The Secret Powers Of Crystals and Gemstones

Why do Crystals & Gemstones have power?
There are many theories but one of the most popular is that all crystals have the capacity
to absorb energies, emotions & knowledge. The variety in their composition means that
each type absorbs different powers & these powers are then naturally imparted to the user
or wearer.

Cleansing Your Crystals & Gemstones
Firstly it is very important to cleanse your newly acquired crystal or gemstone even if
you found it. This is basically to remove any influences from anyone else who has
handled the stone. There is no right or wrong way to cleanse your stone and its best to
experiment with different methods until you find one that is right for you.
To cleanse your stones wash each stone separately. If you plan to leave them to soak
then use a separate container of water for each stone & please be sure to use clean water
for each stone. This may seem obvious to some but you’d be surprised how many people
acquire several stones at once & just put them all to soak together in a single container.
It’s also important to use a natural container not one made of plastic!
You may then wish to recharge your stone and this involves using the power of the earth,
sun & moon. I rinse my stones under running tap water then bury them in some earth, (a
plant pot will do) for at least a day, so that they may receive earth energies. I then soak
them overnight in tap water with a sprinkle of sea salt followed by placing them outside
in sunlight so that they may get recharged or re-energized by the sun. EVERY full moon
I place my stones outside so that they may also receive energy from the moon.
Obviously, if I’ve acquired a new stone & the next full moon is a long way off, they don’t
get placed outside for moon energies immediately.
It is then important to personalize your stone & get to know it. Take the time to hold
each stone and feel it with your hands so that you may become attuned with it.
Should you share your Crystals & Gemstones?
Many people do not allow anyone else to touch or handle their stones and I too have
some “special” stones that only I touch. However, I have a large wooden bowl on my
coffee table and it always attracts attention from visitors who are often drawn to picking
up a stone and rolling it in their hand, like a stress ball. I don’t have a problem with this
as I like to think that they may “need” something from whatever stone they’ve chosen.
My children are also constantly “playing” with my stones and sometimes ask to take a
certain stone to bed with them. This is why I periodically repeat the cleansing process
and recharge my stones. Having said that, it is important that you treat your stones with
respect, care and consideration.
How Should I Use Crystals & Gemstones?
“The Four Its”
There are numerous ways to use your stones. Just to name a few common ways.
Meditation, Altars or special area for your collection, room placement, your work place,
vehicles, carrying them and wearing them as jewelry.
In simplest terms, using them will fall into one of “The Four Its”.
Hold It ~ Place It ~ Carry It ~ Wear It
You can place them under your pillow or on a bedside cabinet so you can absorb their
influences while you sleep. If you have an ailing plant, place some crystals around it or
soak a stone in water overnight and use it to water the plant the following day. Talk to
your stones, carry them with you, get to know them and feel their energies working for
you and then use them however you feel is most appropriate.
Tumble stones and smaller pieces are great for carrying with you each day or make
excellent gifts for friends and love ones. I have a selection of stones that I change and
carry according to my feelings or requirements on a particular day. I also have several
pieces of jewelry containing different stones and again change these to suit my needs.
For example I may wear a particular stone, or have one close by while working but if I’m
planning a romantic evening with my husband then I’ll be sure to change the stones later
in the evening.
Crystal Wands can be used to recharge your whole body. Hold one in your transmitting
hand (left if you’re left handed or right if you’re right handed) with the point pointing
towards your fingers. Take the second wand and hold it in your receiving hand with the
point facing towards your wrist. You now have a complete circuit and after a short while,
you should feel a flow of energy passing through your body. You can also use a pair of
male & female stones in the same way.
Healing with stones is something that’s been going on for centuries although there is now
an increasing interest in Crystal healing. Most healers have their own methods and
techniques, which they have developed over a period of time to suit them. I stress again,
there is no right or wrong way to use crystals and over time you will develop your own
rituals for cleansing and using your crystals.
Remember though, that Crystal and Gemstone healing cannot replace medical treatment
and you should always consult a doctor. Crystal and Gemstone treatment is a
complimentary therapy and should be used as such – complimentary to any other medical
treatment you may require.
Diagnosis can be achieved by holding a wand or point in your receiving hand and moving
it slowly over the body. With time you will learn to sense an area that needs healing.
There is no need to remove your clothes and most healers will not ask you to remove
them. If a healer does ask you to remove your clothes then please bear in mind whether
you’re comfortable with this as it is in no way necessary but some prefer it.
Treatments are numerous and vary from healer to healer. Some will choose a set of
crystals for you to carry with you day and night, others may use a wand or point. In this
case the wand is held lightly, as for diagnosing, but usually in the transmitting hand and
pointing towards the area to be healed. However, if something needs to be “brought out”
from the area, the wand will be held pointing away.
Another, fairly common method is to surround the effected area with appropriate crystals.
If the crystals are pointed they will generally be placed with the point towards the area
requiring healing for a least 10 minutes.
Chakra healing is also a method used by some healers.
