmental controls that exist over money, that are perpetuated in the centers of education
from womb to tomb, over all the people, to keep them from seeing the true picture or fully
understanding the position in which the government had placed all people. We have
become DEBTOR SLAVES on the Plantation Called Earth. The so-called government IOUs
(BONDS) were called annuities. These annuities, along with the notes and bills of the bankers,
were expressly exempted from all common-law restrictions upon the exchange of personal
property. These annuities, notes and bills represented public debt.
The initial holdings of the bankers consisted of £ 1,200,000 in annuities. By 1714, the total debt
held by the bankers had grown to £36 million. By 1719, the public debt had grown to £50
million. That meant a perpetual tax burden of interest payments on the backs of the people. But
it also meant that £50 million of absolutely liquid property had been created. Prior to these
events, all property had been tangible real property that was not liquid. [Novus Ordo
Seclorum: The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution, Forrest McDonald, p.117 -1 18]
The model of the Bank of England influenced the founders of the so-called social compact
known as The United States of America. Mr. Alexander Hamilton, in particular, believed that
public debts should be funded in a manner similar to the Bank of England. The system Mr.
Alexander Hamilton envisioned departed from the British system in only two significant ways .
The first 􀈻 was designed to overcome what many saw as a fatal flaw in the B ritish system,
namely the inherent tendency to expand the debt endlessly. The last several decades have
proven that we have failed miserably in this respect. The second one was designed to use
financial means for achieving political, economic and social ends. [McDonald, p.139] This
second change seems to be one of the guiding principles behind what their so-called military
social government construct does today. If you look at most of the so-called monetary policies of
military United States, you can see this principle evident everywhere in its accounting of
marketable debt IOUs (Bonds) .
Mr. Alexander Hamilton’ s plan called for the creation o f a so-called national (central) bank.
Most of the capital of this bank would be in the form of certificates of public debt (Bonds)
(today we have many forms of public debt). He felt that it would be safe to base most of such
capital on so-called government debt, since the bank was expected to be immensely profitable.
Therefore, the so-called government paper money of account would be good as gold. He felt the
national (central) bank was important for two reasons. First, it would be a ready source of short-
term loans to the so-called government. This is the primary attraction for a national (central)
bank in the modem world. Second, real money (species currency) and liquid capital were in
short supply in the colonies and it would take too long to accumulate an adequate supply by
being frugal. The essences of this second benefit is that money of account is created in the
present, not based upon past savings, but out of the expectation of future earnings to pay the
debt. Another part of Mr. Alexander Hamilton’ s plan was that the national (central) bankers
would be privately owned. He saw this as a restraining measure, since the stockholders would
act cautiously in order to protect their own interests. [McDonald, p.140] The current Federal
Reserve Banks are privately owned. but it does not provide any such constraint. There is some
evidence to indicate that Mr. Alexander Hamilton’ s plan was back by James Rothschild [The
Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Eustace Mullins, p.5].
In 1791, Mr. Thomas Jefferson came out against Mr. Alexander Hamilton’ s plan for a central
bank. He obj ected on the following grounds : the subscribers would form a corporation whose
stock could be held by aliens; that this stock would be transmitted to a certain line of successor;
that it would be placed beyond forfeiture and escheat; that they would receive a monopoly on
banking, which was against the laws of monopoly; and that they would have the power to make
laws, paramount to the laws of the government. We shall see that Mr. Thomas Jefferson’ s
fears were well founded because this is exactly what happened.
Most of the so-called money that the federal military government construct spends comes from
fiat money (of account) created by the Federal Reserve Bankers, in the form of receipts of
paper monetized (marketable) debt under the guise known as Federal Reserve Notes illicitly
referred to as dollars or dollar bills . This being the case, one might well ask why people still have
taxes . That’ s an excellent question. There are several reasons that come to mind. First, if the socalled
government stopped taxing us, people would begin to wonder where the alleged money
came from, eventually realizing that it was just created from nothing. Then it would dawn on
them that inflation was really a form of taxation. Second, taxes are a tool used by the elitist
social planners to control many aspects of the peoples ‘ lives. This is evident by the complexity
introduced into the tax code as a means to carry out social engineering by the military social
government construct.
To confirm these assertions, we can tum to an article written by Mr. Beardsley Ruml, the
Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The article appeared in the January
1946 issue of American Affairs magazine. Mr. Beardsley Ruml suggested that taxes were
obsolete. At the beginning of the article, the magazine editor summarized his position.
His thesis is that, given control of a central banking system and an inconvertible currency [a
currency not backed by gold], a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries
and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. All taxation,
therefore, should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences.
[Taxes for revenue Are Obsolete, by Beardsley Ruml, American Affairs, January, 1946, p.
Mr. Beardsley Ruml’ s article suggests that there are only two reasons to have taxes. First, it
combats a rise in the general level of prices . He suggests that if the money is left in the hands of
the people, they will spend it and cause a rise in prices . Taxation removes the money from the
hands of the people so that this does not occur. He says it this way:
The dollars the government spends become purchasing power in the hands of the people who
have received them. The dollars the government takes by taxes cannot be spent by the people,
and therefore, these dollars can no longer be used to acquire the things which are available for
sale. Taxation is, therefore, an instrument of the first importance in the administration of any
fiscal and monetary policy. [Ibid., p. 36]
The other purpose for taxation, according to Mr. Beardsley Ruml, is to redistribute wealth
from one class of people to another. This may be done in the name of social justice or equality,
but this puts the so-called government in the position of trying to control (theft by illicit force)
the economy as master planners.
The second principle purpose of so-called federal taxes is to attain more equality of wealth and
of income than would result from economic forces working alone. The taxes which are effective
for this purpose are the progressive individual income tax, the progressive estate tax, and the
gift tax. What these taxes should be depends on public (law?) policy with respect to the
redistribution of wealth and of income. These taxes should be defended and attacked in terms of
their effect on the character of all Walks of Life, not as revenue measures.
There is an additional reason for income taxes that was not mentioned by Mr. Beardsley Ruml.
The income tax paid by any U . S . £itizens is deposited directly into the Federal Reserve System.
If you thought your alleged money was used to fund the operation of the so-called government,
you were wrong. Most people feel an obligation to pay their fair share due to indoctrination via
public educational centers. But the IRS is nothing more than the collection agency for the
Federal Reserve System. Your taxes go directly to help pay the interest on the so-called
national debt and directly enrich the shareholders of the Federal Reserve System. Your labor
is converted into money for their benefit. Remember that interest is being charged on money
that is being created out of thin air that cost them absolutely nothing to create.
Now let’ s tum our attention to how the Federal Reserve System came into being. In 1907, an
event occurred which became known as the Money Panic of 1907. The panic was caused
because there was not enough money in circulation for everyone to pay their bills and employers
to pay wages. It resulted in large-scale lay-offs because there was not enough money to pay the
employees. A study of the panics of 1873, 1893, and 1907 found that these panics were the result
of the international bankers. The panic resulted in a public outcry for the military social
government construct’ s monetary system to be stabilized. The so-called President, Mr. Theodore
Roosevelt, signed a bill in 1908 that created the agency known as the National Monetary
Commission. The so-called Senator, Mr. Nelson Aldrich, was appointed to the head of the
Commission that was charged with finding a solution to the problem [Mullins, p.1]. By 1910,
Mr. Nelson Aldrich had not released a report to the government.
On November 22, 1910, a group of men met at the Hoboken, New Jersey train station. These
men boarded a private car that was bound for Brunswick, Georgia. Their eventual destination
was a private hunting lodge on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. Eight men were in this
group. They included Senator, Mr. Nelson Aldrich and his private secretary, Shelton; Mr.
Abraham Piatt Andrew; Frank Vanderlip, Henry P. Davison, Charles D. Norton, Benjamin
Strong, and Paul M. Warburg [Mullins, p.1]. Abraham Andrew was the Assistant Secretary of
the Treasury and Special Assistant to the National Monetary Commission. Frank Vanderlip
was President of the National City Bank of New York, the most powerful banker at that time.
Frank Vanderlip represented William Rockefeller and the International banking house of
Kuhn, Loeb and Company. Henry P. Davison was a Senior Partner of J.P. Morgan
Company. Charles D. Norton was the President of the First National Bank of New York that
was owned by J.P. Morgan. Benjamin Strong was head of J.P. Morgan Bankers Trust
Company. Paul Warburg was a Partner in Kuhn, Loeb and Company of New York and was
representing the Rothschild banking dynasty. These men represented what was known as the
Money (Kings) trust. The group also represented the two most powerful banking cartels in
America: the Morgan Group and the Rockefeller Group and they also represented the two
most powerful banking cartels in Europe: the Rothschild Group and the Warburg Group.
When all of these are combined, they represented an estimated one-fourth of the world’ s wealth
[The Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin, p. 6.]
The Money (Kings) Group had j ourneyed over a thousand miles, cloaked in secrecy, to draft
banking and currency legislation which the National Monetary Commission had been ordered
to prepare in public. Why the secrecy? Because the public would have been outraged to think
that this Money (Kings) Group was drafting the very legislation which was supposed to protect
the public from privatized Money (Kings) Trusts.
What were the main points of the plan that the Private Cartel Group, which represented onefourth
of the wealth of the world, created on Jekyll Island?
• The plan would create a central bank that would fulfill the typical functions of a central
bank, among them creating fractional and fiat money
• The Federal Reserve Bankers would consist of a system of 12 banks. The creation of
12 regional banks would disguise the fact that the Federal Reserve System is a central
• Private Individuals who would profit from the ownership of shares would own the
central bank
• The bankers would be allegedly controlled by Congress and would be answerable to the
government, but the maj ority of the directors were to be chosen, directly or indirectly, by
the bankers in the association of banks
• The President of the United States would appoint The Governors of the Federal
Reserve Board. But the Federal Advisory Council, meeting with the Governors,
would do the real work. The Directors of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks would
choose the Federal Advisory Council
• The Administrators of all the Regional Banks would be appointed by the President using
his Executive Powers. This removed them from total Congressional control
• Though it would be concealed from the public, the New York bankers, the Money
(King) Trust, would dominate the Federal Reserve System
• The Administrators of the Federal Reserve System would control the nation’ s money
and credit
At the time of the retreat, members of the media found out about the meeting. There were a few
stories run about the meeting, but it was largely covered up. When those who were involved
were asked about it, they would deny that it had taken place or they would say it was a duck
hunting trip. Much later, after the Federal Reserve Act was passed, some of the members were a
little more forth-coming with information, but for the most part they were still fairly quiet. The
reason for the cover-up was obvious. It was clearly understood that if the public found out who
drafted the legislation, such legislation would never become law.
After the plan was drafted on Jekyll Island, an all-out effort was put forth to get the proposed
legislation passed in so-called Military Congress. A group of bankers contributed $5 million to
fund a favorable public relations campaign to sell so-called Americans on the plan. The so-called
President, Mr. Woodrow Wilson was also enlisted to support the plan. Three of the top
universities, Princeton, Harvard, and the University of Chicago, came out in support of the
plan. Two of the leading campaigners for the plan were Professor from the University of
Chicago. This university had been endowed by John D. Rockefeller (one of the forces behind
the plan) with nearly $50 million. [Mullins, p.l0-l l].
When the plan had been introduced to the Military Congress, so-called Congressman, Charles
Lindbergh (father of the famous aviator), had this to say in testimony before the Committee on
Rules on December 15, 191 1 :
“Our financial system is a false one and a huge burden o n the people. I have alleged
that there is a Money Trust. The Aldrich plan is a scheme plainly in the interest of the
Trust. Why does the Money Trust press so hard for the Aldrich Plan now, before the
people know what the money trust has been doing . . . ?” [Mullins, p.l l]
That same year, the American Bankers Association (ABA) came out in favor of the so-called
Senator, Nelson Aldrich’s Plan. But what came out in congressional hearings was the fact that
the leaders of the ABA rammed it through the annual meeting and gave no opportunity for
opposition to be expressed. The so-called Congressman, Carter Glass, was the Chairman of
the House Banking and Currency Committee. Congressman, Carter Glass, was a Party
member of the Democrat Party who was opposed to the so-called Senator’s, Nelson Aldrich’s
Plan. Senator, Nelson Aldrich, was a Republican of the Republican Party. The Committee
heard testimony about the so-called Senator Nelson Aldrich’s Plan. Andrew Frame, who was
present at the ABA meeting, had this to say in testimony before committee:
When that monetary bill was given to the country, it was but a few days previous to the
meeting of the American Banker Association in New Orleans in 1911. There was not
one bank in a hundred who had read that bill. We had twelve addresses in favor of it.
General Hamby of Austin, Texas, wrote a letter to President Watts asking for a
hearing against the bill. He did not get a very courteous answer. I refused to vote on
it, and a great many other bankers did likewise. They throttled all argument. They
would not allow anyone on the program who was not in favor of the bill. ” [Mullins,
p. 13]
Andrew Frame went on to testify that in the next annual meeting of the ABA, the Senator
Nelson Aldrich’s Plan was not endorsed again. He said that a lot of opposition had developed in
the ABA to the plan by this point and that the supporters of the plan never asked for another
Congressman, Carter Glass, summarized the reasons for opposmg the Senator Nelson
Aldrich’s, Plan.
• The plan lacked adequate government or public control of the banking mechanisms it
would set up
• The plan gave most of the voting control to the large banks in the system. These were the
banks that were controlled by the Money (Kings) Trust
• The plan had an extreme inherent danger of causing inflation of the currency
• The bond-funding portion of the plan gave the false impression that the system would
cost the government nothing
• The plan contained great danger of a banking monopoly
• The plan would, in fact, set up a central bank that would fulfill all the typical functions
of a central bank. It would control the so-called nation’ s money and credit. The private
stockholder would use the credit of the government for his or her own profits
With these points made clear, opposition to the plan developed and it was defeated. In fact, the
Aldrich Plan never came to a vote in Congress because Republicans lost control of the House in
1 9 1 0 and subsequently lost the Senate and the Presidency in 1 9 1 2.
The so-called Presidential campaign of 1912 was one of the most interesting political upsets in
so-called American history. The incumbent, William Taft, was popular and the Republican
Party was firmly in control of the so-called Senate, due to a period of general prosperity. The
Democratic Party challenger was Woodrow Wilson, so-called Governor of New Jersey, and
had no alleged national recognition. Both parties included a monetary reform bill in their
platform. The Republicans had the Senator Nelson Aldrich’s Plan that had been denounced as a
Wall Street Plan. The Democrats had the Federal Reserve Act. Neither party told the public
that the plans were almost identical. William Taft seemed a shoe-in for re-election. But then
Theodore Roosevelt threw his hat in the ring under the Bull Moose Party. Theodore Roosevelt
was well financed and had enormous press coverage, more than the other two candidates
combined. As a former so-called Republican President, it was obvious that Theodore
Roosevelt would cut into votes that would have gone to William Taft. The bankers were
financing all three candidates, so they would win no matter who was elected. Later
Congressional testimony showed that Kuhn, Loeb Company; Felix Warburg (not a U . S .
resident but Paul Warburg’ s brother) supported William Taft; Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff
supported Woodrow Wilson; and Otto Kahn supported Theodore Roosevelt [Mullins, p.19].
It seems likely that the identification of the Senator Nelson Aldrich’s, Plan as a Wall Street
Plan would make it difficult to pass in Democratically (Party) controlled Military Congress,
whereas a successful Democrat candidate, supported by a Democrat Congress, would be able to
pass a central banking plan. Theodore Roosevelt was used to split the William Taft vote
because the bankers doubted William Taft could get the Senator Nelson Aldrich’s Plan
passed. The final electoral vote in the 1912 race was Woodrow Wilson 409, Theodore
Roosevelt 1 67 and William Taft 1 5 .
In 1912, after the Democrats had taken control, they held their own hearing on banking reform.
They were held under the House Banking and Currency Committee, which was now chaired
by Arsene Pujo of Louisiana. A Special Councilman, Samuel Untermyer, appointed by
Chairman, Arsene Pujo, conducted the hearings. The hearings drug on for five months and
produced over 6000 pages of testimony. Samuel Untermyer refused to allow either so-called
Senator LaFollette or Congressman Lindbergh to testify, even though it was the pressure that
they had exerted which caused the hearings to be held. Both men strongly opposed a central
bank. Samuel Untermyer was a specialist in banking issues, but he refused to ask any of the
bankers who testified any tough questions. He didn’ t ask about the system of interlocking
directorates through which the banking industry was already controlled. He didn’ t ask about
international gold movements which were known to be a major factor in the money panics of
1 873, 1 893, and 1 907 . He also didn ‘ t ask about relationships between so-called American
bankers and those who controlled the central banks of Europe. Samuel Untermyer did not
seem concerned that many maj or international banking houses had branches on Wall Street and
already controlled substantial portions of Wall Street activity, even though this fact was wellknown
on Wall Street. The sham hearing ended without a single, well-known opponent to a
central banking plan testifying.
The two most influential men involved in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act were Paul
Warburg and so-called Colonel, Edward Mandel House. Paul Warburg was the Chief
Architect of the plan that was developed at the Jekyll Island retreat. Here is a quote from Paul
Warburg when he testified before the House Banking and Currency Committee in 1913:
“1 am member of the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb Company. 1 came over to this
country in 1902, having been born and educated in the banking business in Hamburg,
Germany, and studied banking in London and Paris, and have gone all over the world.
In the Panic of 1907, the first suggestion I made was let us get a national clearing
house. The Aldrich Plan contains some things which are simply fundamental rules of
banking. Your aim in this plan [the Federal Reserve Act] must be the same
centralizing of reserves, mobilizing commercial credit, and getting an elastic note
issue. ” [Mullins, p.21]
The so-called Colonel Edward Mandel House, was in agreement with Paul Warburg on plans
for a central bank, including provisions that would severely limit control by the government.
Here ‘ s a quote from him illustrating this point:
“I am also suggesting that the Central Board be increased from four members to five
and their terms lengthened from eight to ten years. This would give stability and would
take away the power of a President to change the personnel of the board during a
single term of office. ” [Roosevelt, Wilson and the Federal Reserve Law, Col. Elisha
Ely Garrison, p. 337, emphasis added]
The so-called Colonel Edward Mandel House’s phrase, “Take away the power of a
President,” is significant. Later on, these so-called Presidents would find themselves helpless to
change the direction of the military social government construct because they did not have the
power to change the composition of the Federal Reserve Board by attaining a maj ority of likeminded
people during their term of office.
Colonel Garrisons’ book also revealed the role that Paul Warburg and the International
banking family of Rothschild played in the central banking plan.
Paul Warburg is the man who got the Federal Reserve Act together after so-called Senator
Nelson Aldrich’s Plan aroused such nationwide resentment and opposition. The mastermind of
both plans was no other than Baron Alfred Rothschild of London.
To further understand Colonel Edward Mandel House’ s view, one must look no further than a
book he authored in 1911, entitled, “Mr. Philip Dru, Administrator.” B.W. Huebsch of New
York published the book anonymously. It is suppose to be a fictional work, but is actually a
detailed plan of the future condition of the so-called military social government construct of the
United States. It predicted the passage of graduated income tax, excess profits tax,
unemployment insurance, social security and a flexible currency system. In short, it outlines
the plans that were followed by both the administrations of the so-called Presidents, Mr.
Woodrow Wilson and Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
In 1955, Westbook Pegler, a columnist for the Hearst Publications, wrote an article about
Colonel Edward Mandel House and his book.
One of the institutions outlined in the book entitled, “Mr. Philip Dru, Administrator, ” is the
Federal Reserve System. The Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Kuhns, the Rockefellers and the
Morgans [International bankers all] put their faith in Colonel Edward Mandel House. The
St\\\�􀀶, Wl\r\’,\\r􀂫, R.oc􀂬􀂭􀂮􀂭\\􀂭r l\\\􀂩 M’\w􀂪9.\\ \\\\tt􀂯tt􀂰\􀂰 􀂱tt􀂯tt 1fJC􀂯􀂰’0\\􀂲1l􀂳 􀂴tt􀂵􀂴tt􀂶tt\\tttd \\\ the
mysterious conference at Jekyll Island. [comment added]
The so-called Colonel Edward Mandel House, was a close fri end and personal advisor to
acting President, Woodrow Wilson. He was able to get many of the socialist ideas outlined in
his book implemented into law. Among them were an old-age pension, laborer’ s insurance
compensation, cooperative markets, a federal reserve system, cooperative loans, and national
employment bureaus. The relationship between Colonel Edward Mandel House and the acting
President, Woodrow Wilson was chronicled in the book entitled “The Strangest Friendship in
History, Woodrow Wilson and Col. House” by George Sylvester Viereck.
The author asked Colonel Edward Mandel House about the purpose of Wilson and House.
Colonel Edward Mandel House responded,
“To translate into legislation certain liberal and progressive ideas. ”
From this quote, it should be evident that Paul Warburg, an Agent of the International bankers
as Kuhn, Loeb Company, is one of the most influential of this group. It is obvious from this
quote that there is little difference between the Senator Nelson Aldrich’s Plan and the Federal
Reserve Act. It is also obvious that Paul Warburg is lobbying for a central bank that has the
power to issue currency, known as elastic notes. Paul Warburg did a lot of work behind the
scenes to get the plan passed.
We have already seen evidence that the International bankers will go to extraordinary
measures to get what they want. There is some evidence to indicate that the powerful
International bankers who gave us the Federal Reserve System will stop at nothing to have
the power of a central bank solely in their hands alone. Three acting American Presidents have
expressed concern over central banks issuing currency. Each of these acting Presidents have
been assassinated. The so-called President Abraham Lincoln planned to issue non-interest
bearing notes he called Greenbacks. The so-called President, James A. Garfield made a
pronouncement on currency problems just before he was killed. And the acting President, John
Fitzgerald Kennedy planned to issue Federal (United States) Notes without using the Federal
Reserve Notes or involving interest just before he was killed. It would be difficult to prove that
the International bankers were involved in these assassinations, but it is a very strange
coincidence that presents more than a shadow of reasonable doubt that the assassinations could
not have been done by any other Group of People than the International B ankers. Who else
would have had the power and influence, both outside and inside of the military social
government construct, to successfully cover-up events as well as has been done?
On September 18, 1913 the Colonel Edward Mandel House’s version of the Federal Reserve
Act passed by a vote of 287 to 85. On December 19, 1913, the so-called Senate version of the
bill passed by a vote of 54-34. But there were over 40 differences between the bills. The
opponents to the bill in both houses were lead to believe that there would be no further action
until after the Christmas break. So they did not organize. As the so-called Congressmen prepared
to leave Washington, supporters of the bill quickly took advantage of the situation. In a single
day, all of the disputes about the bill were ironed out in conference committee and the bill was
brought to a vote. The bill was passed on December 22, 1913 in the so-called House of
Representatives by 282-60 and the alleged Senate by 43-23. Some of the bill’s most vocal
critics had already left Washington. It was a longstanding political courtesy that important
legislation would not be acted upon during the week before Christmas . The so-called President,
Mr. Woodrow Wilson. signed the measure into law the very next day, December 23, 1913.
When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the members of the Federal Reserve Board had
10-year terms. But the Banking Act of 1935 lengthened the term to 14 years. This meant that
the Directors of the so-called nation’ s finances, although not elected by the people, held office
longer than three acting presidential terms.
Colonel Edward Mandel House, remained active behind the scenes during both the so-called
Presidents, Woodrow Wilson’s and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s. administrations . Shortly
before Colonel, Mr. Edward Mandel House. died in 1938, he confided in his biographer Mr.
Charles Seymour his continued role in the so-called President’ s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s,
Colonel Edward Mandel House. stated:
“During the past fifteen years, I have been close to the center of things, although few
people suspect it. No important foreigner has come to the United States without talking
to me. I was close to the movement that nominated Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He
has given me a free hand in advising him. All the Ambassadors have reported to me
The organizing actIVIty of the Federal Reserve System began in early 1914 with the
appointment of an Organization Committee by the so-called President, Woodrow Wilson. The
acting President appoints acting Secretary of the Treasury, William McAdoo (the President’ s
son-in-law), acting Secretary of Agriculture, David F. Houston, and the acting Comptroller
of the Currency, John Williams. The Organization Committee selected the locations of the
decentralized reserve banks. The selection of New York was a foregone conclusion, since it
was the center of finance in the so-called United States. The City of Richmond, Virginia was
also selected, evidently as a payoff to so-called Congressman Carter Glass for his role in the
passage of the bill. The other selections included the City of Boston, the City of Philadelphia, the
City of Cleveland, the City of Chicago, the City of St. Louis, the City of Atlanta, the City of
Dallas, the City of Minneapolis, the City of Kansas City and the City of San Francisco.
In 1937, Ferdinand Lundberg wrote America’s Sixty Families that revealed that New York
was really the seat of power.
The fate of companies, individuals, and governments is entirely at the mercy of bankers. Their
power is unbridled, both in the creating and granting of loans, and also in their arbitrary recall,
with or without notice. The following quote taken from the Civil Servants’ Year Book, ” The
Organizer” of January, 1934 makes their intent all too clear:
“Capital must protect itself in every way, through combination and through
legislation. Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as
possible. When, through a process of law, the common people have lost their homes,
they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law,
applied by the central power of wealth, under control of leading financiers. People
without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our
principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capital to govern the world.
By dividing the people we can get them to expand their energies in fighting over
questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd. Thus by
discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been generally planned and
successfully accomplished. ”
The Banker’s Manifesto ties in with so-called United States Senate Document House Joint
Resolution (HJR) 192, 73rd Congress, 1st Session, chapter 48 (June 5th, 1933), to wit:
“The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called
“ownership ” is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere “user ” and
use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. ”
Explaining what the bankers don’t want you to know about the realities of modern day finance
may shatter most of the public’s religiously held assumptions about money and banking. What
the general public “thinks” it knows about money and banking is largely based upon a
collection of canards gleaned from TV, radio, newspapers and their own personal experiences
with money and banking.
In the following pages you will find where high bank officials admitted that bankers do create
checkbook “deposit credits” to the credit of their “clients” checking accounts, as their loans
and investment payment funds . You will also learn how an attorney has successfully voided a
bank foreclosure because the banker admitted to creating the checkbook ” credits” as the funds
it loaned to its client.
In the landmark court decision which follows, a Minnesota Trial Court held the Federal
Reserve Act to be unconstitutional and void; the National Banking Act to be unconstitutional
and void; and declared a mortgage acquired by the First National Bank of Montgomery,
Minnesota in the regular course of its business, along with the foreclosure and the Sheriffs Sale
to be void. This decision, which is legally sound, has the effect of declaring all private
mortgages on real and personal property, and all U. S. and State bonds held by the Federal
Reserve, National and State Banks, to be null and void. This amounts to an emancipation of
this so-called Nation from personal, national and state debt purportedly owed to this banking
system. Every so-called American owes it to himself, his so-called country, and to the people of
the world, for that matter, to study this decision very carefully and to understand it, for upon it
hangs the question of freedom or slavery.
On May 8, 1964, Mr. Jerome Daly executed a Note and Mortgage to the First National Bank
of Montgomery, Minnesota, which is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
Both Banks are privately owned and are a part of the Federal Reserve Banking System.
In the spring of 1967, Mr. Jerome Daly was in arrears $476.00 in the payments on this Note and
Mortgage. The Note was secured by a Mortgage on real property in Spring Lake Township in
Scott County, Minnesota. The Banker foreclosed by advertisement and bought the property at
a Sheriff’s Sale held on June 26, 1967. Mr. Jerome Daly made no further payments after June
26, 1967 and did not redeem within the 12 month period of time allotted by law after the
Sheriff’s Sale.
The Bank brought an action to recover the possession of the property to the Justice of the Peace
Court at Savage, Minnesota. The first 2 Justices were disqualified by Affidavit of Prejudice; the
first by Mr. Daly, the second by the bank, and a third judge refused to handle the case. It was
then sent, pursuant to law, to Martin V. Mahoney, Justice of the Peace, Credit River Township,
Scott County, Minnesota, who presided at a Jury trial on December 7 , 1 968. The Jury found the
Note and Mortgage to be void for failure of a lawful consideration and refused to give any
validity to the Sheriffs S ale. Verdict was for Mr. Daly with costs in the amount of $75 .00.
The acting President of the Bank, Mr. Lawrence V. Morgan, admitted that the Banker created
the money and credit upon its books by which it acquired or gave as consideration for the
Note: that this was standard banking practice, that the credit first came into existence when
they created it; that he knew of no United States Statutes which gave them the right to do this.
This is the universal practice of these banks.
Mr. Lawrence V. Morgan appeared at the trial on December 7, 1968 and was perceived to be
candid, open, direct, experienced and truthful. He testified to 20 years of experience with the
Bank of America in Los Angeles, the Marquette National Bank of Minneapolis and the
Plaintiff in th is case. He seemed to be familiar with the operations of the Federal Reserve
He freely admitted that his Bank created all of the Money or Credit upon its books with which
it acquired the Note and Mortgage of May 8, 1964. The credit first came into existence when
the Bank created it upon its books by ledger entry. Further, he freely admitted that no United
States Law gave the bank the authority to do this. There was obviously no lawful consideration
for the Note. The Bank parted with absolutely nothing except a little ink.
NOTE: It has never been doubted that a Note given in a Consideration which is prohibited by
law is void. It has been determined, independent of Acts of Congress, that sailing under the
license of an enemy is illegal. The admission of Bills of Credit upon the books of these
private corporations, for the purposes of private gain is not warranted by the Constitution
of the United States and is unlawful.
No complaint was made by the banker that the bank did not receive a fair trial. From the
admissions made by Mr. Lawrence V. Morgan, the path of duty was clearly made and very
direct and clear for the jury. Their verdict could not reasonably have been otherwise. Justice was
rendered completely and without denial, promptly and without delay, freely and without
purchase, comfortable to the laws in this Court on December 7, 1968.
The following pages present the rulings for the original pleading, the appeal, and the testimony
given at Mr. Jerome Daly’s disbarment proceedings brought by the Minnesota State Board of
Law. Justice Martin V. Mahoney, who heard the case, handed down the two opinions attached
and included herein. The appeals determinations are by far the most stunning. Its reasoning
is sound. It will withstand the test of time. This is the first time the question has been passed
upon in the United States. I predict that this decision will go into the history books as one of the
great documents of so-called American history. It is a huge cornerstone wrenched from the
temple of Imperialism (Money Kings) and planted as one of the solid foundation stones of
The ” Credit River Decision” handed down by a jury of 12 on a cold day in December, in the
Credit River Township Hall, was an experience that I’ll never forget.
The Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court had phoned me a week before the trial and
asked me if I would be an associate justice in assisting Justice Martin V. Mahoney since he had
never handled a jury trial before. I accepted, and it took me two hours to get my car running in
the 22 below zero weather.
I got to the court room about 30 minutes before trial, and helped get the wood stove going, since
the trial was being held in an unheated store room of a general store. This was the first time I met
Justice Martin V. Mahoney, and I was impressed with his no nonsense manner of handling
matters before him. My j ob was to help pick the jury, and to keep Mr. Jerome Daly and the
Attorney representing the Bank of Montgomery from engaging in a fist fight. The court room
was highly charged, and the Jury was all business .
The banker testified about the mortgage loan given to Mr. Jerome Daly, but then Mr. Jerome
Daly cross examined the banker about the creating of money “out of thin air. ”
Mr. Jerome Daly asked the Bank President, ” If you were just opening up your bank and no
one had yet made a deposit, and I came into your bank, and wanted to take out a loan of
$18,000.00, could you loan me that money?
When the Bank President said, “Yes” I thought the jury would faint.
Mr. Jerome Daly than said, “Does this mean that you can create money out of thin air? ”
And the Bank President said, ” Yes, we can create money out of thin air. ”
Justice Martin V. Mahoney then said ” IT SOUNDS LIKE FRAUD TO ME” and everybody
in the court room nodded their heads indicating that they agreed with Justice Martin V.
I must admit that up until that point, I really didn’t believe Mr. Jerome Daly’s theory, and
thought he was making this up. After I heard the testimony of the banker, my mouth had
dropped open in shock, and I was in complete disbelief. There was no doubt in my mind that the
Jury would find for Mr. Jerome Daly.
Mr. Jerome Daly had taken on the bankers, the Federal Reserve Banking System, and the
money (Kings) lenders, and had won.
It is now twenty eight years since this “Landmark Decision,” and Justice Martin V.
Mahoney is quoted more often than any Supreme Court justice ever was. The money (Kings)
boys that run the “private Federal Reserve Bank” soon got back at Justice Martin V.
Mahoney by poisoning him in what appeared to have been a fishing boat accident (but with his
body pumped full of poison) in June of 1969, less than §. months later.
Both Mr. Jerome Daly and Justice Martin V. Mahoney are truly the greatest men that I have
ever had the pleasure to meet. The Credit River Decision, as it is known, was and still is the
most important legal decision ever decided by a J!!!:y.
Bill Drexler.
Note: Bill Drexler was subsequently disbarred for his role in the Credit River case.
First National Bank
of Montgomery, Minnesota,
Jerome Daly,
The above entitled action came on before the Court and a Jury of 1 2 on December 7, 1 968 at
1 0 : 00 A.M. Plaintiff appeared by its President Lawrence V. Morgan and was represented by its
Counsel Theodore R. MeUby. Defendant appeared on his own behalf.