Your use is a matter of personal choice. Treat your Crystals and Gemstones with respect
and then follow your intuition. If it feels right, it probably is and vice versa.
How do I choose my Crystals and Gemstones?
Choosing your Crystal or Gemstones doesn’t have to be hard. Actually, they will
probably choose you. They pop into your life in mysterious & magical ways. They’ll
“speak” to you and sparkle like crazy. Crystals respond to thought & feelings so take
your time in looking at them and just see if any “jump out” at you.
Just look, don’t touch and see if you’re repeatedly drawn back to looking at the same one.
Try not to let logic decide for you – biggest isn’t always best! Let your intuition guide
you & trust that feeling.
What is a Cabochon?
A cabochon or cabachon, from the Middle French caboche (head), is a gemstone which
has been shaped and polished as opposed to facetted. The resulting form is usually a
convex top with a flat bottom. Cutting en cabochon is usually applied to opaque gems,
while facetting is usually applied to transparent stones. Hardness is also taken into
account as softer gemstones with a hardness lower than 7 on the Mohs hardness scale are
easily scratched, mainly by silicon dioxide in dust and grit. This would quickly make
translucent gems unattractive—instead they are polished as cabochons, making the
scratches less evident.
What about the facets?
Facets are flat faces on geometric shapes. Gemstones commonly have facets cut into
them in order to improve their appearance.
Of the hundreds of facet arrangements that have been used, the most famous is probably
the round brilliant cut, used for diamond and many colored gemstones.
To some, the number of facets a gemstone has is important to them. Here are the
meanings of the corresponding number of facets.
1) Is the number of a new beginning, initiating, inspiration, ideas and confidence. A
Cabochon would be ideal.
2) Symbolizes mothering and caring. Two crystals joined together could represent
partnership and sharing.
3) Is for communication, expression and creativity. The Holy Trinity.
4) Mind, body, spirit and feeling.
5) Is for freedom and curiosity.
6) Balance and harmony.
7) Is for the mystic and a seeker of truth.
8) Power
9) Is for helping to learn the lessons of life.
10) Represents the whole – it contains the 1 of I am and the circle of completion.
11) A master number that emphasizes the meaning of two 1s but also 1 + 1=2 which
symbolizes and ability to care for others.
12) Completes a cycle – 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 hours of day and night.
13) Is the number of divination.
Names of Common Cuts of Gemstones
Here are various names of common cuts of gemstones.
Health, Harmony & Happiness
Crystals will create harmony wherever they are. For instance, if you have a child that
can’t sleep at night or wakes from nightmares, then try placing a crystal under their bed.
Children are very receptive to crystals and their power and mine often pick one up and
rub it over their tummy or head if hurting. They even instinctively use a clockwise
If someone is sick try placing a crystal in the room with them.
For plant life, try placing crystals around your garden plants or in potted plants and see
how much more beautiful and bright they bloom and grow. To specifically energize a
garden try placing a crystal in each corner and another in the centre. This creates a type
of energy similar to pyramid energy.
After you have recharged your crystal in water, try pouring it over your houseplants or
even give it to your pets to drink. Try putting a bowl of uncharged water out for your dog
and one that is charged – after time the dog will “choose” to drink the charged water.
To meditate with crystals try holding it in your left hand. Each time you use the crystal it
will store the information from the previous meditations and will help your mind more
quickly achieve the meditative state.
Crystals are tools to work with and help to create a harmonious environment but they can
only assist and amplify what we can do with our minds, energies and willpower.
Crystals are an integral part of the Earth. Its inhabitants are crying out for love and
attention. I believe the Heart Chakra of the Earth is now opening and it is time to listen
with our hearts rather than our heads. A time to trust and understand our feelings and
intuition rather than logic. Crystals can help us reach this new point of balance. They are
here to wake us up and remind us of who we really are.
We are only just beginning to rediscover the power of crystals and gemstones. They will
talk to you if you listen.
Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones
Color is probably the most important factor and the more attractive the color, the higher
the value. Example, bright, rich colored gemstones are valued high & those that are too
dark, light or dulled are a lesser value as they are less desired. However, this comes
down to personal choice.
Phenomena some gemstones show unusual effects known as phenomena and this usually
increases the desirability and value. Example. The Cat’s Eye effect or Chatayancy is a
reflection effect that appears as a single band of light across the surface. It is commonly
found in Tiger Eye stones. Star effect or Asterism is a reflection that appears as two or
more intersecting bands of light across the surface. This is commonly found in Ruby,
Sapphire and Garnet. Color Change gemstones are those that change color when viewed
under two different light sources. It’s commonly found in Alexandrite, Sapphire and
Color Change Garnet.
Inclusions are mostly microscopic and easily seen under magnification. These are natural
features of the gemstones and as long as they don’t interfere with the brilliance, sparkle
and fire of a gemstone they don’t affect the value.