A Jury of Talesmen were called, empanelled and sworn to try the issues in this Case. Lawrence
V. Morgan was the only witness called for Plaintiff and Defendant testified as the only witness in
his own behalf.
Plaintiff brought this as a Common Law action for the recovery of the possession of Lot 1 9 ,
Fairview Beach, Scott County, Minn. Plaintiff claimed titled to the Real Property i n question by
foreclosure of a Note and Mortgage Deed dated May 8, 1 964 which Plaintiff claimed was in
default at the time foreclosure proceedings were started.
Defendant appeared and answered that the Plaintiff created the money and credit upon its own
books by bookkeeping entry as the consideration for the Note and Mortgage of May 8, 1 964 and
alleged failure of consideration for the Mortgage Deed and alleged that the Sheriffs sale passed
no title to Plaintiff.
The issues tried to the Jury were whether there was a lawful consideration and whether
Defendant had waived his rights to complain about the consideration having paid on the Note for
almost 3 years.
Mr. Morgan admitted that all of the money or credit which was used as a consideration was
created upon their books, that this was standard banking practice exercised by their bank in
combination with the Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis, another private B ank, further that he
knew of no United States Statute or Law that gave the Plaintiff the authority to do this . Plaintiff
further claimed that Defendant by using the ledger book created credit and by paying on the Note
and Mortgage waived any right to complain about the Consideration and that Defendant was
estopped from doing so.
At 1 2 : 1 5 on December 7 , 1 968 the Jury returned a unanimous verdict for the Defendant.
Now therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me pursuant to the Declaration of
Independence, the Northwest Ordinance of 1 97 8 , the Constitution of the United States and the
Constitution and laws of the State of Minnesota not inconsistent therewith:
1 . That Plaintiff is not entitled to recover the possession of Lot 1 9 , Fairview Beach, Scott
County, Minnesota according to the Plat thereof on file in the Register of Deeds office.
2. That because of failure of a lawful consideration the Note and Mortgage dated May 8, 1 964
are null and void.
3 . That the Sheriffs sale of the above described premises held on June 26, 1 967 is null and void,
of no effect.
4. That Plaintiff has no right, title or interest in said premises or lien thereon, as is above
5 . That any provision in the Minnesota Constitution and any Minnesota Statute limiting the
Jurisdiction of this Court is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and to the Bill of
Rights of the Minnesota Constitution and is null and void and that this Court has Jurisdiction to
render complete Justice in this Cause.
6. That Defendant is awarded costs in the sum of $75.00 and execution is hereby issued
7 . A 1 0 day stay is granted.
8. The following memorandum and any supplemental memorandum made and filed by this Court
in support of this Judgment is hereby made a part hereof by reference.
Dated December 9, 1 968
The issues in this case were simple. There was no material dispute on the facts for the Jury to
Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis, which
are for all practical purposes, because of their interlocking activity and practices, and both being
B anking Institutions Incorporated under the Laws of the United States, are in the Law to be
treated as one and the same Bank, did create the entire $ 1 4,000.00 in money or credit upon its
own books by bookkeeping entry. That this was the Consideration used to support the Note dated
May 8, 1 964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence
when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which
gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the
Note. See Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. v. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 3 1 8 , 46 N.W. 5 5 8 . The Jury
found there was no lawful consideration and I agree. Only God can create something of value out
of nothing.
Even if Defendant could be charged with waiver or estopped as a matter of Law this is no
defense to the Plaintiff. The Law leaves wrongdoers where it finds them. See sections 50, 51 and
52 of Am. Jur 2d. “Actions ” on page 584 — ” no action will lie to recover on a claim based
upon, or in any manner depending upon, a fraudulent, illegal, or immoral transaction or
contract to which Plaintiff was a party.”
Plaintiffs act of creating credit is not authorized by the Constitution and Laws of the United
States, is unconstitutional and void, and is not a lawful consideration in the eyes of the Law to
support anything or upon which any lawful rights can be built.
Nothing in the Constitution of the United States limits the Jurisdiction of this Court, which is one
of original Jurisdiction with right of trial by Jury guaranteed. This is a Common Law Action.
Minnesota cannot limit or impair the power of this Court to render Complete Justice between the
parties . Any provisions in the Constitution and laws of Minnesota which attempt to do so are
repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and are void. No question as to the Jurisdiction
of this Court was raised by either party at the trial. Both parties were given complete liberty to
submit any and all facts and law to the Jury, at least in so far as they saw fit.
No complaint was made by Plaintiff that plaintiff did not receive a fair trial. From the admissions
made by Mr. Morgan the path of duty was made direct and clear for the Jury. Their Verdict could
not reasonably have been otherwise. Justice was rendered completely and without denial,
promptly and without delay, freely and without purchase, comfortable to the laws in this Court
on December 7, 1 968.
December 9, 1 968
On January 6, 1 969 this Court filed a Notice of Refusal to Allow Appeal with the Clerk at the
District Court, Hugo L. Hentges, for the County of Scott and the State of Minnesota, which is as
follows :
TO: Hugo L. Hentges, Clerk of District Court, Plaintiff, First National Bank of Montgomery and
Defendant Jerome Daly:
You will Please take Notice that the undersigned Justice of the Peace, Martin V . Mahoney,
hereby, pursuant to law, refuses to allow the Appeal in the above entitled action, and refuses to
make an entry of such allowance in the undersigned’s Docket. The undersigned also refuses to
file in the office of the clerk of the District Court in and for Scott County, Minnesota, a transcript
of all the entries made in my Docket, together with all process and other papers relating to the
action and filed with me as Justice of the Peace. The undersigned concludes and determines that
M.S.A. 532.38 was not complied with within 1 0 days after entry of Judgment in my Justice of
the Peace Court Subdivision 4 thereof requires that $2.00 shall be paid within 1 0 days to the
Clerk of the District Court for the use of the Justice before whom the cause was tried. Two socalled
“One Dollar” Federal Reserve Notes issued by the Federal Reserve B ank at S an Francisco
L 1 278283C and Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis Serial No. l 804 l C697A were deposited
with the Clerk of the District Court to be tendered to me.
These Federal Reserve Notes are not lawful money within the contemplation of the Constitution
of the United States and are null and void. Further, the Notes on their face are not redeemable in
Gold or Silver Coin nor is there a fund set aside anywhere for the redemption of said Notes .
However, this is a determination of a question of Law and Fact by the undersigned pursuant to
the authority vested in me by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the
State of Minnesota. Plaintiff is entitled to be accorded full due process of Law before the Court
in this present determination not to allow the Appeal.
If Plaintiff will file a brief on the Law and the Facts with this Court within 1 0 days, or if Plaintiff
will file an application for a full and complete hearing before this Court on the determination, a
prompt hearing will be set and if Plaintiff can satisfy this Court that said Notes are lawful money
issued in pursuance of and under the authority of the Constitution of the United States of
America the undersigned will stand ready and willing to reverse himself in this determination.
Dated January 6, 1 969
lsi Martin V. Mahoney
I am bound by oath to support the Constitution of the United States and laws passed pursuant
thereto and the Constitution and Laws of Minnesota not in conflict therewith. This is an
important Case to both parties and involves issues, apparently, not previously decided before. It
is also important to the public. The Clerk of the District Court is an officer of the Judicial Branch
of the State of Minnesota. His act is the Act of the State. U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section
10 provides “No State Shall make any Thing but Gold and Silver Coin a Tender in Payment of
Debts. ” The tender of the two Federal Reserve Notes runs counter to the fundamental Law of the
land, the Constitution of the United States of America. It appears on the face of it that the Notes
are ineffectual for any purpose and that I am not justified in taking any steps toward the
allowance of an Appeal in this case.
It is, however, the Order of this Court that the parties are entitled to a full hearing before this
Court, and, if requested a full hearing will be granted.
Dated January 6, 1 969
/s/ Martin V. Mahoney
Minnesota Statutes Annotated 532.38 required that the Appellant, First National B ank of
Montgomery deposit with the Clerk of the District Court within ten ( 1 0) days, Two ($2.00)
Dollars (lawful money of the United States) for payment to the Justice of the Peace before whom
the cause was tried. This is one of the conditions for the allowance of an appeal.
Two One ($ 1 .00) Dollar Federal Reserve Notes were deposited with the Clerk of the District
Court. One was issued by the Federal Reserve B ank of San Francisco, bearing Serial No.
L 1 2782836 and the other on deposit was issued by the Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis
bearing Serial No. 1 804 1 0697A.
This Court determined that said Notes on their face were contrary to Article I, Section 10 of the
Constitution of the United States and also based upon the evidence deduced at the hearing on
December 7, 1 968, the Notes were without any lawful consideration and therefore were void;
however, this Court indicated it would give the Plaintiff, First National B ank of Montgomery, a
full and complete hearing with reference to this issue.
No hearing was requested by Plaintiff, First National Bank. This Court was ordered to show
cause before the District Court. The Order to Show Cause is as follows:
First National Bank
of Montgomery, Minnesota,
Jerome Daly,
On reading the application for an Order attached hereto, and on Motion and Affidavit of
Theodore R. Melby, Attorney for Plaintiff, due showing having been made that an exigency
exists .
IT IS ORDERED, that Martin V . Mahoney, Justice of the Peace, Credit River Township,
County of Scott, State of Minnesota, appear in person before the above Court at 1 0 : 00 a.m.,
Friday, January 1 7 , 1 969, at the Special Term of Court of Scott, State of Minnesota or as soon
thereafter as counsel can be heard to show cause why he should not file in the office of the Clerk
of District Court, First Judicial District, County of Scott, State of Minnesota, a transcript of all
the entries made in his docket, together with all process and other papers relating to the above
identified cause of action in his possession or the possession of any other Justice of the Peace of
the State of Minnesota.
served on Martin V. Mahoney by leaving with him copies of the same and exhibiting this
original ORDER with the signature of the Judge of District Court hereto, affixed, service to be
made forthwith.
Dated at Shakopee, Minnesota this 8th day of January, 1969.
BY THE COURT /s/ Harold E. Flynn Judge of District Court, Therefore, upon Motion of
Defendant Jerome Daly, this Court ordered a hearing before this Court on January 22, 1 969 at
7 : 00 p.m . . The First National B ank of Montgomery made no appearance although service of the
Motion and Order was served upon Ralph Hendrickson, its Cashier on January 20, 1 969. No
continuance was requested by Plaintiff or its Attorney. The Defendant appeared by and on behalf
of himself. After waiting for one hour for the Bank or its representative to appear the Court
received the testimony of Defendant bearing upon the issue of the validity of the Federal Reserve
Notes. Now, Therefore based upon all the files, records and proceedings herein and the evidence
offered, this Court makes the following Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Judgment and
Determination with reference to the allowance of an appeal.
1 . That the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation, is a United States Corporation with
twelve (12) banks throughout the United States, including New York, Minneapolis and S an
Francisco. That the First National Bank of Montgomery is also a United States Corporation
incorporated and existing under the laws of the United States and is a member of the Federal
Reserve System, and more specifically, of the Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis.
2. That because of the interlocking control activities, transactions and practices, the Federal
Reserve Banks and the National Banks are for all practical purposes, in the law, one and the
same bank.
3 . As is evidenced from the book: “The Federal Reserve System; Its Purposes and
Functions, ” ; ( l st Ed. ) pages 74 to 78 and 1 77 and 1 80, put out by the Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System, Washington, D.C., 1 963, and from other evidence adduced herein, the
said Federal Reserve B anks and National Banks create money and credit upon their books and
exercise the ultimate prerogative of expanding and reducing the supply of money or credit in the
United States. See especially page 75 of the Manual.
This creation of money or credit upon the Books of the Banks constitutes the creation of fiat
money by bookkeeping entry.
Ninety per cent or more of the credit never leaves the books of the B anks as the B anks produce
no specie as backing.
When the Federal Reserve B anks and National Banks acqUIre United States Bonds and
Securities, State Bonds and Securities, State Subdivision Bonds and Securities, mortgages on
private Real property and mortgages on private personal property, the said banks create the
money and credit upon their books by bookkeeping entry. The first time that the money comes
into existence is when they create it on their bank books by bookkeeping entry. The banks create
it out of nothing. No substantial fund of gold or silver is back of it, or any fund at all.
The mechanics followed in the acquisition of United States Bonds are as follows : The Federal
Reserve Bank places its name on a United States Bond and goes to its banking books and credits
the United States Government for an equal amount of the face value of the bonds. The money or
credit first comes into existence when they create it on the books of the bank. National Banks do
the same except they must have One ($ 1 .00) Dollar in Credit on hand for every Four ($4.00)
Dollars they create.
The Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis obtains Federal Reserve Notes in denominations of
One ($ 1 .00) Dollar, Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty, One Hundred, Five Hundred, One Thousand, Ten
Thousand, and One Hundred Thousand Dollars for the cost of the printing of each note, which is
less than one cent. The Federal Reserve Bank must deposit with the Treasurer of the United
States a like amount of Bonds for the Notes it receives. The Bonds are without lawful
consideration, as the Federal Reserve Bank created the money and credit upon their books by
which they acquired the Bond. With their bookkeeping created credit, National Banks obtain
these notes from the Federal Reserve banks .
The net effect of the entire transaction is that the Federal Reserve B ank and the National B anks
obtain Federal Reserve Notes comparable to the ones they placed on file with the Clerk of
Di:strict Court, and a spcciITlcn of which is above, for the cost of printing only. Title 31 U.S.C.,
Section 462 (392) attempts to make Federal Reserve Notes a legal tender for all debts, public
and private. See page 72. From 1 9 1 3 down to date, the Federal Reserve B anks and the National
Banks are privately owned. As of March 1 8 , 1 968, all gold backing is removed from the said
Federal Reserve Notes. No gold or silver backs up these notes .
The Federal Reserve Notes in question in this case are unlawful and void upon the following
grounds .
1 . Said Notes are fiat money, not redeemable i n gold o r silver coin upon their face, not backed
by gold or silver, and the notes are in want of some real or substantial fund being provided for
their payment in redemption. There is no mode provided for enforcing the payment of the same.
There is no mode provided for the enforcement of the payment of the Notes in anything of value.
2. The Notes are obviously not gold or silver coin.
3. The sole consideration paid for the One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes is in the neighborhood
of nine-tenths of one cent, and therefore, there is no lawful consideration behind said Notes.
4. That said Federal Reserve Notes do not conform to Title 12, United States Code, Sections
411 and 418. Title 31 USC, Section 462 (392), insofar as it attempts to make Federal Reserve
Notes and circulating Notes of Federal Reserve B anks and National B anking Associations a legal
tender for all debts, public and private, it is unconstitutional and void, being contrary to Article
I, Section 10, of the Constitution of the United States, which prohibits any State from making
anything but gold and silver coin a tender, or impairing the obligation of contracts.
Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me pursuant to the Declaration of
Independence, the Northwest Ordinance of 1 787, the Constitution of the United States of
America and the Constitution of the State of Minnesota,
It is hereby DETERMINED, ORDERED AND ADJUDGED, that the Appeals Statutes of the
State of Minnesota for Civil Appeals from the Court to the District Court is not complied with
within 1 0 days after entry of Judgment. Therefore the Appeal is not allowed by this Court and
my docket so shows.
Dated February 5 , 1 969
/s/ Martin V. Mahoney
The division and separation of the three great powers of government, the Executive, the
Legislative and the Judicial and the principle that these powers should be forever kept separate
and distinct as of vital importance to the maintenance and establishment of a free government,
without which this Republic cannot possibly survive.
The particular wording of the Declaration of Independence which set up an obsolete cut off
with the British form of Government is contained in the first two paragraphs thereof.
Thereafter the Constitution was ordained and established as a law for the government by the
People of the United States.
All legislative powers granted are vested in the Congress of the United States consisting of a
House of Representatives and a Senate elected as representatives of all the people.
“Judicial Power” is defined in Black ‘s Law Dictionary as the authority vested by Courts and
Judges, as distinguished from the Executive and Legislative power.
” Cases and Controversies” is defined in Blacks’ Law Dictionary – “This term as used in the
Constitution of the United States embraces claims or contentions of litigants brought before the
Court for adjudication by regular proceedings for the protection of wrongs; and whenever the
claim or contention of a party takes such a form that the Judicial Power is capable of acting
upon it, it has become a case or controversy. ” See Interstate Commerce Commission vs.
Brimson, 1 54 U . S . 447, 14 Sup. Crt. 1 1 25 , 3 8 Law Ed. 1 047 ; Smith vs. Adams, 1 30 U.S . 1 679,
3 2 L.Ed . . 895 .
Under our form of government every American, individually or by representation, is the high and
supreme sovereign authority. The authority at each of the three departments of government is
defined and established.
It is entirely fitting and proper to observe that in all instances between the states and the United
States, and the people, there is no such thing as the idea of a compact between the people on one
side and the government on the other. The compact is that of the people with each other to
produce and constitute a government.
To suppose that any government can be a party to a compact with the whole people, is supposing
it to have an existence before it can have a right to exist.
The only instance in which a compact can take place between the people and those who exercise
the government, is that the people shall pay them while they choose to employ them.
A Constitution is the property of the nation and more specifically of the individual, and not
those who exercise the government. All the Constitutions of America are declared to be
established in the authority of the people.
The authority of the Constitution is grounded upon the absolute, God-given free agency of each
individual, and this is the basis of all powers granted, reserved or withheld in the authorization of
every word, phrase, clause or paragraph of the Constitution. Any attempt by Congress, the
President or the Courts to limit, change or enlarge even the most claimed insignificant provision
is therefore ultra vires and void ab initio.
When considering the United States Constitution, one must absolutely and completely clear his
mind of all British, monarchical, papal, clergical, continental, financial, or other alien influences
or conceptions of government the rights of the individual and what is Constitutional.
Our Constitution stands absolute and alone.
It must be read in the light of all engagements entered into before its adoption including the
Declaration of Independence and the privileges and immunities secured by Common Law
confirmed by Magna Charta and other English Charters, excepting there from all clerical, papal
and monarchical nonsense.
No one applying the Constitution to any situation has any business, right or duty to look in any
direction for sovereignty but toward the people. Any attempt or inclination to do so is a violation
of one’s oath and continuing duty to uphold, maintain and support the Constitution of the United
States of America.
See Waring vs. Mayor of Savannah, 60 Georgia, Page 93, where it is quoted as follows:
“In this State a s well a s i n all republics, i t i s n o t the Legislature, however transcendent its
powers, who are supreme – but the people – and to suppose that they may violate the fundamental
law, is, as has been most eloquently expressed, to affirm that the deputy is greater than his
principal; that the servant is above his master, that the representatives of the people are superior
to the people themselves; that men acting by virtue of delegated power may do not only what
their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid. ”
The law is made by the Legislature, but applied by the Courts.
S ee generally Mr. Justice Story’s commentaries on the Constitution found in Story on the
Constitution, Vol. 1, Section 198 through 280 on the History of the Revolution and the
Confederation, origin of the Confederation, analysis of the Articles of the Confederation and the
Decline and Fall of the Confederation including the reasons for it, which in chief was a
debasement of our money and currency by the banks, similar to what is taking place in the
United States today.
For authority to support the proposition that an Act of Congress in violation of the Constitution
confers no rights or privileges see 16 Am. Jur. 2d ” Constitutional Law,” ; Sections 177 thru
Article I, Section 10 of the United States Constitution provides that no State shall make any
Thing but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts .
The act of the Clerk of the District Court is the act of the State. The Clerk of the District Court is
the agent of the Judicial Branch of the Government of the State of Minnesota. See Briscoe et al
vs. The Bank of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1 1 Peters Reports at Page 3 1 9, “A State
can act only through its agents; and it would be absurd to say that any act was not done by a
State which was done by its authorized agents. ”
For the Justice Fees the bank deposited with the Clerk of District Court the two Federal Reserve
Notes. The Clerk tendered the Notes to me. My sworn duty compelled me to refuse the tender.
This is contrary to the Constitution of the United States. The States have no power to make bank
notes a legal tender. See 35 Amer. Jur. on Money, Section 13. Only gold and silver coin is a
lawful tender.
See also 36 Am. Jur. on Money, Section 9. B ank Notes are a good tender on money unless
specifically obj ected to. Their consent and usage is based upon the convertibility of such notes to
coin at the pleasure of the holder upon presentation to the bank for redemption. When the
inability of a bank to redeem its notes is openly avowed they instantly lose their character as
money and their circulation as currency ceases.
There is also no lawful consideration for these notes to circulate as money. The banks actually
obtained these notes for the cost of the printing. There is no lawful consideration for said Notes.
A lawful consideration must exist for these Notes to circulate as money. The banks actually
obtained these notes for the cost of the printing. There is no lawful consideration for said Notes.
A lawful consideration must exist for a Note. See 17 Amer. Jur. 2d on Contracts, Section 85
and also Sections 215, 216 and 217 of 1 1 Amer. Jur. 2nd on Bills and Notes. As a matter of
fact, the “Notes ” are not Notes at all as they contain no promise to pay.
The activity of the Federal Reserve Banks of Minneapolis , San Francisco and the First National
B ank of Montgomery is contrary to public policy and the Constitution of the United States and
constitutes an unlawful creation of money and credit is not warranted by the Constitution of the
United States.
The Federal Reserve and National Banks exercise an exclusive monopoly and privilege of
creating credit and issuing their Notes at the expense of the public, which does not receive a fair
equivalent. This scheme is obliquely designed for the benefit of an idle monopoly to rob,
blackmail and oppress the producers of wealth.
The Federal Reserve Act and the National Bank Act is in its operation and effect contrary to
the whole letter and spirit of the Constitution of the United States, confers an unlawful and
unnecessary power on private parties ; holds all of our fellow citizens in dependence; is
subversive to the rights and liberties of the people. It has defied the lawfully constituted
Government of the United States. The Federal Reserve and National Banking Acts and Sec.
462 (392) of Title 31, U.S.C. are not necessary and proper for carrying into execution the
legislative powers granted to Congress or any other powers vested in the Government of the
United States, but, on the contrary, are subversive to the rights of the People in their rights to
life, liberty and Property. The aforementioned acts of Congress are unconstitutional and
void and I so hold.
The meaning of the Constitutional provision “No State Shall make any Th ing but Gold and
Silver Coin a tender in payment of debts ” is direct, clear, unambiguous and without any
qualification. This Court is without authority to interpolate any exception . My duty is simply to
execute it, as written, and to pronounce the legal re sult. From an examination of the case of
Edwards v. Kearzev, 96 U.S. 595, the Federal Res erve Notes (fiat money) , which are attempted
to be made a legal tender, are exactly what the authors of the Constitution of the United States
intended to prohibit. No State can make these Notes a legal tender. Congress is incompetent to
authorize a State to make the Notes a legal tender. For the effect of binding Constitutional
provisions see Cooke v. Iverson, 108 M. 388 and State v. Sutton, 63 M. 147. This fraudulent
Federal Reserve System and National Banking System has impaired the obligation of
Contract, promoted disrespect for the Constitution and Law and has shaken society to its
foundations .
The Court is at a loss, because o f the non-appearance o f Plaintiff t o determine upon what legal
theory Plaintiff could possibly claim that the Notes in question are a legal tender. If they have
any validity it must come from the Constitution of the United States and laws passed pursuant
thereto. Inquiry was made of Mr. Daly as to what laws these Notes could be possibly based upon
to sustain their validity. To aid the Court he presented the following: Section 411, 412, 417, 418,
420 of USC Title 12 and Title 31, USC Sec. 462 (392).
On the one hand Section 411 holds and states that the Notes are to be used for the purpose of
making advances to Federal Reserve Banks through Federal Reserve Agents and for no other
purposes. Then Title 31, Section 462 (392) states: “All Federal Reserve Notes and circulating
Notes of Federal Reserve Banks and National Banking Associations heretofore or hereafter
issued, shall be legal tender for all debts public and private. ”
The Constitution states, “No State shall make any Thing but Gold and Silver Coin a legal
tender in payment of debts. ” The above referred to enactments of Congress state that the Notes
are a legal tender. There is a direct conflict between the Constitution and the Acts of
Congress. If the Constitution is not controlling then Congress is above and has superior
authority from the Constitution and the People who ordained and established it.
Title 31 USC, Section 462 (392) is in direct conflict with the Constitution insofar at least, that it
attempts to make Federal Reserve Notes a Legal Tender, the Constitution is the Supreme Law of
the Land. Sec. 462 (392) is not a law which is made in pursuance of the U . S . Constitution. It is
unconstitutional and void and I so hold. Therefore, the two Federal Reserve Notes are null and
void for any lawful purpose so far as this case is concerned and are not a valid deposit of $2.00
with the Clerk of the District Court. I hold that the case has not been lawfully removed from the
Court and jurisdiction thereof is still vested in the Court.
However; there is a second ground of invalidity of these Federal Reserve Notes previously
discussed and that is the Notes are invalid because on no theory are they based upon a valid,
adequate or lawful consideration.
At the hearing scheduled for January 22, 1 969 at 7 : 00 p.m., Mr. Morgan, nor anyone else from or
representing the B ank, attended to aid the Court in making a correct determination.
Mr. Morgan appeared at the trial on December 7, 1 969 and appeared as a witness to be candid,
open, direct, experienced and truthful. He testified to 20 years of experience with the B ank of
America in Los Angeles, the Marquette National B ank of Minneapolis and the Plaintiff in this
case. He seemed to be familiar with the operations of the Federal Reserve System. He freely
admitted that his Bank created all of the money or credit upon its books with which it acquired
the Note and Mortgage of May 8, 1 964. The credit first came into existence when the Bank
created it upon its books. Further he freely admitted that no United States Law gave the bank the
authority to do this. There was obviously no lawful consideration for the Note. The B ank parted
with absolutely nothing except a little ink. In this case the evidence was on January 22, 1 969 that
the Federal Reserve B anks obtain the Notes for the cost of the printing only. This seems to be
confirmed by Title 12 USC, Section 420. The cost is about 91 1 0ths of a cent per Note, regardless
of the amount of the Note. The Federal Reserve B anks create all of the Money and Credit upon
their books by bookkeeping entry by which they acquire United States and State Securities . The
collateral required to obtain the Notes is, by Section 412, USC, Title 12, a deposit of a like
amount of Bonds, B onds which the Banks acquired by creating money and credit by
bookkeeping entry.
No rights can be acquired by fraud. The Federal Reserve Notes are acquired through the use of
unconstitutional statutes and fraud.
The Common Law requires a lawful consideration for any Contract or Note. These Notes are
void for failure of a lawful consideration at Common Law, entirely apart from any Constitutional
Considerations upon this ground the Notes are ineffectual for any purpose. This seems to be the
principal obj ection to paper fiat money and the cause of its depreciation and failure down
through the ages. If allowed to continue, Federal Reserve Notes will meet the same fate. From
the evidence introduced on January 22, 1 969, this Court finds that as of March 18, 1968 all
Gold and Silver backing is removed from Federal Reserve Notes.
The law leaves wrongdoers where it finds them. See 1 Amer. Jur. 2nd on Actions, Sections 50,
51 and 52.
This Court further observes that the jurisdiction of the Court is conferred by Article 6, Sec. 1 of
the Minnesota Constitution. “Sec. 1. The judicial power of the state is hereby vested in a
Supreme Court, a District Court, a Probate Court and such other Courts, minor judicial officers
and commissioners with jurisdiction inferior to the District Court as the legislative may
establish. ” Pursuant thereto an Act of the legislature credited this Court.
Nothing on the Constitution or laws of the United States limits the jurisdiction of this Court. The
Constitution of Minnesota does not limit the jurisdiction of this Court. It therefore has complete
Jurisdiction to render justice in this cause in accordance with and agreeable to the Supreme Law
of the Land. See 16 Am. Jur. 2d on Constitutional Law Sections 210 thru 222.
“When a Court is created by Act of the Legislature the Judicial Power is conferred by the
Constitution and not by the Act creating the Court. If its Jurisdiction is to be limited it must be
limited by the Constitution. ” See Minn, Const. “Bill of Rights. ” In any event, the Bank has not
raised any question as to the jurisdiction of this Court.
Slavery and all its incidents including Peonage thralldom and debt created by fraud is universally
prohibited in the United States. This case represents but another refined form of Slavery by the
Bankers . Their position is not supported by the Constitution of the United States. The People
have spoken their will in terms which cannot be misunderstood. It is indispensable to the
preservation of the Union and independence and liberties of the people that his Court adhere only
to the mandates of the Constitution and administer it as written. I therefore hold the Notes in
question void and not effectual for any purpose.
January 30, 1 969
/s/ Martin V . Mahoney
The Defendant, (Attorney) Jerome Daley, shortly after the above Court declared the above
decision, again brought the issue of the Federal Reserve Notes before the Courts. On Appeal to a
Federal Court; the Federal Judicial Officers publicly ridiculed Mr. Daley for challenging the
validity of the Notes of the Federal Reserve Bank and had Mr. Daley “disbarred” from practicing
law (United States v. Jerome Daly, 48 1 F.2d. 28). This “act” of our Federal Judicial Officers to
“disbar” a fellow member of the “Bar” for questioning the validity of the monetary system of the
United States raises the question as to who the Federal Judicial Officers are employed by. It is
obvious that they are employed by the International Banking Cartels ; NOT THE PEOPLE OF
What follows is the testimony of Roland D . Graham, Vice President and General Counsel of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis taken Wednesday February 1 1 , 1 970 in the disbarment
proceedings brought by the Minnesota State Board of Law Examiners against Jerome Daly to
have Mr. Daly disbarred from the practice of law. This testimony was taken under oath:
Wednesday, February 1 1 , 1 970
Approximately 2 : 30 p.m.
(Whereupon, the following proceedings were duly had:)
Mr. Roland D. Graham being first duly sworn, testified
as follows on behalf of the Petitioner:
Testimony solicited by Mr. Davis, attorney for the petitioner:
Q. Will you state your full name please.
A. I am Roland D . Graham, G-r-a-h-a-m.
Q. Your address, Mr. Graham?
A. My address is 73 South Fifth Street, Minneapolis : Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis.
Q. What is your profession?
A. I am an attorney.
Q. By whom are you employed?
A. I am Vice-President and General Counsel of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis .
Q. Are you licensed t o practice law i n the state o f Minnesota?
A. Yes sir.
Q. For how long a time have you been counsel for the Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis?
A. I have been general counsel for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis since 1 966;
however, I was on the staff of the legal department of the bank since 1 959.
Q. In the course of your duties with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, have you had
occasion to be involved in litigation with one Jerome Daly?
A. Yes .
Q. Have you received any inquiries from other agencies o f government o r other persons within
the banking group concerning these actions commenced by Mr. Daly?
A. Well, we received several inquiries with respect to the actions commenced against our bank
and especially by other Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors ; we kept them
constantly informed of the progress in these cases as it occurred. And there was an occasional
inquiry made with reference to these cases from our office, yes .
Q. D o you have any compilation o r list o f inquiries that were made either t o you or t o the board,
the Federal Reserve Board?
A. I have a compilation of inquiries that were made and letters sent out by the Board of
Governors and the Treasury Department with reference to a case arising in Credit River,
Minnesota, involving the Constitutionality of the Federal Reserve System.
Q. Do you have that letter with you?
(WHEREUPON, Petitioner’s Exhibits 66 and 67 were duly marked for purposes of
identification. )
Q. I show you Petitioners Exhibit Number 66, will you identify that for the Court?
A. This is a letter dated September 2, 1 969, addressed to me from Mr. Robert Sanders, Assistant
General Counsel of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve S ystem. And Mr. Sanders
sent me this list at my request, in which it contains a list of a number of responses made by
the Board of Governors and the Treasury Department, in connection with inquiries received
by them, certain congressional offices, relating to a case arising out of Credit River,
Minnesota, and arising as a result of a publication, primarily of a publication distributed,
reporting that case, entitled Myers’ Finance Review.
Q. And I show you Petitioner’s Exhibit 67 and ask you to identify that.
A. This is a subsequent Xerox copy of some articles that were referred to in that letter, which
also were the basis of inquiries that we received.
Mr. Jerome Daly’s cross-examination consisted of two arguments. The first part of his argument
was to elicit confirmation from Mr. Ronald D. Graham, a qualified spokesman for the Federal
Reserve banks, that the Federal Reserve banks and the commercial banks do create Deposit
(checkbook) Money on their books as their lending and investing money media.
The second part of Mr. Daly’s argument was the convertibility of the pocket paper currency into
gold and/or silver is a separate argument, and irrelevant to the mechanics of Deposit (checkbook)
Money creation.
Therefore, to make it easier for the reader to understand the mechanics of where and how bank
Deposit (checkbook) Money (generally referred to as “credit” is created — all questions and
answers referring to currency convertibility were edited (left) out.
Testimony solicited by Jerome Daly:
Q. You say you have been with the Federal Reserve Bank for how long?
A. For ten years, approximately ten years.
Q. And you are a Vice President of the bank?
A. Yes sir.
Q. And you say that you have been in the practice of law in the state of Minnesota?
A. Yes sir.
Q. And also in the United States District Court?
A. Yes sir, for the state of Minnesota.
(WHEREUPON, Respondent’s Exhibit J was duly marked for purposes of identification.)
Q. Showing you Respondent’s Exhibit J, I will ask you if you can identify that.
A. Respondent’s Exhibit J is a publication put out by the Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve S ystem explaining its purposes and functions .
Q. And what issue i s that?
A. According to this, this is an issue that was published in 1 963 .
Q. Are you familiar with that, Respondent’s Exhibit J?
A. I am familiar with its publication; I could not cite it, all the language; but I am familiar with
its publication.
Q. Have you looked it over?
A. Yes.
Q. Generally, do you agree that the statements in there are true?
A. As to the functions and so forth, yes, sir.
Q. That is the official publication of the Board of Governors, is it not true?
A. Yes .
MR. DALY: I offer in evidence Exhibit J.
MR. DAVIS : No obj ection.
THE COURT: It will be received.
Q. Now, your Federal Reserve Banks, there are twelve of them in the United States , aren’t there?
A. That is correct.
Q. And more or less the head bank is in New York, is it not?
A. There is a Federal Reserve Bank of New York that represents a second Federal Reserve
District; it is a separate incorporated bank, separate from the other eleven banks, yes .
Q. Now, b y the way, these Federal Reserve Banks have employees, d o they not?
A. Yes, they do.
Q. And there are none of these employees on Civil Service?
A. No, sir.
Q. That is a true statement, is it not?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. You are not on Civil Service, yourself?
A. No, sir.
Q. And the Federal Reserve banks pay taxes to the state for the real estate they are situated upon?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. And the Federal Reserve banks are owned by the member banks, are they not?
A. I don’t know what you mean by owned, Mr. Daly.
Q. I withdraw the question. The Federal Reserve corporation is a corporation organized and
existing by virtue of the laws of the United States, is that correct?
A. That is correct.
Q. And the member banks are required to subscribe to so much stock?
A. That is correct.
Q. But this is non-voting stock, isn’t that correct?
A. They have a right to elect six of the directors of the Federal Reserve bank.
Q. I didn’t mean that; it is a stock that doesn’t actually carry any rise to ownership with it, isn’t
that correct?
A. The Federal Reserve stock, owned by member banks of the Federal Reserve System,
represent the capitalization they put into the system required by law and it gives them certain
limited rights as to the election of directors on the Board of the reserve banks . However, in
the event of dissolution of any Federal Reserve bank, they are only entitled to their reserves,
the amount of capitalization they have put into the reserve bank. And after the reserve banks
have paid all of the liabilities and expenses, all the residuals go into the United States
Q. And the member banks, like the First National here in Minneapolis ; Northwestern National;
they have a right to use the services of the Federal Reserve bank?
A. Yes, we do provide services for them, yes .
Q. And the First National Bank o f Montgomery is one o f your member banks?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Now, calling your attention to page seventy-five in that book, will you read the last two
paragraphs out loud?
A. The last two paragraphs?
Q. I think that is what I want.
A. The commercial banks as a whole can create money only if additional reserves are made
available to them. The Federal Reserve System is the only instrumentality endowed by law
with discretionary power to create (or extinguish) the money that serves as bank reserves or as
public’s pocket cash. Thus, the ultimate capability of expending or reducing the economy’s
supply of money rests with the Federal Reserve.
New Federal Reserve money, when it is not wanted by the public for hand-to-hand circulation,
becomes the reserves of member banks . After it leaves the hands of the first bank acquiring it, as
explained above, the new reserve money continues to expand into deposit money as it passes
from bank to bank until deposits stand in some established multiple of the additional reserve
funds that Federal Reserve action has supplied.
Q. Now, the mechanics, can you explain the mechanics by which the Federal Reserve bank runs
its open market committee.
A. Runs its open market committee?
Q. Yes .
A. The open market committee i s not a committee o f the Federal Reserve B anks, Mr. Daly. It
consists of seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve S ystem and five
of the seven — five of the twelve presidents of the Federal Reserve banks.
Q. And the seven members of the Board of Governors?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Will you explain to the Court what their function is?
A. The function of the Federal Open Market Committee is to meet and make policy with
reference to the purchase or sale of government securities by Federal Reserve B anks.
Q. Now, can you elaborate on that.
A. The purchase and sale of government securities by Federal Reserve Banks, under the direction
of the Open Market Committee, is a device, one of the monetary tools used by the Federal
Reserve S ystem to expand on one of the Federal Reserve —
Q. Expand or reduce the reserves?
A. Yes .
Q. Now does the Federal Reserve Bank expand its reserves?
A. The reserves of the commercial banks?
Q. Or its own reserves ?
A. The action taken with reference to the Open Market Committee and expansion o f the
commercial bank reserves that are required to be held in the Federal Reserve banks in their
own vault, by expanding reserves of the commercial banks . This then takes out of circulation
or the ability of commercial banks to expand loans or investments .
Q. So that seven members of the Board of Governors and the twelve presidents of the Federal
Reserve banks have the control over the volume of credit that is made available to the public?
A. The Open Market Committee, which consists of five of the twelve presidents of the Federal
Reserve banks and the seven members of the Board of Governors, directs policy with
reference to the sales or purchase of the government securities on the open market, which
expands or contracts the ability of commercial banks to make loans and investments.
Q. And this has a direct bearing upon the amount of money that is available to the public?
A. It would have a direct bearing on the amount of money and supply of credit available.
Q. Now, the Federal Reserve Bank actually creates credit on its books, does it not?
A. The only way in which it creates credit is by its discount policy, in which it may credit, by
making a temporary loan and credit the reserve account of that individual bank.
Q. It can credit the account of the individual bank by making a loan to the bank?
A. Yes, sir, this is a loan that is repaid.
Q. And when the Federal Reserve bank makes the loan or that credit first comes into existence, is
when they manufacture it on the books?
A. It is a credit to their reserve?
Q. And it first comes into existence at that time?
A. These are temporary loans.
Q. And it doesn’t make any difference if it is temporary or long term, the first time it comes into
existence is when it is credited on the books of the bank?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. And as a practical matter, this credit never leaves the books of some bank; it is transferred by
check entry from one bank to another?
A. The effect of that particular transaction may or may not be transmitted through the banking
system, I don’t know.
Q. What percentage of the volume of business was done by check in this country?
A. I don’t know the figure, Mr. Daly, I don’t know the breakdown upon demand deposits and
currency at the present time.
Q. Now, when a member bank makes a loan, what is the percentage of so-called reserves that
they are supposed to have on hand?
A. That is determined by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and it varies at
what the Board decides .
Q. What is i t at present?
A. It is kind of a multiple breakdown at present; my recollection is reserves are seventeen per
cent reserve requirement; a sixteen per cent for the country banks, which are required to have
a lower reserve.
Q. In other words, when say like the First National Bank of Montgomery wants to make a loan of
one hundred dollars ; if it has a reserve of seventeen dollars on deposit with our bank, it can
make a loan of a hundred dollars?
A. If the reserve bank decides to lend it, yes, this is discretionary.
Q. If the First National B ank decides to lend it?
A. Now, now, an application for a loan or discount from the Federal Reserve Bank may be made;
in discretion with the Federal Reserve B ank, if it feels it is an appropriate borrowing.
Q. Does the First National Bank of Montgomery, do they have to get the permission of the
Federal Reserve B ank of Minneapolis before they can make a loan?
A. They make application for a loan and they can be turned down if the Federal Reserve B ank in
Minneapolis did not deem it a good loan.
Q. To an individual?
A. They only make loans and discounts to banks .
Q. I am talking about the individual citizen that walks into a bank and wants to borrow ten
thousand dollars from the bank out in the country.
A. All right.
Q. Does that bank out in the country also create money on its books?
A. That bank may make a loan to that individual if it has the funds available to make that loan.
Q. Does that bank, the commercial banks can also create credit on their books?
A. To the extent that the reserve or equity at the position permits them to make a loan in
accordance with their policy. They can do this by issuing a cashier’s check, which is a liability
in the bank or do so by crediting the deposit account of that individual.
Q. To what extent can they do that?
A. I guess I don’t follow your question.
Q. Is there a limit upon them? Is there a limit to the extent that they can do that?
A. The ultimate limit to which they would be restricted would be determined by the amount of
reserves they are required to hold back, dependent upon what the reserve requirements, as
established by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve S ystem, are.
Q. So, there is a percentage of limits?
A. Yes .
Q. They also create credit on their books?
A. To the extent they can make loans or investments.
Q. And this credit first comes into being when they create it?
A. When the credit is made to the account of the customers, they have thus created a loan to the
customer in the form of a deposit balance. Now, this may be drawn upon to pay off perhaps
creditors of the individual that is making the loan.
Q. But in any event, this is the first time that this credit comes into existence, they create it on
their books?
A. Yes .
Q. S o , i n effect, the books o f the member banks amount to a bill o f credit, d o they not?
A. What is your definition of a bill of credit, Mr. Daly?
Q. There has been some argument about that, isn’t that right?
A. Yes.
Q. But at any rate, the credit is manufactured on the books though?
A. There is a credit on the account of the customers, either that he is given in disbursed funds by
means of a cashier’s check or some other.
Q. Now, have you had a chance to read over my publication, the Daly Eagle?
A. I don’t remember if I have read it through or not, Mr. Daly.
Q. Have you attempted to read it?
A. I believe I did read it at one time; but I don’t recall all the language in it.
Q. There is a picture of a note in here, on page twelve, a one dollar Federal Reserve note?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Is this a sample of what is in circulation?
A. As currency.
Q. Yes .
A. It appears a s though i t is a Federal Reserve note, yes, sir.
Q. Well, that is a reasonably accurate portrayal, is that right?
A. Yes .
Q. Your bank acquires United States obligations b y creating credit o n its books, d o they not?
A. I guess you might say by creating credit as permitted under the policy of the Federal Reserve,
yes .
Q. But the physical notes themselves, they are made u p b y the Bureau o f Printing and
A. That is correct.
Q. And that is under the control of what, the Treasury Department?
A. I believe it is the Treasury Department.
Q. The notes themselves, you get these notes in denominations from one dollar up to ten
thousand dollars, is that right?
A. I don’t believe there is a ten thousand dollar bill in circulation; but we get them in the various
denominations now permitted by law.
Q. And your bank gets them for the cost of printing?
A. We get them, yes ; these are the actual physical notes, yes, for the cost of printing; but they are
issued as a liability to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis or whatever Federal Reserve
B ank is involved.
Q. Well, now, I believe you indicated that you had some correspondence from the head office of
the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. With you, for purposes of following it to the B ar Association, is that right?
A. This arose, because I had heard that there was some testimony being given before the Ethics
Committee with reference to the Credit River proceeding. I talked to Mr. Orren with the
Ethics Committee and indicated I had a number of telephone calls with respect to the Credit
River proceeding and I acknowledged they had received a number of inquiries down at the
Board, at the Treasury Department, arising out of the Myers’ Finance Publication.
Q . This is Myers’ Finance Review?
A. Yes .
Q . From Calgary, Alberta, Canada?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Did you ever see his review before this?
A. Before today? I had seen copies of a publication, I believe, that was dated May 27, 1 969 .
Q. May 27, 1 969?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. And this is the first publication in which he published it, is that right?
A. Published what, I am sorry.
Q. This story with reference to the Credit River verdict?
A. I don’t know, Mr. Daly, I just saw the May 27th issue.
(WHEREUPON, Respondent’s Exhibit K was marked for purposes of Identification. )
Q . Do you recognize that a s a copy that you saw?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. And how soon after May 27th of 1 969 did you see that?
A. The only one I recollect was a publication that came out, I believe, in June. I don’t subscribe
to the publication.
Q. Well, it is fair to say that you gentlemen that are counsel for the Federal Reserve banks and
the general counsel for the Board of Governors, you are keeping very close tab on this
A. Well, as a matter of information, yes, yes .
Q. And you have since 1 963?
A. I have transmitted all the information down to the Board of Governors, with reference to the
suits, yes .
Q. And by the way, the B oard of Governors of the Federal Reserve S ystem are independent of
the control by Congress, are they not?
A. No sir, that is not true.
Q. Well, can you elaborate on why it is not true?
A. The Federal Reserve System was established by Congress under the Federal Reserve Act, by
legislation enacted by Congress.
Q. But at the present time, Congress exercises no control over them?
A. Are you talking about control over the decisions, policy decisions made by the Federal
Q. Right.
A. There is specific law I am aware of that any Congressman can effectuate a policy decision
upon the Federal Reserve.
Q. That is what I am driving at.
A. Yes .
Q. And the Board o f Governors o f the Federal Reserve System controls volume o f credit that i s
put into circulation?
A. The policy decisions of the Board of Governors, Mr. Daly, influence the supply of money and
credit in the country, yes ; I think that is a fair statement.
Q. And that, under the present laws, is independent of any act of Congress ?
A. The policy decisions, I am aware of, are not subj ect to any Congressional mandate, that is
Q. And the determination of the interest rate is not subject to any Congressional mandate?
A. No sir, I think the determination of the interest rate is a result of the marketplace, are you
talking about?
Q. Actions of the Open Market Committee?
A Actions of the Open Market Committee could have an influence on the level of interest rates.
Q. Isn’t that set by basically, it is set or controlled, that is the prime rate is set and controlled by
the Board of Governors ?
A The prime rate, no.
Q. Pardon me?
A No.
Q. What do they do with reference to the interest rate?
A The only interest rate, I think you are referring to, is a discount rate, established by the
Federal Reserve banks. The discount rate is established initially by the Board of Directors of
Federal Reserve banks, subj ect to review and determination by the Board of Governors. The
discount rate is the rate charged against member banks of the Federal Reserve S ystem, who
make loans or discounts at Federal Reserve banks.
Q. Isn’t it pure and simple, the rate of interest that the Federal Reserve bank charges the member
banks for the credit that they create on their books?
A Would you repeat that one?
Q. To use simple language: Isn’t the rate of interest that the Federal Reserve bank charges the
member banks for credit they create on their books?
A This is for loans or advances given to member banks, yes .
Q. And these loans and advancements are created o n the books o f the Federal Reserve bank?
A The making of a loan or discount is effected of a credit to the reserve account of a member
Q. When they create the credit on their books, it comes into existence?
A. Yes .
Q. This discount rate is set by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System?
A The discount rate is initially set by the Boards of Directors of reserve banks, independently;
they are subj ect to review and determination of the Board of Governors in the Federal
Reserve System.
Q. So if all of the member banks get together and agree to set the discount rate, which is the
reserve banks get together and set the discount rate, the Board of Governors doesn’t have
anything to say about it?
A They have to approve a discount rate.
Q. And the people in charge of the Federal Reserve banks are not, none of them are government
employees as such?
A. Of the Federal Reserve banks?
Q. Right.
A. None of them are under Civil Service, no.
Q. And none of them are government employees as such then?
A. No, sir, they are not under Civil Service.
MR. DALY: I think that is all the questions I have.
The End
Early American colonists used English, Spanish, and French money while they were under English rule.
However, in 1775, when the Revolutionary War became inevitable, the Continental Congress authorized
the issuance of currency to finance the conflict. Paul Revere made the first plates for this “Continental
Currency.” Those notes were redeemable in Spanish Milled Dollars . The depreciation of thi s currency
gave rise to the phrase “not worth a Continental.”
After the so-called U. S . Constitution was ratified, the alleged ‘United States in Congress
Assembled, ‘ passed the “Mint Act” of April 2, 1792, which established the coinage system of
the social compact known as the United States and the dollar, as their principal unit of species
currency. By this Act, we became the first country in the world to adopt the decimal system for
currency. The first U. S . coins were struck in 1793 at the Philadelphia Mint and presented to
Martha Washington.
The so-called Government did not issue paper money as we know it today until 1861. In the
interim years, however, the new social compact Government did issue ” Treasury Notes”
intermittently during periods of financial stress, such as the War of 1812, the Mexican War of
1846, and the Panic of 1857.
During this same period (1793 – 1861), approximately 1,600 private banks were permitted to
print and circulate their own paper currency under State Charters. Eventually, 7,000 varieties of
these ” State Bank Notes ” were put in circulation, each carrying a different design !
With the onset of the Civil War, the new Military Social Government Construct–desperate for
money to finance the war-passed the Act of July 17, 1861, permitting the Treasury
Department to print and circulate paper money. The first paper money issued by the Military
Government was Demand Notes commonly referred to as “greenbacks. ” In 1862, the so-called
Military Congress retired the Demand Notes and began issuing United States Notes, also called
Legal Tender Notes.
Under Military Congressional Acts of 1878 and 1886, five different issues of ” Silver
Certificates” were produced, ranging from 1 to 1,000 dollar notes. The Treasury exchanged
Silver Certificates for silver dollars as they were known. The size and weight of the silver
coins (dollars) made them unpopular. The last series of Silver Certificates was issued in 1923.
However, the last series of modem Silver Certificates produced were the series 1957BI1935H
one dollar notes, series 1953C five dollar notes, and 1953B ten dollar notes.
During the period from 1863 to 1929, the Military Social Government Construct again
permitted thousands of banks to issue their own notes under their National Banks Acts of 1863
and 1864. These were called ” National Bank Notes,” but unlike the earlier “State Bank
Notes,” they were produced on paper authorized by the Military Social Government
Construct known as the United States and carried the same basic design.
In 1913, Military Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, establishing this so-called nation’s
Federal Reserve System. This Act authorized the Federal Reserve Banks to issue Federal
Reserve Bank Notes. In 1914, the Federal Reserve Banks began issuing Federal Reserve
Notes-the only currency still being manufactured today by the Military Construct’ s Bureau of
Engraving and Printing.
At the signing of Coinage Act on July 23, 1965,
Lyndon B. Johnson stated in his press Release that :
“When I have signed this bill before me, we will have made the first fundamental change in
our coinage in 173 Years. The Coinage Act of 1965 supersedes the Act of 1792. And that
Act had the title: An Act Establishing a Mint and Regulating the Coinage of the United
States . . . ”
“Now I will sign this bill to make the first change in our coinage system since the 18th
Century. To those members of Congress, who are here on this historic occasion, I want to
assure you that in making this change from the 18th Century we have no idea of returning to
If the truth were obvious to the common people, or shall we say untrained eye, everyone would
understand it and agree. In fact, the more one focuses on the significant issues, the less obvious
the truth appears to be. What tools do you have at your disposal for comprehending the larger
objective truths outside of your own immediate experience? Unless you are a dedicated student
of life, with lots of time on your hand to read, travel, and do research, by default and/or general
acquiescence, all you probably have time for are the “sound bites” of established and very
controlled (Money Kings) print and entertainment “news” sources. What is your level of
assurance that these popular indoctrination sources of information are trustworthy? Is it
possible that the larger truth is so far from obvious, that you wouldn ‘ t know it if it bit you? I
suggest that this is much closer to reality than you might expect.
In the Movie “A Few Good Men,” Keffe, the character played by Tom Cruise screams, “I want
the truth! ” and Jessep, the character played b y Jack Nicholson fires back “You can’t handle
the truth! ” Nine out of ten people, when interviewed, will insist that they want the truth. They
really believe that they do. However, if you qualify this question when you ask it with “even if it
were painful,” the number drops to 4 in 10. Run the experiment, you ‘ ll see what I mean. This
tendency to rej ect new information when the chosen response is one of discomfort or pain is
described in Dissonance Theory-a scientific theory of attitude change which proposes that
awareness of inconsistencies among individuals ‘ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, produces an
aversive state of tension or discomfort.
Furthermore, dissonance increases with important decisions and dissimilarity between
alternatives. Resistance to change is described in terms of effort justification-a tendency to
believe, once a considerable amount of effort is exerted to achieve a goal, that the goal is
important and worthwhile. This principle is at the heart of hazing rituals by sports teams,
fraternities, and sororities .
When dissonance occurs the individual will attempt to reduce it through a number of coping
mechanisms. If the perceived level of pain overwhelms other coping skills, the individual will
chose denial. Others will attempt to reduce dissonance by justifying one ‘ s behavior when
external inducements are “insufficient” to fully j ustify it. This occurs when the individual has
high trust with self, i.e., behavior is congruent with principles, and has paid a high price in the
past to seek out and adapt their lives to their evolving understanding of the truth. A struggle will
play out within the individual in which they will do whatever is necessary to test the new
information, until a determination can be made as to its validity. The new information is not
constrained by what is already known.
Now, let’ s put all of the above information on dissonance theory and people’ s interest in truth
(uh, as long as it isn’t painful) together to see the tangled web that has been woven for people.
People will be guided by two sayings : “The proof is in the pudding,” and “Follow the
money.” To set this up it is important to understand that in order to operate effectively in the
current political and financial system, the purveyors of so-called “government” have set up a
trust. We use quotes around the word “government” because it is a fictional entity, i.e., there is
no person or thing that can be ascribed to this linguistic expression-it is without referent.
“Government” is the BIG fiction. B efore explaining how the so-called “government” is a trust,
we’ ll first examine a trust that most of us are familiar with-a Deed of Trust. If you are asking
the question-“You mean my mortgage?” No-I mean your trust! ! !
If you are an assumed “homeowner,” go to your files now and get what you think i s your
mortgage. We will introduce definitions at the point were they are used to facilitate your
understanding-all definitions are taken from Black’s Law Dictionary 4th and 6th editions . So
what is a deed of trust? Before we answer that, let’ s first see what a trust is. We will only go
into enough depth to give you a feel for what you have probably been overlooking.
A trust is a legal construct for holding property for some use as determined by the terms of the
trust. The formal application of trusts usually involves three parties, although technically only
one is required. The creator of the trust is called the TR USTOR and/or GRANTOR or
SETTLOR (hereafter: trustor). The trustor is the original holder in due course of the property
and sets the contract for the benefit of a BENEFICIARY. The property and the terms of the
contract are usually managed by a third party, the TRUSTEE, also called fiduciary (one in a
position of trust).
Did you know that when you signed your Deed of Trust that you were giving benefit and
advantage to the banker? Who created the Deed of Trust? Answer: The banker did, so why
wouldn’ t the banker draw up the contract to his own advantage if you didn’ t say anything
against it?
Deed of Trust. An instrument in use in many states, taking the place and serving the
uses of a common-law-mortgage, by which legal title to real property is placed in one or
more trustees, to secure the payment of a sum of money or the performance of other
conditions .
Now let’ s begin the process of attaching parties t o this definition, and defining some more terms,
so you can see where you stand. You may have assumed that you are the Trustor. While it is true
that your signature “payed” for the house (yes, you read it correctly), this was not the agreement
you signed last.
If you signed your Deed of Trust “Joint Tenancy,” what did you do? Did you actually sign a
lease agreement with the landlord that call themselves bank?
Here is a quote from a Deed of Trust:
“WITNESSETH: That Trustor hereby irrevocably grants, conveys, transfers and
assigns to the Trustee in Trust, with Power of Sale, the above described real property,
together with leases, issues, profits, or income there from: SUBJECT, however to the
right, power and authority hereinafter given to and conferred upon Beneficiary to collect
and apply such property income.”
What did you do when you signed the Deed of Trust at the title company? You “assigned the
lease” between you (one who furnishes consideration; think signature) and the Trustor (􀂨
corporate fiction set up on registration of your birth certificate; another fiction ) to the
Beneficiary (the bank) . What were you thinking?
As said earlier, the truth is far from obvious, and we can only give you the highlights in this
essay. There are many more pieces to this story. See “United States Bankruptcy: What Banks
Don ‘t Want You to Know”, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, “What is United States”, “Are
You Sure You Want to Hire an Attorney, ” and “Before the Judge. ”
How did the deed of trust become a lease anyway? While you were busy not paying attention
to all that legalese, a second document was slipped in front of you after you signed the note,
thus turning you from an “owner” in to a renter (“homeownership” is a very short lived
experience for most people).
Assignment of lease. Such occurs where lessee transfers entire unexpired remainder of
term created by lease.
Title. The evidence of right which a person has to the possession of property.
The definition for Deed of Trust above, uses the term legal title. Exactly what does this mean?
The term legal is the tip off. Law is another fiction. Since the so-called U . S . Bankruptcy and
HJR 1 92 (Public Law 73), there is no way to extinguish a debt and consequently no way to
execute a law. We went from the gold standard to the promise to pay standard, and all demands
for payment constitute an issue of public currency. A promise to pay (signature or federal
reserve note) creates “money,” and is what funds your mortgage, auto loan, credit card
purchases, and every other kind of ‘loan’ you take out, including traffic tickets. The other tipoff
is the word evidence in the definition for title. Title in trust is a quasi-title, not title in fact. You
can have right to possession, but you can never own anything outright-all property and labor
being pledged in the so-called bankruptcy. It is for this reason that “legal title” can never be
defined in term of the Res, or real thing. It can only represent a fiction.
Instead of the land being the security, the bankers have replaced this with “legal title to real
property”-a “legal description”-a fiction. Can the “legal description” ever be the “land or
house property?” Answer: No, not under the current system.
“Legal title” is based on “legal description.” Black’ s law doesn’ t define this phrase, but a
summary of words (in physical terms) would be: A written enumeration of items composing as
estate created by law. But since law itself is a fiction, so must a “legal description,” and in tum
“legal title.”
In 1803, their President, Mr. Thomas .Jefferson, appointed Mr. Lewis and Mr. Clark to
explore and map out the newly acquire Louisiana Purchase from France –nearly onethird
the total area purchased by the United States for their social compact known as The
United States of America.
From this expedition, the entire area purchased by The United States for The United
States of America, and was mapped with metes and bounds. We measure today our
boundaries for each piece of property with metes and bounds . Townships were formed
across the nation for every six miles square, containing thirty-six square miles . These
townships still exist today.
Who is managing (Trustee) the trust? Surprise, a British Esquire Attorney. Attorneys are the
only ones as the “collateral endorsers” who can own title companies. This is a very convenient
arrangement, don ‘ t you think. See “Are you Sure You Want to Hire an Attorney. ”
Most people suppose or assume that a contract has to be knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily
agreed to by the parties involved. This is usually the case even when there is no written, signed
contract. For example, when eating at a restaurant-If you place an order for food, then proceed
to consume the food upon receipt, the custom is, you ‘ re liable for the bill. However, there is a
whole class of contracts of a far more sinister nature; they are called, adhesion contracts. These
are contracts made wholly for the benefit of a single party. They corne into existence whenever
you exercise a benefit offered by the corporate state such as welfare (Social Security, Medicaid,
food stamps, postal delivery, etc.), sign an application (uh, affidavit) for a passport, use socalled
federal highways, sign your private property name to obtain a license (marriage,
automobile, aviation, CPA, etc.), or register what you perceive as your private property (babies,
automobiles, etc.). Unless you specify that you don ‘ t want to be liable for the unrevealed
benefits of any agreement or commercial contract by signing above your name “Without
Prejudice,” you have become an accommodation party to the fiction.
This system for inducing you to commerce has been so carefully designed, that without
specialized knowledge, such as the information contained in this essay, your chances of
prevailing in an encounter with it are almost non-existent. It owes its success to the interlocking
connection of three fundamental ploys:
1 . Build a system based on appearances (fiction) .
2. Create subtle ways of getting people to contract with the fiction in order to make them
accommodation parties .
3 . Induce people to give this fiction substance b y arguing and testifying i n statutory courts .
Corporate entities, Federal Reserve notes, property descriptions, and statutory laws are all
fictions. There is nothing of substance to them. A corporate entity such as your Straw-mandebtor,
is not the flesh and blood you. Federal Reserve notes do not corne into existence
through their assignment to something of value such as gold or silver, but by taking out a loan.
A title deed identifies a horne in terms of an artificial system of meets and bounds called a
property description-a description of property that is NOT; if you read it, you won ‘ t find
anything that describes any attribute of the real house. This also applies to your car title and any
other title to property. The real substance of a thing is referred to as the RES. Legislated
statutory laws are not written pursuant to the contracts (Constitution and Bill of Rights) that
would limit “government’s” power over its creators, the Sovereign flesh and blood Men and
Woman of their America. By creating a system that is fiction from end to end, they ensure that
the real game stays hidden and not one in a million will figure it out.
In closing, let’ s revisit our earlier discussion of Dissonance Theory and examine the dissonance
levels attributable to the above shocking (from the perspective of the uninitiated) information.
You have believed all of your life that money is valuable and have therefore struggled for its
attainment in order to “purchase” the material necessities of life like a home. You have also
believed that you have been “paying” your debts. Now you are learning that you have been
deceived in these most basic and fundamental tenants and assumptions. I rather doubt a greater
dissimilarity of alternatives could exist-the information that you have been absorbing from the
culture, either by osmosis or governmental schooling, with what is presented here in this essay is
extremely HIGH, meaning HIGH dissonance. In addition, the information presented here
invites you to make some maj or decisions in regards to the interpretation you give to your
perceptions. This also contributes to HIGH dissonance. And finally, the effort justification is
also very HIGH-the daily commute, the j ob, etc . According to our definition then, dissonance
should be OFF THE CHARTS. For some of you, it probably is and you ‘ re in shock. However,
if after a week or so you still believe that you really own your house and are not simply a
caretaker for the International bankers, ask yourself what would happen if you were to stop
paying your use fees in the form of property taxes. Do you know what the bankers would do?
How do you explain that?
For the rest of you, I hope I have piqued your interest enough to read the other essays in order
that you may deepen your understanding of this amazing story. Only by doing so will you be
able to claim your remedy.
The complexity of a social order is proportional to the degree of specialization required of its
members to carry out its agreed functions-as complexity increases, members tend to know
more and more about less and less. In times past, physicians performed essentially the same
services. They could carry everything they used in the treatment of their patients between their
ears and in a little black bag. Today doctors specialize in one part of the body and require the
support services of large institutions and other specialists . In this context it is natural for one to
seek out the services of those who are learned in matters that they do not either have the time,
interest, or training to handle for themselves. However, would you go to an unlicensed physician
who had a hidden agenda, lacked training in medicine, who performed treatments for which the
results and costs were uncertain? As the uninitiated will discover, this is standard operating
procedure when hiring an attorney.
If there is a system for which there is a bigger gap between perception and the reality of its inner
workings, I know not what it is. This includes attorneys themselves . By design, the true nature of
alleged courts, the law, and the relationship of the individual to the state has been hidden by the
architects of the system, lest its secrets be exposed. Popular perceptions are groomed by the
purveyors of controlled media, and education (including so-called law schools) mostly through
entertainment and inculcation of so-called national identity. Independent thinkers within the
ranks of attorneys may eventually realize the significant incongruities in plying their trade, but
not one in a million will figure it out. Only upon being invited into the inner sanctum of
judgeship and higher will the secrets begin to be revealed.
So, how is this accomplished? Since the so-called Military Social Government Construct’ s
B ankruptcy in 1933 (see Americas “New Deal “, the Looting of a Nation) attorneys and judges
have a near license to steal the wealth of the community backed by force of arm. They are
amply rewarded for activities that promise nothing. They function at the heart of a system that
has, as its ultimate goal, subjugation and conquest of the popUlation through commerce.
Although wars on the surface may appear to settle the differences between men and countries, it
has been the behind the scenes manipulations by the bankers and merchants that continue to
control. This was the case at the conclusion of their America’ s war for Independence, as it is
now-not surprisingly mediated by attorneys (see A Brief History of United States) . Attorneys
do this with their own private language in which they change the popular meanings of words and
imbed the rules of the game inside inscrutable code-you can ‘ t play the game unless you
understand the rules and that takes an attorney – – and even if you are one in a million, you are
not allowed to use their private code to prosecute them for their thievery because such Codes are
Copyrighted, There is no higher form of incestuous relations to prevent the people from the sheer
BAR to justice, established to prevent the Money Kings, by and through their Agents
(Attorneys), from fleecing the people.
So, what is an attorney anyway, and does this mean the same thing as lawyer? Although
modem usage tends to obscure the distinction between the meanings of these words, historically,
they are not the same. To understand this distinction it is necessary to trace the legal profession
in their United States back to its roots in Britain. Even the word ” bar” is of British origin.
In England, only some lawyers are called Advocates. Others are called “solicitors,” still others
” barristers,” ” counselors,” “mediators,” and ” attorneys.” These are not terms referring to
just any lawyer, they are specific titles used to designate the type of lawyer they are and how
they practice law.
Advocates and solicitors have a very similar roll, but on the opposite side of any given dispute.
While a solicitor is one who presents a case on behalf of an accuser, otherwise known as the
plaintiff, an advocate provides argument for the defendant.
The barrister holds a specific position of trust beyond an area where even other lawyers are
barred from entry. ” Crossing the bar” means far more than just walking over to a different
place in the room. It is the act of placing yourself under the jurisdictional authority of the court
whose bar you’ve crossed. The BAR stands for British Accredited Registry.
A mediator’s j ob is to facilitate an agreement between opposing sides. Counselors, on the other
hand, primarily do just what their title indicates, counseling. To obtain ” assistance of Counsel,”
therefore is not the same as being represented by an attorney. So, what is an attorney?
Notice that the word for each title clearly identifies its unique characteristic :
• Solicitor = one who solicits a cause of action
• Advocate = one who advocates for the accused
• Barrister = one who goes where others are barred from entry
• Mediator = one who mediates between two parties
• Counselor = one who provides counsel from a given perspective
• Attorney = one who attorns or engages in attornment
The term “attorn” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary:
“to turn over; to transfer to another, money or goods; to assign to some particular use
or service. ” “Attorn ” has its origin from the days of the English Feudal System. Its
process employed the class title of nobility known as Esquire, which means a greater
or elevated Squire. The Squire was an armor bearer for the Knight.