A gemstone’s weight can be measured in Carats, which originates from the traditional use
of carob seeds to weigh gems. One Carat is = to 0.20 Grams. This is then divided into
100 smaller units known as Points. Large gemstones are always rarer than smaller ones,
so the per Carat prices rise exponentially. Example. A 3 Carat Diamond will always be
worth a lot more than three 1 Carat Diamonds of the same quality.
History Of Crystals And Gemstones
Since the beginning of time, crystals, gemstones, rocks and mountains have played a vital
role. Many have been found in ancient ruins and Pharaoh Tombs and it is said that the
lost city of Atlantis used crystal power the same way we use electricity today. Hindu
Puranas describe Krishna as living in a city furnished with rubies, emeralds, sapphires,
and diamonds. Many cultures believed that stones had a life giving force and this
eventually let to them being used for healing.
Stones have also played a key roll in various religions. Islam says that the stones spoke
to Mohammed and informed him that he was to receive the Quran from Allah. One of
the five pillars of Islam says that every Muslim should try to visit Mecca and the Kaaba,
which is a huge black stone.
Moses received the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone, which are believed to have
been sapphires. In the book of Revelations describes Jerusalem as “the foundations of
the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first
foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth an emerald,
the fifth sardonyx, the sixth sardius, the seventh chrysolite, the eight beryl, the ninth
topaz, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh a jacinth and the twelfth and
The Egyptians engraved an eye on lapis lazuli as it symbolized Ra, the Sun God.
The Babylonians and Norseman engraved magical symbols on to stones and used them as
Rune oracles – something which is still used today as a means of divination.
One of the prayers taught to Bulgarians is “The Disciple must have a heart as pure as a
crystal. A mind as bright as the sun. A soul as vast as the Universe and a spirit as
powerful as God and one with God.
Ancient priests believed crystals to be a God given force that defied all evil.
Aboriginals still use crystals for medicine and value the Rainbow crystals in particular as
these hold the energies of the Rainbow Serpent and the Rainbow symbolizes the bridge
between the two worlds. They also believe that a crystal that finds its way to you, that
you haven’t bought, has been growing itself since the beginning of time especially for
you and should therefore be especially valued.
Cherokee Indians consider crystal to be the most scared and precious stone for healing
purposes. They also still revere their crystal skulls which were also used by the Mayans,
Aztecs, Egyptians, Tibetans, etc. They were placed on altars and the word of God was
believed to be spoken by them. Many psychics consider these ancient crystal skulls as
memory banks of information, much like we store information on computers today.
Precious gemstones and crystals have always exercised a magical influence over
humanity including Kings and Queens, Smugglers, etc. – all have been lured and seduced
by the beauty of gemstones.
Interesting Facts About Crystals And Gemstones
We often use the names of gemstones to describe certain attributes such as pearly teeth,
ruby lips, crystal clear, etc.
The largest diamond ever discovered is part of the British Crown Jewels – the Cullinan
Greed has often led man to risk everything for the sake of a jewel.
The most ancient jewelry was found in Queen Pu-Abi’s tomb at Ur in Sumeria and dates
from the third millennium BC.
The Egyptians believed that an emerald would break if a marital infidelity occurred.
They also ground malachite to wear as eye shadow.
Julius Caesar was said to have been an avid collector of gemstones.
To drink from an Amethyst encrusted goblet was believed to protect against drunkenness.
The Ming dynasty favored semi-precious stones such as amethyst, agate, quartz and jade.
White jade was the stone of divinity and symbolized heaven.
In the middle ages a ruby ring worn on the left hand was thought to protect its owner
from seduction.
The Maoris handed down the jade tiki as it was believed to contain the wisdom of the
Diamonds were used to cut stone as early as 4000BC.
Crystals are believed to be the connecting force between heaven and earth. Often used
for scrying or crystal ball gazing to tell the future.
You have to wait 12 years before anyone will be giving you a gemstone as an anniversary
present. Here is the anniversary year and it’s corresponding gemstone.
12 – Agate
13 – Moonstone
14 – Moss Agate
15 – Clear Quartz
16 – Topaz
17 – Amethyst
18 – Garnet
23 – Sapphire
26 – Star Sapphire
30 – Pearl
35 – Coral
39 – Tiger Eye
40 – Ruby
45 – Alexandrite
52 – Star Ruby
55 – Emerald
60 – Yellow Diamond
65 – Sapphire
75 – White Diamond
Disclaimer Regarding Metaphysical and Healing Lore
It is widely believed that the Earth’s beautiful and elegant crystals and gemstones
possess unique powers and healing abilities. However, no guarantee is made towards its
validity. Gemstone lore has been passed down through the ages and no doubt will
continue to be shared.
This information is for inspiration, folklore, reference, and edutainment purposes only. If
you have medical problems, please consult your health care provider. See your doctor or
other qualified health care practitioner about all injuries, illness or other health related
issues! Mystical lore on crystal healing and spiritual healing is not a prescription, or
diagnosis and does not replace the advice of your health care provider. They are an
alternative, complementary and holistic approach and are not scientifically
By using this info and associated materials, and accessing this metaphysical and healing
lore information, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility
for your use or misuse of this lore.
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