Among other duties, the ESquire performed the attornment ceremony necessary to preserve a
class structure of nobility. While performing his attorney functions, the ESquire used a system
of unequal protection under different sets of laws. Among these varying standards were the laws
of the King’s Court, of the Court of Exchequer, of the Common Courts of Pleas, and for the
different levels of royalty, noblemen, freemen, peons, serfs and slaves .
The purpose of the attorney was, as it is today, to see that upon the transfer of any property of
value nothing would get into the hands of the common people. Their j ob, if faithfully carried out,
would assure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
This transfer of wealth is enforced in several ways . Since all attorneys take the title ESquire,
you end up in last place in the pecking order of allegiance, which goes first to the crown, then
the courts, before going to you. If you doubt this, just ask your attorney to sign an agreement
that puts you first in line and see what happens . Unless they want to bring a quick end to their
careers, don’t expect to see a signature. Second, since the bankruptcy and the partitioning of the
law (See Essay on the Law), the law was replaced by public policy (private copyrighted
International Law), you were replaced by a legal fiction (See, Adhesion Contracts), and two
party contracts were replaced by construed constructive trusts (See Essay on Trusts) . If you
have not completed your VCC-1 Filing you are considered a ward of the court/state.
The ramifications of all of this are as follows : Since the bankruptcy, all corporations are
insolvent and there is no way to pay a debt. If there is no way to pay a debt, there is no way to
execute a law (no payment is possible), and laws, including the facts upon which they are based,
become irrelevant. Your duty under these circumstances is to be a good little trustee by honoring
your implied promise to perform under all of your adhesion contracts. Courts are no longer about
law, fact of law, or anything real for that matter. They cannot be because THERE IS NO WAY
The careful observer of court room drama will notice that the judge will typically only
look at one or two pages of any of the court briefs that pass before them, regardless of
how long they are. Today ‘s courts are about one thing, and that is honor-did you
honor your contract to perform as a good trustee ?
One more fact is worth noting before concluding. The much ballyhooed and prestigious License
to practice law does not even exist (see The Mythological License to Practice Law). There is
no department of State which issues said license, nor does the State Bar in their alleged state
exist, other than as a corporation. You can prove this to yourself by going to the Commissioner
of Corporations in their state. The so-called Bar is merely a private club that collects union dues
from its members who posture as licensed professionals, which does not exist by and through
any Executive Authority (Governor’s Executive Powers) of the so-called State which issues
all licenses to control supposedly every licensed professional.
In summary, when you hire any attorney, you are underwriting the English Crown to assign
one of their unlicensed agents, learned in procedure not law, to animate a legal fiction
(Strawman) that was created on your behalf. There is misrepresentation by and through
centers of education to accept such contrivances as legal. When you were born, they bring
you into their slaughterhouse to argue your case “thus giving meaning to the legal fiction they
have created there.” Hence, subj ect matter jurisdiction gives rise to a cause of action, whether
legally or not, while transferring as much of what you presume is your wealth as they can get
away with. Then it is hoped that you will come back for more on appeal (a sucker is born
every day, and they know this because they educate them to remain born suckers) . Is this
what you thought you were bargaining for?
Every so-called State in the Union has laws on their books forbidding the unauthorized
practice of their Law. This fact alone might lead one to conclude that being a licensed member of
the legal professional is not only required, but that one not so duly appointed had better not even
think about offering legal writings or advice without having a “license to practice law. ” To test
this assumption, we go to California, the so-called Union’s most populace so-called state, our
test subject, to see how they do it, California style.
To begin this journey of discovery you can go online to the Secretary of State for California’s
web site. All bona fide corporations, public and private, must be registered with the Secretary of
State. Do a search for “California Bar Association” and notice several strange anomalies with
the posted information. For one, while the incorporation date of record is listed as 1907, this date
differs from the date on the seal of the letter head for the California Bar that lists an
incorporation date of 1927. Now notice that the status of the California Bar is inactive. Also
notice that there is no registered agent listed for service of process, nor is there a listing for the
corporate address. Go to the Secretary of State web sites for the so-called states neighboring
California and you will discover the same anomalies-listed but inactive, without contact
Now call the California Corporate Commission to discover if they can explain the so-called
anomalies and they will advise you that the State Bar of California was formed by statute
(legislative act), and therefore not formed in accordance with the California Corporation
Next, call the Executive Director at the headquarters for the California Bar Association in San
Francisco and ask the following three questions :
1 . Why is the California Bar Association an inactive corporation?
2. What type of organization (legal classification) is the California State Bar Association?
3. Why does the incorporation date on the letter head seal differ from the date of
incorporation listed with the California Corporation Commission?
While the Executive Director will not be able to clear up the mystery to any of the questions
listed above, you will be assured that the State Bar of California is a Constitutional agency with
the judicial branch of State government. It serves an administrative function for the California
Supreme Court in matters relating to the regulation of the legal profession.
However, the California State Constitution and the California Business & Professions Code,
does not agree with this claim-these two authorities describe the State Bar of California as a
public corporation, not a ‘ Constitutional agency.”
To complicate matters further still, the California Secretary of State refuses to issue a
“Certificate of Non filing,” a five dollar ($5 . 00) fee, a standard form for any unregistered, nonfiling
public corporation. By claiming that the State Bar Corporation was created by legislative
act, the Secretary of State can take the position that it lacks authority to issue the certificate,
even though the State Bar Association actively touts itself to be a public corporation. In so
doing, the California Bar has effectively exempted itself from registration and shielded its
books from public scrutiny. The following obscure cite from 7 Corpus Juris Secundum 9
reveals the deceit being perpetrated here:
“In view of the decision that the creation of public corporation by special acts is
prohibited by state Constitution, state bar act creating state bar corporation as public
corporation has no validity and designation of state bar as ‘public corporation ‘ has no
legal efficacy. ” Bridgegroom v. State Bar, 550, P.2d 1089, 2 7 ArizApp. 47.
To further interpret what this means: the State Bar of California enj oys the best of both worlds;
an apparent agency of government, enj oying the power and protection of the state, including
exemption from taxation, while it is, in fact, a private institution without legal basis.
Whereas, the notion of a “license to practice law ” is scarcely mentioned in state and federal
codes, the requirements relating to every other kind of license in existence is spelled out in mindnumbing
detail (e.g. Vehicle Code, Internal Revenue Code, etc.). The sacred “license to
practice law, ” however, remains undefined ! Answers to questions regarding where it comes
from, how it is conferred, where one goes to see what it looks like, its tenure and its cost remain
elusive like the wind. These, and other intensely pertinent questions, remain unanswered by the
codes that imply its existence.
So, pull up a chair and take a front row seat as we examine what the word manipulating
Esquires have done to convince us that such a thing ‘ really’ exists. As always the subterfuge is
in their definition of the words and what is conveniently omitted. It is up to you to guess which
words are ‘suspect,’ which assumptions are implied to lead you off track, what remains
unspecified, and where to go to find the appropriate ‘definitions. ‘
Code Series 6000 of the California Business & Professions Code (Cal. B&P) is known as the
“The State Bar Act.” Section 6002 is the solitary code section in all of California Code
evidencing the supposed issuance of a “license to practice law. ” I will list out the relevant
. sections in Cal. B&P relating to the issuance of licensing and also section 9 of their California
State Constitution. Look these over to see if you can tell were the clues are and note what
questions to ask.
Cal. B&P Code Section 6001
“The State Bar of California is a public corporation. ”
Cal. State Const., Sec. 9
“The State Bar of California is a public corporation. ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6002. Members
“The members of the State Bar are all persons admitted and licensed to practice law
in this state . . . ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6125. Necessity of Active Membership in State Bar
“No person shall practice law in California unless the person is an active member
of the State Bar. ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6060
“To be certified to the Supreme Court for admission and a “license to practice law, ”
a person who has not been admitted to practice law in a sister state … ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6060.5
“Neither the board, nor any committee authorized by it, shall require that
applications for admission to practice law in California pass different final bar
examinations depending upon the manner or school in which they acquire their
legal education. ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6064
“Upon certification by the examining committee that the applicant has fulfilled the
requirements for admission to practice law, the Supreme Court may admit such
applicant as an attorney at law in all the courts of this state and may direct an order
to be entered upon its records to that effect A certificate of admission thereupon
shall be given to the applicant by the clerk of the court. ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6064.1.
“No person who advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or
of this State by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means, shall be certified to
the Supreme Court for admission and a license to practice law. ”
Cal. B&P Code Section 6067.
“Every person on his admission shall take an oath to support the Constitution of
the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and faithfully to
discharge the duties of an attorney at law to the best of his knowledge and ability. A
certificate of the oath shall be endorsed upon his license. ”
Sections 6002 and 6125, appears straight forward, until the jurisdictions are compared. The
jurisdiction “California, ” means the de jure social compact known as the California Republic
as described in the 1849 California Constitution. The jurisdiction “in this State, ” per
California Revenue and Taxation Code, means the de facto military social construct defined
as a federal territory via the Buck Act under military control of the United States located in the
District of Columbia (See What is United States ?).
Since the so-called bankruptcy in 1933, “in this state” signifies the military federal social
construct known as the “State of California,” with its subj ect “citizens of the United States,”
artificial persons existing under statute in an artificial realm. In the de jure California, the word
person means the flesh and blood man or woman. Thus § 6002 says that only artificial persons
(legal fictions) may be admitted and licensed. Real persons need not apply !
Since the de jure social compact known as California no longer truly exists due to the fact the
compact went out of legal existence in 1933 as a pledge to the military social government
construct bankruptcy, § 6125 is nonsensical ; It makes about as much sense as stating “No person
shall drive an IS-wheeler on interstate highways in California unless that person is a member
of the Teamsters Union. ”
Another fatal flaw in both § 6002 and § 6125, according to Corpus Juris Secundum 9, listed
above, and the Secretary of State, is that the State Bar itself has no legal existence. In
contradiction to Sec.9 of their California State Constitution and the California State Bar Act,
§ 6001 states that the State Bar is a public corporation. The State Bar is a public corporation
that is NOT, and the State Bar Act creating the State Bar has no legal efficiency.
Cal. B&P Section 6002 informs us that “members of the State Bar are admitted and licensed to
practice law. ” Admitted into what? And who does the licensing? Section 6002 is framed to
satisfy the reader’ s perfunctory inquisitiveness, while remaining firmly ambiguous. Also, the
reader of section 6002 may get the impression that Bar members are the only ones that may be
“admitted and licensed to practice law in this state.” However, because of the way Section
6002 is worded, non-members of the State Bar are not excluded from being “admitted and
licensed to practice law in this State.” In addition, Bar membership is a result of being
admitted and licensed to practice law, whereupon the admitted party is then granted membership
in the State Bar by a bar card-not the other way around.
“Generally, membership in a bar association is optional with the individual
attorney, but where a unified or integrated state bar organization is established,
membership and payment of dues may be required as conditions of practicing law
in the state . . . ” 7 Corpus Juris Secundum 8, In re Gibson, 4 P.2d 643.35 N.M. 550.
Though the controlled and licensed media and courts would have us believe otherwise, nonState
Bar members are not excluded from being “licensed to practice law in this State.”
Cal. B&P 6060, 6060.5 reveal that the “license to practice law” follows (is one in the same)
“admission to practice law,” not membership in the bar-association. Section 6060 says that
one may be certified to the so-called Supreme Court (admittedllicensed to practice law) even if
they haven’ t been “admitted to practice law” (no bar-card) in another state.
An article in the Los Angeles Times entitled “Clinton Resigns from the High Court Bar”
underscores this point:
” . . • ‘Former President Clinton hereby respectfully requests to resign from the bar
of this court,’ his lawyer, David E. Kendall, said in a two-page letter to the high
court’s clerk . . . ”
“Clinton’s resignation from the Supreme Court bar will have little practical impact.
Clinton has not practiced before the Supreme Court and was not expected to argue
any cases in the future . . . ”
Clinton resigned only from the Supreme Court bar, and from no other bar. Every other “license
to practice law” is still in force and is just like the one issued in the so-called de facto State of
California. The only possible license to practice law, the certificate of admission, is the real
Cal. B &P Section 6064 provides additional evidence that bar membership doesn’ t confer a
“license to practice law.” Otherwise, Cal. B&P 6002 would be sufficient in itself, with no further
requirement that an examining committee must certify that an applicant “has fulfilled the
requirements for admission to practice law” for being “licensed.”
Regarding the true importance of the “examining committee,” referenced above in Section
6064, the so-called chief justice of the Supreme Court can unilaterally overrule its decision and
admit any applicant they see fit, even one who has been rej ected as unfit or unqualified. As the
following case cites show, “Admission to practice law” is ultimately controlled by the chief
justice of the Supreme Court of the jurisdiction. In fact the chief justice is the Supreme
“Supreme Court has inherent power and authority to admit an applicant to
practice law in this State . . . despite unfavorable report upon such applicant by
Board of Governors of State Bar.” Lacey, In re (1936) 11 CA2d 699, 81 P2D 935.
“The authority of the Committee of Bar Examiners is limited to investigating and
recommending for admission those applicants found to be of the prescribed
standards. Only the Supreme Court has plenary power to admit applicants who, in
the opinion of the court, meet the prescribed test, whether or not the Committee
agrees with the conclusions of the court.” Green v. Zank (1984. 2d Dist) Cal App 3d
497, 204 Cal Rptr 770.
The State Bar of California does not issue licenses–cannot issue licenses-because it is a
freewheeling, private trade union posing as an agency of government. Quoting from a statement
issued by Governor Pete Wilson’s office in a May, 30 1998 article from the Los Angeles
“Beleaguered State Bar Faces Uncertain Fate – Agencies: It will begin going out of
business as a result of Wilson veto unless Legislature acts quickly.”
” . . . Critics two years ago launched a referendum on whether to abolish the bar, but
with just over half the state’s lawyer’s voting, the bar survived. About 65 % of the
respondents opposed dismantling it.”
“The bar has escaped other brushes with death. In 1985, the Legislature refused,
for several months, to allow the Bar association to collect dues because of its
abysmal record in disciplining lawyers.”
If the existence of the bar association hinges on an internal vote of disgruntled bar-association
attorneys, complaining about paying dues and disciplining themselves-and could have been
abolished in 1885 and 1996-how relevant could the State Bar of California actually be?
Regarding the conduct and professional standards of Esquires, there is no state or federal
regulatory agency in their America governing such matters. Oceanside, California Republican
Assemblyman Bill Morrow, who sponsored a bill for overhauling and shrinking the Bar in
1998, is quoted in the same LA Times article cited above:
“Morrow said that he is not worried that lawyer discipline will lapse. If no
legislative breakthrough is reached by summer, the legislature will simply transfer
lawyer discipline to the State Department of Consumer Affairs, the lawmaker said.”
Cal. B&P 6067 implies that attorneys take oaths of office and that this is printed on “the
license.” If you read Section 6067 carefully, these attorneys are not a “member of the State
Bar,” but “admitted persons.” Section 6067 is designed to lull the reader into the false belief
that attorneys take Constitutional oaths of office. Since the license is effectively the bar
card-a credit card sized piece of plastic – note that the only text appearing on the bar card of
the State Bar of California concerns annual union dues . There is no oath:
“This certifies that the person whose name appears on this card has paid the annual
fee required by statute.”
So, on further analysis, Code Section 6067 provides yet another meaningless entry designed to
mislead and distract one from getting closer to the truth.
Since the Code painstakingly avoids ever actually naming or identifying the imaginary “license
to practice law,” we can safely say that its architects don ‘ t really want us to know the underlying
source from which attorneys derive their privilege to practice law. Looking deeper, we find
there is an underlying aspect of the certificate of admission revealed at 7 Corpus Juris
Secundum 4 (page 80 l ) .
“In this state, the right to practice law is conferred by letters-patent, issued under
the great seal of the state by its chief executive . . . The right to practice law is a
property right existing virtue of . . .letters patent, from the state as the sovereign. 168
A. 229; 114 N.J. Eq. 68.”
The word patent is defined as follows :
• “1. Manifest or apparent to everybody: requiring no search to discover; conspicuous ;
evident; plain; as, the fraud was patent. 2 . Covered or protected b y letters patent; secured
from interference by government protection . . . 3. Open for general inspection, as
letters patent . . . n . . . . 4. Law. A grant of any privilege, franchise, etc., made by
sovereign authority.” A Standard Dictionary of the English Language, Funk and
Wagnalls Company (1903).
• 1. A government protection to an inventor, securing to him for a specific time, the
exclusive right of manufacturing, exploiting, using, and selling and invention; the right
granted. 2. Hence, any official document securing right.” Funk & Wagnalls Standard
Dictionary, International Edition (1958).
Investigating the word letters patent, we find:
• “History. A document granting some right or privilege, issued under government seal
but open to the public inspection.” Blacks Law 1h Edition.
• “An instrument proceeding from the government, and conveying a right, authority, or
grant to an individual . . . ” Blacks Law pt Edition.
• [From within the definition of letter: ] “Letters patent, an open document under seal of the
government, granting some special right, authority, privilege, or property, or
conferring some title; . . . A Standard Dictionary of the English Language, Funk and
Wagnalls Company (1903).
If the true relationship between Crown of EnglandlBritain and so-called Military Social Construct
known as the United States isn ‘ t coming into sharp focus for you, I don ‘ t know how to make it
any clearer. The source of the patent, as well as letters patent, from the beginning, has always
been the Sovereign, the Crown, the Originator of the device, because the Crown had a supreme
need for distinguishing its commercial interests in their America, while continuing to conduct
business in the name of its Straw-men (Attorneys) Esquires.
In conclusion, no attorney can produce a valid state-issued “license to practice law,” because no
such license exists. It is a right granted by letters patent “certificate of admission.” Bar
associations function merely as labor unions, like the Teamsters. Just as a membership in the
Teamsters Union does not confer the privilege of driving, membership in the bar association
likewise doesn’ t confer the privilege of practicing law. Rather, membership in the bar
association is a result of being “admitted and licensed to practice law.” The notion that a bar
association has any obligation to discipline its members is a fantasy, and whatever occurs is
gratuitous . State bar associations cannot be very different than their parent, the American Bar
Association (a “voluntary membership association of attorneys” per their web site) .
The reason that Esquires can practice law without a state issued license is that courtrooms in
their America are no longer de jure Constitutional instrumentalities of a social compact
operating via International Public Order. They have been hij acked and turned into private,
monopolized, commercial marketplaces for the enrichment of the owners of code (see Essay
on the Law) via Private International Law.
Since there is no requirement that an attorney at law identify himself as an Esguire, there must
be some other factor at play that induces such extraneous behavior:
“Admission to the practice of law is membership in an ancient and honorable
profession that has for its goal the furtherance of the administration of justice, and
the attorney is an instrument for the achievement of such noble purpose.”
McFarland v. George, App., 319 S. W. 2d 662.
“One who is admitted to practice as an attorney at law, both by virtue of his oath of
office and customs and traditions of the legal profession, owes to the court the
highest duty of fidelity.” 97 N. W. 2d 287; 255 Minn. 370 In re: Lord.
The ancient kings and rulers of the Middle East governed the populaces for thousands of years
through what they called “city-states,” where each city and the surrounding area was a state in
and unto itself, independent of the other city-states . Many conflicts and battles between the citystates
took place because of the continual disagreements with the boundary lines between them,
in order to keep the people and their land under their control for commerce and taxation. This is
where the term “citizen” came from. Roman rulers continued to use the term as they conquered
each territory by declaring, “You are citizens of Rome!” Since the people did not want to fight
the Romans, they acquiesced, and thus, they were verbally contracted under Roman rule.
Hierarchy of Law
The first order of law is Natural Law. These are the Supreme Creator’s Pillars of Universal
Law and in Principle, which so necessarily agrees with nature and State-Of-Man. Without
observing their inherent maxims, the peace and happiness of any society as a social compact can
never be preserved. Knowledge of natural laws may be attained merely by the light of reason,
from the facts of their essential agreeableness with the Constitution of moral entities in nature.
Natural Law exists regardless of whether it is enacted as positive law or regarded in any other
light whatsoever or cloaked in darkness by whomever or by whatever means.
When law began to emerge into any moral entity’ s conscience through thoughts, words and
deeds, the next order of law on this planet and/or universe was begun. The most fundamental
law of all moral law has to do with survival, which is a Universal Principal. It has to do with
moral interactions, of any kind, via relationships of buying, selling or trading or relating in any
way. It is based upon treating and/or dealing with others the way that you would like to be
treated and/or dealt with. This is known as the true Law of Commerce. The Law of Commerce
has been in operation since man interacted with each other starting many thousands of years ago
through the recorded antiquity of the SumerianlBabylonian era where commercial law was
codified and enforced. Ancient artifacts dating over 6,000 years old reveal that the system was so
complex it even included receipts, coined money, shopping lists, manifestos and a postal system
with the medium being baked clay.
As a derivative of Law of Commercial, being removed from natural law, and therefore inferior,
is Common Law (common [L co together + munis service, gift, exchange] to exchange
together) . This emerged, basically, in England out of disputes over a portion of the Earth in
Allodium (Sovereign ownership of land) and was allegedly based on “common” sense. So,
common law is the Law of the Earth governing the exchange of soil. Common law gave rise to
the jury system and many writs and processes which governments have absorbed, satirized, and
made into rules and regulation processes in such courts .
Common Law procedures were based on the opportunity “to face your accuser or the injured
party” in front of witnesses to sort out the problem directly. This process was never intended to
include “lawyers, attorneys or judges construing their own law,” as these “titles” are all
based upon the allegiance of “representation” which can never “be the real thing.” Because
conflicts of interest generally begin over the setting of the court and the recognition of parties to
the Cause of Action, there often arise many disputes over conflicts or undisclosed conflicts. It is
no wonder there is confusion. As a rule of thumb, the process often mimics the games of the
After common law, came those governments which 􀅴 around these customs and usages.
Their laws and legislative regulations, ad infinitum such as those, which gave rise to their
various city-states, kingdoms, and so-called organic republics . The only “laws” that these social
compacts can create are those that “allow commerce to flow more efficiently WITHIN their
social compact”. The only “law” the so-called agency central government, known as The
United States of America, could create was to “allow commerce to flow more efficiently
BETWEEN the social compact parties known as States.” It was never intended to regulate
the Sovereign People of Earth who created the social compact – the true Sovereigns exercising
their Political Rights, which are superior to all civil rights of the common citizens.
Below that, the “garbage froth,” more or less, is politics and the private copyrighted
company policy of foreign corporations, such as the military social construct known as the
UNITED STATES, THE STATE OF . . . , THE COUNTY OF . . . , THE CITY OF . . . , etc. The
purpose of these “municipalities” [L munus service, gift, exchange + capere to take; to take
service and exchange] is to “govern” fictitious entities such as JOHN DOE and K-MART – not
to regulate people. Remember back when you thought that YOU were JOHN DOE because that
is how it is written on the fictions drivers license in commerce?
One of our problems here is that when we engage with agency government, municipalities and
other such elements (in all our dealings in the law), we have been conditioned to interact on and
in THEIR level (subject of the corporations as a sub-corporation enfranchised and registered) .
We have never risen to the level where the base of law is. Here the reality, the power, the
solidity and the pre-eminence exists – THE SOVEREIGN’S LEVEL.
But now, we can function in this powerful level. This is Checkmate. This is the end of the
Commercial Law
This phrase designates the whole body of substantive jurisprudence, i.e. the Uniform
Commercial Code, the Truth in Lending Act, applicable to the rights, intercourse, of persons
engaged in commerce, trade or mercantile pursuits. Black ‘s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition.
Commercial Law maintains the commercial harmony, integrity, and continuity of society. It also
states : “to maintain the peace and dignity of the State. ” Over the millennia, these principles
have been discovered through experience and distilled and codified into those ten fundamental
Maximums listed above. There is no legal issue or dispute possible which is not a function of
one or more of these principles . The entirety of world commerce now functions in accordance
with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the so-called military social construct known as
the UNITED STATES ‘ corporation ‘ s version of the Law of Commercial.
Uniform Commercial Code
The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, together with the
American Law Institute, drafted so-called Nation-wide Uniform Laws. Each corporate socalled
state has now adopted these laws. These laws govern commercial transactions, including
sales and leasing goods, transfer of funds, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections,
letters of credit, bulk transfers, warehouse receipts, bills of laden, investment securities, and
secured transactions. The U. C C has been adopted in whole or substantially by all states.
Black ‘s Law Dictionary, 􀂧h Edition. The U. C C is a code of laws governing various
commercial transactions — sale of goods, banking transactions, secured transactions in personal
property, and other matters, that was designed to bring uniformity in these areas to the laws of
the various states, and that has been adopted, with some modifications, in all states, including
the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands. Barron ‘s Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition. Unless
displaced by the particular provisions of this code, the principles of law and equity, including the
law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principle and agent, estopped, fraud,
misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, bankruptcy, or other validating or invalidating
cause shall supplement its provisions. U. C C. I-I03.
To paraphrase the third definition above, the U.C.C. is the supreme law on the planet, and all
other forms of law are encompassed by it and included in it (except you as a Sovereign, of
course). Pennsylvania was the first state to adopt the UCC (July 1954), and Louisiana the last
(January 1, 1975).
The following is a quote from the BANK OFFICERS HANDBOOK OF COMMERCIAL
BANKING LAW WITHIN THE UNITED STATES, sixth edition, paragraph 22.0 1 ( 1 ) and
pertains to certain types of transactions :
There are twelve transactions to which the UCC does not apply. They are as follows:
1. Security interests governed by federal statutes . . .
2. Landlord liens . . .
3. Liens for services or material provided . . .
4. Assignment for claims for wages . . .
5. Transfers by government agencies . . •
6. Certain isolated sales of accounts or chattel paper . . .
7. Insurance Policies . . .
8. Judgments . . .
9. Rights of setoff . . . (see setoff)
10. Real Estate interests . . .
1 1 . Tort Claims . . .
12 Bank accounts . . .”
UCC-I04 states: ” Construction against implicit repeal. This code being a general act
intended as a unified coverage of its subject matter, no part of it shall be deemed to be
impliedly repealed by subsequent legislation in such construction be reasonably avoided.”
Nothing in the UCC has ever been repealed, nor can it ever be, no matter if any jurisdiction
chooses to declare it so, because it is founded upon the Supreme Creator’s Pillars of Universal
Law. In the event of conflict between a deleted section and a current section, the deleted section
controls . If this is examined, one will see that it cannot be the other way. Potentially countless
commercial transactions can be consummated based on the current UCC at any time. To
” cancel” any portion of the UCC at a later point is to throw into upheaval and chaos all
commercial agreements that were based on the deleted portion. That act would carry
unimaginably astronomical liability to the many actors who attempted to effect such change.
While the relationship between man and the social compact known by many names, to name but
a few i.e., Alliance, Empire, Kingdom, Nation, Organization, Confederacy and State, has been a
hotly debated topic throughout known history, little has changed over time in their relationship
except for the means used to control the alien masses of such compacts . The man on the street
still exclaims, “But what can I do?” The power brokers continue to manipulate the world stage
from behind the scenes using every technology and dirty trick at their disposal to maintain their
tight-fisted control over the alien masses that appear, despite much complaining, unable or
unwilling to assert their authority to emerge into any other political status freely determined by a
people for their own safety, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Since the reasons for this so-called
state of affairs are numerous and complex, we will focus on exploring those issues most central
to the subject of the Sovereignty of all people in this short essay.
The history of the word Sovereign may be traced from the past up to the present through its
many forms : super (Latin: above), superiinus (Old French from Vulgar Latin) and soverain
(Middle English). There is some speculation that one of the English Monarchs modified soverain
so that it would include the word reign , resulting in its present form. Most people equate
Sovereignty with justice, freedom and liberty. By liberty we mean the assurance that every
man shall be protected in doing what he believes to be his duty against the influences of
authority and majorities, custom and opinion. By Justice we mean the machinery to protect one
while exercising these principals . And by freedom we mean the exercise of liberty from such
machinery of Justice to accomplish the outcome of all three conditions of Sovereignty within
the frame of equality for all people.
Ultimately the Sovereignty enjoyed by a peoples is determined by the price (sacrifice) that they
are singularly, jointly and severally collectively willing to pay (pledge) to ensure their enjoyment
of such and this itself is dependent on their education, identity, perception, responsibility, access
to a free flow of unmanaged information, and the balance of power between the maj ority and the
minority that seek to control them within the framework of the social compact which people
construct for the enjoyment of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the signatory
members and their posterity of such compact. When the forces of control operate in secrecy, the
effect on private liberty has always been catastrophic. Everything secret degenerates, even the
administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and
publicity, if such discussion and publicity is for the greater good of the whole appertaining to the
signatories and posterity thereof. The fate of every social order based on the Sovereignty of
People depends on the choices it makes between these opposite principles, absolute power on the
one hand, and on the other, the restraints of morays and tradition within such compact that
creates a society for the exercise of such Sovereignty of People.
It is inarguable that men are the Creators of the constructs of social order, so it follows that
Man is Sovereign over his Creations. It is also inarguable that the word substitutes for social
orders like “the state,” and so-called “government,” are really just convenient abstractions
that are entirely without referent-there is no person or thing that can be ascribed to these
linguistic expressions-Man is the State, lest we forget this . And finally, all Social Order has a
higher value than anarchy-it is paramount to peaceful and productive social relations. As long
as Men have disputes, some forum, sanctioned by morays and tradition, will likely be formed to
resolve them as the preferable alternative to war.
Given the assumptions of the preceding paragraph: the Sovereignty of Man over government,
the necessities of Social Order, and Resolution of Disputes, the Sovereignty of People. This
then reduces to the problem of how to set up a Social Order that will, over time, prevent this
Hierarchy of Power from becoming inverted, where the arbitrary whims of the few subvert the
freedoms of the many. The most certain test by which people judge whether a compact is really
free is the amount of security enjoyed by all touching upon their contractual nexus appertaining
to safety, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness within the social compact. The condition of
whether or not minorities exist within the framework of a social compact reflects the nature of
true equality of each People to one another. If the Sovereignty of each People is to be guarded
by the principals of equality for all Sovereigns, then the concept of minorities and/or degradation
of or by any of the social compact members toward one another would be a breach of the
Sovereignty of any one People at the cost of the Sovereignty of all People. So, for true
Sovereignty to exist for all People, the idea of a minority within any framework of a social
compact where peaceful Sovereignty exist for all People would be non-existent. Where any
disrespect could be or would be allowed in any Public display, Sovereignty is destroyed for that
People and injury has occurred against the peace and dignity of all. This does not mean that if
such a People cause any member of a social compact to react to the deeds of one or another
which may appear to be categorized in some manner of expression which under similar
conditions would be considered a breach of peace, but goes on to say that such expression has
been brought to the public’ s attention due to the actions of another, which may or may not
disrespect one People or all People, depending upon the nature of the act or expression, and
whether such could be considered to deliver a message of respect or disrespect toward one or
another. All actions of the Social Compact individually, j ointly, and severally must be guided by
the principals of the Social Compact concerning dignity for the innocent when deciding whether
or not a particular action shall be allowed or curtailed for the benefit of all by measuring the
social redeeming qualities of any action within the framework of the social compact for the
safety, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all Sovereign People.
At one point, in a private discussion with some liberal minded folks regarding Sovereignty,
someone in attendance declared: “We are all Sovereign. People are free to discuss any topic
People like, and People come and go as all People please.” Does this sound like something
that you or a friend might say? Let’ s see how true this might be by exploring our alleged status
as ”free Men and Women (Gentlemen and Ladies)” guaranteed by the Bill of Rights,
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.
Objectivity will require that we examine our assumptions and understand something about the
nature of the techniques and politics of control.
Let’ s say that you were really an evil person and that you wanted to control a group of People,
large or small, without having to constantly fight to maintain control. How might you approach
this? Logic dictates that you could accomplish such a goal by changing things incrementally in
such as way that they were barely noticeable, all the while maintaining appearances to be the
same, until one day everything was inverted and you had eaten out all substance. In this way, you
could carry out your plans for conquest without calling attention to yourself by building a prison
without bars-by controlling their minds. Your evil would be manageable as long as your
game plan stayed hidden, was tolerated by the maj ority, and the worst aspects of its abuses
remained hidden from plain view. You could accomplish this by hiding your identity behind
multiple levels of corporations and many levels of agents, some whispering in the ears of the
employees of your mother corporation such as Presidents, Supreme Court Justices,
Congressmen, and Senators. You might even make some of your corporations appear to be
attached to your mother Federal Corporation like the Federal Reserve, and the Internal
Revenue Service.
Case in point, a quiet, bloodless revolution was carried out on the soil of the so-called North
America in the early 1930’s. So sophisticated in its planning, and so flawless in its execution,
that over 70 years later, the majority of so-called Americans are still unaware that it even
occurred. It remains the standard for techniques in revolution (read “Peoples Pottage” by
Garrett Garet). In fact some still honor some of its perpetrators as so-called American heroes . It
was the largest theft in world history. All property, biological and physical, including our labor
was pledged to the “invading army.”
The nature of the conspiracy to defraud all people may be gleaned from studying the following
comments quoted from a meeting between Mr. Woodrow Wilson and Colonel Edward
Mandell House, circa 1920. House, who some researchers speculate was the voice behind socalled
President, Mr. Woodrow Wilson, was one of the major conspirators in the triumph of
establishing the Federal Reserve System. His book “Philip Dru Administrator,” was
disguised as a novel to dupe the masses. It was the blueprint for the radical socialist revolution
that enslaved the military social construct known as the United States during Mr. Woodrow
Wilson’s and Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s so-called presidencies :
“Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological
property (human body) in a national system designed to keep track of the people
and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such
methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda which will affect
our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency (Federal Reserve
Notes). Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to earn a
living (the Beast number). They will be our chattel, and we will hold security
interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant (lex mercatoria)
under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or
unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (birth certificate) to us will be
rendered bankrupt and insolvent (exchanging your energy for worthless debt
instruments), forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by
their pledges (your social security card). They will be stripped of their rights
and given a commercial value (the Straw-man) designed to make us a profit
and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure
our plans and if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our
arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund the
government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits
and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest
expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we
will call “Social Insurance. ” Without realizing it, every American will insure us
for any loss we may incur and in this manner every American will
unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become
helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the
high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot
against America. ”
The above comment was actually written by ‘Qui Tam,’ as reality shock treatment . . . but it is
what they are doing TODAY ! Now with regards to your rights (or are they privileges?), ask
yourself, how is it that you came to believe that you were party to the contract to any social
compact to claim such rights under such contract? Were you introduced to stories about the socalled
founding fathers and shown various depictions of them standing around at the signing of
those contracts ? Were you told how they fought for freedom for you and all your posterity?
Well, suppose that someone were to write a social contract and call it a Constitution with a group
of my friends and send it to you with the claim that it is now the law of the land, that it makes
you free, and that you and your family must abide by it or face censure as traitors and enemies of
our created social compact of States or whatever we choose to call the various jurisdiction or
forums established to carry out the intent of the parties to the compact known as a Constitution.
What would your reaction to that scrap of paper be? Does it make sense that you would be bound
to that little agreement, even if you were not party to the private discussion that led to its
creation, or at the least, gave your consent and signature to it?
Is it possible that people outside such social compacts which created such Constitutions are free
in their safety, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, even if so-called Constitutions do not exist?
Did you know that the so-called Constitution of the United States for The United States of
America was incorporated into the by-laws of the United States located in the District of
Columbia when it was incorporated in 1871? Did you know that the 13th, 14th, and 16th
Amendments, were fraudulently enacted and that this fraud renders the entire contract invalid on
its face, but is illicitly taught to be applicable to the Sovereign People, when, in fact, it operates
only and solely over all the employees of the corporation. Do you see now why the so-called
Presidents routinely legislate outside the restrictions of their corporate Constitution? If any part
of a contract is found to be fraudulent, the entire document is dishonored.
Those who have more power are liable to sin more; no theorem in geometry is more certain than
this. [We have reached a state in which everything has been inverted. The maj ority suspect that
there is something terribly wrong with the concept or idea of the social compact of government
as we are taught exists in public schools, and the application of which we are taught bears out
different in everyday application as to the exercise of those teachings ; but on the whole they do
not really want to deal with the evil that lurks therein.] They are content to live their lives from
day to day buffered by the distractions that define their existence. This is the mentality of the
slave, not a Sovereign People who are capable of correcting, abolishing or creating a solution to
their condition, not only for their benefit, but also for their posterity. The unwillingness to act is
the mentality of People who do not care about the world their progeny will inherit. This is the
mentality of extreme selfishness and dedication to personal comfort above all else. This does not
go unnoticed by the controllers who view this as a sign of acceptance that they can ratchet the
vice a few more turns.
There is no Sovereignty where People have fallen prey to the Mind Control agendas of the
Men who Rule from the shadows . There is no Sovereignty for People who will not bargain for
their rights . There is no Sovereignty for People who lack the courage to face evil and stare it
down. To think that you have Sovereignty while nurturing these things is to live a fantasy.
Before you can be free, it is imperative that you come to understand how you are currently being
When King Louis the XIV of the social compact known as the Kingdom of France was asked
where he got the power to assert his authority he declared, “I am the State.” King Louis the
XIV knew a secret that the majority of the Sovereign People who wish or think that they are free
haven’t yet di scovered-that Sovereignty must be asserted. There is no fence sitting when it
comes to Sovereignty. If you are not willing to self-govern in a form acceptable to the
International Public Order by creating a social compact for your safety, liberty, and pursuit of
happiness, and the benefit of your posterity, you surely will be claimed by those who will. You
only have the rights that you have bargained for contractually. If you were not a party to a social
compact contract by signature, you only have the privileges that those who did bargain are
willing to extend to you. There are no imaginary jurisdictions on this planet and you are not party
to any of the contracts that you learned about in their history lessons. If you are laboring under
the common misperception that you are party to a contract that you never signed or bargained
for, such as the so-called Constituti on, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights,
you have been deceived. But then, without this assumption, their control in the matrix over you
would begin to unravel. And if you believe that you are a “beneficiary,” via the Trust your socalled
‘Fore-fathers ‘ created, then as such you are accepting the benefits of the Federal
Corporation and are subj ect to their rules, statutes . . . it’ s a no-win situation !
Since 1933, you and all other walks of life, including so-called Americans, have been pledged
for the debt of the social compact or constructs (known as the UNITED STATES) to which
People have been deluded into believing that they owe some allegiance to such, by and through
which debt is alleged to be owed to International Bankers, most of whom are foreign to our
condition or implied as so, by and through the education which we received within the constructs
of control. Your credit, labor, productivity and property have been used, and are now being
used, as collateral by the Incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA without your
knowledge or consent. This is legal until you take back your implied consent by a special,
lawful process.
In fact, you are unknowingly volunteering to be chattel for a mortgage held by financiers from
the founding of this nation. Perhaps you infer that the name on the tax statement is yours and
so you respond as though it were. This is voluntary servitude. To make this servitude legal it
was necessary to “cut a hole in the fence.” No matter that the escape route is hidden, obscured
by legal brambles that make escape difficult. That it is not used presumes consent. It is not
impossible, just seemingly difficult and even implausible.
Your State-Of-Fact as a subject is based upon a presumption that if you did not wish to be so
encumbered you would use whatever law to do something about it. As long as you do not use
the escape route provided by such law that may be available, it is presumed that you are content
to “remain in the pasture and be milked and used as chattel.” This word has the same root as
the word, “cattle.” Do you get the picture?
Can such a premise be true? It seems totally out of step with everything you and I have ever
known about our so-called world, our so-called nation, our so-called government and our socalled
relationship to it ! Our parents never behaved as though they we were chattel. They
dutifully paid their so-called taxes, voted in so-called elections, and waved a so-called American
flag on the 4th of July. Our so-called teachers taught us about our history, our alleged so-called
Declaration of Independence and so-called Constitution, our so-called Revolutionary War,
how we fought the greatest army and navy the world had ever seen at the time. Nowhere in our
so-called history classes did we encounter any such premise of subjection to a so-called central
government that Rules our very lives in every manner. Our so-called civics teacher never told
us anything about this. Nothing in our so-called world even hinted that we were subjects to a
highly centralized government. Surely this could not be true of other peoples, and surely we
would not subj ect ourselves ! For most people this cannot be. The truth cannot be heard because
it is too discordant with peoples ‘ entire experience.
And yet we can document that Mr. George Washington did not chop down a cherry tree, Mr.
Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves (they became subjects of the Federal District, the
District of Columbia), the War with Mexico was begun by a General, Mr. Zachary Taylor’s
provocations along the Nueces River, the battleship Maine blew up from the inside, Mr.
Woodrow Wilson knew that the ship known as the Lusitania was carrying United States
munitions to the war in Europe and would be sunk, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had
maneuvered the Japanese by an on-going Oil Embargo around Japan a year earlier which lead
to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (and to guarantee success) and had cut fuel shipments
to the Pacific Fleet to ensure the presence of enough old ships to offer a tempting target, Mr.
Harry Truman knew that there were other good alternatives to an invasion of Japan and did
not need to drop the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Mr. Franklin Delano
Roosevelt knew about the NAZI concentration camps, Mr. Lyndon B. Johnson knew that
there was no attack on the ships, the Maddox and Turner Joy, in the Gulf of Tonkin when he
asked for a Congressional Resolution to attack North Vietnam, and the so-called Military
Social Government Construct known as the United States had been warned by numerous
documented sources that there would be an attack on the World Trade Center in New York and
the Military Compound known as the Pentagon. All of this is from documented, historical
sources. Yet we continue to believe the myths that are in their histories, their movies, their
mainstream media and their mass consciousness . Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy warned us
“The great enemy of the Truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and
dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and realistic.”
You will probably find it hard to accept that you have been living in an illusion for your whole
life. Much of what you believe is an illusion and you will only find your freedom when you can
allow yourself to look behind the veils of illusion to see Reality. WHO you are is far greater
than “what” you perceive yourself to be. When you have the courage to stand face-to-face with
the illusion and call it what it is, you will have stepped through the most difficult task set before
you on your Earth Journey. There IS a way out ! But the only way out is through-through
understanding how we came to this predicament and by following a precise formula to obtain
your Sovereignty from the illusion. We have been warned repeatedly throughout their history,
but we weren ‘ t listening very closely. Now, we might have one more chance to take back our
power and our Sovereignty from those who seek to control, through the creative rewriting of
history, all People (as subj ects). We’ re in this predicament because we have failed to accept
liability of self-government in support of the International Public Order by emerging into a
political status that allows us to freely determine our own futures that are established not only for
ourselves but for our posterity.
All our life we’ ve looked for the roots of war, injustice and oppression because, if we can find
the basis of the rampant injustice in the world, we could relieve enormous struggle and suffering.
We’ ve wondered at how little the so-called Constitution seemed to affect the courts and how
often the truth was buried in silence. Mostly we saw greed and heartlessness in a power struggle
played out in politics. But we didn ‘ t realize that the game had been played in secret throughout
their American history. And ultimately, it is a game of monetary policy and politics . . . .w ith a
spiritual component. Plus, the true hidden knowledge that the documentary evidence and
principal application as to how rights and privileges or immunities are established or enforced,
are never revealed to the People by and through the systems of educational institutions, not for
their benefit, but for the sole and express benefit to keep control of all People through such
centers of education from Womb to Tomb.
Like you, we’ ve watched and participated in this so-called historical illusionary scene for many
years, whether you call it American or such other name wherever such constructs exists . Many
have written letters to the so-called editor, congressmen, senators, and presidents to try to get the
so-called government to answer questions about the origin of authority to rape pillage, plunder
and outright murder the People throughout this country. We had been educated to believe we had
a right to question authority for, if we did not, we would end up with despotic tyranny. Well,
after all this, the question remains, NOW WHAT DO I DO?
A Peak into the Mind of a Tory
In 1999, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Florida State Supreme
Court’s decision to proceed with a recount of the contested ballots and the Eleventh District
Court’s decision to uphold the decision of the Florida court. In Orwellian doubles peak, the
Chief Justice, Mr. Antonin Scalia wrote on Saturday, December 9, 1999 :
“The counting of the votes that are of questionable legality does, in my view, threaten
irreparable harm to [Bush], and to the country, by casting a cloud upon which he claims
to be the legitimacy of his election. Count first, and rule upon legality afterwards, is not
a recipe for producing election results that have the public acceptance democratic
stability requires.”
It was a brazen and Orwellian declaration. What so-called American who attempts to continue
to believe in a democracy could claim that something was wrong with counting votes “first? ”
What so-called American who attempts to continue to believe in a democracy could declare one
candidate the winner and protect him from “irreparable harm” if a vote count showed him not
to be the winner, after all? Of course, it doesn’t make any sense, unless you realize the
foundation upon which Mr. Antonin Scalia based his transparently partisan remarks. He
doesn’ t believe in democracy, he doesn’ t even believe in republicanism, he is a monarchist,
who is only enforcing, shall we say, Martial Law, where he decides the outcome of the assumed
political vote of the People via Orders of the Commander-In-Chief.
Mr. Antonin Scalia revealed his true motivations when he spoke on the subject of capital
punishment at the University of Chicago (February 2002). During his remarks, he stated: ” The
reaction of people of faith to this tendency of democracy to obscure the divine authority
behind government should not be resigned to it, but the resolution to combat it as
effectively as possible. ”
Democracy obscuring divine authority behind government? Perhaps this helps shed some
light on why Mr. Antonin Scalia and the four other right-wing “Justices,” or so-called leftwing
“Justices,” watch it happen without raising a public outcry that could so easily subvert
what we have been taught as being our election process and, through an act of divine (Justice)
intervention, usher the Son onto the throne lost some eight years earlier by his father, George
I. We are assuming that we are still Independent Sovereigns and so-called freemen as declared
by their (our assumed) Declaration of Independence and that their Constitution is still in effect.
Mr. Antonin Scalia has no such illusion. History supports his position, sorry to say.
Mr. Antonin Scalia is an ideologue so accustomed to our acceptance and willingness to
continue to be subj ects of their beliefs, which were given to us to control us, that he does not
even consider the ideal of a government of, by, and for the people because he truly knows it
never existed for anyone other than those who were signatory to the creation of the social
compact for their benefit and that of their posterity and the present condition of the so-called
Military Social Government Construct known as the United States. But the ideal that such
creation of the social compact contractually applied to all walks of life has remained as useful
fiction to be taught in Civics Classes and mouthed by the politicians. HE KNOWS that we have
been reduced by such educational tools of the controllers of public education to being mere
chattel by presumption and general acquiescence. Since we have not even discovered that our
status as Sovereigns has been lost through more than two hundred years of their history, much
less withdrawn our implied consent to be subjects of their history, we are presumed to be
subjects before their so-called courts and in the minds of people like Mr. Antonin Scalia.
Mr. Antonin Scalia speaks of civil disobedience with contempt and quotes the Bible, “Ye must
needs be subject. ” We must, as mere servants of the ruling class, acquiesce to their divinely
guided leaders . For who are we, as mere subjects, to question those who make (or interpret) the
laws? After all, he says that ” Government carries the sword as ‘the minister of God,’ to
‘execute wrath’ upon the evildoer. ” No, he has not reverted to a justice of another time-WE
have by our ignorance and silence, acquiesced to a lower status reminiscent of another time by
accepting their history as ours and allowing their tools of public education to continue to foist
upon us, and our posterity, delusionary concepts which reduces not only ourselves but our
children to utter slavery.
There you have it ! In his eyes, we are subj ects unworthy of honor, peace and justice.
Somehow Mr. Antonin Scalia’s statements seem like a long way from the Declaration of
Independence in which so-called Americans were taught that they stood before the world as
Sovereigns invested with certain Unalienable Birthrights, including the right to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness. After the so-called American Revolution, the Monarchies of Europe
saw Democracy as an unnatural, ungodly, ideological threat, every bit as radical and dangerous
as Communism was regarded by Western nations upon its inception. Just as the 1 9 1 7
Communist Revolution in Russia spawned other revolutions around the world, the so-called
American Revolution provided an example and incentive for people all over the world to
overthrow their European Monarchies or other such forms of government which were
oppressive. What has happened? When did we give up our natural, Creator-Given rights?
The Declaration of Independence recognized that all People are Sovereign under Natural Law
of the Supreme Creator’s Pillars of Universal Law. Sovereign People of the various
E ‘States, created the social compact State governments for the protection of their rights and
that of their posterity. They delegated certain authority from their assumed powers of the Earth
to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’ s Creator entitle them by and through the contractual
state Constitutions in order that the three branches of their government could presumably carry
out the dictates outlined in their agency compact party State Constitutions to protect their rights
and that of their future posterity.
The agency States then created the social compact Union of States known as “The United
States of America.”
The so-called Constitution of the United States for The United States of America created a new
structure of a compact party agency government that was established on a much more divided
plan of agency government than either the parliamentary system or the confederation of The
United States of America. It was a ” Constitutional republic,” simply put because the compact
party States had reserved to themselves the express right of appointing among their separate
legislatures, Senators to serve in the interests of the States within the Senate of the United States
and a certain amount was delegated to the federal government. The United States, by way of the
United States in Congress Assembled, has certain powers delegated by the Constitution of the
United States. So far as the several States of the Union are party to the Constitution are
concerned, the United States in Congress Assembled may not exercise power not delegated by
the Constitution. All power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution is reserved to
the several States within their respective territorial borders-or, to the People who created the
social compact known as “We the People of !!nited States” who created a more Perfect Union
for themselves and their posterity for The !!nited States of America.
Notes :
Certified Mail Rece i pt N o . _________________ MEMORANDUM OF LAW
In Relation to ‘ Government’ of the several
Compact De-facto States and the Federal Government.
To ______________ Address ;
tIo wliom fJ!iese Presents Slia[{ COmej qreetingSj tIa􀁋 9\ffJtice, TJlJlI.’I:
It is a well understood fact of American history that the most dynamic document that set the
course of America is the Declaration of Independence. It was/is the document that disclosed the
tyranny of English government, it expressed the ‘elements ‘ of the ‘Rights of Men’ within any
society, and that “all Men are created equal. ” The Declaration of Independence stipulated the
chain of Authority within ‘governments, ‘ and of the obvious fact that the people ‘ created’
government. That it was the ‘people’ who instituted government and in so doing, the people
“secured these rights, ” and that government (at every level) derives their ”just powers from the
consent of the governed. ”
It also a well established fact that the people did not give up all of their ‘power’ to
government(s) . The Declaration of Independence created the sovereignty in the people, not in
government. Therefore the people are above the creature(s) they created (government) and that
those who work for/in government(s) are ‘Public Servants ‘ and have placed themselves in a
subservient position, to serve the people within their function/office/position via their ‘Oath of
Office. ‘
In regards to the principles established in The Declaration of Independence and the
subsequent ‘Constitutions ‘ written and created after it, and of the true sovereignty, a written
Constitution is not only the direct and basic expression of the sovereign will, it is also the
absolute rule of action and decision for all departments arid offices of government with respect to
all matters covered by it and preceding after it, and it must control as it is written until it is
changed by the authority which established it. (the people ! ) For reference see; State ex reI.
Crenshaw v. Joseph, 1 75 Ala. 579, 57 So. 942; Schmitt v. F.W. Cook Brewing Co. , 1 87 MD.
623 , 1 20 N.E. 1 9, 3 A.L.R. 270; Collins v. Martin, 209 Pa. 3 8 8 , 1 39 A 1 22, 55 A.L.R. 3 1 1 ;
Travelers ‘ Insurance Co. v. Marshall, 1 24 Tex . 45, 76 S .W. 2d 1 007, 96 AIR. 802; State ex rd.
Lemon v. Langlie, 45 Wash. 2d 82, 273 P.2d 464;
• • • and TAKE NOTICE of the following cases and points:
1 . “For when the Revolution took place the people of each State became themselves sovereign” Martin
et al v, The Lessee of Waddell, ( 1 342) 41 U . S . ( 1 6 Pet) 367, 4 1 0, 1 0 L.Ed 997, 1 0 1 3 . )
2. “The (state) Constitution is the supreme law, written b y the supreme power of the state, the people
themselves.” Re Gorham-Fayette Local School Dist., 20 Ohio Misc. 222, 49 Ohio Ops. 2d 143, 250
N.E. 2d 1 04; State ex reI. Weinberger v. Miller, 87 Ohio St. 1 2 , 99 NE. 1 078.
3 . “The Constitution is the voice of the people speaking in their sovereign capacity, and it must be
heeded; when the Constitution speaks with reference to a particular matter, it must be given effect as
the paramount law of the land.” People v. Parks, 58 cal. 624.
4. “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subj ect to law, for its is the author and source of law; but in our
system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself
remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts. And the law is the
definition and limitation of power.” Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 1 1 8 US 356.
5 . “Under our system the people, who were there (in England) called subjects are here the Sovereign . . .
their rights, whether collective or individual, are not bound to give way to a sentiment of loyalty to
the person of a monarch. The citizen here (in America) knows no person, however in years to those in
power, or however powerful himself to whom he need yield the rights which the law secures to
him . . . ” United States vs. Lee, 1 06 U.S. 1 96 at 208 .
6. “Here (in America) sovereignty rests with the people. ” Chisolm Ex’ r. vs. Georgia 1 L.ed (2 Dall)
4 1 5 ,472.
7. “It is true that at (English) common-law the duty of the Attorney General was to represent the King,
he being the embodiment of the state. But under the democratic form of government now prevailing
the people [are] King, so the Attorney Genera1’s duties are to that Sovereign rather than to the
machinery of government. ” Hancock vs Carry Alcorn Mining Co. Inc. , Ky. ,503 S . W . 2 d 7 1 0,
Kentucky Constitution section 4, Commonwealth Ex ReI. Hancock vs Paxton Kentucky. ,5 1 6 S. W. 2
d page 867(2) clause 3 .
8 . “Local laws or ordinances enacted b y a city must b e consistent with the state Constitution.” Bell v.
Vaughn, 1 55 Fla. 55 1 , 2 1 So. 2d 3 1 , Evans v. Berry, 262 N.Y. 6 1 , 1 86 N.E. 203 , 89 A.L.R. 387.
9. “It is the duty of all officials, whether legislative, judicial, executive, administrative, or
ministerial, to so perform every official act as not to violate Constitutional provisions.”
Montgomery v. State, 55 Fla. 97, 45 So. 879.
1 0. “The provisions of the Constitution must be given effect even if in doing so a statute is held to be
inoperative.” State ex reI. West v. Butler, 70 Fla. 1 02, 69 So. 77 1 .
1 1 . “The Constitution was made not to act upon the legislative department alone, but upon every
department of the government.” Way v. Hillier, 1 6 Ohio 105 .
1 2 . “Courts should not tolerate or condone disregard of law and arbitrary usurpation of power on the part
of any officer.” [AND NEITHER SHOULD THE PEOPLE ! ] Ex parte Owen, 10 Okla Crim Rep 284,
1 36, P 197, Ann Cas 1 9 1 6A 522.
1 3 . “The officers of the law, in the execution of process, are obliged to know the requirements of the law,
and if they mistake them, whether through ignorance or design, and anyone is harmed by their error,
THEY MUST RESPOND IN DAMAGES .” Rosters v. Marshall, (United States use of Rogers v.
Conklin) I Wall, (US) 644, 17 L.Ed 7 1 4. (emphasis added)
1 4 . “It is a general rule that an officer- executive, administrative, quasi-j udicial, ministerial, or
otherwise – who acts outside the scope of his jurisdiction and without authorization of law may
thereby render him amenable to personal liability . . . ” Cooper v. O ‘ Connor, 69 App DC
1 00, 99 F 2d 1 35 , 1 1 8 ALR 1 440; Chamberlain v. Clayton, 56 Iowa 331, 9 NW 237, 4 1 Am
Rep 1 0 1 .
1 5 . “If a public officer authorizes the doing of an act not within the scope of his authority, he will be held
liable.” B ailey v. New York, 3 Hill (NY) 5 3 1 , 38 Am Dec 669, affirmed in 2 Denio 433 .
1 6. ” [I] n our country the people are sovereign . . . . . and the _government cannot sever its relationship to the
people . . . . “. Afroyim, 387 U.S. at 257, 87 S .Ct. at 1 662.
1 7 . “In common usage, the term “person” does not include the sovereign, and statutes employing it will
ordinarily not be construed to do so.” U . S . v. United Mine Workers, 330 US 25 8 ( 1 947) , 91 L.Ed 8 84,
67 S .Ct. 677.
1 8 . “Since in common usage, the term person does not include a Sovereign, statutes not implying the
phrases are ordinarily construed to exclude it.” 1 U.S.C.S. 1 , n 1 2 , United States vs. Fox , 94 U . S . 3 1 5 .
1 9. “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rulemaking o f legislation
which would abrogate them.” Miranda v. Arizona.
20. ” . . . the Congress cannot revoke the Sovereign Power of the People.” Perry v. United States, 294 US
330, 353 ( 1 935).
2 1 . “There is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the government of the United States . In
this country sovereignty resides in the people, and Congress can exercise no power which they have
not, by their Constitution entrusted to it: All else is withheld”. Julliard vs. Greenman, 1 1 0 U . S . 42 1
22. “All that government does and provides legitimately is in pursuit of its duty to provide protection for
private rights (Wvnhammer v. People, 13 NY 378), which duty is a debt owed to its creator, WE
THE PEOPLE and the private disenfranchised individual; which debt and duty is never extinguished
nor discharged, and is perpetual. No matter what the govern􀃷entJstate provides for us in manner of
convenience and safety, the disenfranchised individual owes nothing to the government.”
Hale v. Henkel, 20 1 U . S . 43 at 74.
2 3 . “Under our form of government, the Legislature is not supreme. It is only one of the organs of that
absolute sovereignty which resides in the whole body of the people; like other bodies of the
government, it can only exercise such powers as has been delegated to it, and when it steps beyond
that boundary, its acts . . . are utterly void.” Billings vs. Hall, 7 CA 1 (Court of Appeals, U . S . ) .
2 4 . “We the people have discharged any debt which may b e said t o exist o r b e owed t o the state
or government. The governments are, however, indebted continually to the people, because the people
(the sovereigns) created the government corporation and because we suffer its continued existence.
The continued debt owed to the people is discharged only as it continues not to violate our private
rights, and when government falls in its duty to provide protection – discharge its debt to the people, it
is an abandonment (an INJURY) of any and all power, authority or vestige of ‘ sovereignty’ which it
possessed, and the laws remain the same, the sovereignty reverting to the people whence it Came.”
Down v. Bidwell, 1 82 U.S. 277 .
25. “The individual may stand upon his Constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his
private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state or
to his neighbors to divulge his business or to open his doors to investigation . . . He owes no duty to
the state since he receives nothing there from, beyond the protection of his life and property. His
rights are such as existed by the law of the Land, long antecedent to the organization of the state, and
can only be taken fr om him by due process of the law and in accordance with the Constitution. He
owes nothing to the public as long as he does not tre spass upon their rights.” Supreme Court, Hale
vs Henkle, 20 1 U.S. 43 at 74.
26. “The people, or the Sovereign are not bound by general words in statutes, restrictive of
prerogative right, title or interest, unless expressly named. Acts of limitation do not bind at the King
nor the people. The people have been ceded all the rights of the king, the former Sovereign. . . It is a
maxim of the common law that when an act of parliament is made for the public good, the
advancement of religion and Justice, and to prevent injury and wrong, the king shall be bound by
such an act, though not named; but when a statute is General, and any prerogative rights, title or
interest would be divested or taken from the king (or the people) in such case he shall not be bound.”
The People vs. Herkimer, 1 5 American Decisions 379, 4 Cowen (NY 345 , 348 ( 1 825) .
27. The Supreme Court in the case of Wills vs Michigan State Police, 1 05 L. Ed. 2d 45 ( 1 989) made it
perfectly clear that the Sovereign cannot be named in any statute as merely a “person”, or “any
person.” [Affiant am a member of the “sovereignty” as defined in Yick Wo vs. Hopkins, 1 1 8 U. S .
3 5 6 and The Dred Scott case, 60 U . S . 393 .]
28. “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law for it is the author and source of law.”
Yick Wo vs Hopkins and Woo Lee vs. Hopkins, 1 1 8 U.S . 356
29. “The law subscribes to the king (in America, the people) the attribute of sovereignty; he is sovereign
and independent within his own Dominion; and owes no kind of subj ection to any other potentate
upon earth. Hence, it is, that no suit or action can be brought against the king, even in civil matters,
because no court can have j urisdiction over him;
for all jurisdiction implies supremacy of power.” Chisholm vs. Georgia, 2 Dall. 4 1 9,45 8 .
30. “People o f a State are entitled t o all rights which formerly belonged t o the king b y his
prerogative.” Lansing vs Smith, 4 Wend. 9, 20 ( 1 829) .
3 1 . “In Europe, the executive is synonymous with the Sovereign power of the state . . . where it is too
commonly acquired by force or fraud, or both . . . In America, however, the case is widely different.
Our government is founded upon compact. Sovereignty was , and is, in the people.” Glass vs The
Sloop Betsy, 3 Da1l 6 (Dallas, U . S . Supreme Court Reporter) .
3 2 . “In the United States the people are sovereign and the government cannot sever its relationship to the
people by taking away their citizenship.” Afroyim vs Rusk, 3 87 U.S. 253 ( 1 967).
NOTE: The following definition of sovereignty is from Bouvier’ s 1 4th edition Law Dictionary (quoting
from 4 Wheat, 402):
“It has been justly thought a matter of importance to determine from what source the United States
derives its authority . . . the question here proposed is whether our bond of union is a compact entered into
by the states, or whether the Constitution is an organic law established by the People. To this we answer:
We The People . . . ordain and establish this Constitution” . . . the government of the state had only
delegated power (from the People) and even if they had an inclination, they had no authority to transfer
the authority of the Sovereign People. The people in their capacity as Sovereigns made and adopted the
Constitution; and it binds the state governments without the state’s consent. The United States, as a
whole, therefore, emanates from the People and not from the states, and the Constitution and laws of the
states, whether made before or since the adoption of that Constitution of the United States, are
subordinate to the United States Constitution and the laws made in pursuance of it.
The people are the Fountain of sovereignty. The whole was originally with them as their own. The state
governments are but trustees acting under a derived authority, and had no power to delegate what is not
delegated to them. But the people, as the original Fountain, might take away what they have lent and in
trust to whom they please. They have the whole title, and as absolute proprietors, have the right of using
or abusing. – jus utendi et abutendi. It is a maxim consecrated in public law as well as common sense and
the necessity of the case that a Sovereign is answerable for his acts only to his God and his own
conscience . . . There is no authority above a Sovereign to which an appeal can be made.” 4 Wheat, 402
(Bouvier’ s 1 4th Edition Law Dictionary: “Sovereignty”).
3 3 . ”The Congress cannot revoke the Sovereign power of the people to override their will as thus
declared.” Perry vs. United States, (1935 ) , 294 US 330, 3 5 3 .
Note : The above points and authorities are not exhaustive and additions can be added at any time.
That, __ , upon receipt of this Memorandum of Law on
S overeignty of the people with Points and Authorities (via Certified Mai􀀤
# )- Notice and Demand, is made upon you to review and r:espond
to the above memorandum and each ‘point’ and ‘authorities ‘ as enumerated above and
documented upon the public record, by Certified, U.S. Mail to the ‘ sovereign’ as addressed
below or to the Notary’ s address as indicated below, within 1 5 days upon receipt of this
Memorandum, allowing up to three days grace for return mail delivery.
Failure to do so, by as either a ‘Public Servant’ who by ‘Oath of Office’ or duty as an
‘Officer, ‘ ‘agent’ , or ’employee’ of a government created corporation, municipality, etc . , and/or
by and through your ‘Position, ‘ ‘office’ , or “superior knowledge of the law,” will place you in
default, and the presumption will be taken upon the private and public record that you and your
office fully agrees to the ‘points and authorities’ contained within this Memorandum and that the
‘points and authorities’ are true, correct and certain. (F.R.C.P. 8d) . . . and that one of the ‘ We the
people ‘ as named below and his/her seal/signature is sovereign within the collective capacity of
said WE THE PEOPLE and possesses true sovereign power.
Notice to Pri n c i pal is Notice to agent and Notice to agent is Notice to Pri n c i pa l .
Dated t h i s _ day o f __ • 200 _
Mail Response to N otary at :
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , Secure Party, Sui Juris,
one of the sovereign people, a private man on the land,
non-combatant, an American by birth, a child of the
Living God, Grantor, Secured Party/Creditor and
Principal of which ‘ Rights’ existed long antecedent to
the organization of the State and Trustee.
” For all Communiques Elsewhere’
NOTE: You are part of the sovereign authority, in a collective capacity. You can become ‘Headof-
State’ in your individual capacity and step into the position of one of the sovereigns and your
role of responsibility as intended from time past. As stated in Scripture, we are the kings and
priests of Israel (man ruling with God) . It is your history and destiny to assume that power of
sovereignty. For more information, send a request for the INTERNATIONAL SOVEREIGNS
AS SOCIATION’ s Information packet. . . see page 246 !
. ,
W h a t i s a Straw- m a n ?
The Straw-man, as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, is: “A “front” ; a third party
who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who
acts as an agent for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and executing
whatever documents and instruments the principal may direct respecting the property. Person
who purchases property for another to conceal identity of real purchaser, or to accomplish some
purpose otherwise not allowed.” [Emphasis added]
There’s no telling when the deception really started, aside from 1 93 3 , but one of the first maj or
events was the incorporation of the United States in 1 87 1 , with the final act occurring in 1 87 8 . It
appears from the Statutes at Large that this was only the incorporation of the District of
Columbia, but in the final act the phrase “District of Columbia or United States ” is used making
the phrases interchangeable and allowing the United States to operate as a corporation.
The so-called government is not the government created by the Constitution, it is a Corporation
operating in COMMERCE for a PROFIT. Every transaction is now considered by the United
States, INC . to be a commercial transaction by fictional entities (fictions at law) operated by
their agents, employees and all representatives and officers of their corporation.
What is a Fiction at Law?
A fiction at law, or a legal fiction, is an artificially created entity that is only contemplated in
law. In other words, it is not real except in the eyes of the law written by men. Legal fictions are
the opposite of natural entities, such as people. A created legal fiction is endowed by the law to
have some privileges that resemble the rights that people have, such as the right to hold property
and to sue and be sued. The most common legal fictions are corporations and trusts . These have
been around for quite some time with their main purpose being to limit the liability of the people
holding the corporation or trust, allowing them to NOT be personally responsible for their
actions. As to corporations, they can do one thing that you cannot, they can live forever ! Legal
Fictions are not compatible with the Common Law, which is the law our land was founded upon.
In common law, everyone is responsible for his own actions and is held accountable and
responsible for any wrongdoing (harming another in any way)
What does this have to do with me?
In 1 93 3 , the governors of all the states met to discuss the “emergency” declared by FDR and to
support the new process that was being established. The “government” was in bankruptcy and
had to be funded in its state of bankruptcy. The governors made a “pledge” to the United States,
INC . to fund it. The pledge was that the assets and the energy of the people (YOU) would back
the “government” and secure the debt. But there was one little problem, natural living people
cannot mix with legal fictions (corporations) so it was necessary to create a “bridge” between the
fictions and the people to bring the people under control and make them subservient to the
“government” corporation via their pledge. When the governors made the pledge, they agreed to
register the birth certificates of the people with the U.S . Department of Commerce. The birth
certificate is the security instrument (collateral) used to back up the pledge. The legal fiction was
created by using the name on the birth certificate and writing it in all capital letters, the
designation for a legal fiction. Then, because of the “pledge” YOU were determined to be the
surety for the legal fiction. Surety means: The one who is responsible to pay. So, when the
government or any corporation uses any process whatsoever, they are using it against the legal
fiction, which they want YOU to think IS YOU. But when your name is written in all capital
letters, IT IS NOT YOUR NAME ! It is the designation of a legal fiction that is an entirely
separate entity. A living flesh and blood man cannot be a legal fiction, and a legal fiction cannot
be a living flesh and blood man. One is real or natural, the other is created by “law” and is a
‘fiction ! ‘ Whenever a government agency (such as a court) determines liability, it is a liability
directed to or laid upon the legal fiction or the ‘Straw-man’ since everything is done in
commerce with fictions/corporate entities. You are presumed, as evidenced by the pledge of your
governor, to be the surety for the Straw-man and you must pay the fine, fee, tax, debt or other
liability. REMEMBER: Every transaction is presumed by the “government” to be a transaction
in commerce by a legal fiction.
What’s the Answer?
The only way out of this is to overcome the presumption that you are the surety for the Strawman
(legal fiction). That’ s why the “Redemption Process” is the ONLY way to defeat this
presumption by using the Uniform Commercial Code, via Public Notice, which is the CODE that
the fictional commercial world operates under.
The first step is to “Capture the Straw-man” is to establish a security agreement between you and
the Straw-man and then file a UCC- ! financing statement to secure a claim via a ‘ superior
security interest’ against the all capitalized legal fictiOn/Straw-man, the property and the
collateral. S aid security interest or ‘registration’ of title/control is placed upon the Birth
Certificate, S ocial Security Account, Drivers License, etc . , by and through ‘ acceptance for
value. ‘ Included in the process is the creation of a power of attorney, copyright notice, and holdharmless
indemnity agreement.
The UCC- ! financing statement (security interest . . . and a lien) and the filing of the existence of
these documents will REDEEM you and your Debtor/Straw-man from the commercial system
and establish documented evidence to overcome the presumption that you are the surety for the
Straw-man. When all has been ‘accepted for value, ‘ including the birth certificate, YOU become
the Holder in Due Course of all the documents, collateral and the property and are now in
commercial control of the property, the collateral and the Debtor.
There is a ‘Charge Back Process’ that goes back to the United States Treasury to charge-up what
is called your “ucc CONTRACT TRUST ACCOUNT,” identified by your/the Debtor/Strawman
‘ s “Social Security Number” (See the two investigative articles on the Treasury & IRS via
the Redemption Companion – Books & materials List in the Appendix) . The Charge B ack
charges up the account for future discharge of debt.
Addressing the Straw-man Matter
Who and What is the Straw-man – JOHN DOE or John Doe?
At 15 U.S.c. § 1 1 27, the definitions include “commercial name,” “trade name,” “juristic name,”
etc . In this section, you find that a government officer or employee functions in a commercial
capacity. After considerable research, I am convinced that the Straw-man, i.e., JOHN DOE, is
employed in order to create the presumption that whoever is named is a government officer
employee. – Dan Meador
NOTE : Now go to the IRC section 633 1 , “Levy may be made upon the accrued salary or wages
of any officer, employee, or elected official, of the United States, the District of Columbia, or
any agency or instrumentality of the United States or the District of Columbia.” Question, is the
Straw-man the mere ‘artificiaV commerciaVentity/employee/instrument’ by which the ‘parent
corporation’ (US Federal Gov ‘ t. ) directs and extracts all fines, fees, and taxes from? The Strawman
being the transmitting utility within the commercial scheme/venue/world is that entity ! Then
would it not be too far-fetched to understand that since the ‘government’ cannot produce the
federal law or statute that specifically proves that a flesh and blood man or woman is subject and
liable to the tax that they are not ! (“They” not being federal employees ! ) And being that the tax
is only applied to your Straw-man, and you now being in control of the Straw-man, and in the
‘ secured party/creditor’ status that you now have the standing to ‘discharge’ the tax, due to the
fact that all ‘your’ property is now exempt from (the tax) levy ! Does this not make more sense
now that you understand who and what the Straw-man is?
Debtor – the Unincorporated Corporation :
Definition re : “Ens legis :”
A creature o f the law; an artificial being, a s contrasted with a natural person. Applied to
corporations, considered as deriving their existence entirely from the law. Black’ s Law 4th
Edition, page 624:
Definition re : “Transmitting Utility”
(80) “Transmitting utility” means a person primarily engaged in the business of:
(A) operating a railroad, subway, street railway, or trolley bus ;
(B) transmitting electric or electronic communications ;
( C ) transmitting goods b y pipeline or sewer; or
(D) transmitting or producing and transmitting electricity, stearn, gas, or water.
Note: person means a corporate entity, a fiction ! Something other than the human being !
Since you will become the Secured Party Creditor and sovereign, you can define the term as
well. As applied to your Debtor/Straw-man, being ‘transmitting utility’ in commerce, your
Debtor/Straw-man is actually a ‘ commercial transmitting utility! ‘ It, your ‘Debtor’ is the utility
that all commercial transactions (charges) pass through and it is your duty and responsibility to
accept for value and discharge all charges, claims, fines, debts, taxes, etc . !
Around the time o f the war between the United States and the southern states of the American
union, the United States was busy putting together their plan that would increase the jurisdiction
of the United States. This plan was necessary because the United States was in debt, had few
subjects and only the land ceded to it from the states, i.e. , the ‘District of Columbia’ which was
only ten miles square (+/-) and such other as necessary was only for forts, magazines, arsenals,
Between the 1 860′ s and the early 1 900 ‘ s , banking and taxing mechanisms were changing
through legislation. Cunning people closely associated with the powers in England had great
influence on the legislation being passed in the United States. Of course such legislation did not
apply to the states or to the people in the states, but making the distinction was not deemed to be
a necessary duty of the legislators . It was the responsibility of the people to understand their
relationship to the United States and to the laws that were being passed by the legislature. This
distinction between the United States and the states was taught in the homes and the schools and
churches . The early admiralty courts did not interpret legislation as broadly at that time because
the people knew when the courts were overstepping their jurisdiction. The people were in control
because they knew who they were and where they were standing in relation to the United States
In 1 9 1 3 , the United States added numerous private laws to its books that facilitated the increase
of subj ects (the newly so-called freed slaves from the Civil War) as property of the United
States. The 1 4th Amendment provided for a new class of citizens – United States citizens that
had not formerly been recognized. Until the 1 4th Amendment in 1 868, there were no persons
born or naturalized in the United States. They had all been born or naturalized in one of the
several states. United States citizenship was a result of state citizenship. After the Civil War, a
new class was recognized, and was the beginning of the democracy first positioned in the District
of Columbia. The American people in the republic to be found in the several States, could choose
to benefit as one of these new United States citizens BY CHOICE. The new class of citizens was
given the privilege to vote in the democracy in 1 870 by the 1 5th Amendment. These new citizen
subjects were required to apply for marriage, register to vote, register births, deaths, etc. All it
required was an application . Benefits came with this new citizenship, but with the benefits, came
duties and responsibilities and liabilities that were totally regulated by the legislature for the
District of Columbia. Edward Mandell House is attributed with giving a very detailed outline of
the plans to be implemented to enslave the American people.
( 1 ) The 1 3th Amendment in 1 865 opened the way for the people to volunteer into slavery to
accept the benefits offered by the United States . Whether House actually spoke the words or not
is really irrelevant because the scenario detailed in the statement attributed to him has clearly
been implemented. Central banking for the United States was legislated with the Federal Reserve
Act in 1 9 1 3 . The ability to decrease the currency in circulation through taxation was legislated
with the 1 6th Amendment in 1 9 1 3 . Support for the presumption that the American people had
volunteered to participate in the United States democracy was legislated with the 1 7th
Amendment in 1 9 1 3 . The path was provided for the control of the courts by the British Crown,
with the creation of the American Bar Association in 1 9 1 3 .
In 1 9 1 7 , the United States legislature passed the Trading with the Enemy Act and the Emergency
War Powers Act, opening the doors for the United States to suspend limitations otherwise
mandated in the Constitution. Even in times of peace, every contrived and created social,
political, or financial emergency was sufficient authority for the officers of the United States to
overstep its peace time powers and implement volumes of “law” that would increase the coffers
of the United States . There is always a declared emergency in the United States and its States
(administrative units), but it only applies to their subjects .
In the 1 920′ s, the States accelerated the push for mothers to register their babies as first required
upon the new federal property – the so-called freed Black slaves. Life was good and people were
not paying attention to what was happening in government. The stock market crashed, and those
who were not on the inside were not warned to take their money out before they lost everything.
In the 1 930′ s, federal legislation provided for registration of babies through applications for birth
certificates, so government workers could get maternity leave with pay. The States pushed for
registration (surrender of ownership) of cars through applications for certificates of title, and for
registration of land through registration of deeds of trust, which turned the land over to the State.
Constructive trusts were secretly created as each of the people blindly walked into the United
States democracy, thereby agreeing to be sureties for the debts of the United States. The great
depression supplied the diversion to keep the people’ s attention off what government was doing.
The Social Security program was implemented, along with numerous other United States
programs that invited the American people to volunteer to be the sureties behind the United
States’ new registered property and adhesion contracts through the new United States subj ects .
The plan was well on its path by 1 9 3 3 . Massive registration (surrender) of property through
United States agencies, including the ‘State’ subdivisions, was assuring that the United States
and its officers would get rich beyond their wildest expectations . All of this was done without
full disclosure of the material facts that accompanied each application for registration. Is that
fraud? The fraud was a sufficient reason to charge all the United States officers with treason,
UNLESS a remedy could be supplied for the people to recoup their property and collect for the
damages they suffered as a result of the fraud.
If a remedy was available, and the people chose not to or failed to use the remedy, no charge of
fraud could be sustained even in a common law court. The United States only needed to
provide the remedy. It was not required to explain it or even tell the people where the
remedy could be found. The attorneys did not even have to be taught about the remedy. That
gave them plausible deniability when the people struggled to understand the new laws. The
legislators did not have to have the intricate details of the law explained to them regarding the
bills they were passing. That gave them plausible deniability. If the people failed to use their
remedy, the United States came out the winner every time. If the people did discover their
remedy, the United States had to honor it and release the registered property back to the
people, but only if the people knew they had a remedy, and only if they requested it in the
proper manner. It was a great plan.
With plausible deniability, even when the people knew they had a remedy and pursued it, the
attorneys, judges, and legislators could act like they did not understand the people’ s claims.
Requiring the public schools to teach civics, government, and history classes out of approved
politically correct text books also assured the people would not find the remedy for a very long
time. Passing new State and Federal laws that appeared to subj ect the people to rules and
regulations, added another level of protection against the people finding their remedy. The public
‘socialist media’ was molded to report politically correct, though substantially incorrect news
day after day, until few people would even think there could be a remedy available to them. The
people could be separated from their money and their time to pursue the remedy long enough for
the solutions to be lost in the millions of pages of the books in huge law libraries across the
country. So many people knew there was something wrong with all the conflicts in the laws with
the “facts” taught in the government schools . How can the American people be free and subject
to a de-facto government’ s whims at the same time? Who would ever have thought the people
would be resourceful enough to actually find the remedy? BUT they did !
(2) In 1 933 the United States put its insurance policy into place with House Joint Resolution 1 92
and recorded it in the Congressional Record. It was not required to be promulgated in the Federal
Register. An Executive Order issued on April 5 , 1 933 paved the way for the withdrawal of gold
in the United States. Representative Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges on May 23 ,
1 933 against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, the Comptroller of the
Currency, and the Secretary of the United States Treasury (Congressional Record May 23, 1 933
page 4055 -405 8). HJR 1 92 passed on June 3 , 1 9 3 3 . Mr. McFadden claimed on June 1 0, 1 93 3 :
“Mr. Chairman, w e have i n this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever
known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks . . . ” HJR 1 92 is the
insurance policy that protects the legislators from conviction for fraud and treason against the
American people. It also protects the American people from damages caused by the actions of
the United States. For speaking like he did, Mr. McFadden was poisoned by the powers that be
by agents of that federal corporation.
HJR 1 92 provided that the one with the gold paid the bills . It removed the requirement that the
United States subj ects and employees had to pay their debts with gold. It actually prohibited the
inclusion of a clause in all subsequent contracts that would require payment in gold. It also
cancelled the clause in every contract written prior to June 5, 1 93 3 , that required an obligation to
be paid in gold – retroactively. It provided that the United States subj ects and employees could
use any type of coin and currency to discharge a public debt as long as it was in use in the
normal course of business in the United States. For a time, United States Notes were the currency
used to discharge debts, but later the Federal Reserve and the United States provided a new
medium of exchange through paper notes, and debt instruments that could be passed on to a
debtor’ s creditors to discharge the debtor’ s debts. That same currency, Federal Reserve Notes, is
used to discharge public debts. Take Note: the Federal Reserve Notes have no value, as stated by
the Federal Reserve !
In the 1 950′ s, the Uniform Commercial Code was presented to their States as a means of
unifying the generally accepted procedures for handling the new legal system of dealing with
commercial transactions and fictions as though they were real. Security instruments (commercial
paper) replaced substance as collateral for debts . Security instruments could be supported by
presumptive contracts . Debt instruments with collateral, and accommodating parties, could be
used instead of money. Money (of exchange) and the need for money was disappearing, and
NEW money was being created i.e., ‘Money of Account’ (created by Bill of Exchange) and a
uniform system of laws had to be put in place to allow the commercial venue and the courts to
uphold the security instruments that depended on commercial fictions as a basis for compelling
payment or performance (see ‘Tender of Payment in your State statute ! ) . .A ll this was
accomplished by the mid 1 960 ‘ s . And by 1 964, most all the States had adopteu the Uniform
Commercial Code.
The commercial code is merely a codification of accepted and required procedures all people
engaged in commercial activities must follow. The basic principles of commerce had been settled
thousands of years ago, but were refined and became more sophisticated over the years. In the
1 900’ s, the age-old principles of commerce shifted from substance to form. Presumption became
a big part of the law. Without giving a degree of force to presumption, the new direction in
enforcing commercial claims could not be supported in their courts . If the claimants were
required to produce their claims every time they tried to collect money or time from the people,
they would seldom be successful. The principles expressed in the code combined the means of
dealing with substantive commercial activities with the means of dealing with presumptive
commercial activities. These principles work as well for the people as they do for the deceivers.
The rules do not respect persons .
Those who enticed the people t o register (surrender) their property (land, cars, guns, children,
etc.) to the sub-divisions (States) under dictate by the United States, gained control of the
substance through the ‘registrations ‘ and the States were able to extract more ‘use’ taxes, from
the people to use the property of the State ! The States and the United States became the Holder
of the titles to all the property, even children and many other things.
The definition of “property” is the interest one has in a thing. The thing is the principal. The
property is the interest in the thing. Profits (interest) made from the property of another belong to
the owner of the thing. Profits were made by the deceivers by pledging the registered property in
commercial markets, but the profits do not belong to the deceivers. The profits belong to the
owners of the ‘things. ‘ That is always the people. The corporation only shows ownership of
paper – titles to things. The substance cannot appear in the fiction. [Watch the movie Last Action
Hero and watch the confusion created when they try to mix substance and fiction.] Sometimes
the fiction is made to look very much like substance, but fiction can never become substance. It
is an impossibility !
The profits from all the registered things had to be put into a ‘constructive’ trust for the benefit of
the owners. If the profits were put into the general fund of the United States and not into separate
trusts for the owners, the scheme would represent fraud. The profits for each owner could not be
co-mingled. If the owner failed to use his available remedy (fictional credits held in a
constructive trust account, fund, or financial ledger) to benefit from the profits, it would not be
the fault of the deceivers . If the owner failed to learn the law that would open the door to his
remedy, it would not be the fault of the deceivers. The owner is responsible for learning the law,
so he understands that the profits from his things are available for him to discharge debts or
charges brought against his public person (Debtor-Straw-man) by the United States .
If the United States has the “gold,” the United States pays the bills (from the trust account, fund,
or financial ledger). The definition of “fund” is money set aside to pay a debt. The fund is there
to discharge the public debts attributed to the United States subjects, but ultimately back to the
accommodating parties – the American people. The national debt is what is owed is to the
owners of the registered things – the American people, as well as to other creditors !
If the United States owes a debt to the owner of the thing, and the owner is presumed (by
accommodation) to owe a public debt to the United States, the logical thing is to ask the United
States to discharge that public debt from the trust fund. The way for the United States to get
around having to pay the public debts for the people is to claim the owner cannot be an owner if
he agreed to be the accommodating party for a debtor-person. If the people are truly the
principle, then they know how to handle their financial and political affairs, ULNES S they have
never been taught. If the owner admits by his actions out of ignorance, that he is an
accommodating party, he has taken on the debtor’ s liabilities without getting consideration in
exchange. Here lies the fiction again. The owner of the thing does not have to knowingly agree
to be the accommodating party for the debtor person; he just has to act like he agreed. That is
easy if he has a choice of going to j ail or signing for the debtor-person. The presumption that he
is the accommodating party is strong enough for the courts to hold the owner of the thing liable
for a tax on the thing he actually owns or owes.
Debtors may have the ‘use’ of certain things, but the things belong to the creditors. The creditor
is the master. The debtor is the servant. The Uniform Commercial Code is very specific about the
duties and responsibilities a debtor has . If the owner of the thing is presumed to be a debtor
because of his previous admissions and adhesion contracts, he is going to have a difficult time
convincing the United States that it has a duty to discharge public debts for him. In addition, the
courts are staffed with loyal judges who will look for every mistake the people may make when
trying to use their remedy.
Now the quasi-owner (user) of the property (thing), after learning the law and discovering who
he is in relation to the United States Corporation, can file a UCC Financing Statement based
upon a Security Agreement, registering his security interest in the artificial entity
DEBTORfPERSON, being the ENS LEGIS which the United States created after your Mom
signed the ‘Root of TitlelNewborn Identification’ and then was compelled to apply for a birth
certificate. That was the act of registering her biological property, her baby (substance), with the
State of . The United States holds the paper title (form), not the substance (baby). Until
your Financing Statement is filed, the United States is the holder of the title to the artificial
entity. Its name is spelled in all capital letter – JOHN HENRY DOE. When John Henry Doe files
the Financing Statement supported by a Security Agreement signed by the artificial entity
(JOHN) and the owner (John), he becomes the holder in due course of the title to JOHN. The
UCC and the State commercial law are very specific about the effect of a registered security
interest. It has priority over most other interest claimed (only claimed) in the same thing. The
evidence that is missing in the court is the registered claim over the person (JOHN).
The owner also must notify the Secretary of the Treasury that he is going to handle his own
affairs in the future. That is done when you do the CHARGE BACK PROCESS by filing a Bill
of Exchange with the Secretary through which he ‘charges up the UCC Contract Trust Account, ‘
in respect to the ‘value ‘ expressed on the Birth Certificate and the ‘Directive ‘ cover letter. The
social security number, belonging to your Debtor, is the Trust Account Number for a
chargeback, for all the presumed charges brought against your Debtor for proper discharge.
Think of the whole transaction in relation to a dead battery. The battery represents your public
person (JOHN), which is a dead entity that can function within the public maize of fiction,
transmitting benefits from the public to you in the private IF it is charged up. You cannot go into
the public because you are not a fiction. JOHN has no power until it is charged with some
energy. That energy comes from an IRS default notice, court judgment, credit card bill, utility
bill, traffic ticket, or some other instrument that has a $ amount and JOHN’ S name on it as the
presumed debtor. The bill is the energy. It charges the dead JOHN. You can now discharge
JOHN and put JOHN ‘ S accrual account with the charging party back to a zero balance. You, as
the secured party creditor, having charged up the UCC Contract Trust Account, now for the
‘presentment’ received in behalf of a debt owed by JOHN, can discharge the fine, fee, tax or debt
with a negotiable instrument for the same $ amount that the charging instrument (presentment)
stipulates . The charging party that receives your noncash item can process it back through the
United States Treasury through their financial institution. Note: if discharging IRS Tax liability,
the package/instrument goes directly to the Secretary of Treasury – U.S.
When you, as the owner of a thing, registered it with the United States or one of its subdivisions,
you let the United States hold the legal title to your thing based on misrepresentation and failure
to disclose material facts to you at the time of registration. You probably retained possession of
the thing, but the United States/States invested the title and made a profit. If you did not
specifically authorize the United States/State and its agents to invest the legal title, the profits
made from that title belong to you, because as the owner, you remain the equitable title holder.
Legally, all the profits from the investment of the titles to all your registered things must go into
a fund for your benefit. If they did not put the profits in a trust fund of some sort, it would be
Just acquiring the titles through what is promoted as mandatory registration, is fraud. If the
scenario attributed to Mandell House is now in full application in the United States, which it is,
the officers of the United States could be charged and convicted with treason IF they had not
provided a remedy, which they did. — House Joint Resolution 1 92 on June 5, 1 9 3 3 . This is their
insurance policy to assure they are not convicted of treason. That does not mean they cannot be
charged with treason, but the courts will dismiss based on failure to state a claim upon which
relief can be granted. Because you have a remedy outside the court, you cannot sustain a charge
of treason. But Tort, now that’ s another matter !
Today the majority of Americans pay taxes because when they get a job their employer
requests that they fill out either: Internal Revenue Service Form W-2, Form W-4, or Form
1 099, which, as a direct result, withholds taxes from their paychecks for their labor. The
majority doesn’t have a clue as to why they are paying these taxes in the first place, other
than being conditioned to pay their so-called ‘Fair Share!’
It has been affirmed that labor is a fundamental, unalienable, protected right and this
fundamental right is not supposed to be taxed. No profit of gain is to be realized via your
It is presumed that everyone is expected to know the law. It has been long held that,
ignorance of the Law is not an excuse or a defense. There is a well-established maxim
that states, “He who fails to assert his rights – HAS NONE!” which unequivocally
establishes that, just as a closed mouth never gets fed, “a matter must be expressed to be
The Bible, Book of Luke, 11th Chapter 52nd verse states: “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye
have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were
entering ye hindered. ”
When it comes to dealing with lawyers, government, and the Internal Revenue Service
(which is not an agency of the United States Government, but a private foreign-owned
corporation) withholding and keeping knowledge from the people is nothing new. It is a
common business tactic that has been going on from the beginning of its inception. It
will, most likely continue as long as we rely upon lawyers and government to do that
which we ourselves should be doing.
The Bible unquestionably verifies this with the following: Book of Isaiah, 5th Chapter
13th verse tells us: “Therefore my peo􀃠le are gone into captivity, because they have no
knowledge;” and the Book of Hosea, 4 Chapter 6th verse: “My people are destroyed for
a lack of knowledge. ”
In order to find the answer as to why your labor is being taxed when the Constitution says
it is not supposed to be, it is necessary to understand how government exists and
To accomplish this requires a quick review back in history to the time of the War
Between the States. The People of this Nation lost their true Republican form of
government. On March 27, 1861 seven southern States walked out of Congress leaving
the entire legislative Branch of Government without quorum. The Congress of the
Constitution was dissolved for inability to disband or re-convene. The Republican form
of Government, which the People were guaranteed – ceased to exist. Out of necessity to
operate the Government, President Lincoln issued Executive Order No. 2. in April 1861,
reconvening the Congress at gunpoint in Executive, emergency, martial-law-rule
jurisdiction. Since that time there has been no “‘de jure” (sanctioned by law) Congress.
Everything functions under “color of law” (the appearance or semblance, without
substance, of legal right.) Through Executive Orders under authority of the War Powers,
(i.e. emergency, i.e. law of necessity) the “law of necessity” means no law whatsoever, as
per such maxims of law as:
“Necessity knows no law” (the law of forbidding killing is voided when done in selfdefense)
“In time of war, laws are silent. ” Cicero.
To establish the underlying debt of the Government to the Bankers, to create corporate
entities that are legally subject to the jurisdiction in which they exist, and to create the
jurisdiction itself correctly, the so-called (fraudulent and un-ratified) Fourteenth
Amendment was proclaimed and passed in 1 868. This was a cestui que trust (operation in
law) incorporated in a military, private, International, commercial, de facto jurisdiction
created by, and belonging to, the Money Power, existing within the emergency of the
War Powers, the only operational jurisdiction since the dissolution of Congress in 1 86 1 .
Through the 1 4th Amendment, an artificial person-corporate entity-franchise entitled
“citizen of the United States” was born into private, corporate limited liability. Section 4
of the 1 4th Amendment states : “The validity of the Public Debt of the United States (to
the Bankers) … shall not be questioned. ”
Within the above-referenced private jurisdiction of the International B ankers, the private
and foreign owned “Congress” formed a corporation, commercial agency, and
Government for the “District of Columbia” on February 2 1 , 1 87 1 , Chapter 62, 1 6 Stat.
4 1 9. This corporation was reorganized June 1 1 , 1 878, Chapter 1 80, 20 Stat. 1 02, and renamed
“United States Government. ” This corporation privately trade marked the names:
“United States, ” “U. S . , ” “US , ” “U.S .A. , ” “USA” and “America. ”
When the United States declared itself a municipal corporation, it also created what is
known as a cestui que trust to function under by implementing the Federal Constitution of
1 87 1 , and incorporating the previous United States Constitutions of 1 787 and 1 79 1 as
amended, as by-laws. Naturally, as the grantor of the trust, this empowered the United
States Government to change the terms of the trust at will. As evidenced under the
Federal Constitution of 1 87 1 , the 1 4th Amendment, the People of the United States,
without their consent, were declared “Citizens” and granted “Civil Rights. ” These socalled
civil rights are nothing more than mere privileges. Privileges which government
licenses, regulates, and can re-interpret to suit its purposes at any time for any reason.
The Federal Corporate Government also conveniently somehow forgot to disclose to the
People that the term “Citizen,” with which they have made every living and breathing
inhabitant a “subj ect,” was defined in law as a “Vessel” engaged in commerce.
In 1 9 1 2, when the bank-owned bonds that were keeping the US Government afloat
became due, the B ankers refused to re-finance the debt. As a result, the colorable,
martial-law ruled Congress was compelled to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1 9 1 3 . This
Act surrendered Constitutional authority to create, control, and manage the entire money
supply of the United States to a handful of private, mostly-foreign bankers. This placed
exclusive creation and control of the money within the private, commercial, foreign, and
military jurisdiction of 1 86 1 , into corporate limited liability.
America converted from United States Notes to Federal Reserve Notes, beginning with
the passage of The Federal Reserve Act of 1 9 1 3 . Federal Reserve B anks were
incorporated in 1 9 1 4, and, in 1 9 1 6, began to circulate their private, corporate Federal
Reserve Notes as “money” alongside the nations “de jure” currency, the United States
Notes. Whereas United States Notes were actually warehouse receipts for deposits of
gold and silver in a warehouse (bank), thus representing wealth (substance, portable land;
the money of sovereigns), the new flat money (Federal Reserve Notes) amounted to “bills
for that which was yet to be paid, ” i.e. for what was owed ! For the new “benefit” of being
able to carry around U.S. Government debt instruments (Federal Reserve Notes) in our
wallets instead of Gold Certificates or Silver Certificates, we agreed to redeem the newly
issued Federal Reserve Notes in gold and also to pay interest for their use in gold ONLY!
Essentially, the Fed issued paper with pretty green ink on it and we agreed to give them
gold in exchange for the “privilege” of using it. Such was the bargain.
Through paying interest to the Federal Reserve Corporation in gold, the US Treasury
became progressively depleted of its gold. America’s gold certificates, coin, and bullion
were continually shipped off to the coffers of various European B anks and Power Elite.
In 1933, when the Treasury was drained and the debt was larger than ever (a
financial condition known as ” Insolvency”), President Roosevelt proclaimed the
bankruptcy of the United States. Every 1 4th Amendment “citizen of the United States ”
was pledged as an asset to finance the Chapter 1 1 re-organization expenses and pay
interest in perpetuity to the CREDITORS (Federal Reserve Bankers) and the “national
debt” ( “which shall not be questioned”).
On March 9, 1 93 3 , Congress passed the Amendatory Act (also known as the Emergency
Banking Relief Act) to the Trading with the Enemy Act (originally passed on October 6,
1 9 1 7) at a time when the United States was not in a shooting war with any foreign foe
that included the People of the United States as the enemy.
At the conference of Governors held on March 6, 1 93 3 , the Governors of the 48 States of
the Union accommodated the Federal B ankruptcy of the United States Corporation by
pledging the faith and credit of their State to the aid of the National Government . . . which
attached to YOU !
Senate Document 43 of the 73rd Congress, 1 st Session ( 1 933) did declare that ownership
of ALL PROPERTY is in the STATE and individual so-called ownership is only by
virtue of government, i.e. law amounting to “mere-user” only; and individual use of all
property is subordinate to the necessities of the United States Government.
Under House Joint Resolution 1 92 of June 5, 1 93 3 , Senate Report No. 93549, and
Executive Orders 6072, 60 1 2 and 6246, the Congress and President Roosevelt officially
declared bankruptcy of the United States Government.
Regardless of the cause or reason, what many American’s either do not understand and/or
have failed to seriously grasp, is that by the use of Federal Reserve Notes; (which is not
Constitutional Money defined under Article I Section 1 0 of the United States
Constitution), the People of the United States, since 1 93 3 , have not had any
Constitutionally lawful way to pay their debts. They, therefore, have not had any way to
buy or own property. The People, for the benefits granted to them by a bankrupt
corporate Government, discharge their debts with limited liability using Federal Reserve
Notes. They have surrendered, by way of an unconscionable contract, any semblance of
‘Rights ‘ as exchanges for mere privileges !
A review of countless United States Supreme Court decisions since the 1 938, landmark
case, Erie Railroad v. Tompkins, (304 U . S . 64-92) clearly establishes that only the State
has Constitutional Rights, not the People. The People have been pledged to the
bankruptcy of 1 9 3 3 . The federal law administered in and by the United States is the
private commercial “law” of the CREDITORS . That, due to the bankruptcy, every
“citizen of the United States ” is pledged as an asset to support the bankruptcy, must work
to pay the insurance premiums on the underwriting necessary to keep the bankrupt
government in operation under Chapter II Bankruptcy (Reorganization). That upon the
declared B ankruptcy, Americans could operate and function only through their corporate
colored, State created, ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME, – that has no access to
sovereignty, substance, rights, and standing in law. The Supreme Court also held the
“general (Universal) common law” no longer is accessible and in operation in the federal
courts based on the 1 933 bankruptcy, which placed everything into the realm of private,
colorable law merchant of the Federal Reserve CREDITORS . To take this to a different
level, and not only explain why you pay taxes, but also why you do not own the house
you live in, the car you drive, or own anything else you think you’ve bought and paid for
etc . , you will need to understand that their State Government and its CREDITORS own
it all. If you think you own your home just because you believe you paid for it using
those Federal Reserve Notes, just like everything else you possess by permission of
Government, simply stop paying your taxes, (user-fees and licenses) and see j ust how
long Government and the CREDITORS allow you to keep it before they come to take it
away from you.
How can all this really be? Why haven’t you been told all of this before now? Ignorance
of the law is no excuse. Every man is deemed (required) to know the law. Government
expects you to know the law, and holds you fully accountable for doing so. Ignoring
these facts will not protect you. The majority of American’s have been given a Public
government Education to teach them only what the Public, i.e. government
(CREDITORS) wants them to know. It is and always has been each individual’ s personal
responsibility, duty and obligation to learn and know the law.
What this breaks down to is this: B ack in 1 93 3 , when their United States went into
bankruptcy because it could no longer pay its debts, it pledged the American People,
themselves, without their consent as the asset to keep the government afloat and
operating. B ecause government no longer had any way to pay its debts with substance,
and was bankrupt, it lost its sovereignty and standing in law. Outside and separate from
Constitutional Government, to continue to function and operate, it created an artificial
world consisting of artificial entities. This was accomplished by taking everyone’s proper
birth given name and creating what is called a “fiction in law,” by way of an acronym, i.e.
a name written in ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS to interact with. A name written in ALLCAPITAL-
LETTERS is not a sentient, flesh and blood man. It is a corporation, fiction
or deceased person. Government, as well as all corporations, including the Internal
Revenue Service, cannot interact with you or interact with you via your proper name
given you at birth, only through your ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME!
Another little tidbit of knowledge which has been conveniently kept from the People is
this: When the Several united States signed the treaty with Great Britain ending the
Revolutionary War, it was a concession that ALL COMMERCE would be regulated and
contracted through British Attorney’s known as Esquires only.
This condition and concession still exists today. No attorney or lawyer in the United
States of America has ever been “licensed” to practice law (they’ve exempted themselves)
as they are a legal fiction “person” and only an “ADMITTED MEMBER” to practice in
the private franchise club called the BAR (which is itself an acronym for the British or
B arrister Aristocratic Accreditation Regency), and as such are un-registered foreign
agents, and so they are traitors. Esquires (Unconstitutional Title of honor and nobility =
Esquires), foreign non-citizens (aliens) are specifically prohibited from ever holding any
elected Public Office of trust whatsoever ! Article I, Section 9, clause 8, states: “No Title
of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of
Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any
present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatsoever, from any King, Prince, or
foreign State . ”
A s a direct result, attorneys and lawyers cannot and d o not represent you i n your ‘Private
Capacity. ‘ Attorneys and lawyers represent corporations, artificial persons, and fictions in
law – ONLY !
What the majority in this country fail to recognize is this: because of the bankruptcy and
having been pledged as an asset to the National Government’s debt, this makes all
citizens DEBTORS under Chapter 1 1 . DEBTORS in bankruptcy have lost their solvency,
have NO RIGHTS, no STANDING IN LAW, and are at the mercy of the
CREDITORS . . . via their attorneys.
All courts today sit and operate as Non-Constitutional, Non-Article Three Legislative
Tribunals administering the bankruptcy via their ” statutes,” (“codes. “) All Courts are Title
1 1 Bankruptcy Courts where these statutes are, in reality, “commercial obligations” being
applied for the “benefit” or “privilege” of discharging debts with limited liability of the
Federal Reserve-monopoly, colorable-money Federal Reserve Notes (debt Instruments) .
This means every time you end up before a court – not only do you NOT have any
standing in law to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, YOU HAVE NO
CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ! Why? B ecause you are a DEBTOR under the
bankruptcy and, in addition to having contracted away your rights in exchange for
benefits and privileges, you do not have one single shred of evidence to establish
In bankruptcy, ONLY CREDITORS have rights! In a nutshell, as a DEBTOR, you
have no rights. Rights are reduced to mere privileges which are licensed, regulated, and
can be altered, amended and changed to meet whatever the particular or special needs of
their government may be for whatever whim. If taking away your home, your car, taxing
your labor, or locking you up for violating any of the Sixty MILLION plus legislatively
created DEBTOR codes and statutes they have on the books today happens to meet the
needs of their government – it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize who the
loser will be !
Is there really a real remedy to what has been done? Quite simply, Yes ! There is one way
and one way only you can protect yourself, your family, and property from this public
obligation. The only unbreakable contract in existence in the world today is a UCC-I
Financing Statement. [See Section 5 and the Appendix – Copy of UCC-I Financing
Statement. ]
Only through filing a UCC-I Financing Statement and Accepting For Value your Birth
Certificate and executing a lien upon the governmentally created ALL-CAPITALLETTERS-
NAME by you in your proper Birth-given-Name as the Secured Party, and
listing anything and everything your debtor owns, will own, or possibly ever could own
or control, as collateral in the Security Agreement, can you effectively and permanently
remove yourself from the status of a DEBTOR to that of a CREDITOR, and actually
‘control’ property, have access to enforceable Constitutional Rights. By filing a UCC- l
Financing Statement, you become an actual CREDITOR with standing in law and acquire
the ability to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, and discharge any and all
taxes .
By filing the UCC-I Financing Statement you cannot, as a CREDITOR, acquire and
access actual Original Jurisdiction Constitutional rights, as the Constitutional only
operates upon the agent of government by and through their Oath of Office . . . to support
and defend such, and not violate the same, as may be applied to any man, in that any
violation of such is a breach of contract as applied to the agent ! The Constitution does not
grant rights to the flesh and blood man (sovereign). The Constitution is a
compact/contract that the private sentient man IS NOT A PARTY TO as you have no
contract with the State of federal government and you are not a signatory to their ‘ social
compacts ! ‘
Without a UCC-I Financing Statement, everything you have has been and is pledged and
owned by the State. You merely are the user of the property and must use that property in
strict compliance with all the rules, ‘use fees ‘ (taxes) and regulations established by the
State. If acquiring actual control over property and collateral, releasing your Debtor from
government controls, and the ability to earn a living without taxation interests you, you
have nothing to lose and everything to gain by executing that document without delay !
To try and break this down even further: Few people truly understand the words “slave
and slavery.” The biggest benefit in filing a UCC-I Financing Statement is that you will
no longer be a slave. The fact is, most dictionaries fail to provide an accurate definition of
the words “slave and slavery.” Even Webster’s 1 828 edition of the English language
dictionary fails in its attempt to define the true meaning of the word “slavery” : “Slave: a
person who is wholly subject to the will of another,” Slavery is not a matter of being
totally 1 00% subj ect to the will of another. Any person who is to any degree involuntarily
subj ect to the will of another, is still a slave. There are no degrees of slavery. The second
part of the 2nd definition of slave provided by Webster’s 1 828 Edition is: “One who
surrenders himself to any power whatsoever,” which is closer to the real point.
The Uniform Commercial Code [UCC] governs ALL commercial transactions in the
United States . Any “person” including government corporations, agencies, etc . , involved
in the “sales of goods, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections, letters of credit,
bulk transfer, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities, and ‘ secured
transactions’ is governed by the UCc. The A form of Uniform Commercial Code is
adopted by all States.
To comply with the Uniform Commercial Code in your state, a UCC-I Financing
Statement must be filed with the Secretary of State, by anyone who makes a claim
against any other “person” in the area of commerce. All government agencies, (city,
county, state and federal), operate in commerce and all of them, including the Internal
Revenue Service, are private corporations (persons). All Courts operate in commerce. All
B anks operate in commerce. All “Corporations” operate in commerce and all of these
“entities” exist financially because WE are their collateral. They borrow on our “credit. ”
At one time, our currency was backed by or given substance by gold or silver. It has been
thought by many, since their United States took the substance of gold and silver away,
that Federal Reserve Notes were simply worthless paper, backed by nothing at all. That is
not correct ! Today, real people, you, me, your children, etc. back Federal Reserve Notes,
much the same way that gold and silver did in the past. In other words, the living,
breathing people guarantee or provide the substance for ALL money that is created. The
Federal Reserve B ank clearly states : “Federal Reserve Notes are backed by the Full faith
and credit of the American People. ” Blind Faith sets forth that YOU trust THEM. Who?
None other than the Federal Reserve ! Credit means something is due you ! The Federal
Reserve uses our credit to create ALL money. All of the money created belongs to the
American People and the deceit of the Public and private corporations is so complete that
they create it, charge it to us as a debt, and then tack interest to it on top of that !
How did the American People become collateral for the debt instruments known as
Federal Reserve Notes? It was given to the Federal Reserve by a corporation called the
United States, the very same corporation that created the Federal Reserve. As was
discussed previously, in 1 93 3 when President Roosevelt declared a national emergency
because the United States could no longer pay its debts . At least that was the spin given
to the American People. All of the subsidiary States agreed to support the declared
bankruptcy by “pledging” the energy of their “citizens . ” Their assets consisted only of
State Citizens . The States in tum used the Birth Certificates to pledge the State Citizen as
collateral to keep Government afloat. That is how the American People became collateral
for the Federal Reserve Notes and so-called debts . The American People became
warehouse receipts, like a warehouse full of any type of valuable goods. All of this,
however, was a maj or fraud.
Neither the Internal Revenue Service nor any other entity of Government files a UCC-I
Financing Statement into the Commercial Registry with the Secretary of State. If they
did, they would instantly become subject to all the regulations of the Uniform
Commercial Code. The Internal Revenue Service has done very nicely by bluffing and
intimidation, as all others mentioned, by operating under “Public Policy” where there is
in reality “No Law ” at all !
The State Citizen is drawn “into commerce” when their Birth Certificate is registered and
sent to the Commerce Department in Washington, D.C. This is where the American
People became warehouse receipts upon which all of the money printed and circulated is
created and guaranteed. In short, the American People became the collateral for all debts.
They “The People” allegedly are “Government” property !
Government is a “fiction” and an artificial person and deals with us as a fiction or
artificial persons only as stated before. To take this still to another level, let’s use an
example to explain and use the name of John Henry Smith. When John Henry Smith was
born, his parents gave him the Christian name of John Henry and he shared the ‘family’
name of Smith with all the other members of his family. He was born a living, breathing
‘ sentient’ being. When his Birth Certificate was sent to the Department of Commerce, it
was registered and the Government, because it was bankrupt, turned his “real name” into
a fiction. His new fictional name became JOHN H. SMITH or John H. Smith. His ALLCAPITAL-
LETTERS NAME was registered as a corporation at the Puerto Rico
Department of State Corporations (Departamento de Estado – Division de Corporaciones)
P.O. BOX 327 1 , SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, 00904-327 1 , making itfhim liable for
taxes . He is now a fiction or artificial person; a non-living, non-breathing “person. ” It is a
“Straw-man” (Lat. stramineus homo) or “fiction” upon which government brings all its
so-called charges against and NEVER does so against the real person. Just like “yours, ”
his driver’s license now reads JOHN H. SMITH or John H. Smith. When he signs a 1 040
Tax Form, he dutifully fills out the form as John H. Smith and then signs his name “under
penalty of perjury, ” thereby admitting he will be responsible for all the taxes of JOHN H.
SMITH, a fiction in law, corporation. Look at your driver’ s license and see who it is
issued to. How can government use a form of our name and tum it into a fiction
(corporation) without our permission? They can’t, we sign our name to all of their forms,
which is purely voluntary “permission-in-ignorance . ” In short, we do it to ourselves !
However, for those who wish to control and own this fiction and prohibit government
corporations, including the Internal Revenue S ervice, from making so-called charges
against it, the remedy is available to you. You do this by executing a UCC- 1 Financing
Statement! John Henry Smith would simply do what Government and the Internal
Revenue Service does not do: File your UCC- 1 Financing Statement into the Commercial
Registry with the Secretary of State and claim EVERYTHING related to JOHN H.
SMITH or any derivative name, corporate fiction; i.e. : the Birth Certificate and S ocial
Security Account/Card Number. The living, breathing, real man/woman then controls the
fictitious entity, including all contracts related to the Birth Certificate and Social Security
Account Number (UCC Contract Trust Account Number) . Thusly, the real John Henry
Smith secures all rights, interest and title in the fictitious entity: JOHN H. SMITH. Now,
government and the Internal Revenue Service has to deal with John Henry Smith as the
Most every living, breathing sentient being has a Social Security Card. The SS# number
is the account number to the UCC CONTRACT TRUST ACCOUNT, maintained
through the U.S. Secretary of Treasury to the Internal Revenue Service. The Internal
Revenue Service calls the Social Security Number your Taxpayer Identification Number
(TIN). Never do they mention our Employer Identification Number (EIN). What? “You
are not an employer, so you do not have an EIN? ” Some believe we are all employers and
every one of us has an EIN. More recently, the number has been identified and ‘clarified’
as an ‘EXEMPTION ‘ number, indicating that the secured party/holder is exempt from the
liability. If you apply for a new Social Security Card (not a new number), on the backside
of the card, the number written In Red is what some believe is the BOND number to bond
the account as established by the government upon your application (SS 5 Form). It is
also believed that government workers are our employees that every government
employee works for us ! How absurd ! Since you are not a signatory to the U . S . or any
State Constitution, and since you are not a party to the States ‘ ‘social compact, ‘ then
YOU have nothing to do with the government corporation and the government
corporation has nothing to do with you !
That is why, when you read the Tax Code to find the definition of “employee, ” under
Title 26 United States Code, at Section 340 1 (c), the term ” employee” specifically
includes officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, of the United States, a
State (Federal State), Territory, or any other political subdivision thereof, or the District
of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing, AND
Write to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the Capital of the State where you were born and
request a copy of your Birth Certificate. REQUEST THE LONG FORM (Certified
Copy). Never mind that you have a copy right now. More likely than not it came from the
County in which you were born. The number assigned to your Birth Certificate by the
Vital Statistics Office is of primary importance when executing your UCC-I Financing
Statement. The usual and current Birth Certificate is in color, on 8 112X l l ‘Bank Stock
Paper. ‘
What can filing a UCC-I Financing Statement do for you besides everything described
thus far? Let’s throw a few more examples onto the table to explain. As previously stated,
the only real thing in the United States is the American People. Corporations are fictions –
DEAD ENTITIES ! Let’s use a fiction called GENERAL MOTORS for our explanation.
Since the inception of GENERAL MOTORS , which was originally created by another
corporate fiction we call government, they have borrowed into existence countless
billions of Federal Reserve Notes. Today, GENERAL MOTORS proudly calls
themselves one of the largest corporations (a fiction) in the world ! It is taught that
stockholders of GENERAL MOTORS “own” GENERAL MOTORS . The real truth is the
American People own everything produced by GENERAL MOTORS – free and clear.
Isn’t it interesting this fiction charges the American People for what already belongs to us
– and then to add more insult to injury – they tack on a little interest to boot !
When Internal Revenue sends a letter or Notice to the fiction JOHN H . SMITH and says
“Our records indicate you owe $ 1 5 ,000.00,” John Henry Smith, who has filed a UCC-I
Financing Statement now has multiple options as to how he chooses to deal with this
matter. John Henry Smith knows full well he must respond to the presentment he’s just
received from Internal Revenue in a timely manner. Depending on the Notice or
Presentment he’s received, he has either ten ( 1 0) days or thirty (30) days to respond. If he
does not know what his time frame is to respond in is, to play it safe, it would be best for
him to respond before the ten ( 1 0) days expires. John Henry Smith knows that if he
doesn’t respond, after the allotted time, the Internal Revenue will enter a Default
Judgment against him. Because he failed to object to the bill or ask any questions about
it, having defaulted, the amount can lawfully be collected from him. John Henry Smith
also knows that he is not to protest or argue the amount of deficiency in any tax case. If
you are not required to file, you should not care whether they say you owe fifteen
thousand dollars or one hundred and fifty million dollars. If you are not required to file,
the amount doesn’t matter. You never argue the amount because that is a fact issue. The
reason for this is, usually when you receive a Notice of Deficiency, it is for some
unworldly amount. The Internal Revenue Service wants you to run in and argue about the
amount. The minute you say “I don’t owe that much,” you have just agreed that you owed
something and conceded jurisdiction. One of the proper methods is to, as soon as
CLAIM (CAFV) – to seek an agreement with the IRS, in relation to certain points and
facts, that all you can do is discharge the tax liability of your Debtor/Straw-man with Bill
of Exchange. Some believe that John Henry Smith can exercise option No. 2 and can
“Accept the $ 1 5 ,000.00 for Value” and ‘return it for value’ and the so-called debt is
extinguished. While it sounds logical, we have seen no evidence that this process is
honored ! It may be possible because every “real” American has a corresponding
offsetting “credit” for all debt claimed against his Debtor/Straw-man. However, keep in
mind, when you do your CHARGE BACK, you charge up your UCC Contract Trust
Account so that you can use that credit to discharge fines, fees, taxes or debt.
Real folks all across America are filing UCC-I Financing Statements and understanding
the commercial scheme of debt and fraud of this beast system, called by many as
“government,” and their created fictions. It has been established, ” Lawyers and Attorneys
have written well over Sixty Million Codes and Statutes to confound and confuse the
American People and enslave them. ” None of these Codes or Statutes apply to any living,
breathing sovereign man or woman, who claim their heritage through what their
Creator/God has preserved.
After filing your UCC-I Financing Statement, it becomes evidence of a ” Security
Interest” in the Debtor/fiction (aka Straw-man) whom the Internal Revenue Service uses
to force, intimidate, threaten and compel the real flesh and blood man/woman to pay what
are called taxes . Under the Uniform Commercial Code, a Financing Statement is used
under Article IX to reflect a Public Record that there is a Security Interest or claim to the
property/goods in question to secure a debt or interest. The Financing Statement is filed
by the Security Holder (real man/woman) with the Secretary of State, or similar public
body, and as a result becomes Public Record and becomes evidence of title. As a party in
control of the Debtor/fiction or (Straw-man), you become the Secured Party with ALL
RIGHTS, INTEREST, AND TITLE in the Debtor/fiction’s Birth Certificate, Social
Security Account, Driver’s License, Automobile, Certificates of Title, Credit Cards,
Loans, Property, Taxes, etc., etc . !
So what did it cost the moneychangers to enslave the American People ? Nothing ! The
same is true for freedom; “For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for naught
(nothing), and ye shall be redeemed without money. ” Isaiah 52nd Chapter, 4th verse 1 .
Every contract consists of both an offer and acceptance. In every contract there is an
Offeror and Acceptor. The offeror being the tale, and the acceptor the head. Under
contract law, title to whatever is offered transfers instantaneously upon acceptance, not
upon payment like many seem to think. Payment, a consideration, is merely incidental .
Attorneys and Lawyers who write every contract used by corporations, including
Government Corporations, know that the acceptor of the contract is in charge or what is
known as the Holder in Due Course. Holder in Due Course is defined as : “Title Holder of
the contract. ” Thus, whenever you see any advertisement in the paper by, as an example,
a New Car Dealer offering you a new car at a certain price and you’ re attracted by what is
offered, you are responding to an offer. You run right down to the car dealer and without
knowing it become the victim of the oldest game of bait and switch in existence ! Here is
how the real shakedown works :
After you settle on the car with all its options and the price with the dealership, you then
sign your name to a contract, which in doing so, makes you the Offeror and the
dealership the acceptor of that offer. It works the same identical way in every retail sale
in the country, including Real Estate. You lose, because the seller is the Holder of the
contract and is in charge (and normally, the contract is to their benefit . . . not yours ! No
‘quid pro Quo,’ and certainly no mention or understanding as to no lawful money – only
commercial paper ! ) . That is the reason why you only get a carbon or photocopy of the
contract. They keep the original contract and original signatures and obediently enter the
property into commerce as the lawyers intended. It is a diabolical scheme ! Whenever a
Government Corporation sends you a letter, indictment, or anything else charging that
you violated some statute or code, or that you owe some sort of tax or fine, think of that
as an offer by the Government. For example: let’s say you receive a bill for property
taxes. This is an offer by the tax office just like the new car dealer. There are several
options that you have when you get the bill. The number one option which most people
take is to write out a check for the amount due. A check, of course, is a debt instrument.
Thus you are making a counter-offer to the tax collector, whom they of course will
accept, but the debt HAS NOT been extinguished. It is simply added to the PUBLIC
DEBT. Once again, you have become the victim of a bait and switch !
Let’ s use the same example as we’ve previously discussed and this time, let’ s use a
different tactic. Remember that the acceptor is in charge. This time, let’ s simply Accept
the “tax bill” for Value, with the right to discharge after the IRS has established the
agreement with you (as your only remedy is commercial discharge of the tax liability) .
When you examine your property tax bill, you find out it is made out to a name
(purportedly yours) in all capital letters. Which, as you’ve already discovered, is not you !
It is a fiction created by the government. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve obtained
a certified copy of your Birth Certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the State
where you were born and have filed your UCC-I Financing Statement. Now you control
all rights, title and interest in that all capital letter name character, including ALL
contracts, mortgages and pledges. You’re now in charge of anything dealing with your
It works the same way with Internal Revenue Service. They send the fiction a “tax bill”
for $20,000.00. You, as the Secured Party Creditor of the Debtor/fiction, you accept their
presentment for Value, place a value of $20,000.00, for example, on it and notify
whoever sent you the presentment that you can request a copy of their fiduciary tax return
(see Appendix). You can request this because all of the money created uses your
creditllabor as collateral. The amount you use is “dollar for dollar.”
Once the “real, live, flesh and blood man/woman has filed a UCC-I Financing Statement
supported with Security Agreement in place, taking ” all rights, title and interest” in the
name may be spelled with a first name, middle initial and last name) or “Strawman/woman”
when a “person” (agency or other public or private corporation) submits a
letter, bill or form (presentment) suggesting that you (when it’ s really the fiction) is being
charged with a debt, taxes or whatever, a personalized letter is sent to the person who
signed the letter or form or to a person responsible for the letter or form or ‘Bill’ being
sent to the fiction.
That letter explains that you (the real deal) “Accept the Charge for Value. ” This basically
tells them you hold title to the FICTION and anything connected to the FICTION. It
gives them NOTICE that they have committed a “Trespass against your property . . . Your
Rights ! ” It sets in stone that you are “the Holder-in-Due-Course . ” This is a
banking/securities term and requires a quick refresher definition:
“In every contract there must be an offer, acceptance and a consideration. Corporations
specialize in bait-and-switch tactics to protect themselves in every contractual
arrangement. Such as, when you see a home you like, the real estate agency may have
“offered” the home for sale through various advertisements. This is an offer. You look at
the home, like it, and the price is right. You tell the real estate agent “Yes, I’ll take it ! ” At
that point you have become the acceptor of the contract and, of course, the home and
price is the consideration. From a legal standpoint, this contract is completed. The offer,
acceptance and consideration are completed right then. The acceptor is the one “in
charge. ” That, at the moment, could be you. Then comes the old switch-a-roo ! Now is
when the bait-and-switch goes down. The real estate agent (unwittingly, as though
ignorance of the law is any excuse or defense) then requires you to fill out a FORM in
which you make an Offer and They [the Seller] become the Acceptor ! The bait and
switch is complete. It’ s that simple. You have now “voluntarily” become a DEBTOR –
“forever, ” even if you paid cash for the place or later pay off the mortgage. Why? Why
INSTRUMENT (I.e. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES) ! [Debt + Debt = Debt; Credit Debt
= ‘0’ and the debt is discharged . . . as a promise to pay ! ] .”
You have voluntarily made someone else the Holder in Due Course of the property. They
accepted the instrument (contract) FOR VALUE. They now own the property. ” All parts
of the contract, including the deed are now “recorded in the property records . Look at
your deed. It will have the, “FICTION’ S ” written in all capital letters . All we really do is
add to the so-called National Debt whenever you pay those taxes and make that counteroffer.
The debt, however, does not change and remains the same whenever you purchase
anything in this manner. As an example, when you receive a Notice of Property-taxes on
your home, the taxing authority is really making you an “offer. ” When you pay the taxes
you are making a counter-offer, because your payment will not extinguish the debt or
cancel it out. They will accept your counter-offer, but the debt will still be there.
By the way, the Notice of Property Tax due will be made out to your
FICTIONIDEBTOR ! Keep these things in mind when you purchase a home, land, auto,
open a bank account, apply for a license, etc. You must make the contract ! Make the
seller the Offeror and yourself (the real flesh and blood man with your name spelled
correctly) the acceptor of the offer. This puts you officially in charge ! You will be the
Holder in Due Course. YOU keep the original contract and give the Offeror a copy. Do
not record the contract unless you want to give up the ‘Allodial’ title to the property.
Recordings are not required as you are the sovereign and the original contract is all you
need to prove and establish ownership. You will want to do a UCC-3 Amendment filing
and add the newly acquired property to your commercial affairs.
Now with this explanation covered, let’s move to the person/agency that wrote the
letter or sent the bill (presentment) charging that your Debtor owes something.
Understand that as to a ‘Bill,’ it is a part of ‘total amount due’ and therefore there
may be a larger dollar amount at issue here to deal with. And, as applied to some
matter dealing with a ‘contract,’ i.e., Credit Card, not only is there that ‘larger’
amount – total due, there is also the issue as to the ‘ agreement/contract’ as to:
1. Was there a meeting of the minds as to the contract?
2. Was there fraud on the contract?
3. Was it an unconscionable contract?
To address the above issues, as to a contract, you can utilize the CONDITIONAL
ACCEPTANCE FOR V ALUE FOR PROOF OF CLAIM to allow the other side to
provide ‘Proof of Claim’ that there was a meeting of the minds , that there was no fraud
on (in) the contract and/or that it was not an unconscionable contract. At which time, per
your agreement, you will continue to pay on or pay the contracted debt. The ‘proofs of
claim’ are presented and closing caveat paragraphs stipulate that the other side agrees to
accept, by and through their silence and ‘general acquiescence. See Section 6 – CAFV for
details !
After filing the UCC- I Financing Statement, sometime later, you may request and pay
(discharge) via money order for a Certified copy of your UCC- I . Though it’ s not
absolutely necessary, the computer printed ‘Acknowledgement’ copy of your UCC- I is
‘ self-evident’ (it speaks for itself!) or the ‘ Hard-copy’ from a mail-in filing or ‘Hardcopy’
‘pasted-up’ from your computer filing. (see Section 5 ) . You are now the Holder in
Due Course of the property known as the Debtor/Straw-man, the property, collateral and
any contract(s), implied or otherwise, associated with your Debtor. You now have
effectively filed a superior security interest in the same.
In respect to the ‘presentment/offer, ‘ you can draft a letter stating: ” I am the Holder in
Due Course” (as referenced on page 23 , 2nd paragraph above). Then, because you have
become the ACCEPTOR of the presentment/offer, guess who is in charge? You are in
charge and the Offeror has been noticed of your status . Keep i n mind, a s the secured
party creditor, it is your duty and responsibility to accept for value and discharge the
debt/liability of your Debtor, via the presentments that come in.
In the commercial venue, all transactions take place with your Debtor and you’ re the
creditor. . . so accept and discharge !
See Section 6 – THE DISCHARGE OF DEBT as applied TODA Y for your edification so
you may understand the reality before you run out there and start discharging !
The comprehensive Security Agreement as found in this book is NONDISCHARGEABLE
by ANY Title II Bankruptcy Court, and is fully 1 00% transferable
to any Heir or Assign. This Security Agreement carries a fully functional Fidelity Bond
and Indemnity Clause. The collateral covered is extensive !
Learn to use and file UCC-I Form, UCC-3 ‘ s, Acceptance for Value (CAFV) Process,
Copy Certification by Document Custodian and the ‘exclusive’ Tort process.
Keep an exact RECORD of ‘color copies ‘ of your documents, proofs of service, Post
Office Green Cards, Mail Receipts, Firm Mailing Book page in a binder with all
documents in those protective plastic sheets ! This is really impetrative . . . to keep YOUR
Record exact and at your finger-tips when needed.
One cannot function within commerce as the creditor, without first securing the trade-name
(Straw-man) via security agreement and common law copyright placed on the UCC- 1 . THIS IS
VITAL ! (see Section 5)
1. A properly filled out, signed and Notarized security agreement with its “identifier” and item
number is placed on the UCC- 1 . (See Section 5 and the CD) Be sure to read it over a few
times. (Same thing applies to the other documents also found in Section 5 . )
2. D o not file (send) bills o f lading, certificate o f title, etc. D O NOT GIVE UP ‘holder i n due
course’ status in relation to these various documents and instruments ! The exception here is
the Birth Certificate, which after being stamped and filled in, make a color copy and send the
‘original certified-copy’ as part of the Charge-Back Process to the Secretary of the Treasury.
3 . Keep in your possession all documents, receipts, instruments, etc. that are accepted for value,
as holder in due course . . . against the Straw-man !
4. ‘They’ (government, etc.) did not steal your rights . . .b ecause you’ re not a party to the
Constitution. “They’ stole your ‘TITLES ! ‘ because rights are incident to the titles we hold.
(see Droit Droit – in Black’ s Law) If you have no title, you have no rights !
NOTE: Prior to February 2 1 , 1 87 1 , there was a National Government ! Since then, no one
lives there ! Same with all fifty states, even with a handwritten Original Organic Constitution
of the fifty states – you could say or prove that you live in a Republic ! But that Constitution
never applied to you as well. Since 1 889 (and thereabouts), for most western states, those
Constitutions have been re-written. They’re not organic/original – their ‘ federal ! ‘ It’ s of the
federal commercial sub-division, aka municipal corporation – in the federal zone known as
Washington, D.C . . . . of which you are not a party to !
[It’s a Military District Corporate Commercial Venue!]
5 . If one does not take the security interest and ‘capture’ all property to the private side – away
from the public juris – you won ‘ t have standing (in court) when you do an acceptance !
6. SCENARIO – You walk into court – the Judge says, “Are you the defendant?” You answer,
“Yea !” Judge then says, “OK- Sit Down. Shut-up. Don’t bring up any of this Constitution
crap -if you talk I’m gonna have you (your debtor/slave) gagged, ‘CAUSE I’ VE GOT TITLE
OVER YOU ! ! !”
7 . Title is either real or imaginary. When a baby is born, by definition it is considered “goods .”
When the birth certificate or live birth report is made, it’ s the Title ! Certificate of live birth is
the evidence of Title. It’ s not a bill of lading, it’ s an indenture ! The live birth report is the title
(Birth Certificate) and that’ s what ‘ s registered in the Department of Commerce – D.C. and the
‘ Corporation’ created (the ens legis) is what is registered under the IRS Trust #62 in Puerto
Rico ! That’ s why your Debtor is the corporate entity (Ens legis) because of the registration of
that ‘corporate-fiction. ‘ You’ re deemed the beneficiary – you owe them the tax for the
maritime venture for profit and corporate gain on the ‘corporate activity ‘ of your Debtor ! So
now when you receive the IRS form 1 040 in the mail, you’ ll know why !
Law, etc. ) Trespass always deals with titles ! ONLY the Supreme Courts of the fifty states have
the judicial power to make determinations over true titles ! See COMMON LAW PLEADING by
West Group) The lower agencies and administrative courts are ADMINISTRATING YO UR
8. SO NOW- with a proper security agreement and a UCC- l , with all listed property and if, for
instance, you’ re pulled over on a traffic stop and you say to the officer, “Who are you talking
to? When you address the defendant, are you talking to the debtor or the creditor? You see,
I’m the signatory here, a secured party Icreditor-holder in due course with standing to defend
MY TITLE to the goods !” Therein, the agent and the black robed administrator does not
have SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION over the case ! They have NO pledge to
administer !
9 . It’ s a two-edged SWORD ! Either “they” have the Title o r “you ‘ ve” got it ! There’ s only one
way to get it, and that’ s to give value for its first (via security agreement). Only by giving
value for it can you acquire rights to it ! And to have perfect and complete Title, you have to
have the right to possess it ! You can only establish the right to possess it if you give value for
it. Value can be ‘affection, ‘ it is enough to create ‘consideration’ for contract/agreement.
Same applies to ‘duty’ and ‘sacrifice ! ‘
1 0 . There are FOUR ELEMENTS of Title; 1 ) Possession, 2) use, 3 ) Time, and 4)
Interest . . . after your security agreement is in place.
Can you not ‘ argue, ‘ ‘ show,’ and ‘prove’ possession, use and time as applied to any such
property in discussion here, i.e., your fishing pole, dog, wash machine, car, house, land, debtor,
etc . . . whatever. . . and of these you only have possession . . . being 9110ths of the law . Where’ s
the other ‘tenth’ percent? Who ‘ s got it? In what form? By what agreement and who controls that
‘interest’ ? And without it, YOU do not have TITLE !
So here’s the Million Dollar Question; How are YOU going to now establish that so you
have the interest in that particular piece of property . . . whereby if you do, along with possession,
use and time and with the interest now established you would have all four elements of Title to
have TITLE?
Well, for that answer, you have to see the Wizard, the wonderful, wonderful Wizard of Oz
and due to his very busy schedule and certainly upon payment of the One Million Dollars in
money of account, the Wizard would most likely step around from behind the curtain, shake your
hand and congradulate you on your j ourney so far and he ‘ d remind you of your possession, use
and time and then he’ d lean over and wisper into your ear and say; ” to establish the interest in
your property, you have to file a UCC- J or a UCC-3 lien on the property-first in line and first in
time! And then you ‘d have superior security interest and Title! ”
Basic Steps for Redemption :
1 . Create your Security Agreement – place it on the UCC- l with its ‘ Item # ‘ and be sure to place
the item number at the lower left hand comer of your security agreement (lower right hand
comer in the footer portion of the page.) (Your Security Agreement should be signed, dated
and notarized before your UCC- l is filed ! )
2. File UCC- l in relation to Debtor, Birth Certificate, S S # Account, Driver’ s License, Marriage
License, any other license, permits, etc. See UCC- l text. UCC- l is filed with Secretary of
3 . Prepare and do up your: Power of Attorney, Common Law Copy Right Notice and the Hold
Harmless Agreement. Be sure to assign ‘identifier’ numbers to each document, Sign and
Notarize each where needed, and be sure documents and their ‘identifiers ‘ are on the UCC- I .
4. Place ‘value’ of B .c. on UCC- l and/or UCC-3 (corrective) Amendment at $ 1 00,000,000.00.
(One Hundred Million ! ) Stamp Birth Certificate with ‘Acceptance for Value and Honor’
stamp and fill in the appropriate fields and sign in Blue Ink.
5 . Prepare the CHARGE BACK PROCESS , i.e. , :
Cover Letter
Bill of Exchange (this one – ONLY for this process ! )
Birth Certificate
True and Correct copy of UCC- l (and UCC-3 if necessary)
1 040-ES
. . . Ship to Secretary of Treasury-U. S . , Mr. Timothy Geithner, via FedX, UPS or DHL
Note; Occasionally, the Secretary is replaced or resigns . . . so it becomes necessary to verify
the ‘current’ name of the Secretary of the Treasury . . . just in case. Use the internet or pick up the
phone via ‘information operator, ‘ get the number and call the S .O.T. office and get the name of
the Secretary . . . if necessary !
6. Make ‘color’ copies (of signature pages and those that have color ! ) and ‘black-n-white’
copies of the rest of your original documents before shipping/mailing. It is also suggested
that you make a ‘second’ set of original documents, signed in blue ink, so that as needed, you
can make regular copies and place them under COPY CERTIFICATION ! Keep all
‘originals’ in a safe place.
B E CO M I N G A ‘ S PC ‘ –
S E C U R E D PA RTY – –
In Section 4 of this Redemption Manual 4th Edition we covered the information relative to the
Straw-man. And now, we’ ll go into the information and steps necessary for you to become the
Secured Party Creditor (SPC). Once complete, you will have established the foundation of
‘ standing and capacity’ to manage the commercial affairs of your debtor, and the ‘ standing and
capacity’ to address and discharge* all corporate and public monetary claims made against the
Straw-man (your ‘artifical corporate debtor-person-entity’ ) . *not all of the ways to discharge are
covered in this manual, only one, for low level matters .
While SPC status rebuts the presumption that you are property of the state, you must still bargain
for your rights as the private Man/sovereign. Only citizens (slaves) of the state have privileges.
For sovereigns, rights without contract are a fantasy. If you do not see your image in the
depiction of the founding fathers at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the
Constitution of the United States, you are not party to the contract. This last statement may be a
shocking revelation to many of you, but it is nonetheless true. If you did not gather in private
discussion with your fellow man for the purpose of determining how you wish to govern and be
treated by other sovereigns – if you have not framed a declaration of your rights for which you
pledge your life, your wealth, and your sacred honor, as did the signatories to the U.S.
Constitution, then you have but one unilateral right – to institute a claim. However this right is
negated under the Declaration of International Rights and Duties of the Individual, which reads
as follows:
” VII. Every individual i s entitled to b e protected and assisted b y the state to which he
belongs, in the manner and form established by treaties and by international law. No
individual who, according to the law of the state against which he institutes a claim, as
a citizen of that state, shall be entitled to such protection “. The United Nations
Conference on International Organization page 1 05 , Department of State publication
2490, Conference Series 83, 1 946.
The following information and instructions will guide you through the complete process of
becoming a ‘ Secured Party Creditor’ . It is highly recommended that you read through the
instructions until you are comfortable with the overall process before proceeding with document
preparation. Every effort has been made to provide clear and complete instructions for all phases
of the process. Be forewarned that accuracy is essential to the process and there is considerable
detail involved. Plan on setting aside one full day or more to complete this process in its entirety.
We recommend that you work in an environment that is free of distractions. If, after reviewing
the instructions, you would prefer to have the process completed for you, we have set up a
service to accommodate your needs. Just give us a call or drop us a line. (See our address and
phone number on page 3 and 65 1 ) .
The following resources are required to complete the processes outlined in this section of the
manual. If you do not have your own computer, you may rent one at any Kinko’ s Copy Center.
To locate a Kinko’ s nearest you, go to the website and enter your zip code in
the locator tool. Microsoft Windows equipped computers and internet connections are also
available at most libraries.
1 . A blue-ink pen for the signatures on all original documents
2. A recent version of the Microsoft Windows operating system; 2000 (NT 5) or Windows
XP (Home or Professional version) or similar.
3 . Microsoft Word 2000 o r later
4. Adobe Acrobat (on Bonus CD)
5. Internet connection
6. Preferably a Laser Printer
7 . Air bill from a private courier such a s DHL, FedEx, etc . , to b e used i n the Charge B ack
8. Accepted for Value Stamp. This stamp will be used to on the Bill of Exchange for the
Birth Certificate in the Charge Back process, to be explained later. You may have one
made at a stamp maker or order one from the American’ s Bulletin for $38 .00, shipping
For my Remedy, Release the Proceeds, Products,
Accounts, and fixtures in the Orders(s) to Me
Immediately in the accordance with the Public Policy,
HJR- 1 92, UCC 1 0- 1 04 and UCC 1 – 1 04
Exemption ID # _________ UCC Contract Acct. # ___________ _
Value: $ __________ Date: ___ _
Is/ _________________ _
See ‘Book List’ at end of book or current copy of The American’ s Bulletin or request
‘TAB ‘ s Book Catalog for ‘Accepted for Value Stamp’ and cost ! Or go to
americansbulletin .com ‘ ” to see the Ink Stamps in our ‘Bookstore ‘ .
9 . Notary Public. Notaries are available at most real estate offices, banks, public
accountants, and attorney offices.
Note 1: While we don ‘ t advise it, under extreme circumstances, e.g., incarceration or no
access to computer, you can complete this process manually by mail. We have included
a complete set of documents in which lines have been inserted in place of all required
information fields . The process can also be completed with a typewriter. You can use
the manual forms, or type all the documents from scratch, at your option. However, it is
best to have an outside party or family member with power of attorney and a computer
to do the process for you. They can do a much better, and more professional appearing
j ob, on the documents . . . on computer ! DOING THE PROCESS ON COMPUTER
Note 2: If your copy of the Redemption Manual 4th Edition was mailed to a penal
institution the Bonus CD is considered contraband, and the CD was mailed to your
friend/outside family member.
Note 3: If you have a non-windows computer, you will have to translate the instructions
to make appropriate allowances for your platform and software. We have provided plain
text (ASCII) versions of all the documents on the Bonus CD to save you the effort of
retyping the text. These files can be opened in any text editor and reformatted.
BLUE-INK-SIGNATURE. Your signature written in blue ink. Documents with a single blueink-
signature are originals to be kept in pristine condition by the document custodian. Originals
are only used to make true and correct copies or copies for certification by notary.
CHATTEL PAPER. ” Chattel Paper” means a writing or writings which evidence both a
monetary obligation and a security interest in a lease of specified goods, but a charter or other
contract involving the use or hire of a vessel is not chattel paper. When a transaction is evidenced
by both a security agreement or a lease and by an instrument or series of instruments , the group
of writings taken together constitutes chattel paper. VCC 9- 1 05 (b)
COLLATERAL. “Collateral ” means the property subject to a security interest, and includes
accounts and chattel paper which have been sold. VCC 9- 1 05 (c)
COPY CERTIFICATION. A procedure for authenticating a copy of an original document
mailed to a recipient. The original is copied in color then notarized and recorded on a special
notary form: “Copy Certification by Document Custodian.” The competed, notarized form is
your record, should it be necessary to defend the authenticity of the copy. The tracking number
used to ship the documents is usually referenced on the notary form along with the list of
DOCUMENT CUSTODIAN. A keeper of records. If you have a trusted friend who can assist
you in times of emergency, sign a Power of Attorney to them and let them keep your originals
and/or master copies. Otherwise you are the Custodian.
DOCUMENT TRACKING NUMBER. Identifier such as a Certified or Registered Mail
Number used by the US Postal Service, or the tracking number used by a courier service such as
Airborne Express, FedEx, etc., and is usually placed in the header section on every page of a
document set. The document tracking number will be used in the record book of a notary to
identify documents which are copy certified.
INDICIA. Signs, indications . Circumstances which point to the existence of a given fact as
probable, but not certain. For example, “indicia of partnership” are any circumstances which
would induce the belief that a given person was in reality, though not ostensibly, a member of a
given firm.
L. Marks ; signs ; appearance; color. In civil law, circumstantial evidence-facts which give rise
to inferences. In common law, indications of character: as indicia of authority, of fraud, of title.
Anderson ‘s Dictionary of Law 1 996
INFORMATIONAL FILING. An informational filing is a separate UCC- l filing mailed first
class into another state, based upon the original (primary) filing, i. e . , uses the same filing
number. It may be necessary to file up to two informational filings depending on where you are
domiciled or the state that you use for your mailing address. Informational filings must be
accepted per U.S . Constitution, Article 4, section 1. The only difference between an
informational filing and your primary filing is the information that you place in box 4 of the
UCC- l . For the information filing, the text in box 4 should reads as follows:
“This is an Informational filing, original UCC- l filed in Washington state, UCC- l
Financing Number UCCl-l_FILING_NO, dated MONTH_NAME, DAY_NO,
Use the following table to determine the number of informational filings you will need to
California 2
PLEASE NOTE; Some States still refuse to file the informational filing, sent in by mail of
course, and if that’ s the case you experience, don’ t’ stress out. Try to get your funds back and go
on with what you have to do.
STRAW-MAN. The corporate fiction, ENS LEGIS , or juridical person established by
registration of your birth certificate. The Straw-man/debtor is your nexus to the Matrix. Through
it, you have and control the ‘vessel ‘ , to go into the Matrix to handle the commercial affairs of
your debtor.
TRUE AND CORRECT COPY. A black and white copy of an original document on which a
second signature line is drawn in below the original signature and signed in blue ink.
UNIQUE IDENTIFIER. An arbitrary string of characters that encodes information about a
document with requirement that it must, with reasonable certainty, uniquely identify a given
document from all other documents in the universe of documents . A Unique identifier shall be
placed on every page of a document where the instructions call them out. A page number is also
recommended for each page to identify it should it become separated from its page set.
RECORDS : It is strongly recommended that you only use your original documents to make two
color master copies and retire the original to your files immediately for safe keeping. If you are
not equipped with a small fire proof safe, and can obtain one, this is also highly recommended.
Take the two master copies per original document to a notary for certification. Keep one master
copy for duplication, and warehouse the other master copy in another physical location with a
trusted document custodian or safe location.
SHIPPING : When you manage your commercial affairs as a secured party creditor you are
operating in the capacity of a private banker. It is therefore advantageous to use a United States
Post Office REGISTERED MAIL or a private courier service such as FedEx, UPS , DHL, etc . ,
especially with instruments that have a high dollar value, for example, the Charge BacklBill of
Exchange protion of the process, as used in said charge back process ; a 1 00 Million dollar
commercial instrument. There are several important advantages :
1 . Since a private courier is not ‘directly’ an agency of the government, you cannot be
charged with sending “funny” documents in the US Mail – (Mail Fraud; Title 1 8, § 1 334).
2. Most of the private carriers offer over-night service. Keep in mind, Registered mail sent
long distances via the US Postal Service may take several days to arrive. For all other
matters, Certified Mail with ‘Green Card’ is OK, but green cards have been returned back
late, unsigned, etc. ! We STRONGLY recommend that you use one of the private couriers
for the Charge Back process or Registered mail.
DOCUMENT IDENTIFICATION: The following primary documents will require a unique
identifier to be placed in the footer section of every page. The cover letter, bill of exchange, Birth
Certificate Accepted for value and 1 040ES do not require a unique identifier.
Secu ri ty Ag re e m e n t SA-O l 1 7 1 7061 776BFF
Pow e r of Atto rney POA-O l 17 1 7061776BFF
Bi l l o f Exch a n g e BOE-O l 1 7 1 7061776BFF
Com mo n La w Co pyri g h t CLC-O l 1 7 1 7061776BFF
H o l d H a rm l ess Ag ree m e n t HHA-O l 1 7 1706 1776BFF
The following components were used t o build the unique identifiers used i n the sample
documents :
1 . Document Title Abbreviations:
2. Date of Birth: 01 171706
3 . Last 4 digits of Social Security Number: 1776
4. Initials: BFF
5. Or you can use the current Date, i.e., 061509- 1IPOAIBFF. The ‘ – 1 ‘ is a document
‘sequence’ number if have more than one document you will be creating and filing
or sending out. In this matter, you’ll be creating the above 5 documents, and so use
1,2,3,4,5 per each document. The first being the SA, the 2nd being the POA, etc., in
what order you choose, SA being the First and the rest in whatever sequence you
create them and their ‘ Item #’.
We recommend that you create all five unique identifiers called out in the table above prior to
beginning document preparation. That way you will have them available to ‘drop’ in to the
documents as the need arises . This will also help you to stay focused on details important to
completing your paperwork accurately. If you are not familiar with how to create custom footer
information the following brief tutorial is offered as a guide.
1 . Open Microsoft Word, if you have access to the required computer resources, so you can
follow along with the instructions .
2. From the View menu select the submenu Header and Footer. The header and footer
areas of the page will then display in dashed outline and a popup menu will display to
assist you in composing the ‘boiler plate’ text for the page.
3 . Position your mouse over the icons to display the help text. There are icons for placing
page numbers in a variety of formats, as well as date and time information. You can use
the formatting toolbar at the top of the page to position any selected text.
4. If the toolbars that you are wanting are not displayed, right click in the toolbar area for a
pop-up list of available tool bars.
5 . When you are done composing your headers/footers, click the close button on the pop-up
menu to resume normal program mode.
6. Once you have placed text in the header/footer area of the page, you can activate the
header/footer mode again to re-edit by simply double clicking on any text that appears in
that area of the page.
Note: Header and footer information only needs to be entered for a single page. The
software will automatically update all the other pages based on your initial entry.
DEBTOR ADDRESS : We recommend that you secure a Post Office Box for the use of your
Debtor as it pertains to your UCC- I filing. This breaks the association that is presumed
between the domicile of the living, breathing man with that of the fiction (Straw-man) .
SECURED PARTY NAME: If you really want to create a distinction between Debtor and
Secured Party, and have ever wanted to change your name, there has never been a better
opportunity than when filing your UCC- I . In the matrix, the masters want the juridical person
(the slave) to petition (ask permission) the court if they want a name change.
ADDRESS AND SIGNATURE BLOCK: We recommend that you pay special attention to
the following forms for indicating your address. These important mechanisms, while subtle,
carry important meanings with regard to establishing and noticing those whom you deal with as
to what jurisdiction you are moving in. It is insurance that you may wish you had, should one
of your agents injure you.
1 . S ample letter head to your agents :
“Without Prejudice”
Benjamin Freedom Franklin©, Authorized Representative
City of Baltimore, Maryland, united States of America
DMM Reg. Sec, 1 22.32; Public Law 9 1 -375, Sec. 403
If you ‘ re going to use a zip
code . . . place it in brackets :
r 1 2345 1
To: Office of the Attorney General, State of lllinois
d/b/a Lizzy Madiam, Attorney General of lllinois
7777 Argus Blvd., Suite 999, Rock Island, IL 6 1 1 07
(309) 777-7777
You know that the agent has recognized that you are not moving in their jurisdiction
when they send you a return response with the address formatted like the following:
Notice what they have written for a zip code.
The phrase “Without Prejudice” should be used whenever you use your name and
address. The convention “FOR ALL COMMUNIQUES ELSEWHERE” is like
declaring your public bulletin board. In essence, you are saying, “If you want to
notice me, this is where you ‘post’ your notice.” The use of the Zip Code is
voluntary per Domestic Mail Services Regulations, Section 1 22.32. You should also
know that the Postal service cannot discriminate against the non-use of the ZIP
Code. Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403 , (Public Law 9 1 -375). The federal
government utilizes the ZIP code to prove that you reside in a “federal district of the
District of Columbia. ” This is why the IRS and other government agencies (state
and federal) require a ZIP Code when they assert jurisdiction by sending you
a letter. They claim that this speeds the mail, but this is a sly and subtle TRICK. It is
also PRIMA FACIE evidence that you are a subj ect of Congress and a “citizen of
the District of Columbia” who is “resident” in one of the several States.
2. Sample signature block: (is placed on the right hand side of the page – off center ! )
Without Prejudice/All rights reserved
/S/ ________________ . . your name here . . , S ecured Party Creditor, Authorized
Representative, Attorney-In-Fact on behalf of BENJAMIN
Field identifiers are place holders for data that you will supply to customize the documents listed
in the PROCESS OVERVIEW (below) for your own use. For illustration we have provided
sample documents with field data for the fictitious person BENJAMIN FREEDOM FRANKLIN.
The following information and formats will be used to complete the documents. You are
responsible for adapting this data to suit your particular circumstances-the data here is for
1 . Collect all evidence (indicia) of adhesion (contracts, licenses, permits, etc.). These will be
listed in box 4 of your VCC Financing Statement, a.k.a., VCC- I .
• Birth Certificate Registration Number
• Library Card Number
• Social Security Number
• Vehicle License Numbers (drivers, boating, and or pilots license)
• Fish and Game Licenses
• Marriage license Number
• Passport Number
• Professional License Numbers, e.g. , Accountant, Contractors, Doctor,
Engineering, Ministerial, etc .
• Any other licenses or permits
Note: Even if you’ ve been living in a cave for most of your life and you have just
‘popped’ out and discovered redemption, you can still become a secured party. Box 4 on
your VCC- I would then reference only the four primary documents. Your biological
property (the only property that you would have in this case) is secured in the Security
Agreement. The purpose for filing in this case would be to pre-empt the potential
liability for becoming ensnared in the matrix. You are a “deer in the headlights” and will
most likely be eventually captured. Since you would not have a birth certificate, the
Charge B ack process could not be completed.
Note: If you have been separated from your ‘indicia of adhesion’ contracts (licenses,
permits, etc.) by loss (theft or fire), they can be placed on a VCC-3 at a later time,
including any other contract numbers from licenses or permits, etc . , by completing a
VCC Financing Statement Amendment, a.k.a. , VCC-3. See details at the end of this
section of the manual.
2. Documents Referenced in the VCC Financing Statement (VCC- I ) :
• Security Agreement
• Power of Attorney
• Common Law Copyright
• Hold Harmless & Indemnity Agreement
3 . VCC Financing Statement (VCC- I )
4. Documents used in the Chargeback Process:
• Cover Letter to Sec. of the Treasury; Timothy Geithner (2006 forward?)
• Bill of Exchange (letter format) for Birth Certificate
• Birth Certificate Accepted for Value
• True and correct copy of UCC Financing Statement (UCC- l )
• 1 040 ES
Submitting of documents to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.
5 . UCC Financing Statement Addendum (UCC-3)
You will notice that there are sample forms filled out in the name of “Benj amin Freedom
Franklin.” Read and review the forms . Following the form is a generic copy of the form. It is not
suggested that one copy any of the forms out of the book and ‘fill-in’ the blanks with pen, as it
reduces the professional appearance of the forms . The ‘Blank’ forms are on the ‘CD ‘ to pull up
on your computer to input your information to prepare the form for your process/filing on
computer, or having the forms copied whereby you can use a typewriter if that is all you have !
See the data sheet for the particular placement of the required information on each document.
The security agreement, in principle, should be done first, signed and notarized, as it is the first
agreement between your debtor and you.
The footer in all of your documents should look like the following: (sample: )
1 of 7 – Affidavit in Support of Discharge Item # l02509-l/ASDIBFF
Note; the item number can be the date you created the document, for simplicity. The – 1 is the
document in sequence if any, i.e., 1 ,2,3,4,5 as created where there may be multiple documents
per any particular matter.
The only EXCEPTION is the style of the footer of the Security Agreement ! Sample indication
within that section and the footer appears on CD file obviously ! You can change it any way if
you wish !
NOTE: In respect to the following documents that require notarizing, understand that you have
to go to a ‘ State Commissioned OfficerlNotary’ of the State for Notarizing, who is ONLY to
acknowledge (validate your signature ! ) . it is not their function to analyze or give legal opinion as
to your documents or whatever you are notarizing.
As per your signature block of where you sign before a Notary, it is best to only sign where the
SPC is to sign and then have the Notary notarize thereon . . . then later, print your Debtor’ s name
in the space above where you signed !
Note: The instructions in this section assume that you have the required resources .
However, if you are completing the process manually or with a typewriter, you can still
follow along. Whenever forms are called out, you may substitute a copy of the
appropriate form from the ‘CD ‘ in Section 1 0, or type one from scratch at your option.
SECURITY AGREEMENT: The Security Agreement is the first document that must be filled
out and notarized before proceeding with the rest of the process because it is the authority or
basis for becoming a Secured Party Creditor. It is the agreement that transfers a security interest
in personal property between the public side debtor (Straw-man) and the private-side creditor
(secured party) . The security interest is normally perfected either by the creditor taking
possession of the collateral or by filing financing statements in the proper public records. Once
security agreement is perfected (filed first in time-first in line), you as creditor has first priority
right of possession, and lien. (The UCC- l or 3 establishes ‘ superior security interest and lien’
bad replacement title in the property as supported by your security agreement. Since all property
has been pledged to the state and owned by the International Bankers, it now has been
‘redeemed’ after the filings (UCC- l & 3 ‘ s) .
1 . Place the bonus CD in your drive and open the file: “Security Agreement.” You can use
the sample to guide you in preparing your Security Agreement. For those of you who do
not have the Bonus CD, the samples follow these instructions.
2. Now open the file “Security Agreement”, and Double-click on the footer section. Replace
the single instance of UNIQUE_ID with the document ID that you have chosen for your
Security trement, and the two instances of SP NAME. After replacing each identifier,
click the ,;It button on toolbar to deselect the bold text and change the font color back to
black with the 6. drop-down tool on the toolbar. When you are done, close the pop-up
toolbar and go to the top of the document.
3 . Scan the pages called out i n the table below and replace each identifier listed i n the table
with your personal information. All identifiers are color coded in bold text for easy
identification. After replacing each identifier, click the button toolbar to deselect the bold
text, and change the font color back to black with the drop-down tool on the toolbar.
1 1 DT Z I P
12 S S N
13 S P NAM E
14 S P A D D R E S S
1 5 S P CITY
1 7 S P _ZI P
2 1 DT NAM E
3 1 U N I Q U E I D ( BO E )
4. Print the name of your Debtor in all capital letters, and sign the name in upper and lower
case, using the format of your secured party name . Both signatures must be in blue-ink.
s. Notarize your original and then make 4 or 5 color copies (Place the original and two color
copies in a safe place) . . . But take one of those, make 4 or 5 black-n-white copies, of
which on these, in the margin area below the ‘black signature, ‘ draw a line and sign on
the line in Blue Ink ! These are ‘True & Correct’ copies . . . to be used as exhibits and/or
mailed out as needed.
6. Note; Per the new SCHEDULE A, in filling that portion out, after reading it, use common sense
in filling in the blanks !
Sample Security Agreement follows :
Note; the follow Security Agreement has been upgraded and expanded!
This Security Agreement is made and entered into this 1 0th day of October 2009 [1] by and between
ACCOUNT NUMBER 1 0 1 -88- 1 776, and Benjamin Freedom Franklin [3] , Secured Party, hereinafter
“Secured Party.” If any part or portion of this Security Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable,
such part or portion shall not void any other part or portion as reasonably segregable from said partes) or
portiones). The Parties, hereinafter “Parties,” are identified as follows:
P.O. BOX 1 776
BALTIMORE, MD 2 1 20 1
UCC CONTRACT TRUST ACCOUNT/Social Security Account Number – 1 0 1 -88- 1 776 [5]
Secured Party [6]
Benjamin Freedom Franklin [ a “Personam Sojum and one of the people of the Posterity” ]
c/o 1 776 Redemption Road
Baltimore, Maryland state [2 1 20 1 ]
united States of America
NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:
In consideration for the Secured Party providing certain accommodations to DEBTOR, inter alia, to
the Secured Party:
Debtor, who deems himselflherself insolvent, hereby under necessity, grants the above Secured party a
security interest in the collateral described herein, on any Schedule A ‘ s , and as may appear on all UCC
filings referred to as ‘collateral, ‘ to secure all debtor’ s property as well as all so-called income from
whatever source derived, direct, indirect, absolute or contingent, due or to become due, hereinafter
arising, held in any account with its due interest, parole or expressed public indebtedness and liabilities
held by Debtor or presented to Debtor, to Secured party in consideration for Secured Party providing
certain things and accommodations for Debtor, including but not limited to:
1 . Constituting the source, origin, substance, and being, i.e. basis of “pre-existing claim,” from which
the existence of DEBTOR was derived and on the basis of which DEBTOR is able to function as a
transmitting utility to conduct Commercial Activity as a conduit for the transmission of goods and
services to the Secured Party, and to interact, contract, and exchange goods, services, obligations, and
liabilities with other DEBTORS , corporations, and artificial persons in Commerce;
2 . Signing b y accommodation for DEBTOR i n all cases whatsoever wherein any signature o f DEBTOR
is required;
3 . Issuing a binding commitment to extend credit or for the extension of immediately available credit,
whether or not drawn upon and whether or not a charge back is provided for in the
event of difficulties in collection;
4. Providing the security for payment of all sums due or owing, or to become due or owing, by
5 . Constituting the source of the assets, via the sentient existence, exercise of faculties, and labor of the
Secured Party, that provide the valuable consideration sufficient to support any contract which
DEBTOR may execute or to which DEBTOR may be regarded as bound by any person whatsoever,
DEBTOR hereby confirms that this Security Agreement is a duly executed, signed, and sealed private
contract entered into knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily by DEBTOR and Secured Party,
wherein and whereby DEBTOR:
a. Voluntarily enters DEBTOR in the Commercial Registry;
b. Transfers and assigns to the Secured Party a security interest in the Collateral described herein
below; and
c. Agrees to be, act, and function in law and commerce, as the unincorporated, proprietary
trademark of the Secured Party for exclusive and discretionary use by the Secured Party in any
manner that the Secured Party, by Sovereign and Unalienable Right, elects.
Filing of this Security Agreement by the Parties constitutes open, lawful, public notice that:
1 . The law, venue, and j urisdiction of this Security Agreement is the ratified, finalized, signed, and
sealed private contract freely entered into by and between DEBTOR and the Secured Party as
registered herewith.
2. This Security Agreement is contractually complete herein and herewith and cannot be abrogated,
altered, or amended, in whole or part, without the express, written consent of both DEBTOR and
the Secured Party.
3 . The Secured Party signing, signs b y accommodation for the DEBTOR, when necessary, i n every
manner where the debtor’ s signature is required. The Secured Party reserves the right to make
sufficient claims to secure such indebtedness until satisfied in whole.
4. The Secured Party as Creditor, with standing and capacity, agrees to issue or extend credit, on
behalf of the DEBTOR, whether or not such credit is drawn upon or not reimbursed in the event of
difficulties in collection thereof.
5 . DEBTOR i s the commercial transmitting utility, and unincorporated, proprietary trademark o f the
Secured Party with DEBTOR name being common law copyrighted and all property of DEBTOR is
the secured property of the Secured Party.
6. Any unauthorized use of DEBTOR or DEBTORS name in any manner that might influence, affect,
pertain to, or be presumed to pertain to the Secured Party in any manner is expressly prohibited
without the written consent of the Secured Party.
7 . DEBTOR declares i t is an ‘Ens legis’ legal entity recognized a s such and has rights and privileges
recognized under the laws the UNITED STATES , Inc . , and has been the case since its creation in
8. All legal means to protect the security interest being established by this Agreement will be used by
the Secured Party whenever necessary and all support needed by the Secured Party to protect
his/her security interest in the collateral herein identified or otherwise added will be provided by the
Secured Party including but not limited by commercial/tort lien process, by agreement of the
Execution of this security agreement incorporates a promise that the DEBTOR will direct the
execution of such commercial forms, including but not limited to financing statements such as may be
necessary to assure that the Secured Party’ s interest is perfected and protected. The security interest
established by this agreement will continue until the Secured Party is relieved of all liability associated
herein to the DEBTOR, and until all owing and due consideration to the Secured Party has been
delivered, regardless of whether the collateral identified in this agreement is in the possession of the
DEBTOR or the Secured Party.
DEBTOR warrants that Secured Party’ s claim against the collateral is enforceable according to the
terms and conditions expressed herein and according to all applicable laws promulgated for the purpose
of protecting the interest of a creditor against a debtor.
DEBTOR also warrants that it holds good and marketable title to the collateral, free and clear of all
actual and lawful liens and encumbrances except for the interest established therein, and except for
substantial interest as may have been privately established by agreement of the parties with attention to
the elements necessary to establish a valid contract under international contract law.
Public encumbrances presented to or belonging to the DEBTOR against the collateral shall remain
secondary to this agreement, unless registered prior to the registration of Secured Party’ s interest in the
same collateral, as is well-established in international commercial law.
Possession of Collateral
Collateral or evidence of collateral may remain in the possession of the debtor, to be kept at the
address given in this agreement by the debtor or such other place(s) approved by Secured Party, and
notice of changes in location must be made to the Secured Party within ten ( 1 0) days of such relocation.
Debtor agrees not to otherwise remove the collateral except as is expected in the ordinary course of
business, including sale of inventory, exchange, and other acceptable reasons for removal. When in doubt
as to the legal ramifications for relocation, debtor agrees to acquire prior written authorization from the
Secured Party. Debtor may possess all tangible personal property included in collateral, and have
beneficial use of all other collateral, and may use it in any lawful manner not inconsistent with this
agreement, except that debtor’ s right to possession and beneficial use may also apply to collateral that is
in the possession of the Secured Party if such possession is required by law to perfect Secured Party’ s
interest in such collateral. If Secured Party, at any time, has possession of any part of the collateral,
whether before or after an event of default, Secured Party shall be deemed to have exercised reasonable
care in the custody and preservation of the collateral, if Secured Party takes such action for that purpose
as deemed appropriate by the Secured Party under the circumstances.
Proceeds and Products from Collateral
Unless waived by secured party, all proceeds and products from the disposition of the collateral, for
whatever reason, shall be held in trust for Secured Party and shall not be commingled with any other
accounts or funds without the consent of the Secured Party. Notice of such proceeds shall be delivered to
Secured Party immediately upon receipt. Except for inventory sold or accounts collected in the ordinary
course of debtor’ s public business, debtor agrees not to sell, offer to sell, or otherwise transfer or dispose
of the collateral; nor to pledge, mortgage, encumber, or otherwise permit the collateral to be subj ect to a
lien, security interest, encumbrance, or charge, other than the security interested established by this
agreement, without the prior written consent of the Secured Party.
Maintenance of Collateral
Debtor agrees to maintain all tangible collateral in good condition and repair, and not to commit or
permit damage to or destruction of the collateral or any part of the collateral. Secured Party and his
designated representatives and agents shall have the right at all reasonable times to examine, inspect, and
audit the collateral wherever located. Debtor shall immediately notify secured party of all cases involving
the return, rej ection, repossession, loss, or damage of or to the collateral; of all requests for credit or
adjustment of collateral, or dispute arising with respect to the collateral; and generally of all happenings
and events affecting the collateral or the value or the amount of the collateral.
Compliance with Law
Debtor shall comply promptly with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of all governmental
authorities applicable to the production, disposition, or use of the collateral. Debtor may contest in good
faith any such law, ordinance, or regulation without compliance during a proceeding, including
appropriate appeals, so long as Secured Party’ s interest in the collateral, in Secured Party’ s opinion, is not
j eopardized. Secured Party may, at his option, intervene in any situation that appears to place the
collateral in j eopardy.
Public Disputes
Debtor agrees to pay all applicable taxes, assessments, and liens upon the collateral when due ;
provided that such taxes, assessments, and liens are proved to be superior to the lawful claim established
by this agreement and subsequently perfected by the Secured Party by appropriate registration. In the
event that debtor elects to dispute such taxes, assessments, and liens, Secured Party’ s interest must be
protected at all times, at the sole opinion of the Secured Party, who may, at his option, intervene in any
situation that appears to j eopardize secured party’ s interest in the collateral. Debtor may elect to continue
pursuit of dispute of such taxes, assessments, and liens, only upon production of a surety bond by public
claimant(s), in favor of the secured party, sufficient to protect secured party from loss, including all costs
and fees associated with such dispute. Should public judgment against the debtor result from such
dispute, debtor agrees to satisfy such j udgment from its accounts established and managed by the
UNITED STATES or its subdivisions, agents, officers, or affiliates, so as not to adversely affect the
Secured Party’ s interest in the Collateral.
Debtor hereby indemnifies Secured Party from all harm as expressed in the attached indemnity bond,
incorporated herein as if fully set forth within this security agreement.
Providing Secured Party, subsequent to the execution of this agreement, perfects his security interest
in the collateral by appropriate registration, debtor agrees that its indebtedness to the Secured Party,
whether now existing or hereafter created, shall have priority over unregistered claims that third parties
may raise against debtor or the collateral, whether or not debtor becomes insolvent. Debtor hereby
expressly subordinates any claim that the debtor may have against Secured Party, upon any account
whatsoever, to the claim that Secured Party has or will have against the debtor.
If Secured Party so requests, all notes or credit agreements now or hereafter established, evidencing
debts or obligation of debtor to third parties, shall be marked with a legend that the same are subject to
this agreement and shall be delivered to Secured Party. Debtor agrees, and secured party hereby is
authorized, in the name of the debtor, to execute and file such financing statements and other commercial
statements, a